40 Shaved Hairstyles for Women

By on August 16, 2017

Craving a badass hairstyle? Eager to stand above the crowd? Well then, you might want to choose a shaved hairstyle. Often associated with the punk-rock trend, the style has increased a lot in popularity over the years. Increasingly more women choose hairdos that are different, unusual yet interesting. We’ve created a beautiful list of 40 shaved hairstyles for women. Have a look, and choose the one that best complements your personality.

Who doesn’t love a high ponytail? In the summer, the hairdo is ideal. To make yours stand out, get a zigzag shave underneath. It will certainly make you stand out. On top of that, a few blue highlights here and there will make the hairstyle even more appealing to the eye.

1. Curly Pixie with Shaved Lines 

via Pinterest/hairmotive

A long, curly pixie hairdo may not be enough for you to feel confident. How about if you shave the sides and add straight, horizontal lines into the mix? It will instantly make you look badass, powerful, and self-assured. Try it out and own it!

2. Short Pixie with Undercut

via Pinterest/goostyles

Chic, stylish pixie hairdos are in trend these days. Make yours stand out with a cool shave on the sides. The hairstyle is ideal for women with a pronounced bone structure. Light up your complexion, and make a change that will turn everyone’s heads around.

3. Funky Blue & Side Shave

via Pinterest/newaylook

This punk-rock look screams ingenuity. We love the washed out green and bold makeup. It conveys an air of originality; not to mention that’s it’s really chic and different. The shave on the side and styling at the top blend beautifully together.

4. Short Asymmetric Bob & Shaved Side

via Pinterest/stayglam

A short, layered bob might be just what you need to feel confident again. Check out this interesting layered bob. The style stands out because the side shave is absolutely stunning. The brown color goes really well with the blonde highlights; it adds a touch of originality and class.

5. Short Blonde Mohawk & Shaved Back Base

via Pinterest/newaylook

A Mohawk done differently might be just what you need to get that boost of confidence you lost along the way. This amazing hairdo that combines a classic mohawk and a shaved back base exceed all expectations. Go for platinum blonde and let your new hairstyle wow everyone around you.

6. Platinum Blonde Shave & Top Braiding 

via Pinterest/Estelle White

Platinum blonde is a stunning hair color that fits perfectly on women with short hair. Add a top braiding, and side shaves, and the end result will be wow. But not that it will work only if you have a pronounced bone structure. Get some advice from a professional before making such a radical decision.

7. Curls & Side Shave 

via Pinterest/blackhairinformation

Bold curls styles at the top of your head might be just what you need for this year. It’s the perfect hairdo for summer. To give it a different, more striking effect, go for an undercut on one of the sides. It does’t just look cool; it exudes originality and high class.

8. Long Beach Waves 

via Pinterest/Jillian Hyde

We love it when the classical beach waves have a twist. Check out this interesting hairstyle. The length and middle structure have been preserved; the coolest detail is the shaved sides. It gives the style a different vibe. If you have long, blonde hair, and you want to spice things up a bit; this is it.

9. Honey Blonde Bob & Undercuts

via Pinterest/Sherry Biddinger 

Honey blonde is a hair color that instantly grabs attention. Made into a short bob and shaved on one of the sides, the final look is absolutely magnificent. To give the hairdo a little more glam, keep the volume at the top of the head. A fringe turned on one side is highly recommended. It will give your face definition, shaping your beautiful facial features.

10. Bold Green & Short Mohawk 

via Pinterest/Cryolin Johnson 

Neon green is a type of hair color that not many women dare to adopt. It works best on short hair because it’s easier to cover. A cool base shave and a mohawk in the center of your head make the hairdo instantly grab attention. Notice the height? It’s the perfect style if you have a slightly rounder face with little definition.

11. High Bun & Chic Undercut

via Pinterest/The Circle Salon

Chic undercuts are the perfect solution when you’re trying to do something different with your hair without exaggerating. Women with beautiful, oval faces who love a high bun will love this idea. It’s interesting and chic; to say the least.

12. Long, Wavy Brunette 

via Pinterest/Sortra

In love with your long, brunette hair? Perfect. Do you feel the need for a change but you don’t want to cut it off? Well then, we recommend that you shave half. It’s unusual, but you’ll love the end result. It add a touch of pure glam.

13. Half Head Shave

via Pinterest/hairstylesupdate

Shaving more than half of your head is a tough call to make. But if you’re the rebel type who’s not afraid of taking risks, you’ll love it. Embrace the change and do something different for once. If you have longer hair, you won’t have to worry if you get bored. You can easily cover it up until the hair grows back on.

14. Undercut, Braiding, and Long Waves 

via Pinterest/Jennifer Wickey

There’s something about the picture above we absolutely adore. It could be the shave, the undercut or the braiding. Oh, but wait. We love it all. The hairdo has a punk-rock allure that you don’t see everywhere.

15. Super Curls 

via Pinterest/therighthairstyles

Super curly hair is cool, fresh and vibrant. Go for some interesting highlights to give it a little more definition; and if you dare to shave on one side or both, do it. The shaved head trend is just getting started. Increasingly more women find it stylish and appealing. Why not give it a try?

16. Aztec Undercut

via Pinterest/Amanda Lee

Shaves that are Aztec-inspired are truly unique. Check out our suggestions. Basically, if you have long hair you have nothing to lose. You can just cover it up if you get bored. Summer time is the perfect time of the year to wear high ponytails and buns. It’s definitely a good idea to take a risk.

17. Full Head Shave 

via Pinterest/tchoupomoting 

Women with perfectly round heads should embrace this bold and avant-garde new trend: the shaved head. It might seem extreme, but it will instantly make you stand above the crowd. Emphasize your feminine features with cool makeup, and everyone will be astounded by your new look.

18. Rebellious Side Shave 

via Pinterest/hairstyles & tattoos 

Are you the rebel type of girl? Well then, a striking half-shave might be just what you need to give your long, beautiful hairdo a touch of glam. Keep the waves on the one side; if you get bored of the shave, you can always cover it up.

19. Inspiring Hair Tattoo 

via Pinterest/Ariel Beth 

Hair tattoos are the coolest trend in shaved hairstyles. They’re really sleek and interesting. Test the area you feel safe; just to see how much you like the change. Give the shave a twist with an interesting trim and wear your hair up-high for the world to see.

20. High Ponytail & Striking Undercut 

via Pinterest/ Moly Owens 

Check out this amazing blonde ponytail with a twist! Trimmed nicely all around, the hairdo stands out instantly. On the side of the trims, we notice some cool shaved lines. They definitely make the hairdo seem even more interesting and attention-grabbing.

21. Gradual Back Shave 

via Pinterest/Hairstylezz

This cool gradual shave is absolutely stunning. We love the messy bun and straight horizontal line that makes the difference between the shave and long hair. Stand above the crowd with a hairdo that look anything but average.

22. Pixie Hairdo with Chic Undercut & Shave 

via Instagram/buzzcutfeed

A chic undercut is all you need to make your pixie hairdo look diferent and out of the ordinary. Keep your natural hair color for a fresh, clean look.

23. Badass Shave with Geometric Design

via Pinterest/thefashionspot

Geometric undercuts are in trend these days. They convey a sense of originality and style that you don’t see every day on the streets. If you love to wear your hair up in a bun, this hairdo might be just what you need.

24. Purple Pink Emo Shave 

via Pinterest/fulldose 

The emo shave is meant for all the ladies who are not afraid to risk it all. The shave is indeed dramatic, but we still love it. The cool purple braiding looks absolutely stunning!

25. Side Cut Shave & Earth Blonde Hair

via Pinterest/Lisa Adamcik

A very discreet side-cut that conveys a sense of freshness! A slightly darker blonde nuance makes you look modern and very stylish; that hidden shave on the side makes all the difference.

26. Purple Mohawk & Side Cuts

via Pinterest/style and designs 

In the mood for something completely different this season? How about a purple mohawk and very short trims on the sides. The hairdo is perfect for women that want to make themselves look taller and feel more confident.

27. Heartbeat Shave & Exaggerated Mohawk 

via Pinterest/therighthairstyles

In case you dare to be bold and take a real risk, we’re presenting you with a killer hairdo: a long green/blue mohawk with short trims and a heartbeat shave on the side. It will definitely make you feel like the most badass woman in the world.

28. Long Purple Bob & Brown Side Shave 

via Pinterest/Sammi Sherdel

Pink is the color of the year that most women crave for. It’s such a funky color that will give you a real personality boost. Noticed the shave on the side? It grabs all the attention.

29. Short Pink Pixie 

via Pinterest/John Fredrick 

Shaving your hair is not an easy decision to make. But if you have the face for a pixie, why not do it? Check out the picture above. The shave on the sides goes perfectly with rest of the hairdo. Make sure to wear proper makeup for an even bigger impact.

30. Versatile Shave & Ponytail 

via Pinterest/Brit Morin 

A beautiful ponytail is often all you need to look confident. Top off with short trims on the sides, to frame the face and give you a boost of confidence. Women with perfectly round faces will instantly fall in love with this hairdo; it simple, yet impactful.

31. Wild Bob with Shaved Side 

via Pinterest/Bethany Eubanks 

Wild, round bobs with no fringe are chic and very easy to style. To make yours stand out, go for a side shave. It might seem like a tough choice, but it’s worth taking if you feel the need for a change.

32. Undercut & Undershave with Ponytail

via Pinterest/LisaLe Mc

A messy ponytail exudes a sense of freedom. From the half down, get short trims. The hairdo is excellent if you have thick locks. You won’t even feel the difference, because if you get bored you can always ditch the ponytail, and wear your hair loose.

33. Chic Pixie & Leaf-like Shave 

via Instagram/nothingbutpixies 

Make your short pixie hairstyle look different with a leaf inspired shave on one of the sides. Check out the photo above. It is sublime. We love the transition of the shave because it add volume at the top, complementing the client’s head beautifully.

34. Purple Haze Bob

via Pinterest/girlyplugs 

Purple hair is not something you might dare to get, but if you’re ready for a real change this year; we would advise you to take a risk. Purple haze is such an alluring nuance. Combined with a cool shave in dark brown, the end result will exceed all your expectations.

35. Multicolored Mohawk & Side Shave with Stripes 

via Pinterest/Savy Nsweet

Not exactly the simplest shaved hairstyle, but there’s something we love about it: the trimming techniques behind the crazy colors. Those straight horizontal lines are fascinating. They give the hairdo an interesting vibe; you can always get it without the multi-colors in case you think it’s too much.

36. Silvery Pixie

via Pinterest/pophaircuts

Silver has been the hero color of the year. Increasingly more women around the world have fallen in love with the “granny hair”. Want to look hot wearing grey hair? Get a pixie with undercuts and shaves.

37. Platinum Blonde Bob & Side Swept Bangs 

via Pinterest/Gloss Hair & Beauty

Platinum blonde is a hair color that will never fade away. As long as the styling is on par with the makeup, you’ll feel like the most self-assured, confident woman. Choose a side-swept fringe to reveal the shave on the other side and be proud of your hairdo.

38. Long Ponytail with Undercut 

via Pinterest/Heather Symmes

Once again, a long ponytail with shaves on the sides! We love the end result because it has that badass allure you don’t see very often on women. Keep it simple and top off with striking makeup. You will, for sure, steal the show everywhere you go!

39. Long Silver Pixie & Under Shaves 

via Pinterest/Emily Gilbert 

A layered pixie hairdo with undercuts has a very urban appeal when combined with the right attitude. Keep the fringe on the front to shape your face and emphasize the beautiful neckline.

40. Pastel Pink & Top Bun

via Pinterest/Stacy Ross

Pastel pink is a lovely hair color. It goes really well with brown; so even if your hair grows the wow effect will be preserved. Undercuts work beautifully; it gives your new style extra edge.

There you have it gals! 40 of the most shaved hairstyles that we could find. Each and every hairdo we’ve presented has something unique. Whether you’re ready for a dramatic change, or you just want to test the waters and keep things simpler, it’s obvious that things are changing. Be bold, feel beautiful, make an impac


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