200 A-Z Russian Baby Girl Names

By on February 6, 2015

Russian names are becoming in style again. This list will give you the most popular and interesting Russian names and their meaning.

Russian Baby Girl Names 2

  1. Aculina: “eagle”. Ambitious, energetic, adventurous.
  2. Agnessa: “pure”. Ice and fire, emotional, ambitious.
  3. Aksinia: “guest, hospitable”. Likes winning.
  4. Albina: “white”. Proud and confident, soft and kind.
  5. Alevtina: “healthy”. Dreamy, unique, sensitive.
  6. Alexandra: “protector”. Made of contradictions, but very pleasant character.
  7. Alina: “other, scarlet”. Is very proud and a true leader.
  8. Alisa: “little”. Optimistic, sociable, forgiving. Dreamy and soft.
  9. Alla: “scarlet”. Self:confident, self:sufficient woman who knows what she wants from life.
  10. Alyona: “sunny”. Might be moody, but in general is cheerful and fun to be around.
  11. Anastasia: “reborn”. Smart, beautiful girl. Intuitive, sensitive, and feminine.
  12. Angelina: “angel”. Independent woman, never asks for help or support.
  13. Anisia: “beneficent”. Talented and smart girl, very active and easy-going.
  14. Anna: “blessing”. Strong willpower, very intelligent, honest, and creative.
  15. Arina: “calm, peaceful”. Cheerful, active, hard-working, and enthusiastic.
  16. Asya: “sweet”. Kind, gentle, always ready to help.
  17. Bazhena: “God’s blessing”. Organized, sharp-minded, independent.
  18. Beata: “happy”. Impulsive, kind, sensitive, but is not a good character judge.
  19. Bella: “beautiful”. Very sociable, easily makes new friends.
  20. Belyana: “white”. Romantic, feminine, but always knows what she wants and stands her ground.
  21.  Berta: “bright, light”. Loves attention and bright colors.
  22. Bogdana: “God’s gift”. Always takes the right decisions thanks to her intuition.
  23. Bronislava: “glory guardian”. Logical mind, ambitious, career-oriented, loyal and faithful.
  24. Carolina: “crowned”. Dreamy, often lives in her fantasy world, artistically gifted.
  25. Cheslava: “honest”. Honest person, loves animals and children.
  26.  Christina: “Christian”. Has her own signature style, is aristocratic and elegant.
  27. Clara: “light, pure”. Intelligent and open, excellent judge of character.
  28. Cora: “girl”. Friendly, adaptive, good-looking, sophisticated.
  29.  Dana: “given”. Sporty and brave, likes extreme activities, born winner.
  30. Dinara: “precious”. Sensitive and independent, good organizer, likes having things under control.
  31. Darina: “gift”. Beautiful woman, who easily can manipulate men.
  32.  Darya: “gift, victorious, glorious”. Extraverted, confident, active, and sociable.
  33. Diana: “goddess”. Smooth and slow but at the same time firm and persistent.
  34. Dina: “faith”. Ambitious and wise, has the ability to think strategically, is quite persistent.
  35.  Ecaterina: “pure”. Educated, tactful, and kind girl, sophisticated and has thirst for knowledge.
  36. Elena: “chosen, fire”. Sociable, open, and quite gullible, it is easy to trick her, even though she has her opinion on everything.
  37. Elizaveta:”honoring God”. Family is very important for her, is a good host.
  38. Ella: “everything, goddess”. Loves chatting and big parties, sociable and open-minded.
  39. Elvira: “real, authentic”. Understands people well, can easily manipulate them.
  40. Esenia: “autumn”. Has strong willpower, loves sleeping in the morning.
  41. Eudochia: “graceful”. Has beautiful face and body and knows it.
  42. Eugenia: “noble”. Passionate woman with rich imagination, a good friend and loyal girlfriend.
  43.  Eva: “life”. Has her own views on life, and is quite independent.
  44. Evelina: “windy”. Very distinct character, ambitious and strong personality.
  45. Faina: “shiny”. Full of energy and life, can brighten up even the most gloomy day.
  46. Feodora: “God’s gift”. Likes changes, traveling and is fickle and spontaneous.
  47. Fekla: “blessed”. Calm and quiet, full of contradictions and often doesn’t know what she wants from life.
  48. Flora: “blooming”. Active with a very good memory, talented and skillful in many things.
  49. Floriana: “youthful”. Stubborn and career-oriented, good leader.
  50. Galina: “peaceful”. Can do everything, is brave, courageous and daring.
  51. Goluba: “dove”. Spiritual, seeks meaning of life, likes reading and spending time alone. .
  52. Gulya: “flower”. Calm and family-oriented, makes friends and family for life.
  53. Harita: “precious, darling”. Beautiful intelligent woman that know what she wants in life.
  54. Helena: “life”. Spontaneous, impulsive, sophisticated, likes being the center of attention.
  55. Ida: “kind”. Spiritual, kind, open, easy-going, very intuitive.
  56. Ilona: “clear”. A rebel, an independent spirit, often conflicts with her boss, should try opening her own business.
  57. Inessa: “pure”. Quiet, calm, soft, gets along with men.
  58. Inga: “protected”. A kind girl but easily influenced.
  59. Inna: “river”. Practical, talented, open and honest.
  60. Irina: “peace”. Very sensitive and intuitive, excellent speaker and always has a story to tell.
  61. Irma: “global”. Likes active sports, is courageous and passionate.
  62. Ivetta: “willow”. Is a deep person who appreciates sincerity and uniqueness.
  63. Iya: “violet”. Full of energy, emotions, and passion.
  64. Karina: “dear”. Ambitious, always achieves her goals.
  65. Katya: “clean, pure”. Soft and feminine, avoids conflicts and can make everyone feel welcome.
  66. Kira: “sunny”. Likes comfort, cooking, and is a good host.
  67. Klara: “clear”. Pure, open, and innocent.
  68. Ksenia: “traveler”. Soft and feminine, but has an opinion on everything and when needed, will defend it.
  69. Lada: “sweet”. Passionate, loving, and caring, a true woman.
  70. Lana: “harmony”. Creative, good artistic taste and style.
  71. Lara: “talker”. Has only a few close friends, does not open easily.
  72. Larisa: “seagull”. Perfectionist, does not forgive even little mistakes.
  73. Leyla: “night”. Loves to be the center of attention.
  74. Leysan: “spring rain”. Artistic, sees beauty even in small things.
  75. Lia: “gracious”. Moody, talkative, has many friends, is the center of attention.
  76. Lidia: “musical”. Thanks to her analytical mind and intuition can solve any problem.
  77. Lika: “light-hearted”. Even, calm, does not like conflicts.
  78. Lilia: “flower”. Optimistic, dreamy and like to invent new things.
  79. Lina: “siren”. Active and sexy, stands out.
  80. Lyalya: “tulip”. Bright, playful, and sociable girl.
  81. Lyubov: “love”. Stubborn, practical, passionate.
  82. Lyudmila: “pleasant”. Intelligent, good host, active.
  83. Malvina: “fair friend”. Extravagant, always the center of attention, beautiful.
  84. Margarita: “pearl. Passionate, good host and loyal to her friends and family.
  85. Maria: “wanted”. Artistic nature that likes her freedom.
  86. Mariana: “sad beauty”. Likes good things in life.
  87. Marina: “sea”. Easily falls in love.
  88. Marfa: “lady”. Stubborn but fair leader.
  89. Matryona: “lady”. Intuitive and sophisticated.
  90. Maya: “spring goddess”. Talented leader with strong personality.
  91. Mikaela: “inspirational”. Passionate about what she does.
  92. Mila: “darling”. Beautiful girl that likes good artistic things and has excellent taste in them.
  93. Milana: “dear”. Will keep any secret, but never become her enemy- she will never forgive and will seek revenge.
  94. Milena: “darling”. Cold with strangers, loving with her close ones.
  95. Miroslava: “world fame”. Sensitive and sensual, a great lover.
  96. Mirra: “tree”. Stubborn and feminine at the same time.
  97. Mlada: “young”. Different, lives in her fantasy world.
  98. Muza: “muse”. Conservative and quiet.
  99. Nadezhda: “hope”. Falls in love easily, is passionate and emotional, which is obvious, even though she always tries suppress her emotions.
  100. Nadya: “hope”.  Flirty, lively, extraverted, gets everything in life without any effort.
  101. Nana: “nymph”.  Friendly, dynamic, open, sociable, has many friends and is always ready to help.
  102. Natalya: “native, dear”. Soft, feminine, open and easy-going.
  103. Natasha: “darling”. Stubborn, intelligent, cheerful.
  104. Nelly: “young”. Extravagant, stylish, elegant.
  105. Nika: “victory”. Confident leader, so active that her energy recharges everyone around her.
  106. Nina: “queen”. Responsible, easy-going, respectful to others, likes moderation.
  107. Ninelle: “fire”. Might be aggressive and emotional.
  108. Nonna: “pleasant”. Sensitive and romantic, seeks harmony in everything.
  109. Nora: “cold”. Successful woman, center of attention.
  110. Oksana: “traveler, hostess”. Feminine, loving, caring.
  111. Olesya: “forest”. Independent, sporty, and spontaneous.
  112. Olga: “wise”. Strong will and intellect, very thoughtful and insightful, often procrastinates too much.
  113. Paulina: “true beauty”. Born to impress, stylish and chic.
  114. Pelageya: “marine”. Complicated character, but a loyal friend.
  115. Polina: “sunny”. Active and full of energy on the outside, shy and sensitive inside.
  116. Praskovia: “born on Friday”. Serious and thoughtful.
  117. Pravdina: “truthful and faithful”. Sexy and sensitive.
  118. Rada: “bringing joy”. Vulnerable and sensitive.
  119. Radmila: “joyous”. Emotional and passionate.
  120. Raisa: “leader”. Likes telling everyone what to do, is very attractive.
  121. Raya: “light”. Passionate and loving.
  122. Regina: “queen”. Passionate leader.
  123. Renata: “reborn”. Artistic and imaginative.
  124. Rimma: “apple”. Always finds the right words.
  125. Rogneda: “equal to men”. Looking for meaning in life.
  126. Roksana: “patient”. Loves pets and children.
  127. Rosa: “rose flower”. Full of controversies.
  128. Rosalia: “flourishing in her beauty”
  129. Rosana: “beautiful flower”
  130. Rostislava: “growing fame”. Overachiever.
  131. Rufina: “ginger”. Active and charming.
  132. Ruslana: “lioness, feisty warrior”. Charming, feminine, strong.
  133. Sabina: “beautiful”. Leader, capricious, impulsive.
  134. Salomeya: “lucky in everything”.
  135. Sati: “wise, beautiful”. Family-oriented, patient.
  136. Saule: “strength”. Easily achieves her goals.
  137. Selena: “moon”. Kind and feminine.
  138. Serafima: “fire”. Usually very kind-hearted.
  139. Severina: “Nordic”. Sensual and sexy.
  140. Slava: “fame”. Loud and distinct.
  141. Slavyana: “outstanding”. Excellent hostess, loves comfort.
  142. Snezhana: “snowy”. Sensitive, takes everything to heart.
  143. Sophia: “wise”. A true combination of intelligence and beauty.
  144. Stella: “star”. Dreamer, perfectionist, optimist.
  145. Stepanida: “crown”. Strong independent woman.
  146. Susanna: “lily”. Quick-tempered, vulnerable.
  147. Svetlana: “pure, light”. Sociable, open.
  148. Svetozara: “light sunrise”. Beautiful, stubborn.
  149. Svoboda: “freedom”. Different, dreams of changing the world.
  150. Svyatoslava: “divine fame”. Stylish trendsetter.
  151. Taira: “sensible”. Very intuitive, non-conflicting.
  152. Taisia: “mystery”. Excellent leadership skills, thirst for knowledge, passion.
  153. Tamara: “palm tree”. Beautiful intelligent leader.
  154. Tamila: “languid”. Creative organizer.
  155. Tatyana: “teacher”. Flirty, charming, knowledgeable.
  156. Teresa: “hunter”. Knows what she wants and how to get it.
  157. Uliana: “faithful”. Likes art in all its manifestations.
  158. Ulita: “little July”. Faithful and honest, trusts everyone.
  159. Ulya: “honest”. The name says it all, the girl is honest and sets high expectations to her close ones.
  160. Uslada: “sweet”. Attractive, charming and a pleasure to be around.
  161. Ustinya: “honest, fair”. Makes her own rules.
  162. Valentina: “strong, healthy”. Enjoys helping people.
  163. Valeria: “healthy”. Very unpredictable, but quite successful.
  164. Vanda: “feisty”. Likes sports, has many male friends, is active and full of energy.
  165. Varvara: “protection”. Both daydreamer and stern.
  166. Vasilisa: “ruler”. Strives to help people.
  167. Vassa: “desert”. Looks serious and business-like, but inside is romantic, frivolous and loves sweets.
  168. Vasya: “beauty”. Sociable, open, independent.
  169. Venera: “love, beauty”. Caring and kind, does not care about money.
  170. Vera: “faith”. Practical heartbreaker. Flirty and cruel to men.
  171. Veronika: “bringing victory”. Appreciates comfort and beauty.
  172. Veselina: “cheerful, joyous”. Easy-going, happy, excellent hostess.
  173. Vesta: “good news”. Original, unique, analyzes everything.
  174. Victoria: “victorious”. Leader, strong personality.
  175. Vidana: “seeing”. Interesting personality that fascinates.
  176. Violetta: “violet”. Jealous and possessive, attractive and stunning.
  177. Vita: “life”. Energetic, likes and appreciates good things in life.
  178. Vlada: “glorious”. Childish and playful.
  179. Vseslava: “everyone’s glory”. Proud of herself, might seem arrogant, but still often acts a bit naïve.
  180. Yadviga: “warrior”. Makes lots of friends among guys thanks to her strong leadership skills.
  181. Yana: “beginning”. Feels other people, is very tactful and sensitive.
  182. Yaroslava: “wise glory”. Sees clearly the meaning of the things, is intelligent and always makes the right choices.
  183. Yasna: “clear”. The embodiment of sexuality and femininity, always takes good care of herself and attracts attention.
  184. Yulia: “wavy”. Has good intuition and is very creative and talented.
  185. Yuliana: “born in July”. Passionate about art and beauty, seeks beauty in simple things around and tries to make everyone’s life better.
  186. Yuna: “young”. Complicated personality, full of internal conflicts, but that’s what makes her interesting and appealing.
  187. Yunona: “young, youthful”. Excellent party organizer, cheerful and happy.
  188. Zabava: “cheerful”. Open, honest, active, it is pleasant to be around her.
  189. Zaira: “guest”. Attentive and creative, loves movies.
  190. Zamira: “honest wisdom”. Truthful, open, likes compliments.
  191. Zara: “sunrise”. Eccentric, edgy trendsetter.
  192. Zarema: “scarlet dawn”. Always gets what she wants, persistent.
  193. Zarina: “beauty of the dawn”. Complicates everything.
  194. Zaryana: “bright sunrise”. Feminine, very open and likes flirting.
  195. Zemfira: “sapphire”. Everyone loves her, free spirit.
  196. Zhanna: “blessing”. Believes in love and can sacrifice herself for the loved ones.
  197. Zinaida: “caring”. Seems arrogant and cold, but is passionate inside.
  198. Zlata: “golden”. Center of attention, sociable, gorgeous.
  199. Zoya: “life”. Accepts happily life the way it is, patient, calm, tolerant.
  200. Zvenislava: “famous”. Sporty and feminine at the same time, likes parties and to be the center of attention.


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