Scorpio Man in Love

By on April 25, 2014

Always determined to succeed, presenting an unemotional and detached personality while having an underlying need for love and fulfillment, and an eager and mysterious attitude that can’t be ignored, it’s no wonder why Scorpio is such a fascinating sign. They are undoubtedly one of the most loyal and determined signs of the bunch and won’t hesitate to ask questions, yet many perceive a Scorpio to be disinterested and bored. However, Scorpios are notably the most passionate and intense people, with a constant need for involvement and success.


The Type of Woman a Scorpio Needs

A Scorpio isn’t swayed by a pretty face, nor is he attracted to a fake woman. A Scorpio man is on the lookout for a breathtakingly gorgeous woman who is fierce and confident, preferably with a stable career and a respectable personality. He seeks a true lady with a bright attitude and a sheer confidence that can draw attention even in the largest crowds. However, Scorpio also needs a woman who is adventurous and able to put up with somewhat possessive and intense relationship. He does not and will not put up with a woman who tries to play games. 


Scorpio in a Relationship

It’s commonly said that a Scorpio man will be quick to jump into bed with a pretty woman, but he has to be really intrigued to enter in a relationship with a lady. She has to be extremely special and over the top to grab his attention for something other than a one night stand. And once he finds this extraordinary woman, he leeches on to her like bees on honey. He’ll do anything for his woman, yet may still give her the cold shoulder when it comes to emotions. You see, Scorpio men try to put on an act of being rugged and tough, not showing any form of love or interest. Yet deep down they are extremely emotional and attached to their lady of choice. In fact, they can be so possessive and intense that some ladies take it as being controlling. That’s just the Scorpio way, though- he doesn’t want to play games and he surely doesn’t want to lose his prized possession- which of course is his lovely lady.

A Scorpio man isn’t afraid to take on the challenge of a confident and classy woman, and doesn’t care if she makes more money or has a bigger house. In fact, he loves a woman that can take care of herself and doesn’t need stabilization from a man. This is what many woman find attractive in a Scorpio, especially the women who are highly successful and need a man who won’t be jealous (at least over financial matters). Women are also attracted to the fact that a Scorpio man is able to talk about real issues and deep problems without being offended or angry. In a Scorpio man’s mind, he would rather talk through a problem calmly rather than getting angry or bothered with each other.

To put it plainly, a Scorpio man is in it for the long haul. When he finds a gal he’s seriously interested in, he will do anything to keep her and treasures her like diamond or gold.


Scorpio in the Bedroom

Scorpios can be very persuasive and mysterious. They love to put on an act, presenting an unemotional exterior yet on the inside having a somewhat needy and passionate attitude. Their seductive nature and mystery is what draws many women to the Scorpio man, and what he presents in the bedroom only ignites their lust for him further.

That being said, if you’re looking for safety and security, then you probably shouldn’t jump into bed with a Scorpio. Scorpios have very wild sex lives and a just-as-crazy sex drive that keeps them extremely active. They are willing to do just about anything in the bedroom- even if it’s only one time, just to say they’ve tried it. They don’t like a hum and drum experience and require a sexually adventurous woman that is able to keep up with his crazy sexual antics. That doesn’t mean they aren’t passionate or loving, but the Scorpio wants to please his lady with many different forms.

Needless to say, if you pursue a night with a Scorpio, you can expect a wild and adventurous time unlike anything you have experienced before. Just remember to keep an open mind and a positive attitude and you’ll experience plenty of pleasure.

Negative Side of a Scorpio Man

It can’t all be roses and daisies, right? And just like anyone else, the Scorpio has his flaws. One of the biggest flaws that any Scorpio dater can tell you is they can be a bit controlling. A Scorpio man will get jealous fast and likes his woman to be loyal to him at all times. He’s not necessarily trying to be controlling, he’s really just passionate about his lady and wants her all to himself. This selfish nature can be tamed and some women even enjoy the Scorpios intense relationship.

Another one of the biggest flaws commonly seen with Scorpio men is their mood swings. They can be fiery and passionate one second, detached and uninterested the next. This is simply because the Scorpio hates to show his sensitive side, deeming it weak, although inside they are really mushy and romantic. If you can stick by a Scorpio man through his mood swings, however, you are guaranteed to witness his sensitive and loving side- which has said to be beyond any other type of love you could get in another relationship.


Scorpio and Pisces: the two of you will share a deep emotional connection that makes for a very loving and fun relationship. You won’t connect with another sign as easily as you do with Pisces.

Scorpio and Scorpio: this makes for an extremely intense and romantic relationship. With the two of you both sharing possessive and controlling qualities, the two of you are likely to be glued to each other which can easily lead to marriage.

Scorpio and Taurus: the two of you will connect on a romantic level quickly. If you can find other levels and interests to connect with, the relationship will undoubtedly be extremely strong and long term.

Scorpio and Cancer: this match is less likely to work, but is still possible. The two of you both love an intense relationship and strong bond, however the two vary greatly when it comes to handling situations. This could end up ruining the once strong bond the two of you shared.

The Scorpio Man in a Nutshell 

He is a passionate, driven man who doesn’t like to show his sensitive side to the public. He’s desperate to find a confident, successful woman to one day have as his trophy wife. He needs stability and passion, and isn’t afraid to try new things- especially in the bedroom. His mysterious nature and seductive ways makes him easy to get along with, yet he only holds true feelings for few. If you can put up with his controlling nature and mood swings, the Scorpio man will treat you like a princess and make you feel like the greatest woman in the world.


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