Top 20 Chick Flicks of 2015

By on January 11, 2016

Whether you have a girls’ night this weekend or need to veg out to chick flicks after a break up, these movies were some of the finest that 2015 had to offer. Ranging from pure love to rom-coms, these movies will keep you interested. If we left out any of your favorite movies (from 2015), make sure to leave a message at the bottom of the post!

love rosie

20. Love, Rosie

Released in the United States in February of 2015, this movie stars actors like Lily Collins, Suki Waterhouse, Sam Clafin and Tamsin Egerton. Directed by Christian Ditter, this film shows the story of Rosie and Alex. These two people became friends when they were only five years old. The entire dynamic of the friendship changed after Alex moved with his family from the United Kingdom to the United States. Once there, the pair must decide if they will risk their friendship on true love, despite the bad luck, tragic situations and misunderstandings that get in the way.

This film was rated by Rotten Tomatoes with just a 26 percent, but it was still enjoyable to watch. It ends up being a heart warming tale of true friendship and love, which makes it perfect as an after-a-break-up movie. By the end of the tale, you will feel happier and more upbeat about your own romantic troubles.

a little chaos

19. A Little Chaos

Starring Kate Winslet and Alan Rickman, this movie also includes actors like Matthias Schoenaerts and Stanley Tucci. Released on June 26, 2015, it received a 40 percent rating from the critics. It was directed by Alan Rickman and co-written by him as well, but the festival reviews have not been positive. Critics say that it is predictable and an unconvincing portrayal of 17th century French aristocratic life.

Despite the bad reviews, this film is still fun to watch if you are a historical romance buff. Kate Winslet plays a landscaper in the film who has just received the job of reconstructing the impressive gardens at Versailles. The new position immediately throws her into the intrigue and scandal of King Louis XIV’s court (King Louis XIV is played by Alan Rickman). After joining the court, she becomes interested in the king’s gardener who is play by Schoenaerts. As Winslet is forced to deal with the intrigue of the court, she uses her empathy and honest nature to get over the challenges of her gender and class.

the rewrite

18. The Rewrite

Started in 1998, the Rewrite tells the story of an Englishman who just arrived in Hollywood to get an Oscar for Best Screenplay. Fast forward fifteen years and the witty Englishman has become a broke, out of work divorced man who has to take on a job as a screenwriting professor in order to make ends meet. Played by Hugh Grant, this film also stars Marisa Tomei, J.K. Simmons, Allison Janney and Bella Heathcote. Released on February 13, 2015, the story follows the romance that Ray (Grant) suddenly experiences with a single mom played by Tomei who has just gone back to school.

Although the movie is a bit slow to get going, it has a number of a musing one-liners and typical rom-com style that makes it interesting. Despite being a romance, there is no kiss in the entire film. Grant makes a good performance, which makes this a decent film for Hugh Grant fans.

the last five tears

17. The Last 5 Years

Starring Anna Kendrick, Natalie Knepp and Jeremy Jordan, this film was released on February 13, 2015. Directed by Richard LaGravenese, it tells the story of an aspiring novelist and a struggling actress played by Jeremy Jordan and Anna Kendrick. The tale is basically told from Kendrick’s perspective from the end of the relationship to the beginning, while Jordan tells the relationship from its beginning to the end. At the end of the film, they meet in the middle of the relationship where he proposes. Although it is made by the director of P.S. I Love You and Beautiful Creatures, the film is a musical, so you will only want to watch it if you happen to like musicals.


16. Focus

Directed by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, this film stars Rodrigo Santoro, Will Smith and Margot Robbie. Critics say that it has a good plot that may have too many plot twists at times. It is still one of the best rom-coms of the year and has an offbeat feel to it. Overall, critics gave it a 56 percent.

Released on February 27, 2015, this film follows the story of a con artist played by Will Smith. He takes a young, inexperienced lady under his wing, but ends up getting romantically involved with her. Since con artists lie for a living, this immediately complicates the relationship. After not seeing each other for three years, they meet up again. Smith has a an encounter with an old lover while he struggles to get along with Santoro, who has a crush on the girl. At the same time, the pair are working to pull of the heist of the century.

Effie Gray

15. Effie Gray

Released on April 3, 2015, Effie Gray stars Dakota Fanning as 19-year-old Effie. Greg Wise plays the role of art critic, John Ruskin, while Tom Sturridge is the painter, John Everett Millais. Lady Elizabeth Eastlake is played by Emma Thompson, and the entire production is directed by Richard Laxton.

Based in Victorian-era England, this films shows the marriage of John Ruskin and Effie. After getting married, Ruskin refuses to consummate the marriage and Effie becomes drawn to the painter, John Everett Millais. Although she has a friend in Lady Elizabeth Eastlake, Effie remains trapped in a loveless marriage. Based on an actual scandal, Effie eventually becomes one of the first women to ever attempt getting a divorce from her husband. Although the insight into English history is intriguing, the romance never really takes off. This is probably one of the reasons behind the critics rating this film with a 42 percent.

the longest ride

14. The Longest Ride

Released on April 10, 2015, the Longest Ride Stars Britt Roberson, Scott Eastwood, Alan Alda and Jack Houston. Directed by George Tillman, Jr., it shows the story of a bull rider (Eastwood) who is looking to make a comeback in his career. Meanwhile, a college student played by Britt Robertson is trying to start her dream of working in New York City’s art worlds. These conflicting pasts collide when they rescue an elderly man (Alan Alda) from a car crash. As he tells them the story of the decades he spent with his wife, the young couple becomes inspired.

Before you even see the film, you now that it will be good because it is based on a Nicolas Sparks’ novel. Critics rated it a 31 percent, but it is still an endearing film to watch. It does follow the typical Nicolas Sparks’ storyline, so only watch this if you are a fan of Nicolas Sparks.

the age of adaline

13. The Age of Adaline

Released on April 24, 2015, this film follows the story of a Adaline (Blake Lively) who is a 29 year old woman who has never aged. Due to an accident, she has spent 80 years being just 29 years old. Due to this, she has never let herself have close relationships because they might find out her secret. The only person that she has told is her (now) elderly daughter (played by Ellen Burstyn). The entire situation changes when she embarks on a romance with a philanthropist played by Micheal Huisman. Sparks fly, but a weekend spent with his parents (played by Harrison Ford and Ellen Burstyn) may uncover the truth. As Adaline realizes that her secret may be revealed, she begins to contemplate the possibility that it might just be worth losing her gift. Critics rated this film a 54 percent, and the actors do an admirable job of telling the tale.


12. Aloha

Starring Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams, this is a romance with a twist. In the film, a veteran military contractor (Bradley Cooper) returns to Honolulu, Hawaii to try to salvage his career after an old mistake. Immediately on landing, he meets up with an old fame (Rachel McAdams) who has since gotten married. Meanwhile, an Air Force member played by Emma Stone is assigned to watch him as he works to iron out the details of a satellite launch. Although critics rated the film just a 19 percent, it was an extremely enjoyable, heart warming movie to watch. It is a great film for romance lovers because the rest of the storyline and intrigue is not nearly as good.

Testament of Youth

11. Testament of Youth

Starring Alicia Vikander, Taron Egerton, Miranda Richardson, Kit Harington and Dominc West, this movie focuses on the story of Vera (Alicia Vikander) who lives in a country cottage with her brother (Taron Egerton). The scene is set in 1914, and Vera gradually starts to fall for her brother’s poet friend (Kit Harington). Her father does not want her to go away to Oxford University, but she manages to convince him so that she can be near the poet. Before she can start school, World War I breaks out and all of the three men in her life are shipped off to France. This moved is based on the actual World War I memoir that was written by Vera Brittain, and it shows the war from a female point of view. Romance fills about half the film while the uselessness of war fills the rest.

magic mike xxl

10. Magic Mike XXL

Is this truly a romance? You decide. Starring Channing Tatum and Matt Bromer, this movie centers around the three years after Mike (Channing Tatum) quits being a stripper. Meanwhile, the Kings of Tampa want to quit and leave with a showing in Myrtle Beach. As they head to the show, they make stops along the way and learn some new moves. The journey gives the men some chances to recover from their past. Considering Channing Tatum was actually a stripper in real life, the film has some surprising insights and is far more sexual than the movie posters indicate.

paper towns

9. Paper Towns

Released on July 24, 2015, Paper Towns stars Justice Smith, Nat Wolff and Cara Delevigne. Directed by Jake Schreier, it follows the story of Quentin (Nat Wolff). She is living in Florida and has had a long-term crush on Margo (Cara Delevigne). During her high school days, she tries to climb through his window and get him to go with her on a nighttime road trip. The following day, Quentin has disappeared. It is left to Margo to figure to piece together the clues and figure out where she disappeared to. As he does this, he discovers new things about her and begins to care for her as much as she cares for him. This film was produced and written by the same team that did The Fault in Our Stars, so it is guaranteed to be a decent film. Despite the talented actors, producers and writers, the film only managed to get a 55 percent rating by the critics.

we are your friends

8. We Are Your Friends

Starring Wes Bentley, Zax Efron and Emily Ratajkowski, We Are Your Friends was released on August 28, 2015. Directed by Max Joseph, this romance is set amid the nightlife and dance music of Hollywood. Cole (Zac Efron) is a 23-year-old DJ who is struggling to get ahead in the electronic dance music scene. He has dreams of one day becoming a record producer, and a veteran DJ, James (Wes Bentley), takes Cole under his wing. Unfortunately, Cole starts to connect and care for James’s girlfriend, Sophie (Emily Ratajkowski). As a result of his relationship with her, his friendship with James begins to fall apart. Cole is left trying to decide between the girl he loves, his friendship and his career as a DJ.

sleeping with other people

7. Sleeping With Other People

For a charming romantic comedy and a unique on-screen chemistry, you have to check out Sleeping With Other People. This film was pitched as a new version of When Harry Met Sally, except for jerks. Rated R, this film stars a serial cheater played by Alison Brie with an affable womanizer played by Jason Sudeikis. They originally lost their virginity to each other in college, but stayed apart for a decade afterward. Later on, they end up meeting up in a meeting for sex addicts. While they try to reform their ways, they become friends before their attraction starts to grow again. At the festivals, this romantic comedy had positive reviews, and the critics rated this 59 percent. Overall, it is an amusing, charming take on an old classic and worth the few hours it takes to watch it.


6. Brooklyn

Directed by John Crowley, this film stars Saoirse Ronan, Jim Broadbent, Domhnall Gleeson, Julie Walters and Michael Zegen. It was released on November 6, 2015 and received excellent reviews at the Sundance Film Festival. Due to these reviews, it actually was sold to Fox for a record-setting amount.

In the movie, an Irish immigrant (Ronan) moves to the United States in the 1950s. She leaves her loving mother for New York City where homesickness quickly overtakes her. Before long, her mood brightens as she encounters a charming lover (Zegen). Before long, she is forced to return to Ireland where a new lover (Gleeson) starts to catch her eye. By the end of the film, she is left having to decide if she wants the excitement of the New World and new lover or the comfort and stability of the Old World.


5. Equals

Kristin Stewart is the headliner of this 2015 film. She is joined by Jacki Weaver, Nicholas Hoult and Guy Pearce for a riveting film. Directed by Drake Doremus, it hit the theaters on September 5, 2015. Although it only received a 40 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the cast and storyline make this movie worth watching.

Equals is set within a utopian society that is at some point in the future. At this point in time, feelings and emotions have been completely removed so that the entire world can enjoy peace. Unfortunately for this peaceful world, a viral epidemic starts that brings feelings back to life. This directly effects the stars of the show: a writer played by Steward and Silas, an illustrator played by Hoult. Stewart’s character has already been infected, but she is attempting to hide the fact. Her co-worker discovers that she is infected and the two realize that they will have to escape together if they have a chance of surviving. Although this movie concept has been covered before in great detail, it is still worth watching if you have a few spare hours.

man up

4. Man Up

Boasting of an 82 percent rating by the critics, Man Up is the romantic comedy that you have to see this year. Featuring Olivia Williams, Simon Pegg, Rory Kinnear and Lake Bell, this movie was directed by Ben Palmer.

The film centers round a 34-year-old woman (Bell) who is still single, despite all of the matchmaking attempts of her friends. When she is with her parents on a trip, she is mistaken for being a stranger’s (Pegg’s) blind date. She goes along with the flow and ends up having the craziest night of her life. Ranging from indoor sports to drinking to stalkers, the night comes to a halt when the stranger realizes she is not the 24-year-old date that he was expected. As an Indie film, Man Up has managed to make headway in the commercial markets. As far as British romantic comedies go, this one is fairly amusing and reminds you of the dating app smartphone craze. Although the writing is poor to average, the lead actors manage to make it work.


3. Cinderella

An updated version of the classic Cinderella, this story follows the typical path of the original tale. It stars Lily James as Cinderella/Ella, Richard Madden as a dashing prince, Cate Blanchett as the evil stepmother and Bonham Carter as the fairy godmother. Like the typical tale, it follows the path of a young girl who is forced to sweep and clean by her evil stepmother. She meets a beggar woman who ends up being a fairy godmother. With the help of the godmother, Cinderella is able to go to the ball and meet her prince charming. Released on March 13, 2015, this movie is directed by Kenneth Branagh. It is essentially a more expensive, digitally advanced updated of the traditional version of Disney’s Cinderella.

far from the maddening crowd

2. Far From the Maddening Crowd

Rated as one of the best romances of the year, this film is set in the late 1800s. The screenplay was actually written based on the 1874 Tom Hardy Novel, which was rated as one of the top ten best love stories of all-time. Starring Carey Mulligan, Michael Sheen, Matthias Schoenaerts and Tom Sturridge, it was released on May 1, 2015.

The majority of the movie follows the story of a stubborn, independent Dorset woman. She has three different suitors: a sheepfarmer, a reckless Sergeant and a wealthy bachelor. Before she can choose between them, she inherits her uncle’s farm and goes from being penniless to quite wealthy. Mulligan performs amazingly in her role and has a certain type of magnetism to her personality. Overall, this movie received a rating of 85 percent by critics.


1. Trainwreck

Starring Amy Schumer and Bill Hader, the Trainwreck is a modern romantic comedy. It puts a spin on the typical “man can’t commit” storyline by having the woman in the story self-sabotage herself to avoid commitment and serious relationships. Despite her goal of just continuing her one night stands, Amy Schumer’s character is surprised to meet a handsome doctor while she is working on a story. Things heat up between the two of them, but the question remains: Will she be able to let go of her past and commitment phobia to be with the perfect man? Hilarious, affable and incredibly smart, this is the rom-com of the year.

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