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    Sofia Vergara Bra Size Height Weight

    By on July 27, 2014

    Bra Size

    32 F




    5 feet 7 inches or 170 centimeters


    141 pounds or 64 kilograms



    Joe Gonzalez (1987-1993)- Once Sofia Vergara was officially 18 years old, she married Joe Gonzalez. The couple had been childhood sweethearts and had a son together in September of 1992. They named the son Manolo Gonzalez-Ripoll Vergara, but the relationship ended by 1993.

    Nick Loeb (2010-2014)- In May of 2010, Sofia Vergara began dating Nick Loeb. For a while in 2012, the politician and Sofia broke up. They started dating again and eventually became engaged in July of 2012. By May of 2014, they ended their two year engagement and broke up completely.

    Joe Manganiello (2014- ?)- Presently, Sofia is dating Joe Manganiello. The pair met while they were at a dinner party for White House correspondents. She started dating in June of 2014 and are still together.

    Plastic Surgery

    Sofia has not had plastic surgery procedures in the past, but she is open to the idea of having them. Early on in her career, she was told to get a breast reduction. Although she chose not to undergo the knife at the time, she has left the option open for the future.


    Net Worth

    She has a net worth that is estimated to be at $70 million. This comes from her work as an actress, spokesperson and a model.



    Birth Name

    Her birth name was Sofia Margarita Vergara Vergara.




    Sometimes, she goes by the nick name of La Toti.


    Sofia was born on July 10, 1972, so she is currently 42 years old.

    Sun Sign

    Due to her birth date, her sun sign is Cancer.


    Birth Location

    She was born in Barranquilla, Atlantico in the country of Colombia.




    Vergara is Colombian by birth.



    Sofia originally began school at the Marymount School. Located in Barranquilla, this school taught courses in English and Spanish. Later on, she enrolled in the pre-dentistry program at Colombia University. She stayed in the program for three years until she was given an opportunity to begin working as a model.





    Father: Julio Enrique Vergara Robayo

    Mother: Margarita Vergara Davila de Vergara

    5 Siblings including: Sandra, Raphael and Julio Vergara

    Son: Manolo Gonzalez-Ripoll Vergara




    Voluptuous and Buxom



    Model, Actress and Spokeswoman

    Hair Color

    Her hair is naturally blonde, but she chooses to dye it a dark brown.

    Eye Color



    Dress Size

    8 (US)


    Distinctive Features

    Extremely buxom, she is known for her curvy figure.





    Shoe Size

    8.5 (US)


    Although she was raised in a Catholic family, she no longer is a practicing Catholic.


    Best Known For

    Sofia is best known for playing the role of Gloria Pritchett in Modern Family. In 2009, she began acting in this popular television show.


    Brand Endorsements

    Vergara has endorsed products like Diet Pepsi and Head & Shoulders. She also endorses Comcast X-finity and K-Mart.


    First Film

    She played the role of Nina in the 2002 film called Big Trouble.

    Sofia’s Favorite Things

    Favorite Singer: Shakira

    Favorite Color: Blue

    Favorite Eyeliner: Mac Eye Kohl

    Favorite Flowers: Orchids

    Favorite People: Her son, Manolo

    Favorite Lipstick: Lancome’s L’absolu Exotic Orchid Rouge

    Favorite Shoe Brand: Sergio Rossi

    Favorite Movie: The Godfather

    Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp

    Favorite Cologne: Terre D’hermes

    Favorite Vacation Spot: Italy

    Favorite Author: Gabriel Garxia Marquez.



    Sofia Vergara Facts

    When she was a teenager, she would wear two pairs of paints so that she would look less thin.

    Sofia Vergara studied dentistry before she decided to become a model.

    One of her brothers died following a kidnapping attempt.

    After a diagnosis of thyroid cancer in 2000, she ended up recovering completely.

    In the past, Vergara designed a bra for K-Mart that was designed for other full-figured women.


    She had her first child when she was only 20 years old.


    During her work with Univision, she hosted a travel show and a game show in Miami.


    Sofia Vergara wears a size 32F bra, and her breasts are completely real.


    Vergara is a voracious reader and regular reads three to four books each month.


    She has been on the cover of more than 100 magazines.


    Shakira and Sofia Vergara were both born in the same Colombian town.

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