Should You Tell Him You Like Him?

By on May 2, 2017

When you like someone, it can seem impossible that they would like you back. Part of this is just because you like them so much. They are really just as likely to like you back as anyone else, but it is your feelings that make it seem so impossible. If your guy is showing any of these 12 signs, then there is an excellent chance that he does have feelings for you. Now, you just have to decide what you want to do about those feelings.

Do you remember when you were little and your friend told you who they had a crush on? You sent him a note or told him about your friend’s feelings. Before long, they were sitting next to each other on the bus and exchanging love notes. Those were the days. Now, it seems impossible hard to tell someone who you like. You are technically an adult, but it has not gotten any easier to make a move when you are interested in someone. Instead of dissolving into giggles, you find yourself worried about what he thinks about you and feeling anxious whenever he is around. Unless you make a move, you will never find out for sure if he likes you back or not.

You Need to Come Clean

If you never tell your crush about how you feel, you will never find out if he likes you back or not. You could end up missing out on a great relationship with the perfect guy just because you were too nervous to make a move. We don’t live in the 1950s anymore. There is nothing wrong with the girl making the first move, and many guys feel just as nervous about making a move as you do. While your mind keeps telling you that it is too terrifying and he could reject you, you will never be able to find out how he feels.

One of the most common reasons people say they cannot make a move is because they can’t talk to their crush. While this is a normal feeling, you have to get over it. Imagine if everything works out the way you hope and you start dating. You will have to talk to him at some point, right? You may as well get over that dilemma now and start talking to him.

Another reason people delay talking to their crush is because they don’t want to ruin their friendship. While this is a valid point, keep in mind that the best relationships are often based on the best friendships. If you were good friends before, you may even be able to maintain that friendship if the romance sours. At any rate, you will miss out on being with the perfect guy just because of a fear about what could have happened. Your friendship could have ended anyway, so there is no reason not to take a chance and find out how he feels.

Should You Tell Him You Like Him?

If you are trying to decide if you should tell him you like him, then try looking for the following signs. These are all indications that he could like you back or that you are ready to take the risk and find out for sure.

1. Your Feelings Get in the Way

You like him and want to be around him, but you can’t because your feelings get in the way. Have you ever liked someone so much that it felt like you could not be around them because of your feelings. If this is how you feel, then you should just tell him you like him. Otherwise, you could end up drifting apart over time. Plus, it could be a good opportunity for you two to become closer together.

2. You Feel Like You Will Explode

If it feels like you cannot stay silent for another minute, then just tell him! You obviously need to tell him the truth, or you will continue to spend sleepless nights wondering about what could happen. Just tell him that you like him and get it over with!

3. You Know He Will Listen

One of the worst feelings is being ignored or laughed at. If you think that your crush will not take you seriously, do not tell him how you feel. Likewise, confess your feelings if you know that he will listen and believe you. If you think that he could think that you are joking around, then make sure to wait until the time is right—ideally, tell him about your feelings when you are alone together and you can emphasize the fact that you are serious.

4. You Keep Thinking About Him

When you like someone a lot, it can seem like they are the only thing that you think about. If he is filling your thoughts day and night, then you should just tell him that you like him. Your feelings are obviously strong, and telling him is the only way that you will be able to resolve those feelings in any way.

5. You Want to

One of the most obvious ways to tell if you should let your crush know about your feelings is if you want to. If a part of you wants to tell him you like him, then do it. You obviously must be ready for this step on some level, so just make a move and go for it.

6. He Is a Part of Your Life

When you have to see your crush every day, it can seem like your soul is constantly crushed by anxiety about how you feel. Plus, it can be extremely hard to hide your feelings about a friend who is always around. You may as well tell him about your feelings because he has probably already picked up on them since he is around you all of the time. He also probably guesses that you like him if he is around you, and there is a good chance that he likes you back if he constantly tries to be near you.

7. You Know Him Better Than Anyone

If you know him better than anyone else, then you must share a lot in common. He must trust you, and he may even like you. Plus, this means that you like him for who he is.

8. Friends Support You

If your friends think that dating him is a great idea, then go for it! Other people are often better judges than the couple involved, so listen to them. If your friends think that he likes you or think that you would be an amazing couple together, then you have the green light to go for it.

9. You Think He Feels the Same Way

When you like someone, it can seem impossible that they would ever like you back. If you think that he could like you back, then there is an excellent chance that he does. This is a major sign that you should just tell hi how you feel. If he likes you back, then the only thing that is preventing you from being together is your own fear. Go for it and see what happens!

10. You Want the Same Things

Some relationships are just not destined to work out. While it is possible to have a long distance relationship, you will want to live near each other some day. If his goal is to be a London financier and you want to run a hair salon in Seattle, then your relationship is probably not going to work out. If your goals in life and future plans are fairly similar, then it looks like there is a long-term potential for this relationship. Ask him out!

11. He Is Single

You like him for a reason, so it is possible that another lady will like him as well. You have to make a move while he is single, or you could end up missing out on your chance. If you are both single, then go for it.

If he is not single, then do not tell him about how you feel. It will only cause drama for everyone involved. Even if he were to leave his girlfriend for you, you would spend your entire relationship wondering if he would just do the same thing to you. Wait until he single and then make your move.

12. You Can Be Yourself

If you feel like you can really be yourself around him, then it sounds like a great start for a relationship. It is amazingly uncommon to find someone that you are attracted to and feel comfortable with. If you find this guy, then ask him out. The best relationships and marriages are based on couples that can relax and be themselves with each other. If you feel like you are already in sync and you can just relax around him, then this is an excellent sign that your relationship together could be a good one.


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