Taurus Traits

By on October 7, 2013

People born under the zodiac sign Taurus, are known to have been born with extremely well developed aesthetics, as they truly know how to admire beauty. They enjoy a good reputation in terms of monetary matters and finances, and known to be very practical, trustworthy, sensual and determined.

Apart from their significant features, Taurian’s also have positive and negative traits that set them apart from other sun signs, such as:


Positive traits:
Charitable and Big hearted:

The Taurus people are known to be very generous; they can easily provide help and support whenever asked. Even if it means that they will have to take some pains and go through hardships they would still keep their word.

Taurus people are extremely dependable, whenever there are people’s expectations directed towards them, they will do everything in their authority to fulfil them. Their reliable nature enables them to be the ideal, trustworthy employees and dependable friends. They never let their loved ones down.

Taurus people are very down to earth and humble. They mostly have polite, reserve and

Amusing personalities. They are so down to earth that, even if they become highly successful it does not bring any change in their attitudes, and they remain equally humble.



Another salient feature of Taurians is Patience, they believe in getting the job done, instead of risking it through rushing.

The Taurians like being independent and strong willed both emotionally and financially, they want to rely on themselves, so that they don’t have to search for support elsewhere.
one more important aspect about taurians is that, once they have decided to achieve something, as a goal, they will make every effort possible to get it. Even if they fail at first attempt it does not weaken their morale, but in fact it only makes them stronger.



Negative Traits:

Even though Taurus people are very easy free spirited and reverential, the Taurus can also be extremely intractable and stubborn at times. It comes up to the extent that if they disagree with the logic in an argument they will just not listen to it.
The Taurus is often very dedicated towards their goals in life, they also like to believe that the whole world focuses and revolves around them. This self indulgence, often makes them come across as rude, little insensitive and bit arrogant.


No matter how patient Taurus people are, they are also very lazy, at times when they are asked to do something; they will not do anything, until and unless they are motivated to do that.

In their effort to have their future secured and to uphold a certain image, they tend to become a bit materialistic.

Taurus-born people are marked with Jealousy and Possessiveness, which often leads to resentment. It is the fear of betrayal, which can cost them perfectly genuine relationships.


It is one thing to value money for what it is worth, but very often the Taurus-born takes it too far and tends to become frugal, in the name of keeping their savings and building a better future.

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