Top 100 Bob Hairstyles

By on February 13, 2014

Bob hairstyles are fun, feminine, and a great way to wear your short hair for this year. Longer than cropped hairdos and shorter than medium-length locks, bob hairstyles are incredibly versatile and suit every face shape, hair type, and hair length. We’ve chosen the Top 100 Bob Hairstyles to inspire you in your search for the perfect bob hairstyle. With 100 fabulous celebrity bob hairstyles to choose from, you can’t go wrong.

Browse through trending bob hairstyles worn by popular celebs like Rihanna, Dianna Agron, Keri Hilson, Christina Hendricks, Hayden Panettiere, and many more. Find the perfect cut, length, style, and color for your bob hairdo, and start this year off with a bang!

1. Christina Aguilera Bob Hairstyle: Chic rounded bob


Songstress Christina Aguilera looks absolutely stunning with her chic, rounded bob. This chin-length bob hairstyle is very flattering for her heart-shaped face, as it accentuates her cheekbones and draws attention away from her pointed chin. For extra impact, wear your bob with a glamorous deep side parting and a sweeping side fringe.

2. Keira Knightley Bob Hairstyle: Edgy angled bob


English actress Keira Knightley looks stunning with an edgy angled bob that follows the contours of her jawline. The angled bob is sexy and modern, and it suits most face shapes. If you have a square face shape like Keira, opt for an off-center parting to cover the upper corners of your forehead. This will break up the “boxy” outline of your face and accentuate your eyes and mouth.

3. Dianna Agron Bob Hairstyle: Soft, shaggy bob


Glee actress and singer Dianna Agron rocks a messy, shaggy bob with soft side-swept bangs. Fun, flirty, and feminine, this shaggy bob has lots of personality. At your next hair appointment, ask your stylist to feather the ends of your hair for soft, touchable locks that are full of texture. Let your hair air dry naturally, and work some texturizing spray into your locks with your fingertips for a sexy, tousled finishing touch.

4. Rihanna Bob Hairstyle: Asymmetrical angled bob


Barbadian beauty Rihanna looks striking and sexy with her asymmetrical, angled bob. Short at the back and long in the front, this modern hairstyle is quirky, stylish, and great for heart-, square- and oval-shaped faces. Rihanna’s bold side-swept fringe frames her face beautifully, drawing one’s gaze down past her eyes and lips.

5. Gwyneth Paltrow Bob Hairstyle: Long blunt bob


American actress and food writer Gwyneth Paltrow looks chic and sophisticated with her long, blunt bob. This collarbone-grazing bob hairstyle is the perfect length for Gwyneth, as her hair skims her cheekbones, creating the illusion of a slimmer face. Match summery blonde locks with minimal eye-makeup and nude pink lips for a romantic final touch.

6. Christina Ricci Bob Hairstyle: Cute curled bob


Actress Christina Ricci looks cute and casual with her short, curled bob. Her small, angled side fringe breaks up the “circle” outline of her face, drawing attention to her eyes instead. If you have a round face like Christina’s, make sure that your bob is longer than chin length – anything shorter will make your face look even rounder. Use a thick curing wand for loose curls, and you’re good to go!

7. Anna Faris Bob Hairstyle: Bold platinum blonde bob


American actress Anna Faris looks superb with her bold platinum blonde bob and thick, chunky bangs. This retro bob hairstyle suits very thick, straight hair – unfortunately, the time and effort it would take to tame curly or wavy locks to make them poker-straight would be considerable. Not impossible, but definitely time consuming, so choose wisely.

8. Emily Blunt Bob Hairstyle: Long, chic bob


Actress Emily Blunt looks chic and sophisticated with her long brunette bob. Her middle parting lets her glossy locks frame her face, accentuating her bluey-green eyes. If you have a long face like Emily’s, keep your bob below your chin but above your collarbones to avoid making your face look even longer. Extra volume at cheek level accentuates your cheekbones (the widest part of your face), making your face look less long and narrow.

9. Nicole Richie Bob Hairstyle: Rounded bob with piecey bangs


Socialite and style icon Nicole Richie rocks a stylish rounded bob with side-swept, piecey bangs. Rounded bob hairstyles are best for square shaped faces, as they can soften a harsh angular jawline. Side swept bangs are also extremely flattering for square face shapes, as they hide the upper corners of your forehead, further breaking up a “boxy” facial outline. All in all, Nicole has chosen the perfect bob hairstyle for her face shape.

10. Christina Hendricks Bob Hairstyle: Curly asymmetrical bob


Actress Christina Hendricks looks simply divine with her bouncy, curly asymmetrical bob. Her fiery auburn locks have been styled with a mass of curls to one side, giving her hairstyle a playful and whimsical look. To get perfect structured curls like Christina’s, use volumizing hair care products and a thick curling wand to create big, glamorous curls. Set your curls with some hairspray to keep them from unraveling on a night out.

11. Rose Byrne Bob Hairstyle: Rounded bob with thick side fringe


Actress Rose Byrne looks classy and stylish with her long, rounded bob and a thick side fringe. Rose adds extra volume to her locks with subtle face-framing layers and a gorgeous light-reflecting shine. Her dark, coffee-brown locks create a striking contrast with her fair complexion, and we love that she’s kept her makeup minimal and natural. Use a light volume-boosting shampoo to get bouncy, voluminous locks like Rose’s.

12. Drew Barrymore Bob Hairstyle: Thick, textured bob


Comedy actress Drew Barrymore looks gorgeous with her thick, textured bob and long side-bangs. This simple bob hairstyle works best with thick hair, as it requires loads of volume and texture. Ask your stylist to add subtle layers to your bob, and to feather the ends of your hair for soft, fluffy tips. If you don’t have naturally thick hair, try volume boosting hair care products and blow dry your hair in big rollers.

13. Tiffany Hines Bob Hairstyle: Rounded bob with fancy bangs


American actress Tiffany Hines looks phenomenal with her perfect rounded bob and fancy side-swept bangs. Her bob is slightly asymmetrical, with one side a bit longer than the other. The asymmetry balances out Tiffany’s strong jawline and prominent cheekbones, giving her a softer profile. She wears her bangs in fancy flicks that frame her face and accentuate her eyes – simply divine.

14. Jessica Simpson Bob Hairstyle: Long dip-dyed bob


Songstress Jessica Simpson looks casual and carefree with her long dip-dyed bob. The long bob, or “lob” as it is affectionately known, is a great alternative to a medium-length hairstyle. Long bobs are generally collar-bone length or slightly shorter, which is a flattering length for most face shapes. Dip-dye your ends for a flirty and contemporary final touch.

15. Charlize Theron Bob Hairstyle: Wavy beachy bob 


South African-born actress Charlize Theron wears her summery blonde locks in a wavy bob with side-swept bangs. We love her honey-blonde hair color and the deep side-parting that creates her sexy side-swept bangs. To get tousled, beachy waves, work some texturizing spray into your locks and use a thin barreled curling iron on low heat. Use a light hairspray to keep your waves in place and you’re ready to go.

16. Hayden Panettiere Bob Hairstyle: Modern asymmetrical bob


Nashville actress Hayden Panettiere looks chic and stylish with her modern asymmetrical bob. Her sweeping side fringe gives her a sexy and enigmatic look, emphasizing her beautiful green eyes. For sleek and smooth hair like Hayden’s, invest in some anti-frizz serum and a good quality hair straightener, as well as some versatile matte hairspray.

17. Katie Holmes Bob Hairstyle: Rounded asymmetrical bob


Actress Katie Holmes looks stunning with her super sophisticated, rounded asymmetrical bob. This chic retro bob hairstyle is very flattering for her heart-shaped face, as it accentuates her cheekbones and draws attention away from her pointed chin. If you have a round shaped face, it’s best to choose a longer, more angular bob that will make your face look less round.

18. Beyonce Knowles Bob Hairstyle: Medium beachy bob


Songstress Beyonce Knowles looks fabulous with her medium length, wavy blonde bob. Beyonce keeps her hairstyle casual and laid back with a deep middle parting that reveals her dark roots. We love her beachy waves and the natural, messy texture of her honey blonde locks – perfect for a summer beach party or cocktails with the girls.

19. Ginnifer Goodwin Bob Hairstyle: Super sleek long bob


Actress Ginnifer Goodwin sported a super sleek long bob before chopping off her locks in favour of an edgy pixie cut. Her poker-straight bob is chic and professional, and she sports a trendy side-swept parting and subtle layers. Keep your locks super-straight with a good quality straightening iron and plenty of heat protection hair products.

20. Keri Hilson Bob Hairstyle: Sexy asymmetrical bob


American singer, songwriter and actress Keri Hilson looks effortlessly sexy with her curly asymmetrical bob. With uneven lengths and varying textures, Keri’s bob hairstyle is dynamic and modern.  She keeps her look romantic with soft side bangs, and honey blonde curls that warm up her complexion.

21. Alexa Chung Bob Hairstyle: Messy boho bob


English model Alexa Chung has us green with envy with her messy boho bob. This bob hairstyle is incredibly dynamic with its many choppy layers and subtle volume, and Alexa keeps her look casual and romantic with wispy side bangs. Let your hair air dry for natural texture, or use a texturizing spray on straight hair and embrace flyaway hairs.

22. Milla Jovovich Bob Hairstyle: Curly bob pinned to one side


Actress Milla Jovovich opts for a soft and romantic look with her curly bob worn pinned to one side. If you have a longish bob, you can wear it in a simple up’do like a bun or chignon, or you can take inspiration from Milla and clip it up with a sparkly hairpin. Experiment with hair accessories like headbands, clips, and even flowers to personalize your new bob hairstyle.

23. Katy Perry Bob Hairstyle: Short pink and blonde bob


Pop music sensation Katy Perry looks gorgeous with her short pink and blonde tinted bob. This is a great bob hairstyle for fine hair, as the feathered cut adds a bit of volume to thin locks. Keep your bob longer than chin length to frame your face without overwhelming your facial features. If you’re feeling adventurous, add a few pastel streaks (e.g., purple, blue, or pink) to your locks for a playful final touch.

24. Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Bob Hairstyle: Retro rounded bob


Singer Ashlee Simpson-Wentz updates her rocker image with a pretty, retro rounded bob that skims her jawline. Ashlee’s face shape is a combination of long and heart-shaped, and her bob hairstyle is flattering for both of these face shape types. Her long, side-swept fringe softens her features and draws attention to her bluey-green eyes, keeping the focus on the middle of her face.

25. Rose Byrne Bob Hairstyle: Cute rounded bob with blunt bangs



Actress Rose Byrne looks absolutely gorgeous with her cute rounded bob and thick blunt bangs. This classic and feminine bob hairstyle ends just below her chin, framing her face beautifully. Rose’s thick blunt bangs are very flattering for her long face, as they conceal her high forehead, whilst simultaneously drawing attention to the lower half of her face. For a soft and romantic look, embrace the natural texture of your hair and don’t worry about a bit of fuzz.

26. Nicole Richie Bob Hairstyle: Long bob with piecey bangs


Socialite and style icon Nicole Richie looks superb with her long blonde bob and pretty, piecey bangs. This is a fantastic bob hairstyle for fine, thin hair as the layers and feathered ends create the illusion of fuller, thicker locks. Get your stylist to create side-swept, piecey bangs for an enigmatic final touch, and pair your new hair’do with smoky eye makeup and nude pink lips for maximum sex appeal.

27. Karlie Kloss Bob Hairstyle: Playful, tousled bob


American fashion model Karlie Kloss rocked the fashion world last year when she had her long locks cut into a flirty and contemporary long bob. Henceforth known simply as “the Karlie”, this bob hairstyle is still very popular, and it suits most face shapes. If you have fine hair like Karlie’s, use a thin curling iron on low heat to create some subtle, volume-boosting curls.

28. Rihanna Bob Hairstyle: Curly asymmetrical bob


Barbadian songstress Rihanna looks stunning with her jet-black, curly, asymmetrical bob. Short at the back and long in front, the asymmetrical bob is an edgy and quirky hairstyle for 2014. Give your bob some extra depth with soft, bouncy curls and a long side-swept fringe. If your hair isn’t naturally curly, use a thick curling iron and some hairspray to create long-lasting structured curls.

 29. Christina Hendricks Bob Hairstyle: Voluminous auburn bob


Actress Christina Hendricks looks phenomenal with her voluminous auburn bob. She’s chosen the perfect length for her face shape, and the subtle side-flicks add extra volume to her fiery red locks. If you have wavy or curly hair, use a hair straightener to create smooth, thick waves that frame your face. If you have straight hair, use volume boosting hair care products and blow dry your hair with a round brush to get sexy waves.

30. Katharine McPhee Bob Hairstyle: Medium dip-dyed bob



American singer-songwriter and actress Katharine McPhee keeps her look cute and casual with a medium length, dip-dyed bob hairstyle. This bob hairstyle is contemporary and low maintenance, and it suits most face shapes. Give your locks a flirty finishing touch with light dip-dyed ends and lots of natural texture.

31. Selena Gomez Bob Hairstyle: Long, rounded bob


Singer and actress Selena Gomez radiates natural beauty with her classic long rounded bob. This simple bob hairstyle is perfect for Selena’s round face shape, as the length creates the illusion of a narrower and longer face. The rounded ends give her hair a beautiful shape, as well as framing her face and drawing attention away from her round jaw. Keep your hair as healthy as Selena’s by sticking to a hair-friendy diet rich in good fats: eat fish rich in omega 3, nuts, and avocado to keep your locks strong and shiny.

32. Jennifer Aniston Bob Hairstyle: Long, wispy bob


Comedy actress Jennifer Aniston looks gorgeous with her long, wispy bob. The subtle layers give her fine hair great volume and body, making her thin locks more dynamic and vibrant. We love Jenn’s ash-blonde hair color, and the high- and low-lights that give her hair extra depth. Overall, this is a winning long bob hairstyle for 2014!

33. Victoria Beckham Bob Hairstyle: Short, edgy bob


Former singer and now fashion designer Victoria Beckham looks chic as always with her short, edgy bob. With angled bangs, spiky textures, and a daring chin-length cut, this bob hairstyle takes sass and confidence to pull off. If you have a triangular or diamond face shape like Victoria, get lots of feathered layers to soften the angles of your face. Finish off this sexy look with dark eye makeup and nude lips for a big night out.

34. Ali Larter Bob Hairstyle: Wavy blonde bob


American actress Ali Larter looks fresh-faced and radiant with her wavy blonde bob. This medium length bob is pretty and playful, and we love Ali’s vibrant, golden-blonde hair color. Get a slightly angled bob (shorter towards the back) for a contemporary and edgy look, or keep your hair all the same length for a more traditional and classic bob hairstyle.

35. Keri Hilson Bob Hairstyle: Two-tone asymmetrical bob


American singer-songwriter and actress Keri Hilson looks phenomenal with her perfect, two-tone asymmetrical bob. We love the clean, modern lines of this bob hairstyle, and the effortless mixing of chestnut brown and jet black hair colors. Keri’s side-swept fringe draws attention to her eyes and her cheekbones, drawing the gaze down to her lips. Keep your makeup fresh and flawless to finish off this chic and stylish look.

36. Dianna Agron Bob Hairstyle: Curled retro bob


Glee actress and singer Dianna Agron mixes it up with a gorgeous retro-inspired curly bob. We love her coiffed, side-swept curls and her warm golden hair color – simply divine. To get Dianna’s retro curls, use a thick curling iron on a moderate heat and wrap sections of hair loosely to create soft, bouncy waves. Hold your hair in the heat longer for more defined curls.

37. Alexis Bledel Bob Hairstyle: Long bob with choppy bangs


American actress Alexis Bledel looks absolutely stunning with her long chestnut bob and choppy bangs. This collar-bone length bob is feminine and chic, and the warm chestnut brown hair color gives Alexis’ complexion a beautiful glow. With straight bangs and wavy lengths, this hairstyle plays with different textures, giving it a modern edge. If you have a long face like Alexis’, opt for long bangs to conceal a high forehead.

38. Heidi Klum Bob Hairstyle: Chic and classic long bob


Former supermodel Heidi Klum looks smoking hot with her chic and classic long bob. With hair consistently the same length and a slight rounded cut, this hairstyle is flattering and stylish without being extravagant. This hairstyle is great for fine hair, as the hidden layers and clever low-lights create the illusion of fuller, thicker locks. Experiment with highlights and undertones to find a combination that gives your hair a dynamic and vibrant finish.

39. Keira Knightley Bob Hairstyle: Super-sleek angled bob


English actress Keira Knightley looks superb with her poker-straight, angled bob. This sleek and sexy hairstyle suits Keira’s square face shape, as her hair conceals the “boxy” corners of her face, giving it a softer outline. Wear your hair in a deep middle parting for maximum impact, and keep your locks straight and sleek for a glamorous final touch.

40. Ginnifer Goodwin Bob Hairstyle: Short, tousled bob


Actress Ginnifer Goodwin looks radiant and flirty with her short, tousled bob. She rocks a long side-fringe, and choppy ends that give her locks great texture. This bob hairstyle is simple and easy to recreate at home, and it’s a great in-between style during the growing out period of a cropped ‘do or a pixie cut. Visit your salon for regular trims to keep your hair in shape as it grows out.

41. Julianne Hough Bob Hairstyle: Long bob with golden blonde waves


 Safe Haven actress Julianne Hough looks absolutely stunning with her long, dreamy blonde bob. We love everything about this bob hairstyle: the long, wispy curls, the feathered layers, the shimmery golden blonde hair color, and the long side fringe – divine. Keep your locks light and bouncy by using silicone free hair care products and light, non-greasy styling products.

42. Ashley Greene Bob Hairstyle: Chic rounded bob


 The Twilight Saga actress Ashley Greene looks stylish and poised with her chic, rounded bob. This bob hairstyle is a bit longer than chin length, with rounded ends that give her hair a great shape. Ashley has tucked a section of hair behind her ear, contrasting her long side fringe that conceals the other ear. This bob hairstyle is easy to maintain with regular trims, and weekly hot oil treatments for extra shine.

43. Cheryl Cole Bob Hairstyle: Sexy asymmetrical bob


Singer Cheryl Cole looks absolutely gorgeous with her sexy asymmetrical bob and healthy, glowing skin. Short and tucked behind her ear on one side and long on the other, this hairstyle is quirky, modern, and playful. This bob hairstyle suits most face shapes, provided you tweak the proportions to suit your particular face shape. For example, if you have a round face, a long asymmetrical bob will be a lot more flattering than a short one.

44. Tyra Banks Bob Hairstyle: Long rounded bob


Former supermodel and TV talk show personality Tyra Banks looks stunning with her long, rounded bob worn in a deep side-parting. This classic long bob hairstyle is polished and classic, and the caramel streaks give it a little bit of contemporary flair. Keep your bob in tip-top shape with regular trims at your local salon to keep straggly hairs at bay.

45. Katharine McPhee Bob Hairstyle: Super short, modern bob


American singer-songwriter and actress Katharine McPhee rocks a super-short, modern bob in dark platinum blonde. Her ear-length locks suit her heart-shaped face, and her long, wispy bangs draw the viewer’s attention to her eyes and away from her pointed chin. Work volumizing mousse into damp hair before styling, and blow-dry gently for soft, thick locks.

46. Eva Longoria Bob Hairstyle: Cute rounded bob


Actress Eva Longoria looks adorable with her cute, rounded bob. This pretty hairstyle is simple and classic, and it really suits Eva’s oval shaped face. If you have a round face, it’s best to opt for a longer and less rounded bob to balance out the curves of your face. The general rule is to keep your bob below chin length, especially if your face is rounder. Keep your short bob hairstyle in pristine condition with regular trims at your local salon.

47. Reese Witherspoon Bob Hairstyle: Sexy voluminous bob


Actress Reese Witherspoon looks fabulous with a sexy voluminous bob that skims her shoulders. This bob hairstyle is all about volume and texture, with dreamy blonde waves and a pretty side-fringe. Build up your volume gradually when styling your hair, starting with volume boosting shampoo and conditioner. Work volumizing mousse into damp hair, and blow dry in curlers for big, bouncy waves. Finish off with some hairspray to keep your waves and curls defined, and you’re good to go.

48. Rihanna Bob Hairstyle: Long, glamorous bob


Singer Rihanna looks utterly gorgeous with her long, glamorous bob. This bob hairstyle is pumped full of volume from root to tip, giving it a bold presence. We love her vibrant red-wine hair color and the long layers that frame her face. This is a great bob hairstyle for thick hair, as it gives your locks definition and depth.

49. Kate Bosworth Bob Hairstyle: Long, slightly rounded bob


Actress and model Kate Bosworth looks classy and stylish with her long, slightly rounded bob. This chic bob hairstyle is perfect for straight, fine hair, and we love Kate’s summery blonde hair color. Try a slightly off-centre parting with one side tucked behind your ear for a casual and sexy bob hairstyle.

50. Paris Hilton Bob Hairstyle: Medium length rounded bob



Heiress and socialite Paris Hilton looks stunning with her medium length, rounded bob. The soft curves of this hairstyle are extremely flattering for her square shaped face, as they neutralize the sharp angles of her jawline. Paris sports soft side bangs that further break up the “boxy” outline of her face by drawing attention downwards to her eyes and lips. Ask your stylist to feather the ends of your hair for an even softer, more romantic outline.

51. Kerry Washington Bob Hairstyle: Long, shaggy bob



Scandal actress Kerry Washington looks stunning with a long, shaggy bob that rests on her shoulders. Kerry’s tousled hairstyle is full of texture, with soft, feathered layers and long bangs. Experiment with the texture of your own hair, and opt for a more natural look for extra sex appeal. Flyaway hairs and fuzz aren’t always bad!

52. Christina Hendricks Bob Hairstyle: Long, straight bob


Actress Christina Hendricks looks stunning with her long, sleek and straight bob. This hairstyle has a slightly rounded cut that gives her locks some shape, and the uneven ends soften the overall look. We adore Christina’s vibrant auburn hair color, and the bold red lipstick that warms up her fair complexion. If you’re looking to go red, make sure that you choose a shade that suits your complexion. Ginger and strawberry blonde hues suit lighter skin tones, whereas plum and mahogany shades suit medium to dark skin tones.

53. Karlie Kloss Bob Hairstyle: Cute rounded bob


Fashion model Karlie Kloss shows off a new variation of her shorter hair with this cute, rounded bob. The shape of this short bob hairstyle is simply divine, and the structure is flawless. With slightly asymmetrical sides and a rounded side-fringe, this bob hairstyle is chic, contemporary, and very fashionable. Karlie’s bob is all about the cut, so find a stylist you trust, and be sure to show him/her pictures of exactly the style you want.

54. Shakira Bob Hairstyle: Textured blunt bob 


Sexy songstress Shakira mixes it up with a textured blunt bob and a little side fringe. This bob hairstyle is playful and feminine, and the length and cut really suit Shakira’s heart shaped face. She keeps her bob blunt at the back and slightly longer in front for a softer outline that draws attention away from her pointed chin. Use a texturizing spray and your fingertips to give your hair some soft and feminine texture.

55. Giuliana Rancic Bob Hairstyle: Stylish asymmetrical bob


Reality TV personality and presenter Giuliana Rancic looks classy and poised with her stylish asymmetrical bob. Short at the back and long in front, this bob hairstyle is super-modern and bang on trend. It’s also a perfect hairstyle for thin or fine hair, as the cut gives it a natural shape and a bit of volume. Wear it with a shallow middle parting for extra impact, and keep your hair poker-straight and sleek to finish off this classy look.

56. Lily Collins Bob Hairstyle: Tousled medium length bob


English-American actress Lily Collins looks stunning with her tousled, medium length bob and dark, bold brows. We love her mahogany-brown hair color, and the subtle layers that give her hair a bit of sexy volume. Lily sports a deep middle parting and big waves that accentuate her cheekbones and her eyes, and contrasting soft shaggy ends. This bob hairstyle is great for thick hair, and it suits most face shapes.

57. Leighton Meester Bob Hairstyle: Bold blunt bob 


Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester looks fresh-faced and super stylish with her bold, blunt bob. With her hair chopped off at chin length, Leighton’s face is opened up, and her eyes and lips take center stage. She wears her edgy bob slicked back, keeping hair away from her forehead by tucking it behind her ears. This bob hairstyle is low-maintenance and easy to style, as well as keeping you cool in summer 2014.

58. Emma Watson Bob Hairstyle: Cute curled bob


Actress Emma Watson sports a cute curled bob up’do with a side-swept fringe and a surreal healthy shine. If you have a medium-to-long bob haircut, you can wear your hair up with the aid of pins and clips. To get Emma’s cute curls, use a thin barreled curling iron on small sections of damp hair. Leave your hair on the heat for a bit longer if you want tighter, more structured curls, and set them with a light hairspray.

59. Alicia Keys Bob Hairstyle: Blunt asymmetrical bob


Songstress and musician Alicia Keys looks striking with her blunt, asymmetrical bob. She wears it in a dramatic, deep side-parting with one side tucked away for extra impact. This bob hairstyle is edgy and modern, and it’s quite versatile when it comes to different styles. Wear it loose, slicked back, asymmetrical, or add some texture and volume – the possibilities are endless!

60. Jennifer Aniston Bob Hairstyle: Long, rounded bob 


Actress Jennifer Aniston looks stunning with her long, rounded bob and a subtle middle parting. This bob hairstyle is very flattering for Jenn’s diamond shaped face, as it skims over her prominent cheekbones, drawing the attention downwards to her neckline. Keep the length of your hair consistent for a chic and polished final look – no need for bangs or a fringe!

61. Rihanna Bob Hairstyle: Edgy asymmetrical bob


Songstress Rihanna looks fabulous with her edgy, asymmetrical bob and dramatic winged eye makeup. This short bob hairstyle is contemporary and ultra-modern, and we love the subtle purple streaks that give her ‘do a playful touch. Asymmetrical hairstyles suit most face shapes, and they look especially striking with oval shaped faces. Get your hair trimmed regularly to keep it in shape, and when it’s time to grow it out, simply even out the sides and let it grow.

62. Julianne Hough Bob Hairstyle: Soft, floaty bob



Actress Julianne Hough looks simply gorgeous with her dreamy, floaty blonde bob. Her same-length hair has been feathered at the ends for extra softness, and her locks look light, fluffy, and full of volume. If you have particularly thick hair, ask your stylist to thin it out (slowly!)  until you’re happy with the end result. Styling is simple: work volume boosting mousse into damp hair and blow-dry gently for a soft, floaty head of hair.

63. Jessica Lowndes Bob Hairstyle: Chic long bob with blunt bangs


Canadian actress and singer-songwriter Jessica Lowndes looks absolutely breathtaking with her chic, long chestnut bob. We love everything about this hairstyle: the just-above-the-collarbone length, the warm and rich chestnut brown hair color, the rounded ends, and the bold blunt bangs. Get super-shiny, smooth locks like Jessica’s by using an anti-frizz serum before and after heat styling.

64. January Jones Bob Hairstyle: 1920’s inspired bob


American actress and model January Jones looks gorgeous with her asymmetrical, 1920’s inspired bob. With dramatic side swept waves and a curled side bun, this bob hairstyle is breaking new ground in the fashion world. Create beautiful structured waves with a large curling iron on low heat, and set them with light hairspray to keep them in place all night. Finish off this glam retro look with sparkly earrings and soft, shimmery makeup for a night out to remember.

65. Jessica Simpson Bob Hairstyle: Medium length rounded bob


Singer Jessica Simpson looks beautiful with her medium length rounded bob. This simple hairstyle is classic and stylish, and the clean lines and smooth textures give it a sophisticated air. Wear it in a deep side-parting with a section of hair tucked away playfully behind one ear, or wear it with a deep middle parting for a dramatic, symmetrical bob hairstyle. Experiment until you find a variation that suits you.

66. Olivia Palermo Bob Hairstyle: Super-long bob


Socialite and style icon Olivia Palermo looks totally gorgeous with her super-long bob hairstyle. Her thick, luscious locks are worn in a deep side parting that allows hair to skim her cheekbones, accentuating her eyes and lips. Olivia’s rich chestnut brown hair color is perfect for fall or spring, and we love the subtle high- and low-lights that make it even more vibrant.

67. Marion Cotillard Bob Hairstyle: Modern “fauxhawk” bob


French actress and singer Marion Cotillard looks strikingly beautiful with her modern “fauxhawk” bob hairstyle. With blunt edges and same-length locks, this hairstyle is edgy and fierce, whilst retaining a bit of glamour. To create a “fauxhawk”, or a fake mohawk hairstyle, divide your hair into four sections: front, back, and sides. Leave the back loose, and secure the sides together at the back of your head. Tease hair at the crown, comb it back, and secure it to form a sexy “fauxhawk” hairstyle. Easy!

68. Kirsten Dunst Bob Hairstyle: Tousled medium length bob


Actress Kirsten Dunst looks sexy and mysterious with her tousled medium length bob and deep, red-wine stained lips. This bob hairstyle is all about layered textures – note the subtle feathered layers, wispy bangs, and romantic flyaway hairs that create a soft, whimsical look. Great for fine or thin hair, this hairstyle is easy to maintain, and it requires minimal styling. Pretty and practical!

69. Anne Hathaway Bob Hairstyle: Long, ladylike bob


Les Miserables actress Anne Hathaway looks chic and sophisticated with her long, ladylike bob. Stylish without making a statement, this bob hairstyle is perfect for the office or business meetings. Wear it with a shallow side-parting for a more casual look, or a deep middle parting for a more formal look. Keep your hair healthy and shiny by indulging in a hot oil hair treatment once a week, and laying off excessive heat styling.

70. Kirsten Dunst Bob Hairstyle: Girl-next-door bob


Actress Kirsten Dunst look carefree and flirty with her pretty girl-next-door bob hairstyle. With loose, wispy waves and a sparkly hair clip, this hairstyle is feminine, pretty, and casual. Hair accessories are great tools for changing up your hair style. Look out for pretty hairbands, pins, and clips, or try tucking a flower behind your ear to glam up your bob hairstyle.

71. Keri Hilson Bob Hairstyle: Beautiful long bob


Songstress Keri Hilson looks positively radiant with her beautiful long bob worn in a deep side parting. This simple-but-chic bob hairstyle is very flattering for her oval shaped face, and we especially love the long side-fringe that accentuates her cheekbones. Keri’s soft ash-brown hair color complements her complexion, giving her caramel skin-tone a beautiful warm glow. With the right cut and color, your bob hairstyle can bring out the best of your facial features.

72. Kate Beckinsale Bob Hairstyle: Symmetrical, rounded bob


Actress Kate Beckinsale looks smoldering hot with her symmetrical, rounded bob and a huge pair of sunnies. Kate’s middle parting allows her hair to skim across her forehead, accentuating her eyes and mouth. By keeping the upper corners of her forehead concealed, Kate draws attention away from the top half of her face, making her overall profile seem less long and narrow.

73. Paris Hilton Bob Hairstyle: Quirky asymmetrical bob


Socialite and heiress Paris Hilton looks stylish and casual with her quirky asymmetrical bob. This bob hairstyle is incredibly flattering for her square face shape, as it balances out a heavy jaw and angular facial features. Pair your asymmetrical bob with a sweeping side fringe to further conceal a square face shape, and you’ve good your perfect face-friendly bob hairstyle.

74. Nicole Richie Bob Hairstyle: Long, blunt bob


Socialite and style icon Nicole Richie is right on trend with her long, blunt bob. She wears it poker-straight with a deep side-parting and hair tucked behind one ear, and her dark gold locks complement her medium complexion beautifully. Keep your blunt bob neat and sleek with trims every 2-3 weeks, otherwise your ends will start to resemble an unevenly fraying carpet – not a very sexy look!

75. Jennifer Lawrence Bob Hairstyle: Long, shaggy bob


Feisty and quirky actress Jennifer Lawrence looks totally gorgeous with her long, shaggy bob and wispy bangs. This is a great bob haircut if you’re looking to thin out your long, thick hair. Ask your stylist to remove excess weight without changing the shape of your hairstyle, and have feathered layers cut in to your hair for extra texture. This is a great wash-and-go hairstyle, so embrace your natural texture and rock the bed-head look!

76. Sandra Bullock Bob Hairstyle: Long rounded bob


Actress Sandra Bullock looks chic and sophisticated with a long, rounded bob and subtle blonde highlights. This classic bob hairstyle suits almost every face shape, and it’s perfect for a more formal work environment. The rounded ends soften Sandra’s angular jawline, making this a flattering bob hairstyle for square shaped faces. Keep your bob below chin length for best results – anything shorter will bring unwanted attention to your chin and jawline.

77. Scarlett Johansson Bob Hairstyle: Shaggy bob


Actress Scarlett Johansson sports a messy, shaggy bob that frames her face in a halo of flyaway hairs. This undone bob hairstyle is modern and youthful, and we love the playful texture of her locks. To get Scarlett’s sexy bed-head look, start by pumping your hair full of volume. Then, while it’s still damp, use a texturizing spray and work it into your locks with your fingertips. Let your hair air-dry, and you’re good to go!

78. Cameron Diaz Bob Hairstyle: Choppy chin-length bob


Actress Cameron Diaz looks flirty and carefree with her choppy chin-length bob. If you have fine/thin hair, take inspiration from Cameron and boost the volume of your locks with hair care products. Naturally thick hair can be hard to style in this bob hairdo, so ask your stylist to thin your hair out a bit before styling your hair into a bob. Add a side-swept fringe as a finishing touch, and wear your bob with confidence and poise.

79. Thandie Newton Bob Hairstyle: Long blunt bob 


Actress Thandie Newton looks phenomenal with her sexy, long blunt bob and a little side fringe. We love her straight, shiny locks, and the blunt edges of her bob that skim her collarbones – simply delightful. Keep your locks looking super-shiny and healthy by adding these hair-friendly foods to your diet: look out for foods rich in good fats, like nuts, peanut butter, oily fish, and avocado.

80. Emma Watson Bob Hairstyle: Soft, straight bob


Actress Emma Watson looks chic and poised with her soft and straight bob hairstyle. We love how she’s embracing the growing-out period of her pixie cut, and she’s debuted some amazing bob hairstyles lately. This short and sleek number is classic and sophisticated, and it suits her delicate facial features. The ends have been feathered for a soft and romantic feel, and the natural texture is a great finishing touch.

81. Kirsten Dunst Bob Hairstyle: Curled retro bob


Actress Kirsten Dunst looks superb with her curled retro bob and dangling sparkly earrings. Her locks curl up at the ends, giving her hairstyle a delicate and flirty touch. To recreate Kirsten’s gorgeous curled bob, use a thick-barreled curling iron on only the tips of your hair, and leave them for a while to get dramatic structured curls.

82. Olivia Palermo Bob Hairstyle: Long, poker-straight bob


Reality TV personality and socialite Olivia Palermo looks gorgeous as ever with her long, poker-straight bob. Her coppery auburn hair color is radiant, and it warms up her medium complexion, giving her skin a beautiful glow. Keep your coppery locks bright and beautiful with color protection hair products, and regular touch-ups at your roots.

83. Danii Minogue Bob Hairstyle: Short ombre bob


Australian singer-songwriter Dannii Minogue (sister to Kylie Minogue) is bang on trend with her short ombre bob. Ombre isn’t just for long hair – join the trend with a chic ombre fade in your short bob. If you’re keen for a more daring look, try a reverse ombre hair color, i.e., from light to dark.

84. Mary J. Blige Bob Hairstyle: Inverted bob


Songstress Mary J. Blige looks fabulous with her bold inverted bob hairstyle. This hairstyle is also known as a graduated bob, as the hair is thicker at the top and thinner towards the ends. This bob hairstyle is classic and bold, and it suits most face shapes. Keep it looking polished with regular trims and a good supply of anti-frizz serum.

85. Marion Cotillard Bob Hairstyle: Sleek asymmetrical bob


French actress and singer Marion Cotillard looks absolutely gorgeous with her sleek asymmetrical bob. Her poker-straight hair looks amazing with uneven lengths, and her side-swept fringe gives this edgy hairstyle a soft and romantic touch. Straighten your hair before styling for a chic and smooth finish.

86. Ali Larter Bob Hairstyle: Edgy asymmetrical bob


Actress Ali Larter looks fantastic with her edgy, asymmetrical bob. The uneven sides balance out her face shape, and they also make this bob hairstyle quirky and eye-catching. This hairstyle works best with straight, fine hair, as it requires quite a lot of styling and a super-smooth finish.

87. Keira Knightley Bob Hairstyle: Casual curly bob


English actress Keira Knightley looks gorgeous as ever with her casual curly bob. She proves indefinitely that curly girls can rock bobs too – all you need is the right cut! Keira’s curls are very flattering for her square face shape, as they soften her angular jaw, giving her a more romantic overall look.

88. Jessica Alba Bob Hairstyle: Simple medium bob 


Actress and style icon Jessica Alba looks divine with her simple-but-sexy, medium length bob. This flirty and fun bob is great for summer, and it suits fine/thin hair as well as thicker locks. Tease your hair at the roots and comb it over into a side-parting for extra sex-appeal.

89. Kelly Osbourne Bob Hairstyle: Quirky lavender bob


Socialite and fashionista Kelly Osbourne looks stunning with her fresh and contemporary lavender bob. You can glam up any hairstyle with a quirky and modern hair color – just make sure that you choose a flattering shade, and check your work policy on bright-purple tresses before you get it dyed!

90. Katherine Heigl Bob Hairstyle: Cute curly bob


American actress Katherine Heigl looks beautiful with her cute, curly bob and soft, natural makeup. If you don’t have natural curls, no problem – invest in some curling irons and create your own! Ideally you’d want two curling irons of different thicknesses, so that you can vary the size and texture of your curls.

91. January Jones Bob Hairstyle: Chic blunt bob


Actress January Jones looks positively radiant with her chic blunt bob. This bob hairstyle is very flattering for January’s oval shaped face, and the sweeping side bangs accentuate her stunning blue eyes. If you have blonde locks like January’s, add some high-and low-lights to brighten up your complexion for summer.

92. Olivia Munn Bob Hairstyle: Short voluminous bob


Actress Olivia Munn looks fabulous with her short, voluminous bob and some pretty floral jewelry. This bob hairstyle is perfect for very thick hair, as it’s low maintenance and makes the most of your hair’s natural texture. If your hair isn’t quite as thick as you’d like, switch to volume boosting hair care and styling products.

93. Rachel McAdams Bob Hairstyle: Romantic curly bob


Actress Rachel McAdams looks simply stunning with her romantic curly bob. Although we prefer her as a blonde, we have to admit that Rachel looks equally striking as a beautiful brunette. To get Rachel’s big, romantic curls, blow dry your hair in big curlers on high heat.

94. Marion Cotillard Bob Hairstyle: Casual, flirty bob


French actress and singer Marion Cotillard looks fresh-faced and casual with her gorgeous, flirty bob. This bob hairstyle works in harmony with Marion’s natural hair texture, keeping her hair thick and wavy. For a finishing touch, pair your casual bob with toned-down, natural makeup and a flirty summer dress.

95. Paris Hilton Bob Hairstyle: Kooky asymmetrical bob


Socialite and heiress Paris Hilton mixes it up with a kooky asymmetrical bob featuring uneven sides. This unusual hairstyle is very flattering for her square face shape, as the long curves balance out her strong, angular jawline.

96. Emma Roberts Bob Hairstyle: Chic angled bob


American actress and model Emma Roberts is bang on trend with her chic angled bob. This stylish bob hairstyle is contemporary and glamorous, and it suits Emma’s beautiful oval shaped face. Add some sweeping side-bangs for a romantic touch, and finish off the look with dark eyes, nude lips, and small sparkly stud earrings.

97. Rachel McAdams Bob Hairstyle: Long, layered bob


Actress Rachel McAdams looks simply divine with her long, layered bob hairstyle. The soft, wavy layers frame her face, softening her strong jawline and giving her hairstyle some romantic flair. Embrace your hair’s natural texture for a sexy, messy bedhead look.

98. Kirsten Dunst Bob Hairstyle: Short bob with piecey bangs


Actress Kirsten Dunst looks sublime with her short bob and sexy, piecey bangs. Her below-the-chin hair length is perfect for her round face shape, and we love her summery blonde hair color. Keep your bob in shape with regular trims and touch-ups for your roots.

99. Anne Hathaway Bob Hairstyle: Tousled chocolate brown bob


We’re excited that actress Anne Hathaway’s hair is growing back! We loved her daring pixie crop, but the growing-out phase has produced many fabulous in-between hairstyles that rival her signature long locks. This hairstyle is perfect for thick, way hair, and the hair color is great for fall 2014.

100. January Jones Bob Hairstyle: Perfectly coiffed bob


Actress January Jones looks absolutely phenomenal with this perfectly coiffed, voluminous bob. We love everything about this hairstyle: the honey-blonde hair color, the smooth, thick waves, and the collar-bone length of her golden locks. Finish off this blonde bombshell look with red lippy, and you’re ready for a big night out!

So there you have it – our Top 100 Bob Hairstyles! With so many fabulous hairstyles to choose from, we’re sure you’ve been inspired to try out a sexy bob hairstyle.


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