8 Signs That Your Man is Fighting His Feelings For You

By on May 31, 2018

There is simply nothing worse than falling head over heels for someone seemingly so perfect for you, only to realise that you have absolutely no clue how he feels.

  • Does he like you?
  • Is he into you?
  • What about the L-word … Does he LOVE you?

So many questions; so few answers. It’s a pickle, that’s for sure.

Luckily, you might just be able to tell how he REALLY feels about you by reading the signs. In the words of Cher, “it’s in his kiss.” Well, that and a whole bunch of other things too, of course.

Signs That Your Man is Fighting His Feelings For You 3

1 – It’s in the way that he spends his time.

Does he choose to spend time with you? Like, actual, REAL time with you; not just his spare time? If he’s cancelling boy plans for you, he’s probably into you. If he seems to really enjoy spending time with you, even going as far as to keep planning future dates with you (not just talking about it), he probably likes you.

If you’re having to chase him down for days or weeks on end, just to spend one measly hour with him … he’s probably just not that into you. Well, unless he has super valid reasons, but even then he would still make time for you if he really, truly wanted to.

If you can’t get him to hang out with you, it might be time to move on.

2 – It’s in the way he remembers things.

Does he always surprise you with little things that you once talked about, such as bringing you a blueberry muffin for breakfast in the morning just because you once told him you loved it? If he remembers the details — the important little details — he’s paying attention and there’s a good chance he’s into you.

If he wasn’t that into you, on the other hand, the situation would be very different. He’d bring you cheeseburgers even though you told him you were lactose intolerant and couldn’t have dairy. He’d constantly forget how you liked your morning coffee. He doesn’t do the crazy-cool, cute, little things, because he’s not paying attention enough to know what you like.

Think about it — don’t you remember pretty much EVERYTHING about your latest crush, yet you can barely remember your BFF’s birthday.

He’s telling you how he feels with the way that he remembers the little things … Or he doesn’t. Is it time to start reading the signs?

3 – The Green-Eyed Monster

This one doesn’t always work out quite right, but if he gets jealous when you talk about other guys, there’s a chance he might like you.

Sadly, even the ‘bad eggs’ get jealous, so do not be fooled into thinking every jealous boy likes you. You’ll probably find that the guys who like you will try to convince you that they’re not jealous when they very clearly are, but the ones who aren’t that into you will play on the jealousy — almost acting as if everything (the jealous way he is feeling) is all your fault.

Be smart when you read the signs of the green-eyed monster. Sometimes, those monsters bite.

4 – He actually bothers. 

Have you ever noticed how *some* guys are just virtually impossible to try and get ahold of? They’re always busy, out with the boys, or doing something else that doesn’t involve you … ?

It’s a very familiar scenario, isn’t it? Well, the boys who really like you will act in totally the opposite way. They’ll actually respond when you text them; quickly too, just like you respond quickly to someone who takes your fancy. You’ll be surprised by how similar the ‘like-signals’ are from boys and girls. How YOU act when you like someone is how most people react when they like someone, and that usually involves texting back enthusiastically. And as quickly as possible.

Signs That Your Man is Fighting His Feelings For You 2

5 – Those little glances …

There’s a quote doing the rounds on the internet right now, and it goes something along the lines of:

“It’s a wonderful thing when you glance at someone and they’re already staring right back at you.”

If you’ve experienced that with your potential new BAE, the sound of love could be in the air! You generally make more eye contact with someone you’re attracted to, and you’ll exchange little knowing glances and cheeky smiles. It’s like an old-fashioned courtship ritual that everyone thinks is out of date but still actually works.

Sometimes, it’s the knowing glances that reveal all. They do say that the eyes speak truths that the mouth doesn’t … or something along those lines.

6 – “Here, let me help!”

The boys who like you will want to do things for you, much in the same way that you probably want to do things for him. For you it might be running him a bath, or cooking him dinner. For him perhaps it’s dinner too, or just helping to carry all of those heavy shopping bags.

If he likes you, he’ll want to help make your life easier. The ones who make your life really difficult are usually the ones who aren’t good for you. (Not always, but mostly.)

7 – He’s always got your back.

Is he the protective type? It might surprise you to learn that the only gal that boy is actually protective over, is you. That’s cute, right? It’s usually true, too. Unless you count his mom, sisters, or other female relatives, obviously.

Just like the super-helpful guy, and the totally-not-jealous (but actually jealous) guy, the one who likes you will absolutely have your back against the rest of the world. That’s called teamwork.

8 – He actually wants to know more. 

One of the biggest giveaways that he likes you and might be holding his feelings back, is asking questions and actually wanting to know more. This kinda goes hand-in-hand with the chap paying attention, but if he goes one step further than that — actively trying to know more and learn everything there is to know about you — you might just be on to a winner. (And we applaud you!


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