100 Catchy Spa Names

By on June 1, 2017

When you have had a stressful week at work, nothing feels better than going to the spa and pampering yourself. If you are creating a new spa, then you have to think of a catchy name. People want to feel rejuvenated and refreshed when they leave the spa, so your spa needs to symbolize these qualities.

To figure out the right catchy spa name, you need to do some brainstorming. Think of adjectives that you associate with spas like comfort, happiness and relaxation. Use these adjectives to brainstorm. You can also use the name of your city or local landmarks for a more unique name. If you want help getting started, try out these 100 catchy spa names.

1. Fly Away Day Spa: This sounds like the perfect place to go if you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of normal life.

2. Out of This World Spa Services: You could decorate your spa with stars and constellations to go with the general theme.

3. Body and Mind Spa: If you want to relax someone’s body and mind, this is a good name to go with.

4. Cloud 9 Spa Salon: This name sounds like the type of place where people can really relax and unwind.

5. Sea Salt Spa: Obviously, you may want to have some products or services that include sea salt of some sort with this name.

6. Relax Destination Spa: You could also change this name to the Relaxation Destination if you want it to have a type of rhyming quality.

7. Sunrise-Sunset Spa: This sounds like a peaceful place to go.

8. La Bella Spa: La Bella means beautiful, so it is the perfect name for a place where people can go to feel beautiful or become beautiful.

9. Tranquility Wellness Spa: This is a good name for a place of peace and relaxation.

10. Skinsational Spa: If you specialize in makeup, facials or other skin care services, this is a great name to choose.

11. Life-Stream Wellness Spa: This is a cute, unique name for a spa.

12. Massage Away Spa: Obviously, this name will work better if you also offer massages at your spa.

13. Complexions Beauty and Spa: This is the name of a place where people can go to work on their complexion and get beauty treatments.

14. Stillwater Spa & Resort: This sounds like a fancy, luxurious spa.

15. The Getaway: It might be short and simple, but this name really says it all.

16. Pure Harmony Spa: Sometimes, people need to escape from normal life to live in harmony with the world and relax.

17. Tranquil Garden Massages: You could set up a garden area for meditation or relaxing in between massages and spa treatments.

18. Free Your Mind Massages: This name signifies that your spa is a place where people can go to release all of their stress and worries.

19. Bliss Spa: There is too little happiness and bliss in regular life. Your spa can help people feel uplifted and happy.

20. Body and Soul Spa: You help their bodies, which allows their soul to unwind and relax.

21. Spa Space: This is a simple name that wins bonus points for alliteration.

22. Retreat Spa: Your spa can be the sight of a much needed retreat from the hectic pace of normal life.

23. Waves: This is a wonderful spa name if your spa happens to be located by the ocean or a lake.

24. Oceanic Palace Resort & Spa: This is another great name for a spa that is near the ocean.

25. Le Spa: Simple, yet to the point.

26. Hummingbird Skin Care Spa: If your spa is sounded by nature or placed in a forest, this would be a wonderful spa name to go with.

27. Reflections Day Spa: When people go to your spa, they can reflect on their normal life and enjoy an escape from reality.

28. Dreamer’s Destination Spa: This is another catchy name for a spa.

29. Rose Room Spa: Flowers would be the perfect decorating choice for this type of spa.

30. Pamper Me Spa: People want to be pampered when they go to the spa, so this is the perfect, catchy spa name to choose.

31. Graceful Touch Spa: This type of spa name works better if you offer massage options in addition to your normal spa services.

32. Blue Harbor: Peaceful harbor or safe harbor are also other great naming choices.

33. The Steam Room Massage and Spa: Who doesn’t love a steam room or a sauna? When you add spa and massage services to the mix, you have a winning combination.

34. {Name}’s Facials and Spa Services: If you cannot think of any other name for your spa, you can always give it your own name.

35. Just Let Go Spa: To relax and unwind, people have to learn how to let go and forget about the stress from normal life.

36. Heavenly Spa Services: This is a great name to choose if you want people to relax and feel like they are in heaven.

37. A New You Spa: This is an easy name to remember and illustrates how people will feel when they leave.

38. Driftwood Day Spa: This name works best if your spa is placed near the beach or another body of water.

39. Ocean Motion Massage and Spa: Again, this name will obviously work better if you are setting up a spa near the ocean.

40. Queen for a Day Spa Services: If you cater to pampering women, this is a great spa name to choose.

41. The Hot Stone Spa: If hot stones are your specialty, go with this spa name.

42. Precious Care Spa: While other names are more creative, this name will still work fine.

43. Hands of Gold: This type of spa would be a place where you can find amazing massages and complete relaxation.

44. Awaken Wellness & Rejuvenation: The New Age movement has made many of these kinds of names extremely popular among spa owners.

45. Wellness and Rejuvenation Spa: This is a great option if you offer wellness services other than just the spa.

46. Spa Day: It might be simple, but this name conveys everything that you offer.

47. A Peaceful Escape Spa: If you want to make customers feel like they are escaping from everyday life, go with this naming option .

48. Escape Reality Spa: Again, this name is a great way to help your clients feel like they are getting away from the stress and tension of normal life.

49. Elite Spa: If you want your spa to sound luxurious and elite, go with this name.

50. The Pampering People: In addition to showing that you pamper your clients, this name also wins bonus points for having excellent alliteration.

51. Touched by an Angel Massages: This is a cute name.

52. A Peaceful Ocean Day Spa: Obviously, you will probably want to use this name for a spa that is near the ocean.

53. Feel-Good Facials: Facials make everyone feel good.

54. Rejuvenate Spa: This is a spa where you can go to relax and feel rejuvenated.

55. Fountain of Youth: The legendary Fountain of Youth may not actually exist in the real world, but you can make your clients feel like they have discovered the true Fountain of Youth with your amazing spa services.

56. Drift Away Massage and Spa: This conjures up images of relaxation and peace.

57. May’s Massages: If you specialize in massages, you can use this name. You should probably modify the first word so that it is your actual name.

58. Crystal Mountain Spa: This would be a wonderful spa name for a spa that is located in the mountains.

59. Exhale Spa: Sometimes, you just have to breathe to relax and unwind.

60. Aphrodite Spa: Many of the names of Greek and Roman goddesses would make for lovely spa names. Venus would be another great option.

61. Golden Oaks Spa: You can modify this with whatever natural plants or trees tend to grow near your spa. It connects your location with nature and gives your spa a more natural ambiance.

62. Spa Castle: This would be a wonderful name for a luxury spa that really makes clients feel pampered. Plus, you can use the name as inspiration for your decorating ideas.

63. Ethereal Day Spa: This sounds like a heavenly, supernatural place to go.

64. Lotus Center: This is another name that capitalizes on the popularity of the New Age movement and Buddhism in modern culture.

65. Day Dreamers Spa: A spa would be the perfect place to go for day dreaming and relaxation.

66. Relaxation on My Mind Spa: This is an adorable name to choose.

67. Trust Spa: While it sounds cute, it doesn’t really have a meaning behind the name.

68. Heavenly Spa Services: Any variation of heaven, angels or the supernatural will generally make for a great spa name.

69. Dash Salon & Day Spa: If you cater to short spa stays for people on the go, this is a great name to choose.

70. Nature’s Tub: This is a wonderful, simple spa name to choose.

71. Juvenex Spa: The word means youth, which is a great name if you want your spa to be associated with youth and beauty.

72. Namaste Spa: This is another spa name that caters to people who love the New Age movement and relaxation.

73. Water Lily Day Spa: You could make a reflecting pool with water lilies and koi to capitalize on this name in your décor.

74. White Orchid Spa: We love this simple name.

75. Paradise Point Resort: This is a catchy spa name.

76. Drifting Spa: You could also change this to “drift in” if you want clients to drift in, feel relaxed and enjoy their stay.

77. Total Relaxation Spa: This name says it all.

78. Cascade Day Spa: Obviously, this works best if your spa is at or near the Cascade Mountain range. You can always change this name to incorporate landmarks and geographical elements near your actual spa.

79. Pure Bliss Massages: Going to this spa would be pure bliss.

80. Up the River Spa: If your spa is away from society, this is a great name to choose.

81. Head 2 Toe Spa: This is a catchy spa name to choose.

82. Angel’s Touch Spa: Again, angelic or heavenly words are great to incorporate into your name.

83. Perfecta Salon: This is the best name for the “perfect” spa.

84. Touch and Glow Spa: Obviously, this is a play on the phrase, “touch and go.” It would be a good name for a spa that caters to beauty and spa treatments for people who are on the go.

85. Contour Day Spa: This is a great name for a spa that also has nutritional programs, exercise classes or similar options.

86. White Waters Day Spa: This is a cute spa name.

87. Light as a Feather: Light as a Feather is a good option if your spa helps with dieting or weight loss.

88. Vitality Spa: For health-focused spas, this is a great name to choose.

89. Pure Freedom Spa: You could also exchange freedom for words like tranquility or relaxation.

90. Hot Stones Resort: Resort makes your spa sound luxurious and a destination for extreme pampering.

91. Avalon Salon & Spa: Avalon sounds pretty, but you can always change it to your actual city or street name.

92. All About You Spa: A spa really should be a place that is all about you.

93. A Place to Relax: This is what most people are looking for in a spa.

94. Serenity Day Spa: Serenity Spa is another good name.

95. Pamper Me Spa: Simple, yet succinct.

96. A Perfect 10 Spa: If your spa offers the perfect blend of services, go with this name.

97. Beauty Spot: This is a good name if you offer beauty or salon services as well as spa options.

98. Getaway to Heaven Spa: Hopefully, your spa lives up to the tranquility and bliss of its name.

99. Osmosis Day Spa: This is a relaxing sounding name.

100. Eden Day Spa: Other than heaven, Eden is about as blissful as you can get.


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