10 Songs About Luck

By on June 23, 2018

Luck can be good or bad. Sometimes, it seems like everything turns out wrong. No matter what you do, you cannot make your projects and dreams turn out well. In other cases, it seems like fate is smiling down on you. Everything you do works out, even when you make a mistake. These songs about luck can be used during the good times and the bad. They are all about the ways that luck and chance play a role in shaping life.

Feeling Lucky Songs

1. With a Little Luck by Paul McCartney and Wings

This pop song was originally written in 1978. It is a reminder that working together can help you accomplish anything. You just need a little luck on your side. If you have been struggling to accomplish something, this song can be an uplifting reminder that a little luck and teamwork can help you do anything that you want to in life.

Best Lyrics:

“There is no end to what we can do together
There is no end, there is no end
The willow turns his back on inclement weather
And if he can do it, we can do it, just me and you.”

2. Lucky by Jason Mraz

This 2008 song was sung by Jason Mraz and features Colbie Callat. It is about being lucky in love. In the song, the two people feel so incredibly lucky that they found love with their best friend. They hate having to be apart for any amount of time, but feel so lucky that they can come home to be with each other. Because of the lyrics, this song is one of the most popular wedding songs. If you don’t recognize the name of the song, you will most likely recognize it when you hear it.

Best Lyrics:

“Lucky I’m in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again.”

3. The Lucky One by Alison Krauss and Union Station

This song was originally released in 2001. It is the perfect choice if you enjoy country or bluegrass music. Alison Krauss sings the story of a very easygoing man who has no clue what bad luck is like. Wherever he goes, people love him. He never has to worry about anything because he a,ways has good luck. When it comes to romance, he is even lucky in bed.

Best Lyrics:

“Give you a song and a one night stand
And you’ll be looking at a happy man
‘Cause you’re the lucky one.”

songs about luck and fate

4. Get Lucky by Daft Punk

Performed by Daft Punk, this pop song also features Pharrell Williams. It was just released in 2013, so it is one of the newer songs about luck on this list. Instead of being about the good luck of fate, it is about getting lucky in bed. The protagonist in this song has one goal in mind. He wants to get lucky with his lady friend, and that is basically all this song is about. Still, the upbeat music and fun lyrics make this a great song to listen to. And who knows? You may get lucky.

Beset Lyrics:

“She’s up all night to the sun
I’m up all night to get some
She’s up all night for good fun
I’m up all night to get lucky.”

5. I Feel Lucky by Mary Chapin Carpenter

This country song was originally released in 1992. It is all about how lucky the woman feels. She is convinced that she will win the lottery that day, so she decides to call in sick to work. Then, she starts to act like she has already won the lottery. She buys everyone a round at the bar and gets a car for the waitress. Is she lucky or just deluded? You decide.

Best Lyrics:

“I feel lucky.
Think I’ll flip a coin I’m a winner either way.
Mmmmm I feel lucky today.”

6. Second Chance by Shinedown

Doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance? This successful single was released in 2008. The song was made to encourage people to step out of their bubble and live out their dreams in life. The lead vocalist Brent Smith was inspired by when he said good-bye to his parents. He wanted to go live his life and try to fulfill his dreams, so he had to leave home and tell his parents good-bye. This song is about making your own luck in life by trying to chase after your dreams.

Best Lyrics:

“I hope they understand
I’m not angry, I’m just saying
Sometimes goodbye is a second chance.”

7. Luck Be a Lady by Frank Sinatra

This is definitely one of the older songs on this list. It was originally released by Frank Sinatra in 1950. It actually is about a guy headed out on a date with a woman. He hopes that he is lucky enough for her to be a lady. He doesn’t want her to flirt with other fellas, blow on their dice or anything like that. He knows that she has treated other guys badly, but he wants her to leave with the guy she came with (him.) Basically, he wants to be lucky enough to have his date act like a lady and stay with him.

Best Lyrics:

“Luck if you’ve been a lady to begin with
Luck be a lady tonight.”

Songs About Luck

8. Lucky by Madonna

This is a sexualized, hipper take on the nursery rhyme, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. This song was released in 1983 when Madonna was just beginning her decades-long music career. This song is about her being so lucky to know and be with her bright, shiny lover. In the song, the little star that twinkles is her lover and she wants his heavenly body to shine tonight.

Best Lyrics:

“You must be my lucky star
‘Cause you make the darkness seem so far
And when I’m lost you’ll be my guide
I just turn around and you’re by my side.”

9. Lucky by Britney Spears

Despite the name, this song is not about being lucky. It actually shows the irony of being a Hollywood star. The protagonist talks about how people always think that she is so lucky, but she just cries and feels lonely when she is by herself. She puts on a smile and makeup, so no one else realizes that she is o lonely and depressed. Britney Spears released this in 2000, so she could not have known the struggles that she would go through in the upcoming years. She would get married and divorced, lose custody of her children, go through psychological problems and suffer from substance abuse. She ended up making a comeback though, so perhaps she is lucky after all.

Best Lyrics:

“She’s so lucky, she’s a star
But she cry, cry, cries in her lonely heart, thinking
If there’s nothing missing in my life
Then why do these tears come at night?”

10. The Luckiest by Ben Folds

This song was originally released in 2001. It is all about a man who thinks he is the luckiest guy in the world because he met, knew and loved his partner. If you feel like you are the luckiest person in the world because you met your partner, then this song about luck is for you.

Best Lyrics:

“And in a wide sea of eyes
I see one pair that I recognize
And I know
That I am, I am, I am, the luckiest.”

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