Superstitions About Itchy Feet

By on May 21, 2018

There are superstitions, myths and legends surrounding pretty much everything and anything that you could think of in this day and age, with old wives’ tales passed down through the generations. Itchy feet are no exception to this, with superstitions dating as far back as the 1930’s and beyond, and it would seem that far from being just annoying, itchy feet might just mean something in your life … 

If you are superstitious, of course. 

When it comes to determining what your itchy feet actually means, it’s all said to be down to which feet are causing the discomfort. Let’s take a closer look …

Superstitions About Itchy Feet 1

Superstitions About Itchy Left Feet

Itchy feet are said to be a sign that you are going to embark on a brand new adventure or journey, and that goes for both the left foot and the right foot. Many hit songs have actually depicted this to be the case, with a Paul Weller song stating, “I’m getting itchy feet,” alongside Lethargy by Bastille with, “Got these itchy feet for a change of scene”. 

The left foot, however, seems to suggest that you are not going to have a pleasant end to that journey. This might mean that you are not going to get the outcome you desire, or that things aren’t going to follow the best path. Perhaps lots of things will go wrong? 

A journey doesn’t always mean a physical journey, too; that’s something that you will need to bear in mind when looking at superstitions about itchy feet. A journey can be a holiday or a trip to a different place, but it might also be a journey that you are going on within yourself. A weight loss journey, perhaps? Maybe even a journey to learn something — start driving or a new profession/expertise? 

Superstitions About Itchy Right Feet

When you have an itchy right foot, on the other hand, legend and superstitions dictate that the end of the journey is going to be slightly more pleasant — you will be welcomed into wherever you end up, and the outcome is going to fall more in your favor. 

Some superstitions even suggest that experiencing itching from the right foot could also be a sign that your journey — a physical one or otherwise — could be a profitable one. Going back to the suggestions we mentioned earlier on, this could mean that the new profession or expertise you were learning could end up being very profitable for you. Maybe a holiday or vacation goes exactly how you’d planned too? (It would make a change, right?) Whatever the case; whether you’re going on an actual journey or not, an itchy right foot could just be a sign that everything is going to go fabulously for you. 

Superstitions About Itchy Feet 2

Superstitions About Itchy Feet

If you have itching at the bottom of one or both of your feet, it is said to mean the same as when you feel your ears burning up — someone is talking about you. This doesn’t mean that they are saying either good or bad things (although, it might), but more that your name is coming up in conversation. 

If you have itching on the soles of your feet, again, relating to either the left or right foot, you are going to have profitable times in your future, and perhaps even resulting from the journey you’re embarking on. 

Superstitions About Itchy Feet 3

Superstitions About Itchy Ankles

The superstitions about itchy feet do not stop at the feet themselves — there are also superstitions associated with itchy ankles too. Itching ankles are also said to have superstitious links with wealth. Don’t worry, though; you are said to increase in wealth when you have an itching ankle, not lose some. (That’s good news, right?)

Another thing that having an itching ankle might mean is that there is a wedding on the horizon. Sadly, it doesn’t always mean your own wedding; you shouldn’t get overly excited about potential incoming engagements. It might mean that someone around you is getting married though and that you can probably expect an invitation. 

Have you had itchy feet recently? Which foot was it? Do you remember? Who knew that it might end up being so important?! 

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