Ten best superfoods for weight loss

By on December 30, 2012

Did you know that there are foods out there that are considered to be superfoods for weight loss? What if you knew about the ten foods that WILL help you to lose weight – would you make the small changes in your diet and get the body you have always wanted?

  • Take strawberries, for example. These red fruits not only taste delicious, but can be added to a mass of meals. Not only that but they only contain 30 calories per 100g, and are awesome for spicing up your sex life! Do you know what that means? It means that you are going to be consuming fewer calories when you eat a handful of these instead of a Big Mac meal, and you have the high libido to want to have sex that night, burning off an extra truck load of calories even further. Superfruit indeed!
  • Grapes are another great superfood in the fight against fat. 100g of grapes contains just 62 calories, and can be eaten fresh, or store as frozen and added to drinks or salads, making them incredibly convenient. You can freeze a bag of grapes and take them to work and they will be defrosted in time, yet still cold and crunchy, at lunchtime! Grapes also help you move your digestive tract along and when you have a healthy bowel, you could be losing even more calories by excreting the waste quicker.
  • Mushrooms – recent studies on food have shown that when a meal contains mushrooms in place of a meat such as beef or steak, they felt just as satisfied. This means that when you replace the steak cubes with mushrooms in a stir fry, you will be consuming fewer calories while not having the sensation of missing out on the meat factor. Why not give it a go?
  • When you have eggs for breakfast, you will feel fuller during the day if studies are to be believed. Also, in weight loss studies, those that ate eggs at the start of their day also lost twice as much weight. You can’t really argue with that!
  • Apples Apple help you to contain more fiber to ensure your toilet trips are more regular (a must have for any weight loss regime), but the average apple also only puts 100 more calories into your body, making it a tasty snack, as well as perfect for breakfasts and lunches.
  • Eat desserts! Go for the low calorie options with gooey desserts – there is no point in starving yourself of the good old “sweet treat”. When you say no to cake, you crave cake, and inevitably, you will gorge on it at some point when you eventually snap. Have the odd sweet treat – it won’t kill you. Just opt for the lower calorie versions.
  • Soup Soup is not only generally low in calorie full stop; it also helps you to reduce your meal calorie intake by as much as twenty percent. When scientists studied people that had a low calorie soup for a starter, they ate less during their main meal meaning fewer calories to need to burn off.
  • Have bran cereal for breakfast and you will burn more fat when you exercise and also snack less during the day. Food like bran cereal and oatmeal are considered to be slow releasers of energy, which means you will have more energy throughout the day. It also means that your blood sugar levels won’t dip during the day, so you won’t crave sweet treats.
  • Make it hot, hot, hot! When you add chili to a meal, your body is heated up from the inside, so to speak. This means that your metabolism will increase, and your body will burn fat quicker. Combine that with the fact that studies have shown those that eat spicy foods will consume fewer calories and you are on to a winner.

  • Peanut butter is something that a lot of people avoid, but sometimes the bad foods are good for you too. There might be a lot of calories in this tasty treat, but you only need a small amount to feel satisfied. There are also lots of good nutrients within them – Vitamin B and protein!


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