Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations In Europe

By on August 5, 2013

A honeymoon in Europe? Let’s see, romance, adventure, foreign languages, culture and beautiful scenery… Now, that would be a dream come true for most woman! There are tons of amazing  places spread all  throughout the mystical land we call Europe that will surely give any new wife memories that will last her a lifetime. Since there are so many gorgeous, wonderful destinations, how does one choose where to go? To help narrow it down, here are the top 10 places to go for your honeymoon in Europe:

Paris, France


 That one was kind of a given, right? Paris is, after all, the city of love.  Hundreds of love-struck couples pop the question on the Eiffel Tower every year and hundreds of honeymooners swoon there, too. Not only do you have the beautiful 1,063 foot tower, but let’s not forget the endless museums, the delicious gourmet food and the amazing views, especially at night, make Paris, France one of the most sought after honeymoon destinations in Europe. Millions tend to travel to this beautiful city to enjoy their newly blossomed marriage. The popular getaway is a fantasy full of whimsical magic, seduction, art and fashion all in one.

 Satorini, Greece


This ancient city offers nothing less than pure romance. Wine, beautiful beaches, some of the  freshest foods you’ll ever eat and the ability to visit landmarks of an ancient time. What’s not to love about this beautiful place? Newlyweds love to honeymoon here and for good reason, too. It’s  famously known from the previous volcanic eruptions it suffered with long ago and because of those events, it now displays some of the most amazing and original beaches on this Earth. There is never a dull moment for the eyes or the mind in gorgeous Santorini.

Venice, Italy


 Venice holds the hearts of lovers with its beauty each and every year. Venice offers nothing but the highest quality of Italian food, full of fresh vegetables, amazing cheeses and the best spices.  This destination is a favorite among travelers across the world and many visit it each year to find themselves blown away. Gondola rides are a favorite among lovers and they will take you to quaint cafes, superb bars, glorious architecture and carry  you throughout the city at night while the moon is gleaming across the water. Venice leaves those who visit always wanting more of its glory.

Barcelona, Spain


There’s never a dull moment in Barcelona from its beaches to its parks to its social scene. There is a life in Barcelona that draws people in. This magical city is a wonderful place to honeymoon if you love a strong social atmosphere, friendly locals, bright scenery, gorgeous buildings and dance filled music festivals. In this city you can literally dance the night away and have a pure fun, romantic honeymoon.

 Florence, Vienna


Back to Italy we go and with good reason, too. Italians truly have some of the most beautiful sights to behold in the world. Florence is well-known for its amazing art, historical monuments, museums and the famous Ponte Vecchio, which stands for Old Bridge. This famous bridge along with many other amazing features this city has to offer is lined with shops, cafes and every inch of it is dripping with art and history. This is romance at its peak and a great place to spend your honeymoon.

 Vienna, Austria


Taking a honeymoon to this classic city is not a bad idea, at all. This exquisite location is overflowing with musical history, horse-drawn carriage rides and castles always in sight. It’s a perfect getaway, especially for those who love  music. It’s widely known for presenting truly charming plays, concerts, operas and many more fine arts performances. There is only beautiful sights and sounds to be found in Vienna during a honeymoon.

  Budapest, Hungary 


The capital of Hungary awaits for the many couples that choose to honeymoon here every year. How could they not want to? After all, this beautiful place is a great way to pamper yourselves on your romantic getaway, as it’s known well for having amazing spa resorts. After you’ve been treated like royalty you can visit the many historical features and then go on to enjoy the very entertaining nightlife that Budapest is famous for. Shopping, sightseeing, spa days, getting your party on as newlyweds… What more could you ask for?

 Amsterdam,  Netherlands 


Another capital city that enchants newlyweds every year is Amsterdam. Take a walk down the beautifully made cobblestone roads, gander at the gorgeous architectural wonders, rent a boat to take you both privately down a canal, while enjoying dinner, to really see the city for its beauty or take long romantic walks throughout its lovely parks and gardens. Let your breath be taken away by this picture perfect destination.

 Zurich, Switzerland 


This is a natural beauty to visit. Zurich is alluring to honeymooners because of it’s countryside. Although it offers a great variety of shopping, pubs, museums and culture, taking on nature here is much more fun and more romantic. Hiking through the hills, mountains or biking, skiing and just going on adventures as a new married couple will give you a peaceful honeymoon. It’s truly enchanting and a breath of fresh air.

 Korce, Albania


Again, another great place to vacation when it comes to nature.  Behold the beautiful sights and wonders of unique Korce. Keep yourself entertained with the many places to hike, bike and more. There are many museums , as well , that give you a peek into its wonderful history. Culture, tradition and originality radiate throughout the air of this treasured honeymoon favorite.


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