Romantic Picnic Ideas

By on December 19, 2013

You’re young, you’re in love and you’re carefree. The sun is shining and the outdoors beckons. What could be better than an wonderfully romanic picnic? In my opinion, the answer is not very much. Lazy days spent down by the beach or relaxing in a secluded meadow can create some of the most cherished memories between you and your partner. Throw in a picnic and you’re set!

The question is, where to go? Here’s some fabulous picnic ideas and locations for you and your other half to try out…


A Day At The Beach

Sun, sea and sandwiches. A picnic, some nice weather and a beach are really all you need for a wonderful day out. Relaxing on the beach in your partners arms while you listen to the waves break, jumping in the water and play fighting on the sand, squealing as you look for crabs in rock pools and then finally getting curled up under a blanket to watch as the sun goes down. Days don’t come much better than that if you ask me!


A Picnic Under The Stars

For the ultimate romantic picnic, forget your meadows and your beaches. In fact, forget the sun and daytime completely. Pack your sandwiches and a blanket and head out for a picnic under the stars. You’ll be in for one of the most romantic nights of your life with this one, girls. Picks a spot where it’s nice and dark so you can see plenty of stars and somewhere you can snuggle close together for extra warmth. If you live in the countryside, try going up in to the hills or settling down beside a river. If you’re in the town, perhaps in a park or on the outskirts of a city? My guy once took me out to a lighthouse at midnight where we sat and watched the stars while we drank a bottle of wine, it was so romantic it’s a night I’ll never forget. For added value, how about looking online to see if there’s a meteorite shower or a lunar eclipse any time soon and plan your picnic for then? They happen frequently so there’s bound to be something coming up to make your picnic extra special.


A Secluded Meadow

For a traditional yet still heartbreakingly romantic picnic idea, try heading out to a quiet meadow or a large open field. You’ll love hearing the leaves rustle in the surrounding trees and the breeze caressing the grass. Just make sure wherever you pick is nice and quiet though, you don’t want cars driving noisily past every couple of minutes and spoiling the atmosphere. Also, seeing as most fields are farmland, make sure you use a one you are allowed to be in. Perhaps ask the owners permission first. We admit it takes away from the romance a little but you’re better safe than sorry.


What To Take?

So, you’ve found your perfect picnic spot but now you’re fretting over what to take. The last tie you were on a picnic you were just a kid, right? Is it still okay to take little triangle cut sandwiches and orange juice? Of course it is! Take whatever both of you like. You don’t even have to make the food, you could even buy a pasty or a filled roll at the corner shop to take. If you want to add to the romance, try spicing things up a bit by bringing food you can feed to each other. Try finger food like strawberries for the ultimate romantic experience. Perhaps even grapes. You could practice throwing them into each others mouths making your picnic both fun and sensual. In reality, so long as you have a lovely spot and a blanket to sit on you’re set.


So there you have it, ladies, three lovely picnic locations and a few tips on making it a memorable day. You and your other half will have a great time in any of these romantic locations while you chow down on some food. The best part of your picnic experience though? Simply the pleasure of each others company. Alone time can be hard to come by when you’re in a relationship but just keep in mind how important it is and how you should make the most of it when you do come by it. Enjoying a romantic picnic is a great way for the two of you to enjoy each others company and, afterwards, you’ll no doubt be raring to go out with your blanket and picnic box again.

Have a great time on your picnic, ladies, I think I may have to go and start planning mine now!


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