Top 10 Teen Girl Movies

By on February 7, 2015

It’s easy to fall in love when you are watching a teenage movies, isn’t it? It’s easy to get upset, angry, empathise, laugh along with when you find a really good film you can sink your teeth into. In fact, we feel that films are very inspiring and can teach us many lessons about life…. Especially these top 10 teen girl movies that will teach you a thing or two!

1 – Easy A

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Showing exactly how important your reputation is, Emma Stone is portrayed as something very different from what she actually is in this high school set-film. Rumours are soon spread around the school with guys using her to get to the top of the popularity chain and before long, she is branded the scarlet woman. An experiment of sorts that doesn’t go quite how she planned, it certainly teaches teen girls a few things they should know about the real world!

2 – Mean Girls

This ultimate bitch-fest surely tops the list for movies teen girls should watch. There are a lot of cliches in there (many of which we are still saying today – “You can’t sit with us”), but it’s pretty realistic to how most high schools and their cliques of friends are, right?

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This is must-watch for any teenage girl and with Rachel McAdams starring alongside Lindsay Lohan (before she had her meltdown), it’ll have you laughing, cringing and hiding behind the pillow all at once while teaching you a few very important life lessons. I mean just look at L-Lo now!

3 – The Breakfast Club

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This film was groundbreaking because the aim of the game was to change the way stereotypes were looked at in society. Very different kids end up being much more similar than first expected when they are punished for doing bad things and end up in detention, and it sure teaches you a few things about life! A must-watch, for sure!

4 – Legally Blonde

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Reese Witherspoon plays a blinder in this and the following sequel. The Barbie blonde goes to law school and shock-horror, actually manages to pull it off. OK, so she might be a bunny boiler chasing after her super-hot ex-boyfriend after he ditches her for someone boring and conservative, but somehow, Elle Woods manages to come out of it looking like roses and winning the breakup war! This is one of our favourite movies here at Herinterest and we laugh until we cry every time we watch it! Remember the ‘bend and snap’ move? (We’re doing it right now!)

5 – John Tucker Must Die

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Come on – there was a John Tucker in every high school, wasn’t there? The guy that flirts with all the girls, making them think they are the only girl for him, breaking hearts wherever he goes and generally not really caring much about it. He’s too hot to care about what girls think about him because there are always plenty more fish in the sea…

Except in this film, John Tucker (played by Penn Badgley) gets his comeuppance! The clever new girl that makes him fall in love with her only so she can break his heart plays the game perfectly but as expected… things don’t always go quite as they should!

6 – 10 Things I Hate About You

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Julia Stiles and sadly deceased Heath Ledger come together in two very different people at high school in this must-watch teen movie for girls. He only gets with her as a ‘paid gig’ after one of the popular guys in school decides he wants to date her sister, but somehow they manage to have a jolly good time and fall in love. It doesn’t quite go to plan though… just like most great romantic comedies!

7 – Sex and the City

Teaching us about love, life, and everything else in between, the four best friends come together to show what life is really like in your twenties and your thirties and with the TV show and the second movie, even further on the years than that!

Top 10 Teen Girl Movies_07

Carrie Bradshaw is the main character that we follow and in the movie, you follow her relationship with her beloved Mr. Big and how she lets everything get carried away, eventually losing him and being jilted at the altar. Do they get back together and live happily ever after like you wish they would? Well, you’ll just need to watch it and see won’t you? 🙂

8 – Clueless

This is a must-have for any teen girl to watch and with heartthrob Paul Rudd (before he got super famous) playing the step-brother of the starring girl – Cher, you can’t help but laugh at how young he looks!

Top 10 Teen Girl Movies_08

It’s a movie about materialistic bitches and their fall from grace (and to reality) but honestly, more than that, it’s a really great watch and at times, hilariously funny! You should definitely give it a watch if you’e never seen it.

9 – Bend It Like Beckham

A film that shows girls can do just as much boys when they put their minds to it, this is a real feel-good film that can empower the teen girls that watch it. Sometimes life gets in the way of your passions and as much as you want to please family and friends, sometimes it is good to make your own decisions and carve your own path in life.

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Oh and if you really want to play football, you can regardless of gender! More than that, this is a really great film and has some great actors and actresses too including Keira Knightly before she turned into a total bombshell.

10 – Thelma and Louise

A film depicting true love and dedication to a friendship, Thelma and Louise is more a film you’ll learn from than feel inspired by. Well, unless you want to be a criminal of course!

Top 10 Teen Girl Movies_10

The very unlikely duo create a bond through all their turmoils and struggles and with a very young Brad Pitt starring alongside them, there’s a cute bit of eye candy too!

These films are all ones that teen girls can learn from in one way or another and in this day and age, role models are everything! If you’ve not seen these movies in your lifetime, it might be time to get yourself on Netflix! You never know what life-lessons you might have missed out on!


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