Starbucks Drinks Without Caffeine

By on April 27, 2017

Sometimes it’s just not possible to be an everyday coffee drinker. Coffee and all it’s attributes are not admired by everybody. There are people who may have medical issues that prevent  them from drinking any caffeine at all, even if they wish they could. There are also people out there who just downright hate the taste of coffee. Then there are those that just prefer to stay away from caffeine in general. That is why Starbucks offers so many different types of drinks. Luckily, there are options galore for those non-coffee lovers out there.  

Hot Drinks and Cold Drinks From Starbucks That Are Caffeine Free


Steamers are a hot drink that is made entirely of steamed milk and flavoring. They come in many different types of flavors and cease to have any caffeine in them. They are perfect to give to your kids, if you have any, as a steamer is really just warm flavored milk. Adding whipped cream to them is optional, but often done by customers.

If you are lactose intolerant or just not a fan of milk, Starbucks also offers milk substitutes.

Milk Options Offered For Steamers:

  • 2%
  • Whole Milk
  • Non-fat Milk
  • Coconut Milk
  • Soy

Types Of Steamers Starbucks Offers

  • Hazelnut Steamer
  • Vanilla Steamer
  • Cinnamon Steamer

Starbucks will usually oblige you if you ask for a different type of syrup in your steamer. You can get all the flavors, including seasonal flavors when they come around.

Ciders and Juices

Maybe you aren’t vibing with the steamer choices or you want something a little on the lighter side, but that will still warm you up. Starbucks offers a couple things that fit that criteria and let you still skip out on the caffeine.

  • Caramel apple spice: Steamed and pressed, fresh apple juice and cinnamon syrups. Usually whipped cream and caramel is added on top for extra flavor.
  • Steamed apple juice: It is exactly what it says.
  • Evolution Fresh- Cold pressed apple berry juice: Berries, mangos and apples mix to create this awesome berrylicious drink.
    • Evolution Fresh- Orange juice: One hundred percent delicious orange juice.
    • Evolution Fresh- Sweet greens and lemon: A medley of green vegetables, apple and lemon all collide for this power-up juice.
  • Evolution Fresh- Super greens: Mango, pineapple, raspberries, wheat, barley and spirulina come together to make this amazing drink.
  • Evolution Fresh- Organic ginger limeade: Ginger limeade for a cool refreshing drink anytime.
  • Evolution Fresh- Defense up: A fruit smoothie like juice made of pineapple, mango and other tropical fruits that really packs a punch.


Mmmm… Just thinking of lemonade makes mouths water, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, Starbucks doesn’t offer that many different options when it comes to the beloved summer refreshment. But, there is one!

  • Strawberry lemonade: It tastes just as amazing and sweet as it sounds. Perfect after a long day at the beach or on your way to work where the A/C broke down. Either way it is a must try on their menu.

Teas (Hot and Cold)

Warm and cold tea seems to make all the worries in the world melt away with the very first sip. Amazingly, Starbucks has many different hot or iced teas available that don’t contain any caffeine.

  • Mint majesty herbal tea: A sliver of lemon verbena and mint blended together creates this cool herbal tea.
  • Passion tango herbal tea: Papaya, lemongrass and mango brilliantly bring this tea alive. There’s even a touch of cinnamon in there.
  • Pineapple kona pop brewed tea: Pineapple and citrus come together in this delicious tea.
  • Peach tranquility herbal tea: A peach and citrus tea that’s absolutely wonderful.

Frappuccinos (Cold)

Yeah, you read that right, not all Fraps have caffeine in them. Thank goodness! You can still enjoy an awesome frappuccino without all the trouble or worry. Unfortunately there are a few fraps that aren’t caffeine free. Make sure to let them know you want the blended creme, non-caffeinated ones or they may not make it the way you want!

Milk Options Offered For Frappuccinos

  • Almond
  • Coconut
  • Nonfat
  • Whole Milk
  • 2% Milk
  • Soy Milk
  • Unicorn frappuccino blended creme: Although it may not always be around, this one is without coffee or caffeine. It is a swirl of fruity and sour flavors, such as mango, and topped with sprinkles.
  • Vanilla bean creme frappuccino blended creme: Blended vanilla bean, milk and ice creates this very vanilla drink.
  • White chocolate creme frappuccino blended creme: Milk, ice and white chocolate sauce combined are what’s in this chocolatey frap.
  • Strawberries and creme frappuccino blended creme: It is exactly as it sounds, a beautiful blend of strawberries and cream.
  • Cupcake Creme Frappuccino blended creme: Vanilla bean cream mixed with hazelnut syrup ties this beauty together. Somehow it tastes exactly like a delicious cupcake every taste of the way.
  • Cotton candy creme frappuccino blended creme: Who doesn’t love a little cotton candy once in awhile? Starbucks takes vanilla bean creme and raspberry syrup to get this amazing treat. Top on some whipped cream and you’re in business!

Smoothies (Cold)

Milk Options Offered For Smoothies

  • Coconut Milk
  • Soy Milk
  • Nonfat Milk
  • 2 % Milk
  • Almond Milk

Those especially hot days always call for a delicious Starbucks smoothie. Although some of them do seem to have caffeine in them, such as the chocolate smoothie, there a few other options that don’t have any caffeine at all.

  • Orange mango smoothie: Mango and carrot go so smoothly together in this bright smoothie. This one is made with nonfat Greek yogurt for that rich, smooth texture.
  • Strawberry smoothie:  Starbucks uses an entire banana, pureed strawberries, whey protein and milk to whip this smoothie up. It’s blended with ice to make it super refreshing and a little bit of fiber is added.

Just Cremes

There are all types of different drinks at Starbucks and most of them come with caffeine free versions.

  • Vanilla creme: A hot creamy, vanilla flavored beverage. Perfect for kids and adults alike!
  • Cinnamon dolce creme: A sweet, cinnamon sugar milk drink. Also perfect for those of all ages!


Yes, Starbucks does offer a decaf option for those of you who do enjoy the taste of coffee, but could use a little less caffeine in your life.

  • Decaf pike place roast: Medium roasted coffee but without any caffeine. You can add the syrups or creamers you’d like to make it all your own.

Decaf Blends (Just beans, not drinks… Yet)

  • Decaf willow blend: A light roast made with citrus flavors.
  • Decaf aria blend: Another light roast with a lemony hint to it.
  • Decaf house blend K-cups: These k-cups pack a powerful nutty and cocoa flavor. They are definitely worth trying out if you are a Keurig owner!
  • Decaf Christmas blend: This is usually only available seasonally during the Christmas holiday.

Handcrafted Sodas

There are all new handcrafted, caffeine free sodas at Starbucks now. How awesome is that?! Now you can enjoy a refreshing soda and not worry about any uppity jitters.

  • Orange cream soda: Think of a dreamsicle but with floral undertones and BAM- you’ve got this fantastic soda.
  • Ginger ale: A classic soda for a cool feel. Citrus, ginger and brown sugar all makeup this drink.

Lemon ale: A soda crafted of lemon, ginger and apricot. Perfect for a breezy day.

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