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Positive traits

Buoyant and Full of optimism:
Sagittarius born is naturally gifted, very enthusiastic and full of energy. The glass for Sagittarius is always full as they see it. Their clear cut optimism always helps them to survive even the toughest of situations.

The Sagittarius has the guts to call a spade a spade, as they are very straightforward, so you have an idea that when they say something, they actually mean it and not just bluffing. They may even be all too harsh and brash to handle for some people’s liking.
Sagittarius born is very rational, logical and intellectual people. They are mainly interested in a wide range of subjects. They have flair to be extremely, remarkable conversationalists.

Sagittarius born people believe in their ideals, as they are philosophical and devout, pious individuals with a keen sense of ethics, morality and transience. They are always enthusiastic about sharing their views on spirituality, higher power and religious virtues.

The people born under the sun Sign Sagittarius are very generous and have a heart of gold. They are dedicated towards and, try their very best to achieve their goals. They believe in finding solutions to the problems, so that they could lead a better life.


Sagittarius born people are extremely adventurous, and always extremely eager to take risks and keep the excitement levels, in their lives to the maximum.

Negative traits

sloppy and Careless
The Sagittarius is always taking things for granted, by employing the risk element more than they should. Their careless attitude brings forth, condemnation from all corners.


It is one thing to be frank and straightforward, but sometimes it comes close to the point of being tactless for Sagittarius. Being honest and straightforward is one thing, being tactless is another thing altogether. A guide to how to tactfully handle things will be a great source of help for Sagittarius born people.
The individuals born under to Zodiac Sign Sagittarius, often tend to get extremely intolerant edgy and fidgety, especially when their energies are not engrossed or they lacked direction.

Some times Sagittarius born people may come across, as phoney and superficial. Exterior appearance holds a lot of importance to them. Moreover, they don’t have tolerance and tendency to go beyond the surface, and cant dive deeper to see the reality.
Their fickle nature compels their interests, to switch with regular intervals. This kind of inconsistent behaviour affects their interest levels, and makes them less reliable.
The Sagittarius tend to believe, that their understanding of things is always right and justified, which makes them more prone to making mistakes

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