Selena Gomez Without Makeup

By on May 6, 2014

At merely twenty-one, American born singer, songwriter, and actress Selena Gomez has been in the public eye for near twelve years. Having made her debut on Barney and Friends at the tender age of ten, Selena has since become a superstar who’s famed for her beauty, her acting career, and her budding pop career. She’s dated celebrities such as Justin Bieber and is always connected with her fans, things which have helped to propel her to fame. As she’s always in the public eye, Selena tries to always look her best. She flaunts flawless skin, a perfect smile, and angelic eyes but is that always the case? I don’t know about you, my my makeup free face isn’t as fresh as I’d like which got me wondering if Selena was the same. To answer the question, I’ve been doing some research and have found some interesting pictures of the starlet makeup free.

1. Young and Fresh Faced

Selena Gomez without makeup_1

Here a slightly younger Selena was photographed on one of her rare days off. She’s dressed simply in skinny jeans and a summer top. Her hair looks lovely in a bob and she looks as beautiful as ever without even a touch of makeup on. Despite her lack of eyeliner and mascara, her eyes look fabulous, wide, and awake.

2. Makeup Testing

Selena Gomez without makeup_2

Here the star is about to try some makeup testers but before however she’s had to strip her makeup off, revealing all that’s underneath. She looks lovely as she shows off her naturally flawless skin, wide eyes, and her natural look is enhances by her carefree ponytail. I’m not sure why she’s bothering to test makeup, she sure doesn’t need it!

3. All Natural

Selena Gomez without makeup_3

Okay, so I’ll admite Selena doesn’t look her best here. In fact, as it happens she’s suffering from jet lag, something you can see in the bags under her eyes. She’s got an incredibly busy schedule however so who can blame her for not looking perfect all the time. Still, her highlighted hair looks absolutely stunning and despite her unflattering expression you can still see that her skin looks near flawless. She looks so relaxed in her poncho too.

4. Shopping Spree

Selena Gomez without makeup_4

Here Selena was seen as she was about to embark on a shopping spree. She looks fantastic in her black skinny jeans and oversized shirt, setting her up for a casual day out. She’s letting her lovely hair flow freely and despite the fact we already know she looks lovely without makeup she’s chosen to hide the majority of her face behind her shades.

5. 100% Natural

Selena Gomez without makeup_5

Wow! There’s not denying that Selena looks amazing here, despite not having a speck of makeup on her face. She looks amazing with her hair falling in loose waves and with only a simple pendant around her neck. She looks lovely and fresh faced, she even perhaps looks better than a lot of people look even with makeup and that’s no mean feat.

6. A Winter’s Day

Selena Gomez without makeup_6

On this cold winters day Selena was seen wearing a thick, orange hoodie coupled with a chunky knit scarf. She’s completely makeup free, not that you’d know it she looks so fab. She looks incredibly stylish with her big glasses and her neat ponytail as she checks her phone while walking down the street.

7. Simple and Plain

Selena Gomez without makeup_7

Here Selena was seen wearing simple grey leggings, brown army boots, and an oversized white top, making for an extremely casual look. She’s wearing her hair in loose waves and has accessorised with a chunky pendent. While her facial expression isn’t all too flattering, her natural beauty while devoid of makeup is still evident. I’m loving her casual look here!

8. A Vision in Red

Selena Gomez without makeup_8

Wow oh wow! There aren’t many people who can look this good without makeup. In fact, I’m not sure there are many people who can look this good even with makeup. Here Selena is an absolute vision of beauty as she walks wearing skinny blue jeans, a long red top, and boasts a perfect complexion even with absolutely no makeup on. She looks perfect! I honestly don’t see how makeup could improve upon this look!

9. Simple and Sweet

Selena Gomez without makeup_9

Here Selena looks fabulous as she walks down the street in a simple white top, a purple and white scarf, with her hair in loose curls with no makeup on. Her natural pout looks beautiful, as do her deep set eyes. Who said she needs makeup? Here’s the proof that she doesn’t!

10. People Magazine

Selena Gomez without makeup_10

Here Selena looks fabulous as she poses for People Magazine without a stitch of makeup on. Her windswept hair looks amazing and she proves that the only makeup you truly need is your smile. I really admire her for doing this shoot as not many celebrities would. Go Selena!

11. Summer Style

Selena Gomez without makeup_11

Here Selena sports her summer style as she wears cropped shorts, a chunky navy jumper, and carries her red studded handbag. Her statement hair once again flows loose as she shows us how amazing she looks even without makeup.

12. Beach Ready

Selena Gomez without makeup_12

Here Selena shows off more of her summer style as she walks to the beach with her then boyfriend Justin Bieber. I love her floppy hat and think it goes great with her oversized t-shirt. Her hair is flowing loose and once again there’s no makeup in sight.

13. Professional

Selena Gomez without makeup_13

Even without makeup, Selena looks a true professional here. She’s dressed smartly and even her oversized sunglasses give her business look and edge. It’s all work and very little play for this young star but at least she looks great doing it!

14. A Romantic Day Out

Selena Gomez without makeup_

Once again Selena dares to bare as she has  a day out with her then boyfriend Justin Bieber. I love her style here and coupled with her flowing hair and fresh face there’s no denying that the star is a true beauty!

15. Young and Innocent

Selena Gomez without makeup_16

And finally a teenage Selena shows us that she’s always looked good without makeup. Here she wears a simple, innocent outfit with her hair pulled back into an untidy ponytail and yet she still looks incredible!

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