100 Southern Girl Names

By on May 10, 2016

Whether you are a lover of Gone With the Wind or just want some southern spice for your baby’s name, these southern girl names are designed for you. Ranging from classic southern names to popular naming selections from the South, these names are perfect for your future child. Choose your favorite—and make sure to leave a comment at the bottom of the article if we have forgotten one of your favorite southern girl names.

100 Southern Girl Names

1. Ada Mae: Ada comes from a Germanic word that means “nobility”. This popular southern name calls to mind lazy summer afternoons spent sipping sweet tea on the patio.

2. Alice: Alice is a traditional name that has hundreds of middle names that match it perfectly. From simple names like Alice Ann to Alice Ray, it is fairly easy to find a middle name that matches Alice.

3. Amelia: The best thing about this southern girl name is that there is a children’s book character with the same name. While your daughter is young, she will love the fact that one of her heroines has the same name.

4. Amy Ray: The middle name Ray is extremely popular in the south, and basically every southern name can be easily matched to the middle name Ray.

5. Anabelle: Belle is an Italian word for beauty, which makes this a great name for a southern gal. Plus, there are several movie characters named Annabelle, which is always fun for young children. As they grow older, your daughter may also enjoy popular poems like Anabelle Lee by Edgar Allen Poe that include this name.

6. Annalee: Annalee is a mixture of the names Anna and Lee. Lee is a word that means meadow, but it is also a popular southern name. Anna is from a Hebrew word that means grace or favor.

7. Augusta: Augusta is a city in Georgia, but it is also the feminine form of the ancient Roman emperor Augustus’ name.

8. Azalea: Other than being a beautiful flower, Azalea is a beautiful and unique southern name for a young girl.

9. Bee: If you want a simple name that is easy for a kindergarten student to spell, Bee is a great option. You could also choose one of the southern names that start with the letter “B” and use Bee as a nickname.

10. Belle: Belle means lovely or beautiful in Italian. It is also the name of the heroine in the Disney film, Beauty and the Beast. Other than being a great movie, this film carries a wonderful message about how beauty is about what is in the heart and not about how someone looks.

11. Blanche: The name Blanche comes from an old French word that means white or fair. Centuries ago, white skin was highly prized, and women went out of their way to prevent their skin from tanning in the sun. Due to this, Blanche became a popular nickname for fair-skinned girls.

12. Bobbie Jo: Like Ray, Jo is a popular add-on for southern names. Basically, every southern name can be modified by adding the name “Jo” at the end of it.

13. Bonnie: Bonnie is a popular southern name, and it was the name of a famous historical figure in the Wild West. Hopefully, your daughter does not become a modern part of Bonnie and Clyde!

14. Brook: Brook was an extremely popular southern name in the 1990s, and it still remains common today. In the past, a brook was a small stream, so this name has nature connotations attached to it.

15. Callie: The name Callie is from a Greek word that means the most beautiful. As such, it is a wonderful name for a beautiful baby girl.

16. Carolina: Carolina is technically a word that means song of happiness. In the south, it also happens to be the name of two states. Originally, these states were named in honor of an English queen. Today, it is primarily just a southern name.

17. Celia: Celia can be modified into names like Celestina, Cecilia and Celeste. All of these name come from the Roman last name, Caelius, which meant heaven. Due to this, Celia is quite literally a “heavenly” name.

18. Charlotte: Charlotte has been a popular name in the south for centuries. Originally, it comes from the name Charles, which once meant “manly”.

19. Clara: Clara, Clara Belle, Clara Marie and Clara Ray are all great names for a southern girl.

20. Constance: When you name your daughter Constance, it indicates that you want her to be a constant, stable girl.

21. Coralee: In English, Coralee meant maiden. In real life, Coralees tend to be optimistic girls who love adventures and making new friends.

22. Daisy: A daisy is a beautiful flower that is bright and happy in appearance. The actual word “daisy” came from a combination of the words “day’s eve” or twilight.

23. Delilah: If you want a southern name from the Bible, Delilah is the name to choose. While the name is exceptionally pretty, the actual character in the Bible might not be the person you want to name your daughter after.

24. Dixie: Dixie is a feminine form of Richard, and it also refers to states below the Mason-Dixon line in the United States. Due to its geographical implications, it is a popular name for girls in the south.

25. Dixie Rose: Dixie Rose is just one of the many hundreds of name combinations for the name Dixie.

26. Edie: Edie sounds like a true southern name. It comes from the Old English name, Eadgyth, which means rich or happy from war. Due to this, the name means spoils of war or happy warfare.

27. Elizabeth: Elizabeth is a great name because it can be easily turned into nicknames like Liz, Eliza, Beth or Liza.

28. Eloise: Believe it or not, this name comes from the German name, Helewidis. Later on, it was modified into the French name, Heloise, which sounds more similar to the English name, Eloise. Originally, this name was a combination of words that meant healthy and wide.

29. Evaline: Evaline sounds like a name from a book of poetry or a history book.

30. Florence: Other than being an Italian city, Florence was the name of a famous World War I nurse called Florence Nightingale.

31. Francis: Francis is a great southern name for a boy or a girl. In Catholicism, it is also the name of a saint who lived a simple life surrounded by animals.

32. Gale: Hopefully, your Gale will not live up to her namesake of gale-force winds and hurricanes!

33. Georgia: Georgia is the name of a southern state that was named after a king of England. Depending on the language, Georgia can mean a variety of things.

34. Georgina: Other than being a modification of the name Georgia, Georgina is also the name of a character in the classic novel, Jane Eyre.

35. Glory: Glory is a great name for a southern, church-going lass!

36. Grace: If you want your daughter to be imbued with beauty and grace, the name Grace is an ideal choice!

37. Hazel: Hazel is a beautiful, lovely sounding name—and an ideal option if your daughter happens to have hazel eyes.

38. Harper: Harper comes from an old word for a minstrel or harp player. Additionally, it was the first name of one of America’s greatest novelists, Harper Lee.

39. Helen: Helen of Troy was a woman so beautiful that thousands of ships launched to bring her back to Greece.

40. Henrietta: Henrietta is the feminine form of the name Henry.

41. Iris: Iris is a beautiful, exotic flower.

42. Imogen: Imogen is a variation on the spelling of an old Irish name that means maiden or girl.

43. Isabelle: Isabelle is a great name because it can be shortened into nicknames like Izzy, Belle, Isa and Bella.

44. Julia: Julia is a shortened form of Juliet. It is a modification of the heroine’s name in Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet.

45. Josephine: Josephine can be shortened into nicknames like Jo, Joey and Josy-Joe.

46. Julep: Name your daughter Julep in the hopes that raising her will be as easy as sipping mint juleps!

47. Katherine: Katherine can be modified into nicknames like Kate or Kathy. It also happens to be the birth name of Kate Middleton, who is currently married to the heir to the English throne.

48. Kay: If you want a simple, lovely-sounding name, Kay is the one to choose.

49. Laurelie: Laurelie calls to mind all of the loveliest qualities of the South.

50. Loretta: In Spanish, this name means family. In Latin, the laurel tree is a representation of victory or honor—this is why someone who has succeeded rests on their laurels. In the United States, Loretta is often thought to mean pure.

51. Luann: Luann is an extremely common southern name, although it was more popular a few decades ago than now.

52. Lucilla: Lucilla is a beautiful sounding name that can easily be shortened into nicknames like Lucy.

53. Lucinda: This formal sounding name stems from Italian and old English. In Italian, Lucinda means illumination or a graceful light. In English, it also means light.

54. Luella: Luella is a typical, pretty southern girls name.

55. Lula Mae: Mae is another one of the most popular nicknames in the south, and it easily flows from your mouth after names like Lula.

56. Lyla: In English and French, this name means from the island or island girl.

57. Maggie: Maggie is a shortened form of the name Margaret, and it blends well in combinations like Maggie Mae or Maggie Ray.

58. Magnolia: If you love southern magnolias, Magnolia is a beautiful name for a girl. Plant a magnolia tree when your daughter is born and your Magnolia’s magnolia can grow as she does!

59. Marcella: Marcella is one of the least common southern names on this list, which is precisely why we love it!

60. Mae: Simple, easy to say and beautiful!

61. Margaret: A classic, if older sounding, southern name.

62. Maribelle: This is another name that is easy to blend with middle names and convert into nicknames.

63. Mary Ella: If you are looking for something simple, this is the name to choose.

64. Mary Jane: Considering Mary Jane is a nickname for an illicit drug, we expect this name to drop in popularity over the next few years.

65. Melanie: Melanie is a name that means dark.

66. Merrilyn: Merrilyn is the perfect name for a merry, happy child.

67. Miranda: If you have ever watched Serenity, you have already heard this name before.

68. Nellie: This cute name is common in the south.

69. Nora: No list of southern names would be complete without the name Nora!

70. Olivia: Olivia is a modification of olive.

71. Olympia: In Greek mythology, the gods met on Mount Olympus.

72. Pearl: A pearl of wisdom or a pearl necklace—take your pick as to what this name means for you!

73. Pepper: For a spicier, fun southern name, go with Pepper.

74. Phoebe: Phoebe was a seer in Greek mythology and, in modern times, a character on the hit show, Friends.

75. Pollyanna: In stories, Pollyanna was a character known for always looking on the bright side in every situation.

76. Presley Ann: Since the death of Elvis Presley, Presley has remained a popular name for southern girls and boys.

77. Priscilla: Priscilla might be less common than some of the other names on this list, but it is still quite pretty!

78. Quinn: We love this name because of its simplicity and the fact that it works for both genders!

79. Rose: A rose by any other name . . .

80. Ruby: A beautiful jewel name for a beautiful baby girl!

81. Ruthanna: This name is quite popular in the south.

82. Sadie: For a southern name with some spice, choose Sadie.

83. Sally: Sally might be declining in popularity, but it is still a fairly common southern name.

84. Savannah: A savanna is an open field, but it is also the name of a historic southern city.

85. Scarlett: Scarlett was the main character in the classic southern novel, Gone With the Wind, so we had to include it on this list!

86. Sheridan: This name has a unique, formal sound to it.

87. Sloane: Sloane is a great name because it can be used for both genders and sounds extremely professional.

88. Stella: In Latin, Stella means star.

89. Sue Ellen: Sue Ellen is an exceptionally popular southern name.

90. Susannah: This popular name means white lilies or graceful lily.

91. Tabitha: This comes from Hebrew and means beauty or grace.

92. Tallulah: This name is from a Native American name that means running water.

93. Tara: A popular name, this one sounds beautiful with most middle name options.

94. Tierney: This name is extremely common in the south.

95. Violet: A violet is a beautiful flower, and this name can be modified into Viollette or Violetta if you are looking for something more unusual and fancy sounding.

96. Virginia: Naming girls after states and cities is extremely popular in the south. Other than being a name of a southern state, this name also means chaste or virginal.

97. Vivian: I have never met a Vivian that I liked, but I still like the name.

98. Willow: Willow is a gorgeous tree and a whimsical-sounding name.

99. Wren: In Old English, a wren was a type of small songbird.

100. Zinnia: A Zinnia is a lovely flower and a very unusual-sounding name!

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