50 Awesome Tattoo Designs for Women

By on October 28, 2014

Whether it’s done in the name of art, religion, beliefs, remembrance, or simply for the fun of it, tattoos are incredibly popular and only increasing in popularity in the female world. But this body modification shouldn’t be taken lightly- it’ll be there for the rest of your life-so before you jump into the seat and let the artist work his buzzing magic, check out these 50 AWESOME tattoo designs for some really great inspiration!

1. Anchor With Roses – Thigh Piece

Anchor With Roses - Thigh Piece

There’s no doubt about it. This anchor piece with interlacing roses is absolutely stunning. And with anchor tattoos and thigh tattoos being so utterly popular this year, this is a seriously trendy and fashion forward tat that’s nothing short of awesome.

2. Flyaway Birds – Back Piece

Flyaway Birds - Back Piece

Birds are another incredibly trendy tattoo idea that women absolutely adore. These small, feminine birds adorn the entire upper half of her back, leaving her with a gorgeous and super stylish piece that is dainty and cute.

3. Skull and Rose – Back Shoulder

Skull and Rose - Back Shoulder

Ah yes, of course. The ever popular skull and rose tattoo. You simply can’t go wrong with this idea. It’s a classic and it always looks good- especially in this particular back shoulder position. We love the detail of this skull and the large red rose gives it a bit of sexy feminine pizazz.

4. Large Dreamcatcher – Side Piece

Large Dreamcatcher - Side Piece

Who cares if this dreamcatcher piece was inspired by diva Miley Cyrus- you can’t argue that this is an incredibly sexy and downright awesome tattoo idea. We love how the dreamcatcher looks as though it’s swaying in the wind- certainly an added touch that pulls this whole miraculous dreamcatcher side piece together.

5. “Believe” Quote – Finger Piece

"Believe" Quote - Finger Piece

This year it’s all about tiny finger tattoos that have a quote with some sort of meaning, as demonstrated perfectly by this gorgeous small tat above. We love this tattoo idea because it’s tiny, feminine, yet holds plenty of meaning. The addition of the tiny bird only adds to the beauty of this pint-sized piece of art.

6. Dreamcatcher – Back Piece

Dreamcatcher - Back Piece

You’re probably aware of how immensely popular dreamcatcher tattoos are. But if you want to separate yourself from the rest and go above and beyond, here’s an amazing tattoo idea: an entire back piece dedicated to a multi-story dreamcatcher with plenty of detailing. Leave it black and white or add some color to really make this catcher pop!

7. Cute Flower – Hip Piece

Cute Flower - Hip Piece

Want to keep it hip and cute? Then this is definitely a tattoo design to consider! It’s simple, but not understated. The flower is flirty and fun and the little splash of swiveled lines and details really bring this tattoo together wonderfully. And we absolutely adore the location! It really doesn’t get any more flirty and stylish than this.

8. Tiny Back Cross – Back Piece

Tiny Back Cross - Back Piece

If you’re a follower of the tiny tattoo fad, you’ll love this adorable tattoo design. It’s a simple, yet highly detailed gothic inspired cross placed directly on the spine. The outcome? An incredibly sexy, yet low-key tattoo that looks gorgeous.

9. Lock and Key – Rib Piece

Lock and Key - Rib Piece

Okay, what girl doesn’t love a good old fashion lock and key? Especially one adorned with a lovely, little pink bow? This tattoo design is the definition of girly attitude. Located on the ribs and polished off with a meaningful quote, this lovely tat is as flirty as it is completely sexy.

10. Colorful Feather – Side Piece

Colorful Feather - Side Piece

Feathers are another one of those 2014 must-have tattoos. And why wouldn’t they be? They’re incredibly feminine yet have an old world, simplistic touch that can’t be ignored. We love this feather tattoo because it’s bursting with colors and covers the entire side. Crazy hot!

11. Collarbone Quote

Collarbone Quote

With this particular tattoo design we’re going to focus on location rather than actual words, because let’s be honest- you can pretty much put whatever quote you want and it’ll still look as drop dead sexy as this one. We’ve loving this collarbone quote trend!

12. Maori – Side Piece

Maori - Side Piece

Maori are very popular tattoos showcasing a distinct set of patterns with bold lines and plenty of details. And hello! It’s totally awesome, right? We love this side piece because it interlocks with the chest as well as the stomach with a gorgeous blend of maori patterns and fabulous florals.

13. Sugar Skull – Shoulder Piece

Sugar Skull - Shoulder Piece

There’s no doubt about it- we’re seeing sugar skulls everywhere- especially when it comes to tattoo designs. We absolutely adore this shoulder sugar skull because it’s bursting with wonderful colors and has a feminine flare!

14. Kitty Cat – Inner Arm Piece

Kitty Cat - Inner Arm Piece

This tattoo can clearly be described in one word: adorable. There’s nothing not to love about this tattoo- from the incredible detailing to the glorious touch of blue coloring on the flower. All in all, this lovely inner arm piece gets a 10 out of 10!

15. Birds and Quotes – Back Shoulder Piece

Birds and Quotes - Back Shoulder Piece

The perfect duo: some lovely, flying birds and a meaningful quote. Powerful, feminine, and gorgeous. It doesn’t get any better than that.

16. Dragonfly – Inner Arm Piece

Dragonfly - Inner Arm Piece

The location is key: it’s the perfect delicate spot to place a few flowers with a wonderful lacy pattern. And then there’s the dragonfly to complete this incredibly graceful tattoo design.

17. Geisha – Back Piece

Geisha - Back Piece

It’s no secret that tattoos with an Asian inspiration are incredibly popular. And while most people will sport the traditional Japanese script letters, you can up the ante with a gorgeous Geisha tattoo such as this one. The detailing is fantastic and, just as a Geisha would be, is utterly feminine and fantastic.

18. Gothic Inspiration – Lower Back Piece 

Gothic Inspiration - Lower Back Piece

Put the term ‘tramp stamp’ to shame with this gorgeous, gothic inspired lower back piece. It’s regal, refined, and beautifully detailed in ways you never thought possible, ending with a clean finish that’s absolutely breathtaking.

19. Haida – Back Piece

Haida - Back Piece

Although less popular than other tattoo designs, Haido tattoos have an interesting style that many people are drawn to. Indigenous inspired, Haida tattoos are extremely complex and feature bold lines and even bolder colors for an intricate masterpiece.

20. Snake and Sword – Outer Arm Piece

Snake and Sword - Outer Arm Piece

Okay, both of these tattoos are completely cool- but for now, let’s focus on the snake wrapped around the sword. It’s tough and rugged, yet the placement gives it just a pinch of alluring attitude that we adore.

21. Stars and Wings – Back Piece

Stars and Wings - Back Piece

There’s so many reasons to adore this back piece. For one, it combines a beautiful, bold star with a unique quote going directly down the spine. It’s completed with a set of gorgeously detailed wings that are sexy and stunning all in one. This 3-in-1 combo tattoo is definitely a winner.

22. Snake – Leg Piece

Snake - Leg Piece

My fellow amphibian lovers, I introduce you to the absolute sexiest snake tattoo on planet earth. This ferocious beast is wrapped delicately and seductively around her entire leg, creating a deceiving, devilish, and downright exotic tattoo design.

23. Moon and Sun – Back Shoulder Piece

Moon and Sun - Back Shoulder Piece

Why settle for a moon OR a sun tattoo when you can have both? This exquisite design combines the best of both worlds for a seriously detailed and extravagant back shoulder piece.

24. Lace Arm Band – Upper Arm Piece

Lace Arm Band - Upper Arm Piece

Men aren’t the only ones who can rock arm bands- and this lovely, lacy arm band proves it. It’s simply gorgeous!

25. Lion – Shoulder Piece

Lion - Shoulder Piece

There’s your typical lion tattoo, and then there is this one: probably the most unique and exquisite lion shoulder piece on the planet. This design is nothing short of amazing, and with all the fine lines and details, it’s simply pristine and magnificent, bringing ‘the king of the jungle’ to life.

26. Pirate Ship – Back Piece

Pirate Ship - Back Piece

Ahoy, maties! This exquisite tattoo design has all the pirate love you could ever want or need. Covering her entire back, this design is definitely for the bolder at heart who love large, eye catching ink that kills.

27. Stars – Foot Piece

Stars - Foot Piece

Foot tattoos are incredibly popular. But when you throw in some stars and a few swiveled lines, you have a foot tattoo that is unbelievably stylish and totally cute.

28. Tribal – Lower Back Piece

Tribal - Lower Back Piece

When it comes to a lower back piece, the options are limitless and almost anything looks good. But we especially adore this tribal inspired back piece with bold lines that are eye catching and alluring.

29. Owl – Chest Piece

Owl - Chest Piece

If I was only allowed to gives this chest piece on word, I’d choose fascinating. This owl tattoo design is simply brilliant. It’s a gorgeous masterpiece that takes your ordinary owl tattoo to an all new, unimaginable. Needless to say, we love this owl design with all the bells and whistles.

30. Leopard Print – Neck Tattoo

Leopard Print - Neck Tattoo

The leopard print trend is becoming incredibly popular, and we love the idea plus the location of this particular leopard inspired tattoo. Totally hot!

31. Colored Wings – Back Tattoo

Colored Wings - Back Tattoo

When you think of wings, you’re mind probably travels off to ‘dark’ tattoos or ‘gothic’ inspired tattoos. But this colorful set of wings is anything but dark and has plenty of fun and flirty attitude that rocks!

32. Tribal – Rib Piece

Tribal - Rib Piece

This tattoo is simply awesome. Not only is the design incredibly cool and desirable, but the location is sexy and very unique. Definitely a winner in our book.

33. Large Tree – Back Piece


This is such a gorgeous- nay, astonishing piece of art. It’s a beautiful, yet simple tree that has plenty of dark detailing that brings a little bit of nature home.

34. Large Zodiac – Side Piece


You can’t go wrong with a zodiac tattoo- it’s just not possible. But why go small when you can be bold and proud like this huge scorpio side piece? Be proud of your sign and showcase it in an awesome way like this cool tat!

35. Elephant – Inner Arm Tattoo

Elephant - Inner Arm Tattoo

With elephant tattoos hitting the top of the charts recently, it was only obvious we’d include this incredibly detailed and fascinating elephant piece. There’s so much happening in this amazing design, and we love every second of it.

36. Flower – Back Shoulder Piece

Flower - Back Shoulder Piece

Flowers have always been a huge hit in the female tattoo industry, but we especially adore this particular design because of all the details and of course the eye popping pink and black color blend.

37. Dragon – Side Tattoo

Dragon - Side Tattoo

This fire-breathing tattoo is undoubtedly hot, and not just because there’s fire shooting out of the dragons mouth. It’s a seductive, exotic design that is fierce and fabulous. A killer 10/10!

38. Pink Tree – Side Back Piece

Pink Tree - Side Back Piece

This pink tree is a fascinating sight, is it not? It’s as real as it could possibly get, and we love the combination of beautiful, perky pink with the dark brown branches. A stunning design that looks wonderful on the side back!

39. Butterfly – Back Piece

Butterfly - Back Piece

Probably one of the most unique and extravagant tattoo designs we’ve ever seen. This outstanding butterfly tattoo combines magnificent colors in a breathtaking design that can’t be ignored. We’re in love!

40. Guns and Roses – Side Piece

Guns and Roses - Side Piece

One of THE most hardcore tattoos we’ve probably EVER seen. We’re loving this awesome combination of guns and roses, and the placement is amazingly racy and seductive.

41. Lacy Bow – Upper Back Piece

Lacy Bow - Upper Back Piece

Is there anything more girly than a lacy bow? Of course not! For my super-feminine gals out there who want to sport an uber flirty and fabulous tat, we highly recommend this gorgeous lacy bow in the dead center of your upper back!

42. Music Note & Sheet – Upper Arm Piece

Music Note & Sheet - Upper Arm Piece

Ah yes. The classic music note and music sheet tattoo. It might be a bit traditional, but it’s always a good design. We love this particular music inspired arm piece because there’s plenty of detail and it looks absolutely majestic!

43. Koi Fish – Back Piece

Koi Fish - Back Piece

If you’re looking for an absolutely outstanding koi fish tattoo idea, this is it. I mean, just look at this masterpiece. It’s simply marvelous and we love all of the extra effects such as the flowers and petals. Beautiful!

44. Quotes & Flowers – Arm Piece

Quotes & Flowers - Arm Piece

Why have a quote piece and a flower piece in two separate locations when you can interlock them in a beautiful and meaning design like this one? This is absolutely stunning, needless to say.

45. Flowers & Lace – Back Side Piece

Flowers & Lace - Back Side Piece

As women, we love lace, and we love flowers. Combine the two and you have a lovely piece that is enticing to look at and looks wonderful against the skin.

46. Crown – Front Shoulder Piece

Crown - Front Shoulder Piece

Why settle for a little princess crown when you can be the queen? Rock this adorable and totally sassy crown!

47. Wings – Back Piece

Wings - Back Piece

We showed you colorful and flirty wings- now, of course, we have to show you these gothic inspired black wings. These gorgeous, enticing wings have a touch of the dark side but are rather majestic on their own. We love them!

48. Mermaid – Thigh Piece

Mermaid - Thigh Piece

Move aside, Ariel. This alluring mermaid tattoo is incredibly seductive and its beauty surpasses anything we could have ever imagined.

49. Fairy – Chest/Shoulder Piece

Fairy - Chest/Shoulder Piece

This fairy tattoo design sweeps us up and takes us into a magical fairytale land almost in an instant. Not to mention it’s adorable in every sense of the name with just the right amount of darkness to create an enticing and somewhat creepy design.

50. Phoenix – Arm Piece

Phoenix - Arm Piece

Outstanding. There’s simply no other way to put it. This gorgeous, fierce Phoenix has an enormous amount of detail, and the dark red feather lining completes this majestic piece wonderfully. We also adore the placement of the bird, which almost looks as if it’s about to take off. Pure beauty.

What’s your favorite tattoo design?

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