50 Sew-In Hairstyles for Black Women

By on November 21, 2015

Most black women opt to use sew-ins mostly because it enables their natural hair to grow out while others go for different sew-in styles as a protective style especially during harsh weather conditions. Black women are lucky when it comes to trying out different hairstyles since their tough healthy hair aligns perfectly when it comes to sew-in styles. Sew-ins are actually a form of weave for the hair that you can actually sew into your hair rather than glue onto your scalp. The sew-ins hairstyles are sewed in onto cornrows braids against the scalp or weave cap. They are impeccable and many black women prefer them to wigs since only a few people can tell them apart from natural hair. The latest and hottest sew-in hairstyle is the vixen sew-in followed closely by another popular one known as the versatile sew-in. Whether you prefer your hair Curly, straight, thick or thin there sure is a perfect sew-in hairstyle out there for you. Here are 50 amazing sew-in hairstyles to inspire you.

  1. Pixie Cut Sew-ins.


This is one of the cutest hairstyles ever. It softens your face and at the same time giving you a mature look of a woman who knows what she wants. Grab those stunning studs seating on your dresser to complete this look.

  1. Center part Sew-ins.


In this style the cornrows resemble a maze and the stylist leaves out some hair at the centre before sewing in and layering the hair extensions.

  1. Straight Sleek Hair.


This hairstyle is for the modern and super stylish woman. It brings out their beautiful cheek bones and eyes. It has a more natural look making it difficult to tell it’s a sew-in hairstyle.

  1. Sew-in ponytail.


Every woman loves a beautiful full ponytail that bounces on her back as she walks and allows for everyone to have a good look at her fabulous loops. The black woman’s natural hair may not have that “bounce” but worry not because you can get sew-In extensions that give you a full beautiful ponytail.

  1. Wedding Up Do.


Elegant up do for that beautiful wedding memory can be achieved by sew-ins and they will allow you to be able to achieve a perfect French chignon.

  1. Curly Mohawk Up Do.


This hairstyle gives you an edgy look. Both sides of the hair are pulled up to the centre and then curly hair extensions are at the centre running from the top of the head to the back. Give this style a little Twist and dye the curls and trust me, you are going to turn heads.

  1. Sleek Bob cuts.


This hairstyle is just perfect for a formal or official look. It gives you a sleek sophisticated look and radiates confidence and helps you rock your power suit to full effect.

  1. Ombre colored Hair sew-ins.


Ombre colored hair is a cool and it has completely revolutionalized the styling business. Go out of your usual hair color and try a beautiful ombre color like brown/blond it might be what you need in your life to get you feeling gorgeous and edgy.

  1. Chinese Bangs Sew In.


Get beautiful straight bangs that frame your face uniformly without covering your face. This style gives you a youthful look making you look younger. The cornrows are normally full head and the weave is sewed in fully to give that full and accurate look.

  1. Gray long curly weave.


This year the go to hair color has been Gray. A few years ago nobody would have thought this possible! That’s right Gray is not for old women only now on the contrary it makes you look chic and urban as a 20 something woman.

  1. Gray and Blue Hair Sew-in..


Since we have already established how gray hair is cool, how about you mix up gray and hues of blue to make it even better. This is really cool and urban and when it is perfectly trimmed to complement your face it will make you stand out in a crowd.

  1. Sleek Short Bob Sew-in.


This style frames your face beautifully. The length is just perfect as it is above the shoulders and allows you to show off your neck. It is quite ideal for women with long beautiful necks. If you shy away from trying sleek long cuts this is the perfect style for you.

  1. Short hair with Bangs.


If you have short hair you can let your hair grow out a little at the front and have extensions sewed in and have them trimmed to create beautiful bangs that frame your face perfectly.

  1. Full closure Sew-ins.


For those women trying to grow out their hairline that have been damaged before this style is ideal for you as it acts as a protective style and allows you to repair your edges. As you get this hairstyle ensure that your stylist does not apply too much pressure on your hairline.

  1. Loose Wave


This hairstyle is romantic and wistful. It plays largely on your femininity and gives you a very soft look.

  1. Kinky Curls Sew-ins..


Get your head full of kinky curls with this style. If you love big hair this is the style for you as you can get large volumes sewed in.

  1. Seductive Blonde Curls.


Are you afraid of going blonde? Well am here to challenge you and dare you to go blonde! Black women have the most amazing facial structures and every black woman should at least go blonde once in their life time. It might be your color and unless you try it, you will never know.

  1. Deep wave curly hair.


Try this Kelly Rowland inspired hair style if you are tired of the more severe styles like the sleek straight hair. You will love your sewed-in curls.

  1. Side Swept weave.


The hair extensions are sewed in and brought to one side and to make this style look even better try and add some color, say blonde.

  1. Cranberry Bob.


Give your boring black bob a new twist and get a cranberry colored bob sewed in. This is bound to turn heads.

  1. Body wave Sew-In.


This style is simply gorgeous because of the natural wave pattern. It can hold curls beautifully and flat ironed smoothly and straight. It can also be worn in layers.

  1. Marilyn Monroe Inspired Sew-in.


Get inspired to try this hairstyle and it’s not that hard to nail it providing you go to a professional who will be able to bring it out exactly how you want it. Do not be afraid to go blonde too, it wouldn’t be Marilyn Monroe inspired if it was not blonde, would it?

  1. Invisible Part weave.


For this style ensure that you have a professional do it for you as the invisible parting has to come out perfectly during the sew-in.

  1. Blond with layered bangs.


Try this Blond beautiful layered cut to make you look chic. It brings out your beautiful eyes and lips.

  1. Asymmetrical Trims.


Asymmetry adds an edge and gives originality to your hairstyle. Go for a blue color this time and ensure that your make up is also right to make you look chic. Do not be afraid of the blue hair. If you can’t dye your natural hair blue, that’s where the sew-in comes in. Good news is that blue hair is also in season.

  1. Curly Hair with Side Parts.


Curls are sexy no doubt about that by now. It is ideal for a party or a social gathering and it looks messy but not sloppy. If you have curly hair naturally but would love a change you can get curly extensions added to your hair and have some side parting done too. This makes it look natural as you can also leave out some of your hair too.

  1. Long Layered bob with middle parting.


This middle parting emphasizes your natural features and at the same time it helps cover up your flaws. Try a beautiful ombre color for more effect.

  1. Brown Highlights Sew-ins.

Highlights are in trend this season and particularly lighter colors. So if you are looking to spice up your sew- in, buy some brown highlights and try them on your hair it is bound to look really good.

  1. Rainbow Hair.


This season colors have dominated the styling industry and green has also been getting appreciation. Get your green and black hair but this time opt for purple highlights and see how perfect this blend turns out to be. It gives you originality and makes you stand out.

  1. Short and straight.


Get this fabulous style and have it cut to longer on one side to soften your face. Having a good cut that is not too severe to your face makes it look better.

  1. Long Curly Hair with Bangs.


This style is the alternative for the Chinese bangs. If the straight Chinese bangs hair is too severe for you this style is just perfect for you. It adds a softer look to your facial features.

  1. Blond with hues of pink hair..


Try blending your blond hair with some pink hues. This style is unique, urban, modern and extremely chic. Do not be afraid to pull this off, celebrities like ciara have tried it and it looks gorgeous. Sew-ins come in handy when you want to try out a crazy color.

  1. Messy Curls.


For the messy curls look you should try to retain your roots to look darker then make your ends lighter. Ensure that the curls look messy but not sloppy. The curls should look like someone ran their fingers softly through your hair or the wind blew through your hair.

  1. Brown & Blond with Side Swept Bangs.


This half blond and half brown color is ideal and it makes the style pop. The side swept bangs frame your face and make you feel beautiful.

  1. Cherry Blend & Fully Layered.


At the roots try and maintain the natural color of your hair and then at the end add the blend of red and cherry which offers a dramatic wonderful combination. The full sew-ins ensures that the hair is voluminous which adds fullness to the style making it look good.

  1. Vintage inspired .


Change your average hair and blend perfect curls and waves at the top of your head to add a romantic touch with a side fringe and use vintage hair clips. This gives you a vintage glamorous look. Add your pearl earrings to complete this look.

  1. Teased Hair.

For this style, go for a lighter warm color like blond. This hairdo is good for people with thinning hair and with the help of sew-ins and hairspray it helps you look modern and chic.

  1. Layered Bob with Ombre Effect.


A long layered bob that is shorter at the back and longer at the sides is very beautiful and sexy. This season Ombre hair has been making large waves. To spice up your layered bob get the ombre effect.

  1. Sleek Bob with side fringe..


Have your bob neatly combed and styled to one side and go for longer strands in the front and shorter ones at the back. This style is perfect for the sophisticated stylish ladies as you can never go wrong with a sleek bob.

  1. Long Layered bob with Blue Hints.


The huge craze this season has been layered hair and color. Combine this two and the results are mind blowing. Have the layered tips look uneven to give a loose feel and appear fresh. This layered bob matches all face types making it even more ideal.

  1. Neat Bob with Fringe.


You will require a flat iron and give it a twist by getting a fringe and have it layered at the tips to have a more dramatic effect. This is the perfect hairstyle for you if you are tired of curly hair.

  1. Short hair & Undercut and Bangs.

If you are a woman with bony features this is the ultimate style for you. Have the sides trimmed off and leave the other side longer and then get a side fringe too. You will be the envy of all your friends and you will have the coolest most innovative style ever.

  1. Creamy Chocolate Hair Sew-in.


This creamy chocolate colored hairdo is as seductive as it gets. Make sure that it does not go past your shoulders and for an added effect get a side fringe, gloss your lips and rock the hell out of this style.

  1. Voluminous long hair.


Get a skilled stylist who will be able to sew-in your extensions to achieve a voluminous mermaid hair. Also make sure it is layered perfectly especially at the back so that it looks chic and trendy.

  1. Ombre Green Hair sew-in.


If you are a woman with a weakness for minimalistic details this is definitely your style. It is sleek, stylish and sophisticated requiring a certain level of elegance. The good thing is if you have the above attributes you can pull it off and rock any outfit.

  1. Ombre Pink.


With this style try to make the roots retain their original color and then sew in the weave with pink tips to have the pink ombre color effect. A fun fact is that most women who like experimenting with their hair always try pink. You should therefore consider trying this pink ombre hair. More to it, spice things up with a bob.

  1. Layered Red.


Sewing-in hair weaves is the hottest trend so why don’t you make it even better by wearing this amazing trend in red. Let it shine and go for the most original color mix and opt for asymmetry too one side straight while keeping the other side in curls.

  1. Structural Bob with Hints of Blond.


Blond goes well with any other dominant color even black. A Structural bob will fit your style perfectly therefore go for the simplest and sleekest variant and have some of the strands dyed blond. You will love the outcome so much and look even better.

  1. Frizzy Bob.


Are you tired of straight hair? A frizzy bob can look a million times better than straight hair. Get beautiful extensions sew-ins that have frizzy curls and buy a good hair mouse to help you keep the strands under control.

Sew-ins can last up to 3 months with the proper care. Sew-ins on Black women should be shampooed every two weeks and should be fully dried out as wet hair can cause mildew and eventually have a foul smell. Depending on the braiding pattern, the hair can be oiled to relieve the dry scalp. Women are advised not to neglect their weave hence deep condition it regularly and moisturize it always. Also use a heat protectant prior to using heat. Sew-ins comes with many cool hairstyles that every black woman can wear once in a while. They make you look amazing and at the same time allow your natural hair to grow! Dare to be different and try out one of the styles (or more) of these 50 fabulous styles!


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