Top 10 Dream Mood Interpretations

By on March 12, 2014

We dream on average seven times each night, even if we don’t remember them at all. While many of our dreams may be weird and wonderful or some right simply downright inexplicable, there are some dreams that we collectively have over and over. It may or may not surprise you to know that everything we dream about has a meaning too and can be linked back to something in our lives. Of course, not all of us believe that these meanings are real, our dreams may very well be completely random, but that’s not to say there’s no point educating yourself on the subject. That said, here’s the meanings of ten incredibly common dreams – lets see if they relate to you!


1. A Failing Connection


If you dream that you’re trying to contact someone but the connection keeps failing then this may be a sign that you subconsciously feel you’re failing to connect with someone in real life. Perhaps you desperately need to speak with someone just don’t know how or feel you’re losing touch with someone. Take heed of this dream and evaluate what’s caused it.


2. Drowning or Falling


How many times have you just been falling asleep and then BAM – you’re falling off a cliff and are sat bolt upright in bed, wide awake. It’s the common falling dream and we all get them. The same is true of dreams that we’re drowning. Sadly, these dreams mean little more than the fact that we might have a lot on our shoulders right now and are feeling insecure. Perhaps we feel like life is out of control right now or even that we’re drowning.

Of course, that’s one interpretation. Another is simply that falling is one of the two fears that we’re born with and our mind is simply playing with that fact.


3. Failing A Test


If you’re a student then you’re like to know the failing a test or exam dream all to well. You’re also likely to know that they crop up in the days before you sit the exam – frustrating, right? Don’t panic though, these dreams don’t mean you’re likely to fail the upcoming exam or your course overall, they’re simply a representation of the stress your feeling towards it. In short, if you’re revising hard then don’t sweat it.

These dreams can also happen years after your student life is over in which case they either represent a trauma you experienced in your schooling day or can be a sign that you feel you’re being tested in your life now.


4. Car Troubles/Car Crash


Dreaming about car troubles or a car crash may mean you feel insecure about something in your life and that you’re losing control of it. This may very well be driving but like as not it could be anything. This type of dream may also be a sign that you’re headed for a physical or emotional breakdown and may need to alter something in your life to avoid this.


5. Illness or Death of Others


At some point or another we all are likely to dream about someone we know being ill or dying. Don’t panic, this doesn’t mean this person is going to die, no matter how real the dream was. It can be interpreted a number of ways, the most common of which is that you’re afraid of losing someone, you want that someone out of your life or perhaps you already know that person is ill in reality and your mind is just expressing it’s feeling on that.

While this isn’t actually fact, I think it’s fun to point out that superstition states that dreaming about someone dying means they’ll live a long life. Sure, it may not be scientific but this thought always makes me feel better when I dream about death.


6. Missing Teeth


Dreaming that you have missing teeth suggests that you are afraid of how other people see you and that you’re scared of not appearing perfect. Of course, it could just be that you have toothache and your brain is interpreting that into your dream as you sleep…


7. Missing A Ride


I’m sure at some point or another we’ve all dreamt about missing a ride, right? It doesn’t matter whether it’s a bus, train, plane or anything else, this dream is still incredibly frustrating. It can either mean one of two things, that you feel like you’ve missed an important opportunity in your life or you’ve got some big decisions to make and feel you may very well miss a big opportunity if you choose wrong or dwell on it too long. Of course, these are the main reasons for this dream but I’ve heard many a person say they felt this dream signified they though life was leaving them behind. Does this sound like you?


8. Being Trapped or Lost


One of the most common dreams people have is being trapped or lost somewhere. You know the ones – you’re running around a building aimlessly and there seems to be no way out or you’re trapped in a room or a cage with no doors. Those dreams are horrible but, if you take a little time to understand them, they may not be so scary. This type of dream generally means that you’re confused about something or you’re struggling to solve a problem. Perhaps you have to make a decision but just aren’t sure what to do. Once you solve the problem, you’re likely to stop having these dreams.


9. Being Naked


Don’t panic, while superstition may say this dream means you’re going to embarrass yourself, it’s more likely that you’re just feeling vulnerable about a situation in your waking hours. It may also mean that you feel you’ve told too much about yourself to someone, making you feel vulnerable too.

Are you a bride planning your wedding? If so that may be why you’re dreaming of being naked. Statistics show that this dream is incredibly common amongst brides to be.


10. Being Chased


Being chased is likely the most common dream out there. While superstition says it means someone’s gossiping about you, experts say its means you have problems in your life that you’d like to run away from. Perhaps it’s a person, perhaps it’s a situation, but either way you want to escape.


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