Signs He Likes Me

By on February 14, 2014

You are about to start your first date and are uncertain if he likes you. Although it may seem like you are the only one who has suffered from this issue, most girls have felt this confusion at times. Guys are not always obvious about their feelings and even the simplest signs can be misinterpreted. If you are uncertain if he really likes you, consider some of these signs.

He Truly Listens

When someone is interested, they will go out of their way to listen to you. Even mundane topics like your major or where you work will elicit an interested response. If he only responds with an “okay” or a nod, it may be a sign that he is not interested in you. The only time this rule does not work is if the guy is under a lot of stress or is extremely shy. If there is nothing else on his mind, he will listen to you if he likes you.

Eye Contact


Whether you are out on a date or just met the guy, you will notice that he maintains eye contact. If he is distracted, his eyes will rove the rest of the room and he will avoid looking at you. A genuine smile and eye contact are two of the first signs that he genuinely likes being around you.

Laughter Means Something

Laughter is a sign of interest.

When a guy is interested, he will try to make jokes. He will go out of his way to make you smile or laugh. Although these jokes may fall flat, the attempt is the part that matters. During your date, listen to what he says. If you notice that he is trying to make you smile or chuckle, give him what he wants. By laughing at his joke, you are showing that you are also interested.

He Pays Attention

You may be surrounded by people at a party or walking down a busy street. No matter where you are, your crush will go out of his way to pay attention to you. You may catch him watching you from across the room or he may deliberately leave a group of friends to be near you. When he spends the entire time focusing on you, it is a sign that he likes you.

Offers Help

It may seem like an old world concept, but chivalry can be a sign of interest. He may open the door for you or let you walk first through a doorway. Even if you do not believe in this sexist chivalry, it is a sign that he is interested.

Touch Matters


When it comes to new relationships, touch is one of the most important indicators of interest. Scientists have conducted studies on married couples and found that couples who stood closer and touched each other more frequently were less likely to get a divorce. Touch is an indicator that someone cares. When it comes to your crush, he may casually guide your elbow or allow his hand to rest on yours. Any frequent touch or connection shows that he is interested in you.

Listen to What He Says

If your crush frequently fumbles over his words or seems to spend time considering his statement, it is a sign that he is interested. Guys will try to think about each thing they say when they are interested. They want you to have a good impression of them and will make sure that they do not say anything that offends you.

A Case of Nerves

When we like someone, it is easy to become extremely nervous. Guys and girls tend to respond the same way. If he is interested in you, he may shift his weight from foot to foot. His hands may fidget during the conversation or he may find it difficult to maintain eye contact. Instead of misinterpreting these signs as boredom, you should realize what they are: nerves. You make him nervous because he really likes you.

Body Language

An easy way to see if he is interested is through body language. He may tilt his head as he listens to you and will point his chest toward you while you speak. When someone is interested, their body language will reveal it. Your crush may laugh frequently at your jokes and stand closer to you than normal. He may also unintentionally fix his hair or lick his lips while you are talking.

Wants to Be a Part of Your Life

A Sign of True Love is Planning for the Future Together

Guys who are interested will try to become a part of your life. They may show interest in meeting your family or go out of their way to be nice to your friends. Casual comments about future dates or events may show that he is already planning on being with you over the long-term. If your date is already bringing up the future, it shows that he is interested in a longer commitment than just a first date.


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