80 T-Shirt Company Names

By on August 20, 2018

Everyone owns at least one T-shirt, so it seems like starting a T-shirt company would be a great business model. Before you can set up your storefront, you need to find the right T-shirt company names. This list of the best options can help you brainstorm new names for your company.

T-Shirt Company Names

1. The T Shirt Co: This is a simple option.

2. Outhouse Designs: Outlaw Designs would also work.

3. Threadless: Any variation of thread or screen would be a great pun.

4. Superior Silk Screen Inc.: The alliteration makes this name easier to remember.

5. Action Designs: Because your shop is where all of the action is.

6. C.C. Creations: You can switch the letters out for your own initials.

7. Digital Print & Imaging: This is a pretty basic option, but it works.

8. Image Market: Because you are in the market for images!

9. Designed in Ink: This is one of my favorite T-shirt company names.

10. Absolute Graphics Inc.: Awesome!

11. CrazyDots Tees: This sounds like a cool name.

12. Almost Famous: This would be an awesome name to use.

13. Cotton Connection Inc.: This T-shirt company name wins bonus points for alliteration.

14. Skreened: The alternative spelling makes this name sound trendy.

15. Threds Inc.: Awesome!

16. Graphic Impact: Because your shirts make a graphic impact.

17. Action Screen Graphics: This is a pretty cool-sounding name.

18. Above-All Tees: Perfect for the shop that primarily specializes in T-shirts.

19. Dream Tees: Because your shirts are what dreams are made of.

20. Upward Creations: This is a very aspirational-sounding name.

Picking The Perfect T-Shirt Company Name

21. Trendy Creations: Cute!

22. T-Junky T-Shirts: For all of the T-shirt junkies out there.

23. Upstring Clothing: This is a cute play on words.

24. Wow T-Shirts: This name might be simple, but it is definitely memorable.

25. Black Market T’s: Saying your shop sells black market T’s makes it sound hip and avante garde.

26. Tee Huggers: This is a play on the word “tree hugger.”

27. Ultimate Shirt Company: Awesome.

28. Stitch Me: This is an adorable option.

29. Digital Image Market: Fun!

30. Go West T-Shirt Company: This is perfect for a T-shirt company on the west coast.

31. Create My Tee: If you make custom T-shirts to order, this name will reflect that.

32. All About the Graphics Inc.: Nice one.

33. Elite Screen Printing: This makes your shop sound like the best available.

34. Ink Images Custom Apparel: This name is a bit long, but it still works well.

35. Outlaw Graphics: Awesome!

36. T-Shirt Warehouse: For the larger T-shirt companies out there.

37. Imprint Revolution: This sounds cool.

38. I Am the Trend: For a trendy, hip shop.

39. Design By Humans: This is a unique T-shirt company name.

40. Creature Creations: This name wins bonus points for alliteration.

41. Imaginary Foundation: Excellent.

42. Busted Tees: This name just sounds cool.

43. Detour T-Shirts: Because your customers will make a detour to reach your shop.

44. I Love T-Shirts: You could replace the “love” with an actual heart emblem to make this even cuter.

45. Twisted Image: This is another awesome option to go with.

46. Mother T’s: Cute!

47. T-Shirt Safari: You can’t go wrong with this name.

48. T-Rex Tees: This sounds like a shop that caters primarily to children.

49. Designed by Me: Perfect for a T-shirt company that designs custom T-shirts.

50. Clockwise Tees: Fun!

Best T Shirt Brands

51. Undefeated: This is a simple option.

52. T-Shirt Planet: This would be a great T-shirt company name.

53. Golden Graphics: Because your graphics are pure gold.

54. Choice Images: For a company that only sells the best images.

55. Bull Shirts Inc.: This is a funny play on words.

56. Happy T’s: Cute!

57. Crazy Creations: The alliteration makes this name even better.

58. Night God Creations: Nice one!

59. Action-Packed Designs: This is a cool-sounding option.

60. Screening Now: This is a play on how movies screen at theaters.

61. Embroider-T’s: This is a cute pun.

62.The Last Screening: Fun!

63. I Screen, You Screen: For ice cream?

64. T’s Planet: Nice.

65. Threadful: Because your shop is full of threads.

t shirt company names generator

66. The T-Shirt Factory: This might sounds simple, but I think it is one of the best T-shirt company names. It shows your customers exactly what you do.

67. Twisted T’s: Cool!

68. Underground Printing: This sounds like a hip, trendy shop.

69. Non-Factory: Custom designs only.

70. Affliction: This name just sounds cool.

71. Obey: This is another option that just sounds hip and trendy.

72. Emp-T’s: Thankfully, your shop is never empty.

73. Banned T-Shirts: This will certainly make people want to check you out!

74. Funky T’s: Awesome!

75. Home Brewed T’s: Because you make custom designs all the time.

76. No Shirts, No Problem: No shirt? Your shop has them covered.

77. Designer T’s: Cute!

78. The T-Man: This is an awesome name.

79. Designer Creations: This name shows exactly what your shop does.

80. T’s for Everyone: Nice one!


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