50 Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas

By on January 31, 2017

Rose gold is one of the most stylish and striking hair colors of the year. We love the pastel blend with blonde, but it can also work on brown and black hair. Whether you’re just looking to spice things up with highlights, or you’re trying to change your hairstyle completely, rose gold might just be what you need to feel beautiful and confident once again. Here are 50 amazing rose gold hair color ideas to get inspired from.

1.Beautiful Rose Gold & Brown Roots 

via Instagram/makeupbyallina

Dark pink ombre with rose gold accents is an absolutely fabulous hair color. If you have long, beautiful hair, you should try it out. The pink highlights are indeed striking. What entices the most is the hairstyle. We love the wavy curls, because they add movement and create a bouncy effect that all women want to have when going to the salon.

2. Light Rose Gold Waves

via Pinterest/Tiffanie Barbour

We’ve seen hairstyles involving the shaving technique shape 2016. For 2017, the shaving goes hand in hand with a bold hair color, such as rose gold. A lot of women today want to emphasize their personalities; and by shaving one side of their heads, they basically tell the world that they’re free spirited and that they’re not afraid to try something new, no matter how extreme.

3. Medium-Length Rose Gold Ombre 

via Pinterest/cutme.cl

Medium-length bobs are one of the hottest trends of 2017. That’s because longer bobs can be styled in lots of different ways. The bold rose bob presented above looks effortless and stylish. The light beach waves add depth to the style, making it stand out.

4. Symmetrical Bob

via Pinterest/behindthechair.com

Straight bobs are perfect when you want to exude a linear, avant-garde sense of style. We love the geometrical allure it exudes in combination with rose gold. Sleek and chic, just like your personality!

5. Rose Gold Highlights 

via Instagram/guy_tang

Rose gold highlights can look fabulous even on brown hair. However, for your hairstyle to grab all the attention, make sure to get them at the salon. Only a specialist will know how to blend perfectly the rose with your natural hair color; especially if it’s darker. Complement the style with some loose curls, and you’re all set to party!

6. Pink Rose Gold Bun & Flower Hair Accessory 

via Pinterest/femina.ch

Brighter pink rose with a hint of fuchsia is the best hair color for blondes that need a complete hairstyle change. Unless your skin is really light, you should avoid it. The lower bun gives your hairdo a touch of romance, and adding seasonal flower will basically prepares you to walk down the aisle in full confidence. An exquisite hairstyle for a wedding, wouldn’t you agree?

7. Pink Rose & Side Parting

via Pinterest/gofeminin.de

A short bob with a side parting is an excellent hairdo for women with cheeky, round faces. Go with a purplish rose gold color and give your style an exquisite, romantic touch.

8. Bright Pink Rose Gold & Front Braiding 

via Pinterest/lauren redenius 

Bright pink is a lovely hair color, especially if you have longer locks. Play with the length by choosing a middle braiding. Leave a hair strand in the front for an added touch of glam and elegance.

9. Strawberry Blonde & Rose Gold Highlights

via Pinterest/2017frisuren.com

What’s not to like about strawberry blonde? It’s hip and trendy – just what you might need to start 2017 in style. Add a couple of rose gold highlights in the front to light up your face, and you’re good to go.

10. Rose Gold Beach Waves

via Pinterest/thebeautydepartment

Many women dream about having loose, beach waves. You can easily do them yourself with some mousse. Go with a top quality kind to keep your hair protected from the sun on hot weather conditions. And if you need a change in hair color, rose gold highlight might just be what you need to look and feel fabulous.

11. Short Wavy Bob & Rose Gold Accents 

via Facebook/TheFashionSpot

This cute wavy bob with a side parting looks exquisite on women with heart-shaped faces. Let those cheeks steal the show, and bring them out on the surface. Top off the hairdo with a bold hair color such as rose gold, and keep makeup to a minimum for an avant-garde, clean look.

12. Perfect Waves 

via Pinterest/Total Beauty

Shiny bright waves may seem difficult to style at home. However, if you use the right flat iron, you will make it. Ask your hairdresser for some advice. Honey blonde with hints of rose gold here and there look beautiful on curly hair, so why not make a change for once?

13. Pearlescent Rose Gold with Perfect Waves

via Pinterest/hairstylecamp.com

Pearlescent rose gold is a hair color only the boldest and most daring women can wear with confidence. Are you one of them? The style looks incredibly clean and neat, and it has a very specific glamorous appeal that you’ll adore.

14. Rose Gold Balayage & Curls 

via Pinterest/Fashion Trend Seeker

Balayage is a hair trend that will go big this year. And if we were to add some rose gold highlights into the mix, the end result can only be “wow”. For some extra sex-appeal get a middle parting and well-defined curls. Just put on the simplest dress you have and you’ll still have on eyes on you.

15. Voluminous Bob & Rose Highlights 

via hairstylezz

Well-cut, voluminous bobs are not just chic, but also extremely stylish. They exude a very specific type of elegance that we see in fashion magazines and runway shows. With a side-swept bags or without, your hair will look fabulous in a rose gold nuance.

16. Long Bob with Beach Waves and Rose Gold Accents

via Instagram/constancerobbins

A longer type of bob with waves and clean cut ends is more appropriate for free-spirited women that are always stylish and fashionable wherever they go. The mix of platinum blonde and rose gold is stunning when blended perfectly. However, only a specialist can pull off the stunning hairstyle presented above.

17. Super Short Rose Gold Bob & Curls

via Tumblr/loubnameron

Super short bobs can be very sexy when styled properly. Get a layered bob and opt for a messy kind of hairdo. Complement the style with a bold rose gold color, and as an alternative, use a flat iron to make yourself some sexy curls. You’ll love the end result.

18. Creamy Blonde & Discreet Rose Gold Highlights 

via Tumblr/forever-blossoming 

Creamy blonde with a hint of honey is yet another cool color that grabs all the attention. On light brown hair the combo looks fabulous. The rose gold highlights are very discreet, which is exactly why we love this style so much.

19. Long Rose Gold & Top Bun

via Pinterest/Trendy Mood

Long hair can be styled in lots of different ways. However, to make your rose gold stand out, just opt for a half updo. Use half the hair to make a bob in the front, and let the rest loose. The overall style looks very modern and chic, not to mention that all eyes will be on that cute little bun.

20. Short Rose Bob & Darker Roots

via Pinterest/popsugar.fr

A lot of women hate their darker roots. But you can now embrace them because in the right combo, nobody will even notice. The best way to “hide” them in plain sight is with an ombre hairstyle. Rose gold pink and an asymmetrical bob is all you need.

21. Vintage-Like Curls

via Pinterest/hairstylezz

Are you crazy about vintage clothes and vintage fashion? Because if that’s the case you’ll adore these cute rose gold curls on a very short bob.

22. Twisted Rose Gold Fishtail

via Pinterest/SheSaid

What’s not to like about fishtails? They’re in this season, and the bohemian-chic allure they convey will exceed all your expectations. Pair the style with a bold rose gold hair color, and the effect will be “wooow”.

23. Rose Gold Highlights on Brown Hair

via Pinterest/Jen Chiarello 

Rose gold balayage on darker hair can look amazing when styled properly. Go with a simple, neat look. Keep the loose waves in the middle, and the result will be a stylish hairstyle that exude freshness and originality.

24. Platinum Blonde & Rose Gold Hints 

via Pinterest/popsugar uk

Just in case you feel like your beautiful platinum blonde hair needs an upgrade, you can easily opt for a few rose gold highlights. Get a shorter bob, and maybe some waves to add movement to your hairdo, and restore your level of confidence. With this look, you’ll conquer the world!

25. Honey-Toned Rose Gold

via Pinterest/Ombre Hair

Honey-toned hair is exquisite when styled properly. Add curls to you bob and include some rose gold highlights into the mix. The end result will be a fresh hairstyle that looks stylish and healthy. To spice things up, go with a side parting.

26. Layered Rose Gold & Accentuated Curls 

via Pinterest/Syleskinner

A layered hairstyle, especially in the front, is not for everyone. Unless you have a longer face, you should avoid it. Women with longer hair can also opt for well-defined curls and rose hold highlights to an added touch of glam. The curls at the end look absolutely stunning!

27. Light Rose Gold Ombre 

via Pinterest/Katlin Green

There’s no need to give up your dark roots when dying your hair in a lighter shade, such as a rose gold. A professional stylish will know exactly how to blend the colors to make sure the final result doesn’t destroy your hair. Check out these rose  gold curls with darker roots. Magnificent, wouldn’t you agree?

28. Aubergine & Rose Gold 

via Pinterest/Tressie Hembree

The blend of rose gold and aubergine is truly inspiring. It works perfectly on redheads with pale skin tone. Let your natural features shape your face, and choose this luxurious hair color idea for the coolest look this year.

29.  Rose Gold Brown 

via Pinterest/fashionfreax

Just because you love your brown hair, it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t like a slight change of color. Rose gold highlights can actually brighten up your look, giving it a fresh allure that you’ll certainly adore.

30. Antique Rose Gold

via Instagram/weylie

We’ve seen granny hair go mainstream in 2016. For 2017, we have something even better – antique rose gold. It’s basically a blend between silver hair and pastel rose. The end result will be a purplish hair color that works with any sort of outfit or makeup.

31. Rose Gold & Metallic Purple Hints 

via Instagram/guy_tang

In combination with rose gold, metallic purple has a special royal allure. Women with long hair should definitely try out this divine mix. Emphasize on the beauty of your hair and let is shine by deciding on the boldest and most striking hair color that matches your personality.

32. Wavy Rose Gold Ombre

via Pinterest/Pausa Para Feminices 

Wavy rose ombre is a hair color that conveys a unique sense of originality. The style presented above is sleek and elegant because the waves at the tips at movement and chicness to the hairdo. Make a real change this season, and wow all your friends with the most unconventional look.

33. Long Bob & Rose Gold Tips 

via Pinterest/Megan Turner

We don’t see bright rose gold on brunettes that often. But if you’re the type of woman that’s not afraid to take a risk, then this is it. Dare to be different and own your new hairstyle. It will certainly make you stand above the crowd.

34. Side-Swept Rose Gold Braiding 

via Pinterest/weheartit

A side-swept braining is already alluring enough. Paired with rose gold, the hairstyle can look outstanding. Women fond of the boho chic trend will surely adore the hairdo. It’s stylish and chic, yet effortless to make.

35. Double Braids & Top Buns 

via Pinterest/behindthechair_com

There’s an extraordinary symmetry in this rose gold hairdo that’s just stunning. The braids on the back and the top buns give a touch of minimalism to this hairstyle you can wear either at work, or at any party.

36. Rose Gold Under-Layers 

via Pinterest/ideastand

Rose gold under layers are very cool if you’re a brunette. The contrasting effect is incredible! If you feel that you need a change in style, then why not give it a try? You’ll love it.

37. Glossy Rose & Platinum Blonde 

via Instagram/olaplex

All women dream about having glossy, healthy hair. The good news, now you can have gorgeous hair too. Rose gold is a flirty color that complements women with both darker and lighter hair. On platinum blonde, rose looks the best. However, for the glossy effect you need to make an appointment at the salon. Only an expert knows what’s best for your locks.

38. Goddess Waves 

via Pinterest/popsugar

Long goddess-like hair is a dream come true for all women. If you don’t know what to do to improve your style’s look, check out this beautiful rose gold balayage on darker hair. The curls at the tips complement the style, and make it look absolutely marvelous.

39. Warm Tones 

via Pinterest/Society19

Lovely warm tones are the best when you have really pale skin. Switching from platinum blonde to rose gold is a way of bringing some more color into a rather washed out look. Choose a pastel combo that works with your sense of style and personality, and you’ll fall madly in love with your new hair color.

40. Frizzy Rose 

via Pinterest/brit.co

Frizzy hair might seem difficult to style. A lot of women with curly hair just want to strengthen it up. But you have a healthier choice for your hair – changing your hair color and adding some rose gold into the mix. Beautiful rose gold curls are to die for. The new style will completely change your appearance without forcing you do damage it.

41. Rose Gold Ponytail

via Pinterest/websta.me

A high ponytail in a discreet rose gold color is perfect for a night out at a club. It will keep your hair organized the whole night. But you won’t go unnoticed as everyone will stop and stare at your amazing hair color. pair the hair with bold make up and a white shirt or dress, and all eyes will be on you.

42. Effortless Layers

via Pinterest/mag.beautistas 

Sometimes the coolest hairstyle is the simplest. Simple layers in a creamy blonde nuance with rose gold tones is the best hairstyle to wear anywhere you go – whether you’e attending a party or heading to work, it will definitely make you feel confident and beautiful.

43. Boyish Cut & Long Rose Gold Side Fringe 

via Pinterest/Kapsels von Haar

We love extravagant women with a particular sense of style. A boyish like hair cut with a longer side-swept fringe might just be want to need to wow everyone around you; or you can get it to give yourself a boost of confidence. The hairstyle is exquisite. Perfectly cut and styled, it will make you love it.

44. Long Rose Gold Pixie 

via Pinterest/Tat Cheap Bitch

Long pixie hairstyles are aimed at elegant, confident women who are not afraid of making a radical change. If that you, then this hairdo might just be want you need. The bright rose gold will definitely exceed all your expectations.

45. Rose Gold & Messy Bun

via Pinterest/femina.ch

Half updos that feature a messy bob can’t go unnoticed. This hairstyle in particular, exude freshness. It’s easy to craft at home, but the beautiful color can only be obtained at the salon. Rose gold is a tricky blend that only the most experienced professionals can achieve.

46. Rose Gold & Grey Tips 

via Pinterest/fashionisers 

By mixing rose gold with gray at the tips we get a very interesting and unconventional hairstyle. The combo can work perfectly, although the transition has to be smooth. This means only a professional can pull off such a challenging hairstyle.

47. Over-sized Rose Gold Fishtail

via Instagram/cassieliz_hair

Over-sized hairdos are truly incredible. An opulent fishtail with braiding detailing at the top of the head will instantly draw attention. And if we were to add some rose gold to the mix, the final result would be absolutely stunning.

48. Bright Rose Gold & Curls 

via Pinterest/Playbuzz

Another hot trend of the season is the bold type of rose gold. It’s slightly brighter, but it can look amazing when paired with the right make up and clothes.

49. Rose Gold Buns 

via Pinterest/Melissa Patton

Playful rose gold buns are the best when there’s little time to do your hair. The hairstyle is simple but it has the most striking effect. Let your inner child scream out loud, and choose this style to make an impression when walking down the street.

50. Subtle Rose Gold 

via Instagram/haircolorinspiration 

There’s no need to go over the top to make an impression, as sometimes the smallest changes can have the biggest impact. Subtle rose gold highlights dyed on your platinum blonde hair may be enough to get out of anonymity and let everyone see how gorgeous and free-spirited you really are.

Whether you’re a blonde or a brunette, rose gold hair can be the best color change you’ll ever make. The variety of combos and styles you can choose are endless. We’ve chosen 50 of the best rose gold color ideas we could find. Get inspired and make your pick. It’s time for a change this 2017.

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