Things to Talk About with a Guy You Like

By on February 13, 2014

When it comes to first dates and new situations, many girls are left without anything to talk about with their date. Sometimes, it matters more how you talk to a guy than what you say. Learning how to figure out if the guy is interested in the conversation can help make the conversation easy. Use these tips to learn things to talk about with a guy.

Consider What You Want to Say

Before the date or making a phone call, spend a few moments considering what you want to say. It is extremely easy to become tongue tied once the conversation begins. To prevent this from occurring, think about some topics that you could ask about or recall why you are calling. It should not sound like a script, but adequate planning in advance can prevent you from being left without anything to say.

Focus on Them

The best conversationalists in the world know how to talk about other people. People naturally like to talk about their interests and opinions. Try to bring up what they think about current events or ask them where they are from. These tactics help the other person to feel comfortable. By inquiring genuinely about their life, you are flattering their ego and making a safe area for their personality to unfold.

Avoid Basic Questions

Asking someone where they are from is fine, but inquiring about their favorite color is boring. Think of interesting questions. Ideally, you should ask questions that involve longer responses than a yes or no answer. If you are calling the guy on a phone, then you can always think of an excuse to call before you pick up the phone.

Starter Questions

making a phone call

It is time to place your phone call or go on a date. If you already know the guy well, you can discuss how a current project is going or talk about the latest movie they saw. When you have just met the guy, you can always bring up their current job or favorite hobbies. From family ties to places they want to travel, there are many conversation starters that can make your date go easier.

Smile Frequently


One of the easiest ways to put your date at ease is to smile. Laughing at his jokes and smiling frequently show that you are interested. In addition, people naturally feel drawn to an optimistic personality. If you seem happy and relaxed, the guy you are with will follow your lead.

Use Touch

Humans are naturally programmed to respond to touch. If you want to show him that you are interested in him and engaged in the conversation, gently touch his hand or arm. Touch is a natural way for people to form a connection. Studies have shown that guys are more interested in girls who touch their arm or hand. It shows that you are interested and will encourage him to make a move.

Avoid Badmouthing

Drama and gossiping are two key turnoffs in a potential date. Discussing your friends in a negative manner will only show the guy that you cannot be trusted. Likewise, foul language or crude comments are unladylike and will only ruin your chances of a second date.

Flirt the Right Way

You do not have to be open and blatant in the way you flirt. Instead, use coy techniques like playing with your hair or touching his arm. If you are naturally shy, this relaxed, graceful way of engaging him will seem far more natural than asking him how he likes his breakfast in the morning.

Adopt an Air of Mystery

An Air of Mystery

Mysterious and interesting women are naturally more attractive. Guys will want to learn more about you and will spend extra time trying to unfold the different layers of your personality. You do not have to reveal your every thought or opinion. Keeping some thoughts to yourself or adopting a sweet, secretive smile will peak his interest levels.

Talk About Family

Unless his family died in a tragic accident, talking about his family is generally a safe option. You can ask where he grew up or discuss his siblings. Brothers and sisters are generally safer to talk about than parents because some people have troubled histories with their mother and father. You can ask your date what their siblings do and if they still visit frequently. Conversations about where they grew up can naturally lead to childhood stories and common childhood experiences.

Discuss Favorite Vacations


World travelers love to talk about the places they have seen. You can talk to your date about where they have been and which location was their favorite. If they have never traveled before, you can always ask which country they would like to see or go to. In addition to being a great conversation starter, favorite travels can also give you insight into what they care about and if they are the adventurous type.


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