Sarah Chalke Plastic Surgery

By on April 6, 2014

Known for her roles in sitcoms, Sarah Chalke is a famed television star. She was born in 1976 and is rumored to have had plastic surgery. In past years, wrinkles and signs of aging were apparent. Since that time, these fine lines have disappeared which seems abnormal for a woman her age.

Did She Get Plastic Surgery?

At her current age, it is unusual to have such shiny, glowing skin. Even when minimal makeup is applied, she still has exceptionally youthful skin. In addition to rumors of Botox, there is also some speculation about a nose job. When she was still appearing on the television show, Roseanne, her nose became more beautiful than it previously was. Although she does not discuss possible plastic surgeries, plastic surgeons and celebrity gossip magazines have kept the topic alive. In her industry, it is completely normal to use alternative measures to remain young. Women who are over 25 typically have to start watching their figure and appearance in order to remain competitive with other Hollywood starlets.



Botox Fillers and a Nose Job

Judging from her pictures, it seems that Sarah Chalke has had plastic surgery to improve her nose. The nose job would have been performed to create a more streamlined appearance and a thinner bridge. Pictures of her before and after the possible procedure show a nose that is slight lower and smaller than before. In addition, before and after pictures indicate the usage of Botox. These fillers are provided by plastic surgeons to help fill in any wrinkles or fine lines. Women over 40 commonly develop these signs of aging around their eyes or forehead. In Chalke’s pictures, her skin suddenly appears tighter and younger.

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Since Botox fillers have to be reapplied every few months, these particular signs of plastic surgery would go away over the course of time. Her continued beauty and natural elegance shows that Chalke has stayed up to date on all of her treatments. Unlike other starlets, Sarah Chalke has managed to walk the fine line between just enough and too much plastic surgery. The work she has done has served to improve her natural beauty and combats some of the earlier signs of aging. Like most successful plastic surgery cases, it can be difficult at times to tell if she has had any work done on her body or face. Overall, her procedures appear to be a success.

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