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    Sky Ferreira Bra Size Height Weight

    By on December 24, 2014

    Bra Size




    sky 3


    5 feet 6 inches or 168 centimeters


    119 pounds or 54 kilograms

    Boyfriends and Spouses

    Nick Ackerman- Known for being a band member in the group, The Virgins, Nick previously dated Sky Ferreira.

    Zachary Cole Smith- Sky is presently dating Zachary Cole Smith. Smith is a model for Saint Laurent. In addition, he is the front man for DIIV.

    Plastic Surgery

    She is not known to have had any plastic surgeries. Her main change to her body is through her wildly different hair colors.

    sky 4

    Net Worth

    Sky has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

    Birth Name

    Her birth name was Sky Tonia Ferreira.


    Ferreira goes by the name of Sky.


    She was born on July 8, 1992. In 2014, she was 22 years old. Sky will turn 23 years old in July of 2015.

    Sun Sign

    Her sun sign is Cancer.

    Birth Location

    She was born in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California.


    Sky Ferreira is an American citizen.



    When she demonstrated an interest in singing as a child, her grandmother paid for her to have opera lessons. Later, she dropped out of high school to pursue a career as a musician.


    The names of her father, mother and grandmother are unknown.


    She has a fairly slim build and an athletic body type.


    Sky Ferreira began her career as a musician using a Myspace profile. Later, she further developed her career as a model and an actress.

    Hair Color

    Her hair color changes extremely frequently. Naturally, her hair is naturally ombre. She often dyes it bright blonde, pink or other unusually colors.

    Eye Color

    She has green eyes.

    Dress Size

    4 (US)

    Distinctive Features

    Sky Ferreira is known primarily for her singing voice and her bright green eyes. She is also recognized for her frequent hairstyle changes.


    Her father is of Brazilian and Portuguese ethnicity while her mother is Native American. This makes Sky Brazilian, Portuguese and Native American.

    Shoe Size

    Her shoe size is currently unknown.


    Ferreira is not a believer in any particular spiritual teaching.

    Best Known For

    She is best known for her debut album, Night Time, My Time. Sky is also recognized for beginning her career as a teenager by uploading videos of her songs onto Myspace.

    sky 2

    First Album

    The first album that she released was Night Time, My Time in 2013.

    Brand Endorsements

    In 2014, she started modeling for the haircare brand, Redken. She was also in an advertisement for CK One Shock.

    First Film

    The first film she was in was the documentary, A Cross the Universe. She plays a cameo of herself in the documentary that follows a duo of musicians.

    Sky Ferreira’s Favorite Things

    Favorite Pastime: Singing and Transcendental Meditation
    Favorite Scary Movie: The Exorcist
    Favorite Fashion Icon: Elle Fanning
    Favorite Bands: the Runaways, Madonna and Nancy Sinatra
    Favorite Cartoon: Rugrats
    Favorite Music: AraabMusik
    Favorite Color: Black
    Favorite Site: Tumblr
    Favorite Brands: Prada, Givenchy and Proenza
    Favorite Musical Influences: Alice Cooper, Prince and Gwen Stefani

    Sky Ferreira Facts

    She previously performed at the charity event for the David Lynch Foundation. The money raised went to improve education about Transcendental Meditation.
    Her pet peeve is people who turn on their friends without a reason.
    Before she dropped out of high school,she was a major breaker of the school dress code.
    She has a major celebrity crush on Johnny Depp.
    In 2013, she was arrested with her boyfriend for having ecstasy and heroin in her possession.
    Sky Ferreira’s major fears are death and insects.
    Ferreira has been a victim of sexual abuse twice in her life. Despite the trauma, she does not allow her past to define who she is.
    As a child, she actually saw Michael Jackson on a regularly basis. Her grandmother worked for him, so she regularly saw Jackson. She did not realize that he was actually famous until she was a teenager.
    During downtime from singing, she earns her income by modeling for top fashion designers.
    Her most recent musical projects have incorporated sounds from Indie rock, acoustic and new wave styles.

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