Top 10 Thai Actors 2017

By on August 27, 2017

Thailand, the land of smile is still hot for a movie or series and it’s also blessed with numerous actors who shine their talented and inevitable charming in any part of our globe. Nowadays, according to 4.0 era we’re living in, everything goes online just one click, so these actors must have been proven their fame journey until they’re accepted to be top of Thai people’s favorite actor lists.

Some of them are also remarkable as many presenters for commercial advertising, a master of ceremonies for hot variety show, a good singer and other talented ability of sport or music skills. Moreover, Thai fans of these actors also name their favorite actors as #nationalhusband (#sameehaengchart) especially if in real life he’s still single or they have not married yet. Here’s a list of Thai husband who most Thai fans are crazy about.

1. Nadech Kugimiya

Everybody must adore him, an actor, a model who is originally an Austria-Thai descent and a youngest adopted child of Yoshio Kugimiya (his adoptive father) and Sudarat Kugimiya (his adoptive mother). His fame rose from a 2010 leading role in “Ngaorak Luangjai” as “Nawa Gamtornpuwanat”, after that he gained a lot more popularity from the series called drama 4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao (Duang Jai Akkanee or Akkanee’s Heart ) as “Fai Akkanee Adisuan” played with “Urassaya Sperbund” and (Gamerai Gamerak or Love Game Evil Game ) as “Saichon / Charles Makovich”. He’s also gain an immense fans when he plays together with his real life partner Yaya. His enormous charming in the series and movie always kept all Thai fans enthralled during the whole time he was on screen. Now his series playing with his couple Yaya, Leh Lub Salub Rang is also a talk of the town feedback among Thai fans. His next project he’s going to take a role of Do Min Joon in a romantic comedy series caught a huge hit among Koran and also China and across Asia, “The man who came from the star”.

2. James Ma

A Thai actor and model, who was born July3, 1993. His father is a Thai of Chinese descent and his mother is a Hongkong Chinese. His popularity was discovered by Supachai Srivijit, who then became his manager in the entertainment industry. Before becoming an actor, he was considering to be a pro golfer hence James Ma won a gold metal in the ISSFHK Golf Pairs Championship 2008 in Hong Kong and many other awards against other schools. He started to act as a leading role of a lead role in a special period drama Gentleman of Jutathep Series in 2013, starring as Khun Chai Ronnapee. Two years later, James returned with a romance action drama The King’s Servant directed by Atthaporn Teemakorn in 2015. This drama takes place in the era of King Nang Klao, the third reign (after King Rama II). James playing the role as Haym a good looking, well-mannered and bright boy, he is known as “Phor Haym Roop Thong” he acted alongside Peranee Kongthai. After that he gained a huge popularity from Just a Man, Not a Magician ,starring with Kimberly Ann Volemas.

3. Nine Napat Siangsomboon

Nine Naphat is a Thai actor, he made his first on-screen appearance in Nivea For Men TV commercial and came to public attention in King Power commercial. His debut drama “Rak Kan Panlawan 2017” which he would act with Ice Preechaya. He’s an only son of Pimpaka (Mhoo) Siangsomboon who is an actress. He was born on May5, 1996 and he graduated from Bromsgrove International School Thailand and continued studying at Mahidol University International College. He started his movie role as Beam in the first part of the film of A. Gift, Love at Sundown.

4. James Jirayu Tangsrisuk

Jirayu Tangsrisuk was born in September 19, 1993 in Thailand. He’s an actor, singer and model. He is currently studying at Rangsit University majoring in Business Administration. Thai fans usually call him James Ji for short. As a childhood, he played a ballroom dance and was picked to be an actor under an entertainment agency called “META TALENT MANAGEMENT”. James make his debut in TV drama Suparburoot Jutathep in 2013, which made him a famous star. He was a presenter for many commercial advertising such as Toyota, Uniqlo, and Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt. Apart from his work as an actor , he also works as a model and his first photo-book (shot in Japan), “JAMES JI UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL IN JAPAN”.

5. Gun Kantathavorn

He’s the latest national husband who gained an enormous fame as a host from the hottest variety show in Thailand, The Mask Singer 1-2. Gun’s real nickname is actually Fluke and only his family and a few close friends call him Fluke, most people just call him Gun. He started to be in an entertainment industry as a model, then he was invited by Warayuth Milintajinda to be an actor. He’s been acting since 2008, his famous series are Ruk Mai Mee Wan Tai, Kularb Rai Kong Naii Tawan, Sanaeha Sunya Kaen, Club Friday the Series 6, Lah Dup Tawan and Sood Ruk Sanae Rai and he used to be a DJ at 94EFM, but had quit because of his busy schedules. He graduated from Chulalongkorn University, Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy. He owns a street-wear brand Monkeysurf Thailand. Gun planned to get married with his girlfriend, Ploy in 2018.

6. Mick Tongraya

Another hot actor Mick Thongraya, a Thai actor and model in a danish decent. His father is a Danish and His mother is a Thai. He studied Journalism in the University in his place in Saraburi,Thailand. He stands 190 cm. He was discovered from Dream Star Search during year 2008 and won an award for best new actor. He started to act in 2010 as a supporting role in Khun Chai Tum Raberd and he gained more popularity from acting as main role of Fire series2 : Talay Fai as Techin and Daniel Wong at a Karn la krang neung nai hua jai which is famous among Thai and Chinese fans starring with Pimprapa “Pim” Tangprapaphorn. Now his current series is Mussaya in channel 7 which is gaining a 8.0 rating right now.

7. Mark Prin Suparat

Prin “Mark” Suparat was born in Chiangmai, grew up and studied high school in Lampang and attended the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality at Rangsit University on an athletic scholarship. He started to be in a main role from the first Thai TV series “Ngao rak luang jai” strarring with Natwara “Mint” Wongvassana and he gained more popularity from series called “Patapheelehrak”. Recently his talk of the town movie is Kluen cheevit , a main role of Sathit a lawyer with Yaya Urassaya. He defines his status as a boyfriend of a leading actress “Kim Kimberly”. He does a good job with the numerous romantic soap operas. So good is he at it that he won the Fantasy Couple of the year prize in the 2012 Seesang Bunteng Awards.

8. Sean Jindachot

Another hearttrob actor Sean Jindachot or Thorn Jindachote, a Thai actor and model. His older sister is actress and model Ploy Chindachote. He started to be famous from channel 7 series in 2006 at that time he was just 17 years old “Kling wai korn poh sorn wai”.and started to be crazy by all Thai fans when he appeared in Lehratee as Khun Sek. He’s also an idol represented through his book and his instagram’s captions.

9. Mario Maurer

He has undoubtedly accumulated a lot of popularity from the leading role in the movie of Love of Siam and also become the best known of Thailand’s highest grossing film Peemak Phrakanong. Nothing could be more perfect than his perfect figure and also his outstanding performance in awards and nominations. He started to receive many awards in 2008 like Hot Young Man from Hot Young Man, Best Actor from 6th Starpics Thai Films Awards, Seventeen Choice Hottie Male, Rising Star Award from 3rd OK! Awards. From huge success from Pee Mak, he’s got Best Actor from 11th Starpics Thai Films Awards, Best Film Actor of the Year from 3rd Daradaily The Great Awards and Actor of the Year from 7th Nine Entertain Awards.

10. Tor Thanapob Leeratanakakorn

A Thai actor who was famous from a role of Phai on Television Series ; Hormones and Hormones 2. He graduated from St.Dominique and continued his high school at Adventist Ekamai School. Now he’s studying at Kasetsart University. His movie performances are Mary is happy,Marry is happy, Fakwainaigaiter and Maynaii fairangfer. Now he’s currently has a ProjectS the series; Side by side episode acting as an autistic badminton player and TV series called Lehraksalabrang, as a supporting role Arkom.


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