Top Ten Places To Meet a Man

By on October 1, 2013

Ladies, let’s move along from the bar/club scene and meet a better quality of men. Sure, maybe there are some upstanding men to be met at these places, but chances are that most will be duds. Here are 10 better places to meet a worthy man;



1. Mutual Friends

Ask some of your friends if they know any available great catches! Your friends know you better than anyone else. They will know if their boyfriend’s buddy, co-worker, or distant relative will potentially be a good match. Also, don’t miss out on any event thrown by friends such as Super Bowl Parties, Christmas Parties, etc. Unless it’s a Tupperware Party, there will be a single fellow or two there!


2. Outdoors

Whether you go to the lake, park, beach, forest, or any other outdoors place, there will be plenty of great single guys around. Most men enjoy being outside whether they are skiing, hiking, swimming, etc. Any kind of outdoor physical activity is usually a great bet to find a variety of available men.


3. College Class

English 101 might be filled with only 18 year old single men, but more advanced classes or hobby-type classes will be filled with single men that are a bit more mature. Check out classes on something like photography or guitar lessons. Not only will there definitely be single men worth snagging, but you will also learn a new skill in the process.


4. Grocery Store

This one is surprising but plenty of women meet single men at the grocery store all the time. To up your chances of snagging a date, don’t go to the store in your yoga pants and sweatshirt straight out of bed. Dress nice, fix your hair and make-up and not only will you feel more confident but you will catch the eye of every single man in the place.


5. Gym

If you go to the gym often and don’t meet lots of single men working out, you are doing something wrong. Meeting a man at the gym is almost too easy. They will be everywhere! Basically you will have too many to choose from, or so it will seem. While the grocery story suggestion was to look your best, the gym look is a bit different. If you show up looking like a beauty queen, it will appear that you are JUST there to meet a man. Try to balance looking good and looking like your actually there to workout. And do workout as well, it’s very sexy to see a woman who takes care of herself.


6. Library

There are plenty of things to browse besides books at the library, such as single, intelligent men! Men go to the library for a variety of things; to read the paper, hang out on their laptops, research something they are interested in, or just to check out a new book. To fully take advantage of this opportunity, get a library card and experience the library for yourself. Who knows who you might bump into while browsing the latest best-sellers.


7. Volunteer Events

A great place to meet a kind-hearted man is at any kind of volunteer event. Unless he has some kind of hidden agenda (such as meeting a kind-hearted single gal), chances are that he is a self-less person. One exception of this is if he needs to get some community service hours in as a result of a crime.


8. Your Personal Hobby

Do your thing. Whether it’s the theater or politics, anytime you engage in something that you are passionate about, you will ooze attractiveness and any single men around will notice. Another good thing about meeting men at places you are passionate about is that you will automatically have similar interests to share. While opposites sometimes attract, similar tastes help to cement a bond.


9. Sporting Event

If you’re serious about finding a single man quickly, frequent local sporting events. No matter where you are, you will be able to find something. High school football games even work. If you go to a sporting event, there will be more single men than you know what to do with. A word of caution though, if you pretend to be an avid fan and you’re not, you may be stuck going to every sport with your new man should you snag him.


10. Work

Many successful relationships began as co-workers. It’s pretty obvious why; you spend a lot of time together, get to know each other in a less stressful environment than a first date, and probably share a lot of interests depending on your field. Meeting men at work is usually a great idea. A word to the wise though, be careful. Never date a superior or someone you supervise and be prepared to leave or suck it up should the relationship go bad. It’s awkward as heck working with an ex. Have a back-up plan.

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