7 Things His Flirting Moves Can Tell You about Him

By on January 15, 2017

There’s something about the flirting game that can be difficult to understand; are they really flirting, or are they always like this? Should I really accept his flirting as a sign that he likes me? Ladies- understanding the flirt game is hard, but with these 7 things his flirting moves can tell you about him, you’ll have no more worries.



We all know that guys don’t really ‘like’ to listen to females go on and on about their stories or feelings, but if a guy is actually acting like he cares and giving you his full attention, this means he is definitely interested in you and wants to know all of the details.

He can also give you his full attention by pulling you aside from your friends just to say good morning and chat with you for a bit, or not paying attention to other girls or his friends when you are around.


It may be a bit kindergarten, but it’s just human nature for guys to play around with the girl they like. You see, some guys just simply have a difficult time getting down to the actual flirting and sweet talk, so being playful is just the go-to. He will probably make some jokes around you or just be extra silly, checking to make sure you are watching his every goofy move. Not only is being playful a sign he likes you, but it also shows that he wants to make you laugh- and we all know that a woman loves a man that can make her laugh!

But pay attention: if he is playful with literally everyone, it may just be that he has a goofy personality and loves to be a goofball 24/7.


This one is a little bit tricky, because it all depends on the name he is calling you. Something more common like ‘sexy’ or ‘babe’ is really not a sign that’s he is interested in you and you alone. Yes, he is flirting when he calls you those names, but he is probably calling a few other girls that name as well- he may in fact not even know your name at all.

On the other hand, if he calls you a genuine pet name that was made specifically for you, you can bet your lucky stars he is one hundred percent interested in you.



Much like being playful, one of the sure fire ways to flirt with someone is by teasing them! Nothing seriously hurtful, of course- but giggling before he helps you up after you trip or just saying something silly about you that will make you laugh is all a part of the flirting game.


A man that compliments a woman is obviously a man that’s interested in said woman; but every compliment has a meaning behind it. Pay attention to the compliments he is giving you.

‘You look sexy’- I want your body.

‘I love your new earrings, they look great!’- He is noticing the smaller details because he genuinely likes you.


A big bear hug, a one-armed hug, a little squeeze on the arm- those are all ways a man will playful touch a girl he is interested in. But ladies- if he is trying to cop a feel in public or making serious moves on you too fast, he doesn’t want a relationship; he just wants to get in your pants.



Some guys are really, really shy, and the thought of going up and making a move on a woman is too much to handle. You ever notice that cutie smiling at you from across the room? The one that looks away the second you notice him? Yeah, he’s the shy guy that loves to look at you and wants you to notice him, he just doesn’t know how. Now if the guy is giving you that creepy half smile with a wink, we can all be assured he’s only after one thing and one thing only. So pay attention to his next move once you catch him looking!

And remember- make sure he’s not pulling out all of these flirting techniques with every girl in the room. Keep your eyes open!


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    January 19, 2017 at 7:46 pm

    This has nothing to do with the article alothough I did enjoy it. I am just seeking advice. I met a guy at my job. Coworker. Although I was apprehensive about building a relationship with him because we were coworkers, and acted like I didn’t like him. I did. Things fell apart for a bit because his attitude was a bit cocky for me and did not like the way he was trying to approach me. After a while he came and apologized to me for acting the way he did and said that he hasn’t stopped thinking about me and wanted to talk to me. So I then accepted. We went on a date which was successful and a good time. We had 3 outings. Had our first kiss in our colleges parking lot. Things were looking good for us. And then about a week ago he told me that he couldn’t be with me because he didn’t want to hurt me. At first he didn’t tell me but then he said that I deserved to know. I was told that he was still in love with a former girl. Although they were not an actual couple, he fell for her hard. He said that he thought he was over her but just can’t shake it. That he really likes me and wants me and us to be a thing. But he can’t hurt me or lead me on like that when he’s still not over her. I know he is greatley confused about this. I also know he has a point when he says that. And has nothing but good intentions. And fights with himself daily about all this going on. But also it just hurts me because well it’s always hard hearing that the person you’re into/seeing is still in love with someone else. Also because he kissed me/ made out before I was told this. A big part of me feels like he should’ve waited to talk to me, because it’s not like I would have known. I saw him today and he tried to kiss me but I kept turning my face so he would kiss my cheek instead. And I told him that he couldn’t do that because he was confused and not ready. And he said “I am confused” then apologized for trying to do so and that it was wrong. I care for him and can only hope for us to work out. I just don’t know how to manage the situation or what to do.

    • web admin

      web admin

      January 20, 2017 at 9:41 am

      He is confused and told you that he has feelings for someone else. Allow him to leave and figure out his own thoughts. You should not be emotionally attached to someone who puts thoughts of someone else over thoughts of you, especially thoughts of someone that he isn’t even dating. If he can realize that he should focus on you and not give attention to other people, then you may want to establish a relationship with him at that time. Good luck, Stephanie!

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