10 Senior Trip Ideas

By on January 3, 2016

You have spent hours, days, months, YEARS studying in school, and you’ve finally made it to the end. You are a SENIOR. This is the last stretch before you are DONE. How are you going to celebrate? It’s obviously an incredibly big milestone in your and your classmates’ life, so we’ve come up with 10 amazing senior trip ideas that will definitely feel like a reward for all of your hard work.


  1. Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii is certainly one of those destinations everyone wishes to visit at one point of their life, so why not make it your senior trip? There’s plenty of amazing things to do in Hawaii, from enjoying the gorgeous beaches to escaping into the tropical jungles for a hike. You can even check out real volcanoes and go kayaking, plus so much more. Wouldn’t it feel nice to be saying “Aloha!” at the end of your school journey? We’re thinking YES.


  1. New York City, New York

It’s the city that NEVER sleeps; and as someone who has recently graduated, wouldn’t that be a nice place to go? Here, you may lose some sleep checking out all of the amazing destinations; but you won’t mind, because you’ll no longer lose sleep over studying for that big test tomorrow. New York has so much history, so much art, so much EVERYTHING. You’ll crave coming back to this exciting city the second you step foot out of it. There’s so much to see and your trip will be packed with exciting events.


  1. Williamsburg, VA

If you’re looking for a spot where you can enjoy a delightful slice of American history in a rather quiet city, then we recommend Williamsburg, Virginia. It’s such a charming place that has plenty of great historical spots and sights you have to see before you leave. Enjoy a relaxing carriage ride while enjoying your surroundings of Old World America! It’s a lot more relaxed than most of the destinations on this list, but that’s definitely not a bad thing.


  1. Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida. You DO know what’s in Orlando, Florida, right? DISNEY WORLD! Okay, so you may be older and more ‘mature’, but come on- you can’t tell me you’re not dying to check out this amusement park! Take a step back in time and pretend you’re a kid again with NO cares in the world and head out to Orlando, Florida for some Disney World fun. (Yes, there’s other things there too, but only if you can pry yourself away from the most magical place on earth).


  1. London, England

Want to travel to another country? Extremely afraid of language barriers? We have a solution: London, England. Yes, they talk a bit differently, but it is still English at the end of the day. Plus there are some really gorgeous places to see and who wouldn’t love to live the life of the British for a few days?


  1. Jamaica, Caribbean

After years of endless studying, difficult tests, and all the drama that comes from simply being in school, you deserve to relax like you never relaxed before. And where can you go where relaxation is the key to happiness? Jamaica, man! Jamaica, Caribbean is a very casual and cool place to go, and the views are sensational. Make your trip extra special by taking a relaxing CRUISE all the way down to the Caribbean! How cool would that be!?


  1. Egypt

Talk about some seriously awesome ancient history! Egypt is home to those stunning ancient pyramids we all read about in school, but imagine seeing them- and so much more- in person? That is certainly something you will definitely never see again in your entire life, and something most individuals will never have the pleasure of seeing. This extraordinary land is just waiting to be seen and explored by you and your classmates!


  1. Aspen, Colorado

Calling all lovers of mountain and snow! If you’re looking for a destination where skis and hot cocoa is an everyday thing, then you need to take a visit to Aspen, Colorado. This GORGEOUS area is sure to take your breath away with its beauty, and if you are daring enough, plunge onto the slopes with your snowboard or ski; hey, you only live once!


  1. Los Angeles, California

Taking a stroll in Hollywood, checking out all the glamorous hot spots, and possibly seeing a celebrity? Um, yes please- sounds like heaven! There’s so much to do in Los Angeles, you won’t be able to see it all in just a couple of days; but you will certainly enjoy everything you DO see, from the coolest and most casual beaches to the most glamorous sports you could ever imagine.


  1. Rome, Italy

Could you imagine seeing the Colosseum with your own two eyes? How about indulging in some of the most amazing Italian food of your entire life? Wouldn’t you love to see some historical (and very beautiful) architecture? There’s so many wonderful things to do AND see in Rome, Italy, you’ll be astonished by it- I guarantee it. If your idea of a senior trip involves traveling to another country and you’re not sure where your landing spot should be, Rome, Italy is highly recommended. If nothing else, if you’re an Italian food lover, you’re sure to get the best pizza that will have your mouth drooling for weeks. Sounds good to me!

As you can see, there’s TONS of ideas when it comes to senior trips. You could keep it casual with a relaxing trip to Jamaica, or go all out and cross over to Europe and escape to Rome, Italy, where you’ll be overtaken by scrumptious food and delightful sights. Where did you go on your senior trip? If your senior trip is coming up, where do you plan on going? Are you going to go to any of these spots? Let us know below!

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