Rihanna Without Makeup

By on May 6, 2014

At just twenty-six, the Barbadian singer, actress, and fashion designer is known worldwide. She’s topped the charts with singles and albums many a time and sung for crowds of thousands or people. She’s known for her quirky style when it comes to fashion and her looks. Her hair has been a rainbow of colours yet every colour has suited her bright personality. Yes, she’s certainly a true beauty, if a little quirky, but what lies beneath I ask you? I’m sure like me you’ve often wondered if celebrities would be even half as pretty without all the makeup they pile on. Well, I’ve done a bit of research and I’ve come up with an answer for you. That said, here’s fifteen pictures of Rihanna minus here full face of makeup…

1. A Young Rihanna

Rihanna without makeup_1

Here’s a picture of a very young Rihanna wearing hardly any makeup. She’s simply swept her eyes with a thin coat of mascara and headed out the door. Despite her lack of makeup there’s no denying that she looks absolutely fabulous. With her hair tied back she looks sleek and stylish and is revealing her natural beauty to the world. Plus, I think her keen fashion sense is definitely worth noting too!

2. No Makeup Selfie

Rihanna without makeup_2

You may have heard that to raise awareness for Cancer Research people (myself included) were taking no makeup selfies, nominating a couple of their friends to go next, and then donating to the charity. The craze swept the western world and even celebrities joined in. Here’s Rihanna’s fabulous no make up selfie which for obvious reasons saw her voted the second most beautiful natural beauty out there! She looks amazing!

3. Cheeky Selfie

Rihanna without makeup_3

Here Rihanna poses for a cheeky selfie. I just love her bare yet flawless face, her big hoop earrings, and her cropped hair. All in all she looks absolutely stunning here! I can’t fault the star in anyway! I wish I looked this fab without makeup on.

4. Daring to Bare

Rihanna without makeup_4

Here RiRi poses for a series of no makeup selfies, each of them showing her natural skin. While she looks somewhat tired in these pics I’m sure you’ll agree that she still looks fab. Plus, notice how her smile lights up her face in the bottom left hand picture. A smile is truly the only makeup you need.

5. No Makeup

Rihanna without makeup_5

Wow! What fabulous skin RiRi has, even without a slick of makeup. She looks absolutely stunning here. Her eyes look wide and bright, her lips are a perfect bow shape, and her shiny black her frames her face perfectly. Looking at this I don’t understand why she ever wears makeup! She sure doesn’t need it.

6. Swimming

Rihanna Hits The Beach

Here’s a picture of Rihanna taking a dip without any makeup on. I love how natural this picture is. She looks great with her red hair too. I can’t get over just how flawless her skin is! Plus, without all her usual eye makeup on you get a chance to see the true colour of her eyes. Before this picture I’d never realised what a lovely shade of green they were.

7. Fresh Faced


Here’s a picture of the star looking as good as ever. She looks great with her big hair and her face stripped bare. This picture is incredibly natural and shows that even when she doesn’t know the camera is on her she still looks like star material. Beautiful, simply beautiful!

8. Beautiful Selfie


Here’s another selfie from the star and once again she’s ditched the majority of her makeup. Here she’s wearing just a touch of mascara but had done without her foundation, blush, and all the rest. Her skin looks perfect and has a true natural glow about it. I love how her lips are the perfect bow shape too!

9. A True Beauty

Rihanna without makeup_9

Here’s RiRi once again flaunting her flawless skin but choosing to use just a touch of mascara to enhance her look. Even without foundation, concealer, or blush her skin looks perfect so it’s understandable that she chooses to go without it a lot of the time. Heck, if I had skin like hers I’d go without it all of the time!

10. A Beach Beauty

Rihanna without makeup_10

What a beauty RiRi is! Here she is looking summer ready as she sports a pink bikini while playing with a turntable. Her hair looks fantastic as it flows down her back and look at that perfect figure! Once again she’s looking fresh faces with no makeup, something that only serves to enhance her look if you ask me.

11. Looking Lovely

Rihanna without makeup_11

RiRi is lucky as she has naturally long, dark eyelashes so she looks fab even without mascara. It seems to be that she’s been photographed wearing no makeup more times than most other celebrities, making me think she’s the most comfortable with her natural look. Rightly so however, she looks lovely here!

12. A Photoshoot

Rihanna without makeup_12

Here RiRi went all natural for a photo shoot and I’m sure you’ll agree that she looks incredible here! This look is simple but yet says so much about the worldwide star. And once again she’s showing us her flawless skin. I’ve seen very few people with skin this lovely! I’m officially jealous.

13. Simple and Sexy

Rihanna without makeup_13

I love Rihanna’s cropped hair here, it really suits her. Her simple style is something else that can’t be understated. Sure, it’s simple but I’m sure you’ll agree that she looks as sexy as ever here. Even without makeup she’s a true beauty.

14. A Direct Comparison

Rihanna without makeup_14

Here’s a direct comparison of the star with and without makeup. Admittedly this is her looking her worst without makeup but I think it’s good to show that even Rihanna has her bad days just like the rest of us.

15. Signing Autographs

Rihanna without makeup_15

Here Rihanna was caught in the street by some adoring fans and took a minute to sign some autographs. I love her style in this photograph and her long hair looks fab. Even without she looks great here and I bet these people were overjoyed to have met her.

(all images sourced via pinterest.com)

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