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By on February 28, 2017

To be honest… How long has that been going around now? The answer is: Quite awhile.It is seemingly easy to remember when it first started circulating the internet around the mid 2,000s. Everyone and their brother definitely wanted to partake in all the fun and glory of a good old fashioned to be honest post. Your friends would post something along the lines of “Comment for a TBH!” or “Lms (like my status) for a TBH” and sometimes even an, “TBH and Rate!” Which meant not only would get you get a post full of blunt honesty but you’d also get a rating, too! Inboxes would overflow with TBHs and life was entertaining for awhile. The only downfall of a good ol’ to be honest inquiry was that you may or may not like the response you receive regarding it. It’s almost like playing with fire. You never know if the person whose status you’ve liked is really one of your greatest enemies. Or maybe they’ve always had some nasty gripe against you and you just never knew. But most of the time these types of post are completely harmless. But, a little bit of danger is what makes them fun, right? Of course when it comes to a TBH post the goal is to get a good amount of people liking it and playing the game. But if your post doesn’t catch the eye of whoever is scrolling by then you might just be out of luck. No one wants to play along with a boring, dull and uninteresting TBH post, right? You’ve got to make it seem appealing. However, we have some awesome TBH, TBH and Rate and other types of TBH pictures that you can post along with you status and see the likes just start pouring in. Who said these types of games on the internet have to be boring? Spice up your to be honest posts with different pictures and slogans to see more responses from the people who follow you- Whether on Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat or even Instagram. These groovy pics are sure to bring in the amount of attention you’re looking for and maybe even give you the title of coolest TBH poster there is out there! It doesn’t matter if you want something funny, something wild or something relavent with current culture, we have got you covered in every aspect with the following 30 TBH pictures.


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