Taurus Man in Love

By on April 28, 2014

If there is one thing a Taurus knows all about, it is persistence and dedication. A taurus man will work tirelessly until he reaches his goal, but in a steady and calm manner in which he can hold his dignity. He’s somewhat of a shy man, but that doesn’t mean he’s not an absolute charmer. Ladies seem to gravitate towards his hard-working and charming attitude, however the Taurus man only wants one classy lady in his life. His ultimate goal? To achieve his dreams with a good woman by his side and a comfortable, cozy home awaiting him after work each evening.


 The Type of Woman Taurus Needs

Taurus has a very loving and romantic quality, and therefore requires a wonderful and sweet woman who won’t take advantage of his kind acts. He is generally seeking a lady with a bright, perky, and loving attitude to match his sensual qualities, and he truly cares more about a woman’s meekness and fun personality than perfect hair and expensive clothing. He needs a woman who can be upfront and not play games with him. Taurus likes his woman to tell it like it is in a blunt fashion so they can work things out, rather than beat around the bush.

large-1 Taurus in a Relationship

Opening doors for his woman, buying her a corsage for the first date, and leaving her with a kiss on the cheek is some of the old fashioned schmoozing ways of a Taurus. He loves to treat his woman with respect and give her his undivided attention at all times. However, Taurus is a thinker and doesn’t want to rush into a relationship. He would rather take the slow route and take each day with ease. This might be shocking to some woman who prefer a rushed romance, so knowing this factor is key.

A woman who dates a Taurus will notice one thing in particular: he is an exceptionally loving man who is always pulling romantic tricks out of his sleeve. One night it may be a surprise dinner on the beach, while another night is a romantic getaway to his favorite cabin in the snowy mountains. If there is one thing for sure, you can really never know what to expect when it comes to a Taurus man. He wants to surprise his woman with amazing acts of romance and kindness, treating her like a princess every chance he gets.

But wait- there’s another amazing quality about a Taurus man in a relationship- his consistency and closeness that he needs from his lady. It’s true, you won’t find a Taurus man cheating often. He would much rather build a concrete relationship he can depend on, never seeking out flighty relationships. Even in the worst of moments you can expect a Taurus to want to talk things out and work through a problem to keep the relationship alive rather than breaking at the first issue. And even though his temper may seem like a bad trait of the Taurus, his temper is really just a way of showing his deep-rooted passion for his woman- so don’t be surprised if the Taurus seems angry or jealous at times. Simple reassurance and a kiss on the lips will ease his mind.

Taurus in Bed

The Taurus man is a sensual fellow who is always polite and respectful to women. But in the bedroom, you can surely see a different side of a Taurus as he reveals his unbrittled passion and strength. This man loves to please his woman in every way possible and thinks of sex as a fine art, and every masterpiece must be enjoyed and perfected to a tee.

Don’t be surprised if a sexual encounter with a Taurus is prolonged adventure of passion and seduction. The Taurus man doesn’t like to do things quick. He would much rather take his time on a woman, exploring each and every crevice of her body as if it were a beautiful sculpture. He pays close attention to the wants and needs of his lady and will stop at nothing to ensure her ultimate satisfaction is met. And that’s where we see his polite and passionate side arise once again.

Needless to say, a (long) night with a Taurus is nothing short of a splendid sexual adventure that lasts much longer than a typical night between the sheets.

Negative Side of a Taurus Man

The biggest problem with a Taurus man is he can be a bit stubborn. Although he will always be respectful and nice with his stubbornness, he is almost always set in his ways and won’t change for anyone. Of course a lot of women see this as an issue as a Taurus man won’t even listen to someone else’s opinion if it doesn’t match his own, which can sometimes lead to a nasty breakup situation.

Another negative trait commonly seen in a Taurus man is their self-oriented nature. They oftentimes have a goal set in their mind and will continue to strive for this particular goal no matter what- even if it means missing out on an important event with his woman. This type of behavior may come across as rude and narcissistic, although the Taurus believes he’s doing what’s best in his mind.

In a relationship, the Taurus man is easily made jealous. This can translate to possessiveness from a woman, or thinking that he is too controlling. His passionate and loving nature expects his lady to be by his side at all times, and even the simplest flirts or gestures may upset him.


Taurus and Taurus: This is essentially the perfect match. The two of you share the same qualities, including dedication, reliability, passion, and sensuality. Even your stubborn and inflexible qualities can work together to create the perfect harmony. The pair is likely to be successful in every aspect and cling to each other like glue, oftentimes leading to marriage.

Taurus and Virgo: Likely to be a longterm relationship, the Taurus and the Virgo have no problem helping each other and working together in harmony. You both have driven personalities that could lead to a rewarding future.

Taurus and Scorpio: The two of you are actually very different and you probably won’t have much in common. However, you feed off of each other beautifully and connect on a deeper level that isn’t skin deep. If the two of you can work through each other’s negative traits and have plenty of fun, the relationship can surely be rewarding.


Taurus Man in a Nutshell

A Taurus man is a very driven person who looks at things in an intellectual level, sitting back and plotting the perfect plan to reach his goal. He’s extremely polite and takes the old fashioned route when it comes to pleasing his lady. He is always respectful, although sometimes a bit stubborn. He wants to create a relationship that lasts and he always puts 100 percent of his love and dedication into his lady. Wanting to grow a foundation that will last a lifetime, Taurus is seeking a woman who will appreciate his romantic gestures and will be as sweet and gentle as a butterfly to him.


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