30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

By on October 19, 2017

So many women around the world want to have curly hair that they spend hours twirling, curling and twisting in the mirror, only for it to fall out a few hours later because not enough product was used or the heat just wasn’t quite hot enough. If you have curly hair, you should embrace it, rocking it for all it’s worth. As these short curly hairstyles for black women show, there are plenty of ways to wear and style it, and also a wide range of options to pick from, particularly when it comes to color and style.

1 – Cute Curls Be Poppin’

A leave-in conditioner will be your best friend with short curly hairstyles for black women like this one, but you will want something weightless at the same time, and preferably one that adds some shine. If you opt for products that are too thick, they’ll weigh your hair down. This can cause the curls to drop out, destroying your look.

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 4

Source: _authenticbeauty

2 – Short Crochet Curls

A great cut can do wonders for your natural curls and waves, so rather than trying to work against them, work with them for a change. Ask your stylist what kind of cut would make the most of yours, and how to easier maintain them without getting stressed in the morning.

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 15

Source: hairbyesha

3 – Short & Curly with Sass

We know that air-drying your hair takes a really long time, especially when you have longer hair or really thick hair. However, drying your hair naturally is the best way to keep it in good condition. The more you use heated styling tools, the more you’ll dry it out. That can leave your hair, once again, filled with frizz.

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 8

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4 – Beautiful Big Afro Hair

Once you have put product in your hair, leave it well alone. The more you play, style and mess with your hair, the more it will frizz and the less it will look as you want it to. Like this fabulous hairstyle for short and curly locks, for example.

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 17

Source: hairbyesha

5 – Flamin’ Red & Fierce Curls

Flamin’ red tones like this one are super sassy and super fierce. You may need to change up a few of your makeup products when you want to make a drastic hair color change, and that’s usually the case for your eyebrows. Be prepared for this before you go for the change and you’ll have much better luck!

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 18

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6 – Short Hair, Don’t Care

The thing about short curly hairstyles for black women is that that there are so many different types of curls that you can choose from. If you’re not a big fan of tight, spiral curls, you can look to something wavier and more natural instead.

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 23

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7 – Curly, Edgy Faux-Hawk

Of course, when you’re looking at curly hair, the biggest concern is going to be frizz. You will need to know what products work for you to help keep those frizzy bits at bay. There are tips and hacks you can use, however, and one of those is to wash your hair in the shower. The more you run your hands through your hair, the higher the chances of suffering from frizz. Wash your hair and then let the waster simply run through your locks, naturally rinsing the products away. Handling your locks minimally is the best way forward.

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 29

Source: nikki_h_stylist

8 – Sassy, Sweet, Shaggy

Keep things on the super-cute side with this sassy, sweet and shaggy short style for black, curly hair, a great one for when you want to keep things simple. Adorable little flicks of hair around the front of the face could even give you cute, short and wispy bangs too, perfect for delicate and almond face shapes.

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 30

Source: nikki_h_stylist

9 – Short & Curly Transformation

Hair that is well-moisturized will keep the curls easier and better. There are plenty of ways you can do this too, both during the shower, and then when you’re hair is dry. A deep conditioning or oil treatment once a week or so is a good place to start, and you should also look at moisturizing products that are designed for your hair type.

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 24

Source: mrskj5

10 – Bubblegum Pink Short Curly Hair for Black Women

Feelin’ pretty in pink today? This bubblegum pink short and curly look might just be right up your street, a look that is cute and fierce, all in one. Hey, if you’re going for a big impact, you might as well make it a colorful one too!

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 19

Source: salonchristol

11 – Royal Purple Short Crochet Curly Locks

We’ve shown you purple, and now it’s time to show you purple. And, what better purple than this beautiful royal purple shade? If you want a look that screams luxury and royalty, this is definitely the color to pick. It was once the color or the wealthy and royal, you know?

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 16

Source: hairbyesha

12 – Short, Full Head, Curly Weave

The wetter your hair is when you style is, the easier those curls will be to manage and maintain. Towel drying your hair is a definite no-no because that encourages the frizz you’re desperately trying to avoid. If you do need to use anything to get the excess water out of your locks, a soft, cotton t-shirt can be used, but don’t rub. You should squeeze the water out instead.

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 7

Source: salon_exquisite

13 – Light on Dark Sassy Short Curls

Keep things dark on the bottom and make them lighter up top for a look that is just as sweet as this caramel and dark chocolate delight. It looks good enough to eat, especially in that cute, curly style. What do you think? Bold enough for you?

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 9

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14 – Sunny Days, Curly Hair

For those summer days, how about this look? It’s the color that we fell in love with first, but that cut is pretty cute too. Curled over and short, it’s no-muss and no-fuss. Perfect for those super busy mornings when you really don’t have time to play around with longer locks.

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 25

Source: mrskj5

15 – Feminine & Cute Dark Curls with Highlights

When applying products to thicker or longer hair, make sure you use hair grips to keep sections out the way, allowing you to coat all the hair, rather than just those locks that you can easily get to. What’s the point in only taking care of half your hair?

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 20

Source: salonchristol

16 – Natural n’ Curly High, Piled Hair

This cute look has everything nicely piled up high on top, and we think it’s definitely a contender for your hottest and next look. What do you think? Does it tick all the right boxes for you? Leave your comments in the box below and let us know!

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 14

Source: beautybyangie_13

17 – Beautiful Curly Grow Out

Scrunching is a great way to add some more volume and curls into your locks, but it can also be a super fast way if incorporating extra frizz. If you are going to use this scrunching motion whilst trying to achieve these short curly hairstyles for black women, make sure you do so in a careful and sparing manner. You will also need to make sure that you’ve saturated all the hair in the product you’re using before you start the scrunching.

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 21

Source: salonchristol

18 – Sweet, Curly Pixie

Although you’re often told that curly hair should avoid layers, the layers are actually what help to give the curls movement and texture. You shouldn’t be afraid to add layers to your short curly hairstyles for black women, but make sure that you go to a good hairdresser that knows how to cut hair just like yours.

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 6

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19 – Sweet, Short & Oh So Sassy

If you use poor quality, cheap products on your hair, your hair will come out looking poor quality and cheap. That’s pretty much how it goes with most things in life and should serve as a warning. You really do get what you pay for. If a friend is offering to do a style like this “on the cheap”, make sure you have seen examples of their previous work … and that you trust them.

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 5

Source: angydarling

20 – Chic & Flicked Under

You don’t need full-on curls to add the curly-factor to the occasion, as this cute flicked-out look just goes to show. It’s sassy, sweet and incredibly elegant, showing you how fabulous shorter locks really could look on black women.

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 3

Source: anthonycuts

21 – Short, Sweet & Piled on Top

Hair salon appointments don’t come cheap, but there’s a very good reason for that. The people behind the chairs are professionals and have trained to do the job they do. They’ll know what kind of shape you should be looking to achieve, and what combinations will better work for your skin tone. We should all probably listen to them a little more.

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 11

Source: lake.e__

22 – Pressed Romantic Waves

If you want to ask your hairdresser for something super flattering, ask for lots of vertical layers, with a few individual layers thrown in afterward for good measure. This is what helps to make the curls move in a beautiful way, and will also help them to sit much more evenly too.

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 26

Source: mrskj5

23 – Diva Blonde Curly on Top

There are so many benefits to rocking short hair, and the one of the biggest benefits is that these looks will take you virtually no time at all to style. Washing short hair is quicker than with long hair, and the same can be said for both drying and styling too.

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 27

source: khimandi

24 – Fabulous Blonde Curls on Top

If you’re experiencing a serious case of dry curls, don’t worry. Just start looking for shampoos that don’t contain sulfates. These are the ingredients that help your shampoo to lather up, so there won’t be any of the big bubbles when you do wash your locks. At the same time, what you’ll be sacrificing in bubbles you’ll be gaining in hair health. It’s all worth it in the end.

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 10

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25 – Cute, Wavy & Sassy Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

Black women have a certain texture to their hair, which means that mussed up and thicker, added-volume, and curly styles are often much easier to wear than super sleek styles, which will generally require much more in the form of maintenance. With a cute and curly look like this one, you can curl your hair one day, and then scrunch it back up the next. As far as hairstyles go, this could be one of the most versatile.

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 2

Source: khimandi

26 – Romantic Twisted Curls

The hairdryer can be your worst enemy when you have curly and short locks, but a diffuser will work magic on your curls if you learn how to use it with the right products. Don’t use heavy and thick mousses, instead looking for products that are considered weightless in texture.

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 12

Source: lake.e__

27 – Curly, Cute Ringlets

These cute and curly ringlets have given us all hair envy, and with things taken shorter and stacked at the sides and across the back, with the longer length across the top, you are free to style it however you choose. Opt for something sleek and straight on the days when hair straighteners are right there to hand, or keep things cute and curly with these romantic ringlets instead.

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 28

Source: khimandi

28 – Ri-Ri Red

Rihanna herself sported a look that was so very similar to this one, and if it was good enough for good ol’ Ri-Ri, you know it’s good enough for us too. The maintenance on this look will be pretty high. Red is one of those shades that would easily fade to a dull orange, so you’ll need to be on top of your upkeep appointments.

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 22

Source: salonchristol

29 – Short n’ Natural Curls

These short curls are something else entirely, something cool, fresh, modern and simple for those times when longer hair just isn’t your thing. With the right killer red lips, this look could be as sassy as you like, something elegantly shown by this babe, we think!

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 13

Source: beautybyangie_13

30 – Stormy Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

These short curly hairstyles for black women are not only fabulous but much easier to wear than lots of hair extensions and pieces. In the midst of the summer, all that hair is just going to weigh you down and make you a bit of a sweaty mess. Keep your locks short and sassy, just like this super cute look, is going to be much cooler. And we bet you get a ton of compliments from both men and women because of it!

30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women 1

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