7 Signs Your Ex-Boyfriend Has Moved on

By on September 1, 2017

After you go through a difficult breakup, it can be hard to move on. If your boyfriend broke up with you, he had more time to prepare for the breakup. He was able to sort out his feelings and mental state before he even broke up with you, so he may move on much faster. When this happens, there are some signs your ex-boyfriend has moved on that you can watch out for. If he does any of these signs, it might be a waste of your time to try to ask him out or beg him to come back.

signs your Ex-Boyfriend Has Moved on

1. He No Longer Contacts You

If you were going to get back together, then he would probably be still talking to you. He would at least still have you as a friend on his Facebook page. If he does not contact you in any way and does not even try to contact you, then he is no longer interested. Obviously, you would have to communicate for there to be a relationship ever, so nothing is even possible if he is not reaching out to you.

If this is the case, don’t try to change the situation. If he is not contacting you, it is because he does not want to. If you start texting and calling him all of the time, it will only make you seem needy and drive him further away from you. A guy will think communication lines open if he thinks that things could work out, but he will stop calling or texting you if he is ready to move on.

2. He Is Getting Married

In rom-coms, the ex-boyfriend realizes right as he is getting married that the former girlfriend is actually the right wife for him. This happens in rom-coms, but it does not happen in real life. If your ex-boyfriend is getting married or is married, it is time to move on. Even if he had any feelings left for you, it would be completely unethical for you to do anything about it. He is obviously trying o move on in life, so be mature, respect his relationship and wish him the best.

3. He Has a New Girlfriend

This goes along with the last sign your ex-boyfriend has moved on. Yes, it is possible that she is just a rebound girlfriend who means nothing to him. You can’t possibly know for sure, and it is no longer your right to get involved in his life. If she is a rebound, they will break up sooner rather than later without your involvement. If she is not a rebound, then it would be hugely disrespectful to his relationship to do anything. Plus, you don’t want a guy who would leave someone else for you, so you might as well just leave him with her.

4. He Said These Things

Sometimes, your ex-boyfriend will just let you know that he is moving on and has given up on the relationship. If he tells you that his feelings are gone, forget about him. If he says that he never wants to talk to you or is anxious to move on, then take it as a sign. Even if he hangs around you for a while, he is obviously not interested in really being with you anymore. The best thing that you can do is cut your losses, move on and never look back.

5. He Gave Back Your Stuff

Over time, some of your items may have accumulated at his house. If your ex-boyfriend rounded up all of the stray items and dropped them off at your doorstep, then he is probably over the relationship. That is a lot of work to do if you plan on undoing it later on. If he has given you back all of your things, then you know exactly where you stand in the relationship.

6. Avoidance

If your ex-boyfriend goes out of his way to avoid you, then he has definitely moved on. He may not want you to attack him about the breakup, or he may be afraid of hurting you by being near. Whatever the case, he realizes that you are no longer the right person for him, so he just wants to avoid you and forget about the past. There are guys out there who will love and appreciate you, but your ex-boyfriend is not that guy.

7. He No Longer Looks Your Way

Ex-Boyfriend Has Moved on

When you look up, you unintentionally catch his eyes and he looks away. Unlike the “look-away” glance that happens during flirting, this avoidance look made it feel like he couldn’t bear to look at you anymore or even think about you. If he avoids talking to you, looking at you, smiling or saying hello, then he is completely done with the relationship. If he does look back and smile, then there might be a chance that you could at least be friends later on.

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