Top 10 Famous Princesses

By on January 23, 2015

Let’s face it, all girls wish they lived in a Disney fairytale, living life as a beautiful Princess with her handsome Prince Charming stood right by her side. Sadly life doesn’t always work out like that, and most of us are living as the ugly sisters, scrimping and saving to get to the end of the month, definitely NOT living in a dream castle with servants to cater for every whim… Right?

That doesn’t stop us from daydreaming about a better life though and here at Herinterest, we regularly discuss our favourite Princesses. We decided to bring to you the top 10 famous princesses to prove that for some girls, the fairytale ending IS possible!

Here are the top 10 famous princesses:

1 – Kate Middleton

She was the ‘normal’ girl that managed to capture the heart of Britain’s most eligible bachelor – Prince William. Now happily married with one beautiful baby boy, another baby on the way and a dog running around them, life couldn’t be better for this fabulous and famous princess.

Top 10 Famous Princesses_01

I guess all that’s left to do now is wait and see whether or not she has another beautiful bonny boy, or a gorgeous baby girl!

2 – Princess Grace of Monaco

Grace Kelly was an actress that was famous for starring in films such as Mogambo which earned her not only a Golden Globe award, but also an Academy Award nomination and also other movies like The Country Girl, High Society (with Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra), and To Catch A Thief.

Top 10 Famous Princesses_02

Despite her budding film career, she met a Prince – Prince Rainier III, and gave it all up to live as the princess she always knew she could be!

It’s a Disney fairytale-come-true, and let’s face it, even though she sadly died in 1982 when she crashed her car after having a stroke at the wheel, we’re all still talking about her, her eternal grace, and her un-matched beauty!

3 – Cinderella

She’s the ultimate princess, isn’t it? It’s OK, don’t worry, we know she’s not a REAL princess but in our eyes, she’s the number one princess!

Top 10 Famous Princesses_03

A true Disney tale of a love that defeats the odds (including two ugly step-sisters, one wicked step-mother, a mental fairy godmother and a bunch of farmyard animals), Cinderella finally found her Prince Charming and lived happily ever after and every time we re-watch that film, it restores out faith that one day, we might finally meet ours!

4 – Princess Diana

The ‘People’s Princess’, Diana Frances Spencer married Prince Charles and gave him two beautiful sons – Prince William and Prince Harry.

Top 10 Famous Princesses_04

She really was the princess that everyone loved and despite her death in 1997, is still loved, adored and worshipped by millions all across the world. A firm charity-fundraiser and great role model to women and girls of all ages, no top princesses list would be complete without her!

5 – Princess Eugenie of York

She’s not a conventional princess by any means, but that just makes us want to love her a little bit more. Living as every young woman does, she recently shocked the British nation (and in fact, most people all around the world) but going to Thailand, getting drunk and letting one of her gal-pals fondle her boobs, but isn’t that what young girls do – get a bit drunk and make a bit of a fool of herself?

Top 10 Famous Princesses_05

She’s a firm believer in doing whatever she wants and is regularly paper smoking, pole dancing in clubs and generally being an all-round bad girl but it’s the female equivalent of Prince Harry a few years back, right? And we love him too!

6 – Princess Anne

OK, so she’s not quite as famous as her brother, Prince Charles, but she’s still a kick-ass gal. Once upon a time, she was third in line for the throne but seeing as Prince William has had a boy with Princess Kate, she’s no longer in line for that title.

Top 10 Famous Princesses_06

She’s now better known as Princess Royal and we love that name!

7 – Princess Letizia of Spain

Believe it not, this beautiful little princess hasn’t always been a princess. She’s also a journalist for a few big channels including CNN+ and Bloomberg, and was one of the journalists working on a sunken oil tanker when she met her now husband, Felipe, Prince of Asturias. Two years later they were married and she’s now well on her way to being the countries first Spanish-born Queen in over 136 years!

Top 10 Famous Princesses_07

8 – Princess Mary of Denmark

This gorgeous princess is living proof that fairytales really CAN come true in real life, and has gone from working in an advertising agency to 75% of Denmark believing and agreeing that would make a remarkable Queen! A lot can happen in a few years!

Top 10 Famous Princesses_08

The love story stars back in 2000 when she bumped into the Crown Prince of Denmark – Fred (we know him as Frederik). Four years later, after a beautiful love affair, they were married! Doesn’t it make you want to swoon?

9 – Princess Leia

Another fictional one for the list but we can’t forget about the Star Wars hit –  Princess Leia! She was the Jennifer Lawrence of her day and had men swooning and fantasising all over the place! You remember that one Friends scene where Ross tells Rachel he wants her to dress up as the character, right? She really is most guy’s dream…. and she made sci-fi hot!

Top 10 Famous Princesses_09

10 – Princess Mia Thermapolis

OK, so we know this princess isn’t a real princess either but she’s definitely one of the most famous! We’ve all seen The Princess Diaries regardless of what age (or sex) we are, and really made a name for the beautiful Anne Hathaway. Plus, it’s that whole fairytale-come true thing again, isn’t it? We just all really wish it would happen to us!

Top 10 Famous Princesses_10

So there you have them – the top 10 famous princesses! To be honest, we probably could have filled this list with a bunch of Disney princesses but we figured there were some pretty special ‘real princesses’ too!


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