100 Hottest men in the world 2015-2016

By on December 9, 2015

As we come to the very end of 2015, we feel it’s only fair that we take a look back over the last twelve months and reflect on the most important thing – the 100 hottest men in the world 2015-2016. There have been some amazing films released with some amazingly talented actors, some great music, great sporting events and more! The men out there have never been hotter or more in demand and if you want a bit of eye candy to see you through your day, you’ve definitely come to the right place. So many beautiful men, it’s hard to know where to begin.

So, in no particular order because we love them all equally the same (for the most part), here are the 100 hottest men in the world 2015-2016 plus a few tit-bits of cheeky gossip along the way. Plus we couldn’t put them in order. Everyone has different tastes, right?

100 – Tom Welling

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

38 year old Tom Welling is better known for his part in the WB/CW drama, Smallville where he played Clark Kent / Superman. He’s not just a TV actor though. He’s been in films plus taken part in modelling, and even produces from time to time. It would be safe to say this was a talented man… As well as a hot one!

2016 will see him in the movie The Choice based on a novel by the same name. The rom-com style film also stars Teresa Palmer and looks to be every part as romantic as it promises to be. It’s been a while since we had a good cry at a rom com!

Is he single? At the moment, he might just be single. He married a model in 2002 but in November of this year (2015) their ‘people’ came out to admit they had broken up although the real reasons behind the split were never really revealed aside from their differences.

99 – Prince William

Top 100 Hottest Men in the World 2015

Sadly, he’s all married off now so it doesn’t look like the rest of us are going to get the chance to walk down the aisle towards him. Most of us have grown up with our special prince and we’ve watched him leave school, fall in love, get married and now have two beautiful babies – one boy and one girl, creating the perfect little Royal family. Prince George and Princess Charlotte, and what beautiful little babies they are too! Will they add to the addition or stick with one of each? What do you think? Married or not, Prince Harry is definitely handsome and therefore one hundred percent worthy of a place on our top 100 hottest guys!

98 -Harry Styles

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

This One Directioner, despite being quite the younger guy, is still one hell of a cutie and one-fourth of the newly reduced boyband, Harry Styles, is definitely a hit among women all over the world.

At 21, he’s conquered the world at such an early age, you wonder where the reality TV born group will go next. With hit albums, smash hit songs, breaking records all over the place, it’s no wonder why the world is going nuts for them. Even as a four-some over a five-some they’re taking the world by storm and when they announced they were going on a break for a while to focus on their own solo careers and projects, girls everywhere simply fell to their knees. Hundreds of questions erupted – would they be coming back? Would they ever make music again?

Is he single? No one ever really knows whats going on with Harry Styles’ love life. He very famously split from Taylor Swift not that long ago but then the song, Perfect was said to have been written about her. It’s clear they had a very real connection and although we’d love to have him for ourselves, we kinda hope they get back together at some point soon. Not likely though – she’s dating Calvin Harris now. Plus there was that fling with British TV presenter (and older woman, we must add) Caroline Flack. It would seem he quite likes the older woman…

97 – Ben Affleck

100 Hottest men in the world 2015


Another actor that seems to have burst back into the scene after a brief spell away, we are excited to see Hollywood hottie, Ben Affleck, in a number of films over the next year or so. There’s that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice alongside Henry Cavill and Jason Momoa plus The Accountant. There’s also another film due for release in 2017 called Live By Night.

Is he single? He’s been linked to a string of celebrity women over the years from Gwyneth Paltrow to Jennifer Lopez and pretty much everyone else you could think of in-between, but his ten year marriage to mother of this three children, Jennifer Garner, recently ended in June of 2015. That puts him right back not he single market where there are plenty of adoring women all wishing he would pick them for his own!

96 – Brad Pitt

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

OK, so he’s getting on bit now but 51 year old Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt is undeniably still unbelievably attractive, don’t you think? Plus he’s a simply amazing actor and not just that! An actor and a producer with an impressive array of awards under his belt, the father of six is one of those guys you can’t help but love. He’s a hot, loyal (well…. Jennifer Aniston, just saying), family man with a bank balance anyone would be proud of. Plus all that charity work he does… There’s not really a lot you can’t like about Brad Pitt.

Is he single? He’s with one of the most beautiful women in the world, Angelina Jolie. We don’t imagine he’s ever going to be on the single market ever again. Who would leave her? Plus they have six children together now, adopted and natural, so we don’t imagine he has any ideas of leaving the family nest as any point soon.

95 – Taylor Lautner

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Twilight hunk, Taylor Lautner, is definitely worth of a place on the hottest men in the world for 2015. The 23 year old actor, martial artist and model has certainly been kept busy with the whole Team Jacob v Team Edward debate but it would appear things are getting quieter for him in 2016. We think he deserves a break after all that Twilight filming, don’t you?

Is he single? Again, he’s one of those guys that rarely gives away much about his personal life. We see a lot in the media – girlfriend Marie Avgeropoulos, Raina Lawson… We think he’s in a relationship but we’re never really sure.

There are some rumors doing the rounds that he’s still dating the model Raina Lawson but as yet, this has neither been confirmed or denied. If they are dating, they’re definitely keeping things quiet, or at the very least trying to.

94 – Alex Pettyfer

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

The Magic Mike movies helped shoot this guy to crazy levels of fame and the beautiful body certainly didn’t hinder his progress that’s for sure. The 25 year old model and actor was originally born in Hertfordshire in the UK but now lives in sunny California.

There are a couple of movies you should keep your eye out for in 2016 if you want to see a little more of what this cutie has to offer. He’s currently filming Elvis & Nixon (also starring Kevin Spacey, Poppy Delevingne and Johnny Knoxville), and Galaxy World of Alisa is due out not long after.

Is he single? He might be. He’s been linked to a string of women over the years, even going as far as dating Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, Riley Keough, who he was engaged to for a while. At the moment, there doesn’t appear to be any news of new romance so perhaps he is on the singles market?

93 – Gerard Butler

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Oh come on, you knew he’d been on here somewhere. 46 year old actor of film, TV and stage, Gerard Butler, was originally born in Paisley in Scotland. Can’t you tell from that beautiful accent?

There are three films out in 2016 starring this hunk which we’re quite excited about. London Has Fallen promises to be an exciting, if not somewhat scary given current conditions, watch, and there’s also Gods of Egypt and The Headhunter’s Calling.

Is he single? Sorry ladies, no he’s not. He’s very much besotted with his girlfriend, interior designer, Morgan Brown. They’ve been dating for about a year and in recent summer holiday snaps draped all over each other and they looked very, very much in love!

92 – Robert Pattinson

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

You’ll soon be seeing Robert Pattinson if you’ve been having a few withdrawal symptoms, alongside Nicole Kidman in the Queen of the Desert, a far cry from the Twilight vampire-hottie we know and love him as! He’s also in The Lost City of Z which is due for release in 2016.

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Is he single? No, it looks as if he finally got over the heartache of the K-Patz relationship and split (and all the trauma that came with it) and is now happily coupled up with FKA Twigs, the singer. According to reports they recently got engaged so it looks pretty serious guys! Are we betting on a summer or a winter wedding? Either way, we hope it works out better than the last one…

91 – Bradley Cooper

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

The Hangover star Bradley Cooper has been showing his somewhat serious side recently with movies such as Silver Linings Playbook which took the world by storm. The 40 year old actor and producer has come out recently to say he is ‘tee total’ after a brief stint during his career almost left him sabotaging it. Either way, we don’t care. He’s hot and we don’t mind admitting it. We also don’t mind saying how much we seem to really enjoy his movies!

There are two movies releasing in 2016 starring this hunk. Arms and the Dudes is first, also starring Miles Teller and Jonah Hill and that will be followed by A Dog’s Purpose, a comedy also starring Dennis Quaid.

Is he single? Nope, not at all. He’s been dating a Russian model called Irina Shayk since April and before then he was linked to the likes of Zoe Saldana, Suki Waterhouse and Jennifer Esposito.

90 – Jamie Dornan

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan might have shown off his dominant side playing alongside Dakota Johnson as the innocent Anastasia Steele but the saga isn’t over yet. In February of 2015 the big announcement came – he’d be starring as Mr. Christian Grey himself in the next part of the series, Fifty Shades Darker.

Is he single? No he’s not. He’s been with a singer-songwriter and actress, Amelia Warner, and they were married at the beginning of 2013. At the end of the same year, she gave birth to their daughter with the most beautiful name – Dulcie.

89 – Daniel Radcliff

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

He’s come a long way since his Harry Potter days that’s for sure. Daniel Radcliff went full-frontal nude in a recent Broadway show and The Woman in Black movies certainly dispelled those fluffy-fiction vibes. Plus there are three movies coming out in 2016 starring him – Now You See Me 2, a thriller also starring Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco and Morgan Freeman. That will be followed by Swiss Army Man, followed again by Imperium which he is currently in the middle of filming.

Is he single? Nope, he was snapped up well and truly last year when he started dating ‘his best friend’ Erin Darke.

88 – Kit Harington

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

28 year old Kit Harington is very well known for his part in Game of Thrones which sent the entire world into a frenzy. 2016 is set to be a good year for him with a movie out called Brimstone which will see him starring alongside Dakota Fanning in the western thriller.

Is he single? *Groan* Nobody knows really. He was with Rose Leslie, fellow Game of Thrones actress, but they split up. Then they got back together. Then they split up… You know the drill. He’s probably not single. They’ll probably get back together again.

87 – Liam Hemsworth



We were recently treated to The Hunger Games Mockingjay – Part 2 and we’re already craving the next installment. Younger brother of Luke Hemsworth, you’ll be happy to know that he’ll be starring in Independence Day: Resurgence due out in 2016.

Is he single? Yes! It would appear that since the split from Miley Cyrus, he’s been single and still is a single pringle! Hands up in an orderly fashion ladies. Don’t all rush at once!

86 – Theo James

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

We’re so excited for the third installment of the Divergent films just so we can look at this hottie and we don’t need to wait much longer, Allegiant is due for release in 2016! We’re almost there.

There are also two other movies you should look for – War on Everyone looks pretty good with Alexander Skarsgard, and Underworld: Next Generation also looks like it might be well worth a watch. Kate Beckinsale returns in this vampire / werewolf thriller.

Is he single? Nope, 30 year old Theo James has been with girlfriend Ruth Kearney since 2009 so the chances of being up for grabs at any point soon is slim to none…

85 – Max Irons

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Wow, he’s cute right? 31 year old Max Irons is the son of Jeremy Irons in case you were wondering why he looked a little familiar. You’ll have probably spotted him in movies like Red Riding Hood, The Host or The White Queen and although it would seem he’s not doing anything coming up soon, you could always check him out on the billboards. He’s modeled for many big names before including Mango and Burberry and this year (2015), GQ named him as one of the 50 best dressed British men!

Is he single? He’s been dating Fashion Editor of US’s Town & Country for about a year or so and he openly admitted to making a complete fool out of himself when he was trying to win over Sophie Pera. At least it’s not just us…

84 – Jeremy Renner

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Most people fell in love with Jeremy Renner in the brilliant 2008 movie The Hurt Locker but for me (personally) it was 28 Weeks Later. In fact, if you go back through some of the biggest movies of the last few years you’ll see this guy has starred in them – American Hustle, The Bourne Legacy, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

2016 calls for two big movies from this Hollywood hottie – Story of Your Life and the eagerly awaited Captain America: Civil War.

Is he single? He was married but he divorced his Canadian-model wife in 2014 after they had one daughter together. There were reports that he could be romantically linked to Elizabeth Olsen after meeting on set.

83 – Liam Payne

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

He went through a spell where he didn’t look that great but Liam Payne is back in fine form once again despite announcing him and his three remaining band members were going to be taking a break from things after their On The Road Again Tour comes to an end.

Is he single? Heartbreakingly, no. Sophie Smith, a girl he’s known since school, snapped him up back in 2013.

82 – Calvin Harris

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

He’s been top news since him and Taylor Swift started dating after she controversially split from Harry Styles. The two combined are said to be worth an absolute fortune with their net worth – almost a billion in case you weren’t aware. We hope they don’t break up otherwise there’ll be another song…. Not that it matters, it’ll just earn them both a truck load more cash!


81 – Paul Wesley

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

The Vampire Diaries hunk left us all drooling but he plays a pastry chef in his next role, getting you drooling again but for very different reasons! 33 year old Paul Wesley is said to star in two films due for release in 2016 – The Late Bloomer and also Mother’s Day.

Is he single? Another one off the market, Paul Wesley has been with his fellow The Vampire Diaries star, Phoebe Tonkins.

80 – Dan Stevens

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Another hunky offering from Game of Thrones, Dan Stevens is going to be breaking hearts all over the place when he plays Prince Adam and the Beast in the up and coming Disney sensation Beauty and the Beast. We are super excited for the movie and we imagine a few of you might be too! Who doesn’t like a Disney classic? In case you didn’t know, Emma Watson (AKA Hermione Grainger) is playing the part of Belle / Beauty. We couldn’t think of anyone better… Could you?

Is he single? Bad news again ladies, Dan Steven has been married since 2006 and he has two children with his jazz-singer wife.

79 – James McAvoy

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Scotland really does produce some beautiful men. First Gerard Butler and now James McAvoy. We might look at moving…

There’s X-Men: Apocalypse due out in 2016 which we’re all super excited for, and he’s also currently filming The Coldest City which is set for release not long after.

Is he single? Another no, I’m afraid. He’s been with actress-girlfriend, Anne-Marie Duff, since 2006 and they have a son together.

78 – Tom Hiddleston

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Tom Hiddleston, or Loki as many of you will probably know him as, is a 34 year old British actor who seems to have a busy couple of years coming up. With movies out in both 2016 and 2017, we’re excited to see what he comes up with next! First in 2016 you should watch I Saw The Light, a biography film also starring Elizabeth Olsen, and in 2017 there’s Kong: Skull Island with Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson and John Goodman.

Is he single? There were some rumors going around that he was dating Elizabeth Olsen but these were never confirmed or denied…

77 – Zac Efron

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

We’re quite looking forward to Dirty Grandpa which will see our favourite 28 year old singer and actor, Zac Efron starring alongside Robert De Niro. Luckily we won’t need to wait much longer for it – it’s due out in January. Also out in the same year are two further films starring this hottie – Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising and Mike and Save Need Wedding Dates.

Is he single? Sadly Zak has been in a relationship for a year with a model called Sami Miro. Sad face! 🙁

76 – Nicholas Hoult

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

He seems to have found his niche in the movie world and 2016 will see the release of another dark-comedy called Kill Your Friends starring Nicholas Hoult. We loved him in Warm Bodies! We think he makes a great zombie! (Best one we’ve ever seen anyway!)

He as FOUR movies set for release in 2016 – Equals, Collide, X-Men: Apocalypse and Sand Castle. Apparently, he’s been a very bus boy!

Is he single? Apparently he is right now! He’s been linked romantically with a bunch of beautiful babes though, you should probably be warned. Jennifer Lawrence is one of his exes and you can add Dianna Agron and Kristen Steward to the list too. Maybe his hectic filming schedule is behind the single-ness. After all, four movies take some serious time commitments!

75 – Tom Daley

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

The Olympics and diving made this guy hit the headlines for all the right reasons and if you liked watching this guy strut his stuff, the World Championships are coming up. Athletes seem to be getting hotter and hotter, both in the women and male events, and Tom Daley is a classic example of the perfect athletic body – muscly, defined and hot!

Is he single? Nope, another one not up for grabs. He lives with his producer and film director boyfriend in London.

74 – Kanye West

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

OK, some love him, some hate him but one thing can’t be denied – he’s one of the most influential people in the world right now.

Is he single? Nope. Not at all in fact. He’s happily coupled up with wifey Kim Kardashian-West and they welcome their second child, baby brother to big sister North West, just a couple of days ago, choosing to name him Saint West. Plus there’s something amazingly cute about the way he looks at his wife. I guess it could just be true love!


73 – Ian Somerhalder

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

The Vampire Diaries hunk, Ian Somerhalder, recently broke hearts all over the world when he came out to admit he was together with fellow vampire, Nikki Read, from Twilight. I guess that answers the question over whether or not he’s single then…

72 – Chris Hemsworth

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

32 year old Australian actor, Chris Hemsworth, is well known as Thor and if it wasn’t that movie that sold it to you, it was Snow White and the Huntsmen that did it instead. He plays Kevin in the up and coming Ghostbusters movie, set for release in 2016, and 2017 is looking promising for the next Thor movie too.

Is he single? Sadly not, he’s married with three kids which is very heartbreaking news… Right ladies?

71 – Pharrell Williams

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

He’s hot, he’s stylish, he can dance and he can sing. What’s not to love about Pharrell Williams? He’s taking some time out after the successes of Happy and the subsequent album and we think he’s earned it too! This man is almost 43 years old although you’d never have thought it! He doesn’t look a day over 21! Maybe we should steal his skin care tips and tricks…? Maybe happiness really is the answer to staying young…?

Is he single though? No, he’s married just like many of the other good ones. Helen Lasichanh is his model / designer wife and they look perfectly loved up.

70 – Eddie Redmayne

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

We loved him when he played the science-brain Stephen Hawkings in The Theory of Everything and he has a few controversial-looking movies set for release in 2016!

Is he single? Another married-up one here. He married Hannah Bagshawe, his publicist wife, just last year after a few years of dating.

69 – Zayn Malik

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

He might have broken the hearts of thousands, almost millions of girls all over the world when he admitted he was walking away from the global sensation boyband, One Direction, in 2015 but he’s recently signed to RCA Records and has started work on his own solo music career so I guess we’ll need to watch this space.

Is he single? Yep… Although there are reports that he’s started dating Gigi Hadid. The very-public split from Perrie Edwards might have taken its toll on her but it seems he’s bouncing back bigger and better than ever.

68 – Nick Grimshaw

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

We loved him a lot more than we thought we were going to on the British version of The X Factor and Nick Grimshaw is proving he’s got plenty of experience to back him when it comes to keeping an eye out for new and amazing artists.

Is he single? It certainly looks that way although apparently, Rita Ora tried it on with him once and he turned her down…

67 – Dave Franco

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

James Franco’s younger and somewhat cuter baby brother, Dave Franco is a 30 year old film and TV actor from California. You’ll probably have seen him in a few things before – 21 Jump Street perhaps? Or Warm Bodies? Scrubs, season nine?

2016 is going to be a really good year for Dave with no fewer than three movies set to be released. Now You See Me: The Second Act will be first closely followed by Neighbors 2 which we’re all looking forward to, and then there’s The Disaster Artist, also starring his big brother, James Franco, and Seth Rogen, Josh Hutcherson, Zac Efron and even Kate Upton. It sounds as if it might be a winner!

Is he single? Nope and if you’re wondering who’s managed to bag herself this hottie, it’s the actress of Mad Max, Alison Brie.

66 – Andrew Garfield

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

We won’t beat around the bush here… We were so excited to learn that Andrew Garfield and Easy A actress, Emma Stone, had rekindled their on / off relationship. Bad news for Andrew fans obviously, but good news for the couple! We wish them the very best of luck. Plus we can’t wait for wedding bells.

65 – Adam Lambert

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

The new album The Original High has been keeping him super busy recently with all the promotion. You can’t forget about that stint he did with the remaining members of Queen on your too. He’s ‘dating’ his album at the moment – his words.

Is he single? Yes, and he wants to stay that way too. His album is his therapy right now and he’s sorting himself out before he goes on the hunt for love again. Let’s hope he finds some peace in his heart, right? And in the meantime, we hope he keeps making great music!

64 – Charlie Hunnam

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

We’ve missed him since Sons of Anarchy ended but it’s okay, there are two movies coming out in 2016 which you might want to keep your eyes peeled for. This British actor is playing Arthur Pendragon in the movie Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur and is also currently filming The Lost City of Z.

Is he single? It’s disappointing news again ladies I’m afraid. Charlie Hunnam has been with his jewelry designer girlfriend since 2007.

63 – Joe Manganiello

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Another Magic Mike beauty, Joe Manganiello is a 38 year old author, actor, director and producer, originally from American but with Italian heritage. He’s been in a few of the classics over the years – What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Magic Mike (obviously), Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia, Sabotage

He’s currently filming Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday, set for release in 2016.

Is he single? No, but he’s not married off yet! The world went into overdrive when he finally admitted he was dating a fellow TV star, Sofia Vergara from Modern Family.

62 – Matthew McConaughey

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

46 year old Matthew has been in his fair share of AMAZING movies over the years. We can’t forget about those Magic Mike films obviously plus How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Lincoln Lawyer, The Wolf of Wall Street and Interstellar. There are plenty of movies incoming for 2016 too, you’ll be happy to learn!

Is he single? It’s more bad news ladies – he’s been married since 2012 to Camila Alves… She’s beautiful too. 

61 – Luke Evans

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

36 year old Welshman, Luke Evans, may not be well known in your house but we personally guarantee that will change soon. He’s been in some pretty amazing films over the last few years – Clash of the Titans, Immortals, Fast & Furious 6 and The Hobbit.

What’s to come for Luke? Well, apart from getting the part of Gaston in the 2017 movie Beauty and the Beast, he’s also starring in 2016’s The Girl on the Train alongside Emily Blunt and Justin Theroux.

Is he single? Erm… Yes! It would appear that Luke Evans is currently up for grabs! Now who wants him…?

60 – Niall Horan

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

One of the remaining four boys left in One Direction, maybe he’ll find true love now he’s taking a break from his music career with the boys?

Is he single? YES! It looks as if Niall is single. He was tapped out and about with a ‘mystery blonde’ earlier in the year (apparently a friend of Selena Gomez) but nothing else ever happened out of it so it appears that he still looking for that lucky lady.

59 – Jon Hamm

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

44 year old Jon Hamm is slightly older than some of this list but he sure is handsome, don’t you think? He’s currently filming Keeping Up With The Joneses which is set for release in 2016.

Is he single? Well this one is debatable. He was with his girlfriend, Jennifer Westfeldt, for 16 years but there were reports they had ended their love affair earlier on this year. This has neither been confirmed or denied by either of them, despite rumors of a rehab stint causing the split. Another one of those watch-and-see situations?

58 – Josh Hutcherson

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

This 23 year old American actor is very well known for his part in The Hunger Games movies but when you take a little look at filmography, you’ll see that he has quite the string of movies under his belt.

2016 sees him starring in two movies – The Disaster Artist and In Dubious Battle, and 2017 brings along another film by the name of The Long Home.

Is he single? Nope, just earlier on this year he finally admitted that he was seeing Claudia Traisac, co-star from Escobar: Paradise Lost.

57 – Jake Gyllenhaal

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Southpaw has just come out and the entire world went bonkers for it. In fact, it would appear Jake has been pretty busy over recent months and years and he has quite a few movies set for release soon – Everest and Demolition are a couple of others you should definitely keep your eyes out for.

Is he single? He’s been around some of the most fabulous ladies in show business – Taylor Swift, Kirsten Dunst, Reese Witherspoon, Emily DiDonato, Alyssa Miller… The list goes on. According to rumors, he’s currently dating Rachel McAdams!

56 – Justin Theroux

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

It’s rare that you’ll see Justin Theroux on camera but rumor has it that he’s been working on the writing for Zoolander 2 which we’re obviously very excited about!

Is he single? No! Didn’t you see the news? Justin wed the beautiful Jennifer Aniston in the summer! Will we hear the pitter-patter of teeny-tiny feet soon? I guess we’ll just need to wait and find out…

55 – Hugh Jackman

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Wolverine himself, 47 year old New South Wales-born Hugh Jackman is not just an actor but a producer and a singer too. He’s been super busy filming hit movies such as Pan, Chappie, X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Wolverine, Les Miserables… You know – he’s been in a few!

There’s just one movie set to be released in 2016 – Eddie the Eagle, also starring Christopher Walken.

Is he single? Sorry to disappoint you again ladies but sadly, Hugh Jackman is not single. In fact, he’s been married since 1996 to fellow actor Deborra-Lee Furness. Happily married at that.

54 – Joseph Gordon-Levitt

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

34 year old filmmaker and actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been in a string of amazing movies over the years. You can’t go through a breakup without watching the seriously addictive (500) Days of Summer! If you’re a big fan, you’re in luck as there are quite a few movies due out over the next few years starring this hottie. Keep your eyes peeled for Snowden, due out in 2016!

Is he single? We all though he was but then he threw a curve ball into the mix by marrying his girlfriend, Tasha McCauley back in 2014.

53 – Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

This 45 year old producer, screenwriter and actor is Danish and when you take a look at the films he’s got going on in his back catalog, you might be a little surprised! Black Hawk Down, Wimbledon, Stealing Rembrandt and Headhunters. There are three movies due out for release in 2016 too – 3 Things, Shot Caller and Gods of Egypt, also starring the delectable Gerard Butler (who also features on this list).

Is he single? Nope. He hasn’t been for a long while. He married Nukaaka Coster-Waldau back in 1996 and she’s Miss Greenland!

52 – Louis Tomlinson

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

It’s a good job he’s taking a break from the music world as there was quite the startling revelation in One-Direction land this year. It was announced that Louis was said to become a dad after a brief fling with a stylist, Briana Jungwirth.

Is he single? Yes, he might be having a father but sadly, things didn’t work and they aren’t going to be raising the child as a ‘unit’.

51 – Ansel Elgort

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

We all fell in love with this 21 year old actor, music producer and DJ when he starred in The Fault in Our Stars and since then, he’s gone on to star in hits such as Divergent, The Divergent Series: Insurgent and The Divergent Series: Allegiant, which is due out in 2016.

Is he single? Sorry, it’s more bad news. Ansel has been dating Violetta Komyshan since around 2012 – she is his childhood sweetheart.

50 – Tinie Tempah

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Not Letting Go is his third album to be released and he’s been hardcore promoting that. In between that he’s been living the highlife but because he keeps things so secretive, we don’t actually know whether or not he’s dating anyone.

We hate the super-sneaky ones, don’t you? We hate it so much! We’d much rather know the latest gossip!

49 – Paul Rudd

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Comedy’s hottest funny man, Paul Rudd, is one man guaranteed to cheer you up when you’re in a bad mood and the fact he’s super cute obviously helps matters greatly. We all love him from when he played Phoebe’s ‘other half’ in the Friend’s TV show but for a more recent sneak peek, you should see some of his 2016 offerings.

He comes back to life as Ant Man in the 2016 hit-to-be Captain America: Civil War.

Is he single? We can only wish! He’s married with two kids and is apparently very happily married!

48 – Johnny Depp

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

No list of hot men would be complete without Captain Jack Sparrow himself, Johnny Depp. This 52 year old hottie has been kept super busy recently with two films being set for release in 2016. Just one of those films is Alice Through The Looking Glass which obviously, we can’t wait to watch. You should also check out Yoga Hosers too! And Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Lies which is set to come out in 2017.

Is he single? He dated Kate Moss when he was younger, and he was also engaged to Jennifer Grey, Winona Ryder but he seemed he’d finally met the love of his life in Vanessa Paradis. Sadly, after 14 years the couple split amid a lot of media speculation and later on in 2012 when he was filming The Rum Diary, he met Amber Heard, a model, and they have been together ever since. At the beginning of February, they got married. So no, he’s not single.

47 – Michael Fassbender

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Isn’t he handsome? He’s not everyone’s cup of tea but Michael Fassbender is definitely the guy everyone’s talking about right now. He’s got a really busy schedule too with releases of films like The Light Between Oceans, X-Men: Apocalypse and Assassin’s Creed all being released in 2016. You can’t forget about the 2015 hit either – Steve Jobs!

Is he single? Sadly, you’ve just missed the boat. He met Alicia Vikander on the set of The Light Between Oceans and they’ve been dating ever since.

46 – Richard Madden

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Another delightful offering from Game of Thrones, Richard Madden is a 29 year old actor from Scotland. Oh and he’s smouldering hot as you can see. Not just big from the hit HBO TV show, he also played Prince Charming in the recent Cinderella hit. He really is our fairy tale prince!

If you get a chance, keep your eyes out for a film called Bastille Day in 2016. It stars this hunk alongside Idris Elba and Jose Garcia.

Is he single? Yes and newly so too! He recently split from his girlfriend Jenna-Louise Coleman. Again, form an orderly queue ladies.

45 – Justin Timberlake

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Let’s not beat around the bush here. We all know Justin Timberlake is truly hot and this year has proved to be a very good one for him. 2015 saw the birth of his first child with wife, Jessica Biel. Because of that, he’s kept filing schedules to a minimum although there is one movie due for release in 2016 – The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

We can’t mention JT without a mention for some of the previous loves in his life… That relationship with Cameron Diaz for example. And what about Britney Spears? This singer has bagged himself some of the most beautiful women in the world!

44 – Drake

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Oh come on – Hotline Bling… The video may have been hilarious but we all loved Drake a little bit for it right? He’s been linked to a bunch of women over the years, most famously for his fling with Rihanna.

Views From the 6 is his newest album and you’ll probably see him out and about promoting it.

Is he single? It would appear that he is single… Kinda. There are reports / rumors that he could be dating Bernice Burgos, a bartender and model, although this is yet to be confirmed… Or denied.

43 – Lewis Hamilton

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

He’s got a pretty awesome life, jetsetting around the world, driving for Formula One. He even has two beautiful British bulldogs who we’ve definitely fallen in love with. We’re obsessed with them on Instagram!

His on / off relationship with Pussycat Dolls singer, Nicole Scherzinger, is definitely off-off and although he’s been linked to Rihanna since, it would appear that he’s definitely single and on the lookout for love! Here’s hoping he falls in love with us… Or maybe his pooches are just the real great loves in his life?

42 – Douglas Booth

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

For old fashioned romance, look no further. Kinda. Pride, Prejudice & Zombies is due out soon…

He’s cute and that’s why we put this 23 year old English actor on the list, plus you should also check him out in The Limehouse Golem, also out in the same year.

Is he single? Yes! And apparently ready to mingle!

41 – Daniel Craig

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

He’s our favorite James Bond isn’t he? Well, he’s ours. If you didn’t get the chance to see the latest Bond offering, Spectre, you should rush out and see it immediately, if not sooner. It’s a winner as they always are!

Is he single? Have you heard of Rachel Weisz? She was the really pretty girl in The Mummy movies? Well… She’s the one who bagged this Bond hunk and the two have been happily married since 2011.

40 – Scott Eastwood

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Firstly, he’s Clint Eastwood’s son which instantly makes him the kind of guy we would really like to get to know. Secondly, he’s super cute which always helps!

There’s a great film that you should see – Snowden. It features Scott Eastwood but also Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Shailene Woodley from The Fault in Our Stars.

Is he single? Yes! Form an orderly queue ladies…

39 – Nick Jonas

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

He seems to have given his music career a rest for a while to work on his acting and you can see exactly what he’s been working on with the release of Goat, a movie about tested trust between two brothers…

Is he single? Yes, and newly so too! He split from his girlfriend, Olivia Culpo, just this year! What great timing!

38 – Sam Claflin

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

29 year old British actor, Sam Claflin, was born in Suffolk, UK. He’s been in a few films even though you might not know his name. He starred in The Hunger Games, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and even Snow White and the Huntsmen.

2016 is a busy year for this British cutie and he has no fewer than three movies due for release. Me Before You comes first, closely followed by The Huntsmen: Winter’s War and also Their Finest Hour and a Half.

Is he single? No, he’s not. He got married in 2013 to star of British movie The Inbetweeners, Laura Haddock.

37 – Colin Farrell

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

He’s Ireland’s bad, bad boy and very well known for his partying and womanizing ways but 39 year old Colin James Farrell is also a pretty good actor, it must be said and that’s why we feel he deserves a spot on the 100 Hottest men in the world 2015. We’ll forget about the whole 2002 film blip – Phone Booth. That film really wasn’t a great one, let’s be honest. But what about Miami Vice? Alexander? Intermission? Minority Report? Those were some pretty good movies, you must admit that!

2016 will see the release of just one movie for this heartthrob – Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them, also starring Eddie Redmayne, Ezra Miller, Job Voight and a whole host of other big names.

Is he single? He is single and apparently NOT womanizing right now! Maybe he’s finding for his one true love. Maybe he’s looking for you! 😉

36 – Chris Martin

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

He very publicly ‘consciously uncoupled’ with British actress, Gwyneth Paltrow recently, making him one of the newest animist eligible bachelors on the market. Coldplay frontman, 38 year old Christ Martin has been linked to a few celeb women since the split, just one of them being the delectable Jennifer Lawrence. He makes good music, it would be hard not to fall in love with him right?

Is he single? Apparently so, although we reckon he’d snap up Jennifer Lawrence in a heartbeat if he could! Let’s watch this space and see what happens.

35 – Idris Elba

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

He’s another hot topic right now and this beauty is said to be starring in the up and coming Star Trek Beyond movie. That’s not out until July 2016 though so for now, you’ll just need to put up with watching re-runs of his old classics – Pacific Rim, The Gunman, Thor

2016 is a very exiting year as a whole for Idris. He plays Shere Khan in the eagerly awaited The Jungle Book plus we can’t wait to get SUPER EXITED for Finding Dory!

Is he single? Sadly, he’s another one not up for grabs. He has both a long-term girlfriend and a son.

34 – Robert Downey Jr.

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Number 78 on the list of 100 Hottest men in the world 2015 – Everyone loves Iron Man right? Apparently quite a few Hollywood ladies have enjoyed the company of this Hollywood hunk including Sarah Jessica Parker before separating back in 1991 because of his drug addiction. He was also married to singer and actress Deborah Singer after dating her for just 42 days. Drugs saw the decline of their relationship again and in 2004, they were divorced.

Just before his divorce was finalized, he met the ‘love of his life’ Suzie Q, otherwise known as Robert Downey Jr. And that’s where it ends – they’re happily married and he even has her name in ink on his bicep. So no, he’s not single ladies.

33 – Alexander Skarsgard

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

True Blood star, 39 year old Alexander Skarsgard, generally keeps his private life on the down-low although he does a lot of stuff for charity which, of course, makes us love him all the more. He’s heavily involved with fund raising for wounded soldiers. Swoon.

2016 will be an exciting year for the Swedish hunk. He’ll be Tarzan in the film, Tarzan, and obviously, we are deliriously excited about it.

Is he single? Sadly, no he’s not. He’s dating the British TV presenter and fashion icon, Alexa Chung, and they’ve apparently been dating for almost a year.

32 – Chris Evans

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Our favorite Captain America, Chris Evans is a 34 year old American actor and director and at times, keen support of LGBT rights too. His best friend is Scarlett Johansson and he’s been romantically linked to both Minka Kelly and Jessica Biel.

There are two movies to keep your eyes peeled for in 2016. He’s back as Captain America in Captain America: Civil War alongside Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye and a whole host of other huge Hollywood names – Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Rudd, William Hurt… And then there’s Gifted, which he is currently filming.

Is he single? Yep, despite being one of the hottest men on the planet, Chris Evans still hasn’t found his one true love yet.

31 – Garrett Hedlund

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Did you see Pan? Well Garrett Hedlund was in that! He’s also bee in the news recently for dating his co-star Kirsten Dunst who he met back in 2012 on the set of On The Road. They’ve been happily coupled up ever since!

30 – Matt Bomer

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

If you want to get your hit of this Hollywood hunk, you need to check out The Nice Guys which will see him starring alongside Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling – two more Hollywood hotties!

Is he single? Another one off the market, he not only has three sons but is married to a publicist too – Simon Halls.

29 – Ashton Kutcher

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

He’s in Two and Half Men now which is great obviously, but we do miss him a little in movie-land, don’t you think? There is one movie set for release with this hunk in it but you’re going to have a long wait. A Long Home isn’t out until 2017!

Is he single? No, Ashton bagged himself one of the most beautiful women in the world – Mila Kunis. They got married in July of this year. Of course we can’t mention Mila Kunis without mentioning some of the other famous ladies in his life… Like Demi Moore!

28 – Aaron Taylor-Johnson

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

We loved him in Godzilla and The Avengers but he took a break from the filing world for a while. Don’t worry though, if you’re a fan, he’s back with a vengeance in 2016 with Nocturnal Animals, a thriller that also stars Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Is he single? Sadly, not. He’s married up to a director-wifey, Sam Taylor-Johnson, and together they have four daughters, two of them are his step-daughters.

27 – Olivier Martinez

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

One of the hottest Frenchmen we’ve ever set eyes on, 49 year old Olivier Martinez is well known for many of his films including Unfaithful with Richard Gere, Knight and Day, Blood and Chocolate, Revenge… There’s a few, let’s leave it at that.

2016 is a good year if you want to see more of this French fancy. He’s currently filming The Godmother, a film that also stars Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Is he single? He’s very well known as a womanizer and over the years, he’s been linked to numerous women including Kylie Minogue, Michelle Rodriguez, Juliette Binoche, Rosie Huntington-Whitely… We could be here for a while.

He married Halle Berry in 2013 after three years of dating although in October of this year (2015) they accounted they were divorcing. Maybe it had something to do with Halle Berry’s ex partner, Gabriel Aubrey, and that ‘physical altercation’?

Either way, he’s back on the market.

26 – Brian Austin Green

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

After a decade-long relationship with Hollywood hottie, Megan Fox, the two finally decided to part ways which leaves Brian Austin Green very much on the singles market. Both a TV and film actor, you’ll have seen him in suchh delights as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami, Smallville, Beverly Hills 90210, Anger Management, Desperate Housewives and more. That’s just the TV side of things too.

Is he single? Yep, it would appear so. Maybe he’s taking some time out after his split with Megan?

25 – Blake Shelton

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Another hot guy newly on the singles market, 39 year old Blake Shelton, the worldwide famous country singer, reportedly split from wife Miranda Lambert after just four years of marriage in July of this year (2015).

Is he single? Well… actually no, he’s not. Just a few months after the split, Blake Shelton came out with The Voice presenter and No Doubt singer, Gwen Stefani, to say that they were dating. It’s not been that long since she split from her husband, Bush front man Gavin Rossdale… Celeb-romance-ville sure does move fast!

24 – Scott Disick

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

He’s always in the media for something but this time it would appear that Scott Disick’s partying, womanizing ways really had caught up with him and it was reported his relationship with the mother of his three kids, Kourtney Kardashian, had broken down despite the fact she had a baby at the very end of 2014 with him.

Is he single? We never really know to be honest. It was the partying with the ex-girlfriend that caused his split in the first place. We think maybe he needs to grow up a little before he embarks on any more adult relationships! Or maybe he just needs to work out what he really wants? Either way, it looks as if he might be single for just now although we don’t doubt that it won’t be long before some lucky girl snaps him up.

23 – Patrick Schwarzenegger

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

You may have guessed it from the name but Patrick Schwarzenegger is actually the son of his famous acting, governing dad, Arnold. Aged just 22, he’s a model and an actor although he’s had mostly small parts. He appeared in the 2012 movie Stuck in Love, and also in the 2013 Grown Ups 2. He’s actually mid-filming for two movies due out in 2016. The first of which is Midnight Sun with Bella Thorne. Then there’s Dear Eleanor also starring Jessica Alba, and finally, there’s North, a thriller.

Is he single? At the moment, we think he is after that split from Miley Cyrus. There were plenty of reports of cheating but according to sources close to the pair, the real reason was because they were in two different places in their lives.

What do you think?

22 – Patrick Dempsey

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Another hottie who found themselves on the single pile this year, he’s hot so we don’t mind being the ones to console him. Married for fifteen years, the 49 year old TV actor and his wife finally decided to agree to disagree and part ways in January 2015 with his wife being the one to file for the divorce.

Is he single? Well, there were reports of affairs with co-workers and all sorts of going’s on in the lead up to the breakdown of his marriage but no one really knows for sure what went on. Maybe he’s best keeping his head down for a little while? Either way, when he’s back in the dating game, if someone could just pass him over my number, that would be great!

21 – Jai Courtney

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

29 year old actor and former model, Jai Courtney, is Australian and shot to fame in recent hit films such as Terminator Genisys, The Divergent Series: Insurgent, Divergent and I, Frankenstein.

2016 will be a pretty busy year for this Hollywood cutie with the eagerly awaited Suicide Squad set to be released. It also stars Will Smith as Deadshot, Jared Leto as the Joker, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and a whole bunch of other stars.

Is he single? From 2006 until 2013 he was very much happily coupled-up with long-term lover Gemma Pranita. Heartbroken, it took him a while to start dating again but when he did, he coupled up with the likes of British babe, Emilia Clarke. He was also seen canoodling with an assistant on set so honestly, I don’t anyone really knows whats going on there.

20 – Will Smith

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Isn’t this guy often so overlooked? Apart from the fact he’s an amazing actor, it also seems that Will Smith (aged 47) never ages. He looks just as good now as he did ten years ago, or even further back than that. Whatever beauty and skincare regime he has going on, we want to know more about it!

The one thing that makes Will Smith so perfect for many women is his happy home life – kids and happy wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, is providing us with the dreamiest of #RelationshipGoals! 

Is he single? Hell no! And we hope he’s not any point soon too! We love this power couple too much for that! Oh and just in case you wanted to know, he’ll also be starring in the 2016 hit-to-be movie, Suicide Squad just like Jai Courtney above.

19 – John Legend

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

This crooner could sing any woman into love and he did just that with Chrissy Teigen. The fact that he has earned himself a whole bunch of awards for not only his singing but his song-writing too definitely helps. He’s bagged himself Grammy’s, Golden Globes, Academy Awards and more.

Back to the question in hand and no, John Legend is not single. In fact, he couldn’t be more loved up if he tried! John and Chrissy got engaged after dating for four years in December of 2011 and a couple of years later in September of 2013, they were officially wed. Just a couple of months ago in October 2015, they accounted they were having a baby together! Have you ever seen the video for All of You? You should give it a watch – it’s a beautiful tribute to his beautiful wife.

Congratulations! We bet their baby is going to be beautiful!

18 – Ed Sheeran

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Another crooner on the list, who wouldn’t want to wake up next to the face of Ed Sheeran everyday? The 24 year old Yorkshire-born lad has had success after success with his two albums, and not only sings but also writes songs, acts and even produces music. He’s had number on albums as well as Brit Awards, Grammy Awards, and even sell-out shows at Madison Square Garden.

Is he single? No, it would appear not. It would seem that he’s dating his childhood friend, Cherry Seaborn. That’s a shame, right ladies? But he does use women as the inspiration behind his songs. Nina and Photograph for example, were written about his ex-girlfriend Nina. We sure wish he would write a song about us! Boo!

17 – Michael B Jordan

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

This 28 year old American actor is best known for his TV work but his good looks have got him recognized all over the world. When you take a peek, it’s not hard to see why. His most recent movie was the 2015 hit Creed and he was also in Fantastic Four in the same year too as Human Torch.

Is he single? There were rumors that he was dating Kendall Jenner for a while but he was quick to come out and say that the pair were just friends. For the meantime, it looks like he might be on the single market but we’re betting it doesn’t stay that way for very long.

16 – Trey Songz

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Tremaine Aldon Neverson, otherwise known as Trey Songz, is a 31 year old rapper, songwriter, singer, actor and record producer. Wow, that’s a lot of stuff right? It turns out, he’s quite the talented guy! He has sold over seven million albums all over the world.

He’s tried his hand at movies over the years too with 2013 seeing him star in Baggage Claim and in the same year, Texas Chainsaw 3D. We love his music more though and it’s bagged him a BET Award, a MuchMusic More Award, a Soul Train Music Award and plenty of nominations for Grammy’s, American Music Awards and more.

Is he single? Well, we’re not entirely sure. He’s been on / off with girlfriend Tanaya Henry for a while. Although he was spotted out and about drinking and dining with one of Justin Bieber’s latest interests so I guess we’ll just need to wait and see what happens.

15 – Jesse Williams

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

This guy will always feature in lists like this with eyes like that. Dreamy isn’t quite the word we’d use to describe them. Just give us a minute to swoon.

The 34 year old activist, model and actor and as well as featuring in Rihanna’s Russian Roulette video, he’s also starred in a few films throughout his career. The Cabin in the Woods was a particular good one to watch out for, although there is a movie due out in 2016 called Money that is said to star this cutie.

Is he single? Nope, he’s married with two kids. He married a real estate broker back in 2012 and had their first child in 2013, and their second just a few months ago in October 2015.

14 – Prince Harry

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

We’re so glad Prince Harry isn’t married off like his brother, William, yet otherwise we’d have nothing left in life to dream about. We all want to be a real life princess.

31 year old Prince Henry Charles Albert David, or Prince Harry for short, has been with a couple of women that we know about over the years. There was Chelsy Davy who he dated for a while but they broke up. They seem to have remained friends and she still turns up / turned up to various events from time to time. Since then, Prince Harry was spotted cozying up to Cressida Bonas after being introduced by his cousin, Princess Eugenie. The couple dated for a couple of years before it was announced in 2014 that they had parted ways.

Is he single? It would appear so! Woo hoo!

13 – Andrew Lincoln

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

The Walking Dead is now an obsession for most of us and for many, it’s because of this guy – 42 year old English actor, Andrew Lincoln. You probably know him better as Rick Grimes of course.

Born in London, you might be surprised to learn that this actor has a pretty impressive back catalog of work to boast about – films such as Love Actually, Human Traffic and also more than his fair share of TV shows too.

Is he single? Sadly no, he’s another hottie in the married club. He got married in 2006 to the daughter of vocalist of Jethro Tull, Ian Anderson – Gael Anderson. Here’s a little bit of trivia for you too – Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter, Apple, was the flower girl at Andrew’s wedding.

Repeat after me – awwww!

12 – Channing Tatum

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Another hottie that’s too hot for words, 35 year old Channing Tatum won the hearts of the entire world with the two Magic Mike films and in the second, he was not just the star but the writer and the producer too.

There’s just one movie out in 2016 starring Channing and that is Hail, Caesar! There’s a whole bunch of famous names in this cast list – Tilda Swinton, Scarlett Johansson, Jonah Hill, Ralph Fiennes, and so many more!

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Is he single? Again, sadly not. The hottest guy in the world is very happily coupled-up with Jenna Dewan after they met on the set of Step Up. They also have a beautiful baby girl together who was born in 2013.

11 – David Beckham

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

To be fair, Romeo Beckham is fast overcoming his super hot dad in the hot states but David Beckham is forever going to be known as one of the hottest men in the world.

The heavily tattooed-up beauty might be 40 years old but he’s still the face for some of the most well-known underwear designers and campaigns in the world.

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Is he single? Of course he’s not! He’s with Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham and has been since 1997! They are celeb-ville’s most adored couple!


10 – Ryan Gosling

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

We’ve all seen the memes, we’ve all swooned at The Notebook. Ryan Gosling has held the number one top stop of the hottest men in the world for a while now and it doesn’t appear he’s going anywhere soon.

The 35 year old Canadian actor (and musician) has two movies set to be released in 2016 – La La Land and The Nice Guys.

Is he single? Again, sadly not. Ryan Gosling recently (2014) introduced a beautiful baby girl into the world with even hotter actress-girlfriend, Eva Mendes. Just in case you didn’t know, he actually dated Rachel McAdams after The Notebook!

9 – Adam Levine

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

36 year old hottie frontman, Adam Levine of Maroon 5, has also branched into film recently with a cameo appearance of himself in Pitch Perfect 2 which came out this year. It doesn’t appear there’s any hint of more movie-work in his future but we’re hoping more musical genius will be heading our way.

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Is he single? No… Apparently he’s got quite the thing for Victoria’s Secret models as well. He’s now happily married to (his second) model Behati Prinsloo and he celebrated his first wedding anniversary in July of 2015.

8 – Benedict Cumberbatch

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

39 year old British actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, is not just an actor but a film producer too and is perhaps better known for his part in the hit TV show Sherlock Holmes.

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Is he single? Nope, another sad blow for womankind. The hearts of millions of women all over the world were officially broken when he married his theatre-director girlfriend, Sophie Hunter, in 2015. On Valentine’s Day no less! They also have a son together, born in the same year.

7 – Leonardo Di Caprio

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

We’re still holding out for him to win that Oscar soon. Not that it matters, after that epic Titanic performance, he’s always going to be a winner for the ladies. 2016 looks like it might be a very promising year though! After all, he’s won so many other awards – Scream Award for Inception, Satellite Awards for The Departed, Santa Barbara International Film Festival Awards, Rembrandt Awards, Golden Globes…

Maybe we should start a revolution – Leonardo Di Caprio DESERVES an Oscar!

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Is he single? Well, the 41 year old’s love life has been well documented in the media so it would appear there’s always another story going on. It was British socialite Emma Miller and then the model Kristen Zang, then Gisele Bundchen, Blake Lively… We could go on for sometime. Apparently, he’s a big hit with the ladies!

It would appear that he might just be single ladies for night though… Watch this space!

6 – Chris Pine

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Have you seen the latest advert for the hit fragrance Armani Code? It has the luscious 35 year old American actor, Chris Pine in it looking every bit as handsome as we remembered him to be. It might be the eyes, or the adorable hair, or the chiselled jaw. Either way he has something going on and that’s exactly why he’s made this list. He literally is one of the hottest men in the world!

It would appear our favorite Captain Kirk will be back in 2016 with the film Star trek Beyond, and there’s also Wonder Woman due out in 2017 which we are SUPER excited for!

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Is he single? Nobody really knows really. In May of 2015 he was spotted being all lovey-dovey in public with new girlfriend, Vail Bloom but it seems they may have kept things a little on the down-low since then. Or at least we haven’t heard of any new developments. Keep your ears to the ground ladies, if he’s single, we want to know about it!

5 – Justin Bieber

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Couldn’t forget about 21 year old Justin Bieber could we? You forget just how young this guy is with all the fame and fortune he’s been blessed with over a short period of time. With all those great tunes he’s been releasing recently, we’re all becoming Beliebers again, believing those words when he sings “Is it too late to say sorry?” He’s done some stupid things over the last few years with reports of drunk driving and riving under the influence of drugs as well as spitting on fans, breaking hearts, apparently getting girls pregnant (but not really) and generally, having a whale of a time. It would appear he’s calmed things down a little now and we’re eternally grateful for that. We can’t but appreciate those belting great songs he’s been releasing over the summer!

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Is he single? Well, there seems to have been some confusion over the state of JB’s love life recently. He split from Selena Gomez but some people have speculated recent songs were about her (sorry?). It seems there’s a lot of to-ing and fro-ing so maybe we should all watch this space? Secretly we think it would be kinda cute if they got back together, wouldn’t you?

4 – Henry Cavill

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

We’re all eagerly awaiting the 2016 hit movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The 32 year old British actor is playing Clark Kent AKA Superman in the movie and man, does he look mighty fine too!

Is he single? Another not-sure here. He was dating a British equestrian rider called Ellen Whitaker between 2009 and 2012 but since they ended their engagement, there’s been no big girlfriend news from Henry’s people. Maybe he is single? (We bet not for long!)

3 – Ryan Reynolds

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Another Canadian actor and this time we come to 39 year old Ryan Reynolds, originally born in Vancouver, British Columbia. There are two movies coming out in 2016 set to star this Hollywood hunk and we’re quite excited for them both. Keep your eyes peeled for Deadpool and Criminal!

Is he single? He dated Alanis Morissette from 2007 until 2007 when the couple’s representatives came out to say they had agreed to end their engagement. He then started dated actress, Scarlett Johansson shortly after the split and the couple announced their engagement later in 2008. They got married soon after but sadly split just two years beyond that. He then met Blake Lively in 2010 on the set of Green Lantern and they announced their engagement not long after. He made it down the aisle a second time in 2012 and just two years later, the couple welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world.

2 – Chris Pratt

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

We think it was the new Jurassic World that did but Chris Pratt has been thrown right into the hottest men list at the deep end! We fell in love with his control of the raptor’s in that movie, and there was a little part of us that hoped he would someday save our lives from dinosaurs too!

There are two movies set for release in 2016 that you should definitely keep an eye out for if you like Chris Pratt. The Magnificent Seven looks as thought it might be a really good watch, also starring Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke and Matt Bomer! The other movie you should look for is called Passengers and will see Chris starring alongside Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Sheen and Lawrence Fishburne.

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Is he single? No, 36 year old Chris married Anna Faris in 2009 and they have one son together – Jack.

1 – Tom Hardy

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

38 year old Tom Hardy might not be a spring chicken these days but he’s still inevitably one of the hottest guys on the planet and probably always will be. His depiction of the two Kray brothers in Legend was simply outstanding and even won him the Best Actor Award at the British Independent Film Awards.

Although there’s no news of any up and coming movies starring this hunk, there is a British-American TV show you should keep an eye out for called Taboo which promises to be quite the interesting watch.

100 Hottest men in the world 2015

Is he single? Sadly not. He married actress Charlotte Riley in 2014 after five years of dating and in just October of this year (2015), he welcomed his second child, their first together. His first child is with an ex-flame Rachael Speed.

So there you have them – 100 hottest men in the world 2015-2016. What do you think? Are there men we have missed out? Join int he conversation and feel free to have your say! We’d love to know what celebrities you think should have been added to the list!


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