100 Cool Salon Names

By on May 29, 2017

If you work for someone else forever, you may earn enough to live, but you will never become rich. To actually make a good living, you have to become an entrepreneur as well. Opening up your own hair salon is the first step toward increasing your revenue and developing an extensive clientele. Unfortunately, the competition can be tough in this industry. With only a few tools needed and the cost of rent, anyone can open their own hair salon. If you want to earn money, your salon has to stand out from the crowd. One of the ways to do this is by thinking of the perfect, cool salon name.

Naming Your Hair Salon

To start with, you need to begin brainstorming unique names for your hair salon. Start to think about your ideal client. Are you catering to hipsters or families? Do you want little, old ladies to come in for their weekly hair styling, or are you looking to attract the well-to-do?

Once you know who your salon is supposed to attract, you can start brainstorming names. Hair-related verbs like dye, style, curl, color, blow dry, cut and perm are all great ways to show what your business does. Rhyming names or alliteration (having all the name start with the same letter) can help you to stand out. You can also use your own name or name your salon after your unique specialty. In addition to telling clients what you do, naming it after your specialty means that more of the clients will come in for what you are best at, and you will get better reviews.

1. The Color Palette: If you specialize in dyeing hair, then this is the name for you.

2. Bombshell Studio: Hollywood bombshells are effortlessly glamorous, so this is a great name for a salon if you want to reflect glamour and beauty.

3. Blunt Cut: This is a cute play on words.

4. Serenity Salon: Alliteration is a great way to make your salon name more memorable.

5. The Makeover Place: If you have a makeup artist on staff or a nail technician, then this would be a really good name since clients could get an entire makeover at your salon.

6. Mon Petite Hair: This is a cute name for a hair salon that specializes in children’s hair cuts or has a lot of families that come in.

7. The Hair Lair: Rhyming words always make the name of a salon sound better.

8. Inspirations Salon: It might not be super creative, but this name works pretty well.

9. Under the Dryer: This is another name that is a play on words.

10. Undercut: Since undercut can also mean low prices, this name works best if you run a budget salon with fairly low prices.

11. Salacious Styles: One synonym of salacious is “sexy,” so this is a great way to use alliteration and market the types of styles that you do.

12. Color Me Crazy: If your hair salon specializes in colors and dyes, then this is a wonderful name to choose.

13. Chop-Chop Hair Salon: Chop-chop can refer to hair cuts and scissors, but it is also a way of saying that you are super fast.

14. Fringe: Simple, but complete.

15. Bed Head: Hopefully, no one who enters your salon with bed head will also leave with it.

16. Styles n’ Smiles: This is a cute name that uses alliteration to make it easier to remember.

17. Spectrum Hair Salon: This name sounds almost futuristic, so it would work well if your salon has a more modern design.

18. Feathered Flip: For some reason, this name sounds like one that would appeal to hipsters.

19. Auburn Studio: You could also modify this name with your favorite hair color.

20. Masterpieces Hair Salon: Hopefully, your hair salon will be a place where great masterpieces are made.

21. Live or Dye: While it might sound a little dark, it is memorable and is a name that you have probably never heard before.

22. The Colorist: This name wins because of its very simplicity.

23. Blue H2O Salon: If your salon is by the beach, use this one.

24. Holy Snip: Obviously, this one is a play on words that you couldn’t actually name your salon. It wins points for being creative though!

25. Just Curls: If you like up-dos and styling, use this name.

26. Turning Heads: Hair is on the head, but you want a style that turns heads. Thus, you have the perfect hair salon name.

27. Snappy Styles: Snappy can mean both quick and fashionable, so it is a great hair salon name.

28. On Edge: Edgy is often the term used for things that are fashionable, so this is a great way to say that you specialize in the latest styles.

29. Stylin’ Chic: Chic also sounds like “chick,” so it is an ideal way to signal that your salon caters to fashionable young women.

30. Big Hair Beauty Salon: If you like perms and big hair, go with this name.

31. Strands: This name is fairly simple, but it works.

32. Tresses: Again, this is another name that is super simple, but still cute.

33. Highlights Salon: If you love doing highlights and have a knack for it, use this salon name.

34. Shears: We like a lot of the simplest names because they are so easy for clients to remember.

35. Brass Palace: Hopefully, none of your dyes will have too brassy of a color too them.

36. Wavy Wonders Hair Salon: If you like curls and waves, go with this name.

37. Color Chic: This name is great because of its alliteration and because it showcases your best service.

38. Not Your Mother’s Salon: If you want to signal that your salon is young and hip, this is a good name to go with.

39. Tousled Tresses: We like this name because of the alliteration and because it just sounds rather pretty.

40. Walk-In Trim: If you allow walk-in clients, then go with this name to signal that to clients.

41. Strand by Strand: We love how cute this name is.

42. Dyeing for Color: When you are dying for something, it is because you really want it. This name is a play on words, but it also showcases that you specialize in coloring.

43. Hair Wizard: Obviously, you may have to transform this one to “Hair Witch” or “Hair Magic” if you are a woman.

44. Mirror, Mirror: I love this one because it plays on the story of Snow White.

45. Beach Waves: If your shop is by the beach, this is a great name. Otherwise, your clients may not know exactly what you do.

46. Hair Express: This type of salon name sounds like a budget, family-friendly salon. If that describes your salon, then it will be a great choice.

47. Ace of Fades: This one is just adorable sounding.

48. Chop Shop: Obviously, this salon name is also a play on words.

49. Bad Hair Day: When someone has a bad hair day, they will know just where they can go to fix it.

50. Fly-Away Hair: Fly-away hair sounds cute, so we think that it is a great salon name.

51. Unique Creations Salon: If you can’t think of any other name, you can use this one. Otherwise, you might want to avoid it. It is kind of cute, but we think it would be too hard for customers to remember.

52. Spritz Salon: This one wins for alliteration and for being descriptive about at least one aspect of the salon.

53. By the Strand Hair Salon: You always hear “by the sea” in city names that are by the ocean, so this is a cool salon name to use if your salon is near the beach or another waterway.

54. A Designers Edge: Edgy cuts and talented hair stylists are exactly what this salon name conjures to mind.

55. Beauty Town: It might not be super clever or innovative, but this name will still work.

56. The Braidy Bunch: If you specialize in braids (especially for families), this is a wonderful name to choose. You should probably make sure that it isn’t protected by a copyright before you use it though.

57. Hair Matrix: This sounds like a hip, modern salon that is perfect for younger clientele.

58. Curl Me Crazy: Obviously, this is a play on the phrase, “Call Me Crazy.”

59. Curly Girl: If you love doing curls and want people to know it, go with this name.

60. Hair Zoo: Hair Zoo would be a great name for a salon that specializes in children’s cuts. In keeping with the name, you could decorate the salon with animal motifs.

61. Knot Just Hair: We love this name.

62. Beauty Mark: Beauty Mark sounds cute, but it doesn’t illustrate what your salon does.

63. The Trim Is In: We think that this name is quite clever.

64. Cutting Edge: We love the play on words in this salon name.

65. Belle Curls: Beautiful curls is what this name translates to.

66. Tres Beaux: This salon name means very beautiful and is a perfect way to show that you specialize in beauty. The French aspect could also signify that your salon has a more upscale clientele.

67. Quick Cuts: If you specialize in budget cuts, go with this name.

68. Mama Bear’s Hair: This is an ideal name for a family-focused salon or a salon for mothers.

69. Bon Bon: It is cute, but it isn’t particularly illustrative.

70. Chic Cuts: It wins points for alliteration, but the “Ch” and “C” sounds are actually different.

71. Shortcuts: This is an adorable name.

72. Dyeing for You: It might be a little too morbid, although it is creative.

73. Hair Castle: This is another name that would be well-suited for a shop that specializes in cuts for children and families.

74. Hollywood Cuts: Everyone wants to look like Hollywood stars, so this is a great name for your shop.

75. Beauty and the Beach: Obviously, this name works better if you are actually near a beach.

76. Castle of Curls: If you want to go old school (really old school), decorate the interior of your salon like a medieval castle. Themed-shops can do surprisingly well.

77. Scissors N’ Razors: It is simple, but accurate.

78. Structures: This one wins points for being short, but I am not sure what it is actually supposed to signify.

79. Beehive: There used to be a style called a beehive, so this is an accurate, yet cute, name.

80. On Point Hair: Technically, on point should probably be spelled “en pointe,” but the spelling is up to you.

81. Snip, Snip, Hurrah!: Hip, Hip, Hurrah for cool salon names!

82. Sweet Pixie Salon: We like this name.

83. Cutting Line Studio: This name sounds fairly hip.

84. Curly Cue’s: If you want a sweet, cutesy name, go with this one.

85. Lavish Locks: This name gets bonus points for alliteration.

86. Styles Studio: Again, this is another example of good alliteration.

87. Bad Apple Salon: Bad apple also has the same acronym as a certain curse word meaning hard core, so we like this name for a more modern salon.

88. Chopz: Simple, yet effective.

89. Beyond the Mirror: This is one of the cutest names on this list.

90. Halo: A halo is around your head. A hairstyle is around your head. Is it a match made in . . . heaven?

91. Hair with Flair: Make sure that you spell “flair” right, or your clients may think that there will be fire (flare) around their hair, which is probably not what you want them to think.

92. A Little off the Top: We think this is an adorable name.

93. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: This sounds like a name for a shop that specializes in older clients.

94. Color, Cut and More: It says everything, although it might not be that creative.

95. Ala Mode : This means of the latest fashion or in fashion.

96. Mother Hair’s: Mother’s Hair sounds like mother bear, so this is a cute name for a shop that has a lot of mothers on the clientele list.

97. Cute Cut: Simple, yet effective.

98. Appt-Only : Obviously, you should only use this name if your clients can only get in by appointment.

99. Razor Sharp: Another cute name.

100. Bam Hair Studio: It might not be extremely creative, but it would work.