Relationship Rules You Should Follow

By on September 16, 2015

A strong, growing relationship doesn’t just happen by chance. There are certain steps and rules – yes, rules – that help a relationship flourish. For most individuals in a committed relationship, these ‘rules’ will come naturally; after all, they’re fairly basic and are things you should be doing anyways. However, we’re here to remind you of the top 10 relationship rules you should follow for a wonderful relationship.

Always Be Open and Honest
Being open and honest with your partner is a must. Even little white lies should be avoided at all costs; those can seriously hurt in the end. If you’re unhappy or dislike something, let your partner know so you can discuss it and make it better. Share your thoughts and feelings with your better half and be honest about everything, from small day to day things to bigger issues that could even potentially break you.

Communicate Often
How many times do we need to hear this before we actually listen? COMMUNICATION IS KEY in a relationship. We’ve known this from day one, yet most of us forget this really simple rule. Communicating brings a couple together, whether it’s discussing how your day went or communicating about how you feel about the future. The point is to always keep the communication line open.

Accept Your Partner For Who They Are
I feel like this shouldn’t have to be a rule, but unfortunately it does. As a relationship progresses you find out more and more about your boyfriend or girlfriend. Some of these things you may not like one hundred percent. For instance, maybe you discover an annoying nail biting habit or she adores the one movie you can’t stand. If you love this individual and want to keep the relationship going, you need to accept them for who they are. Don’t dismiss them because something annoys you or because their past isn’t crispy clean; work with them.

Always Consider Your Partner’s Thoughts and Feelings
Want to end your relationship quickly? Don’t consider your partner in your future and decisions. Don’t ask them how they feel about a thing; I guarantee they’ll leave in a hurry! Always consider their thoughts and feelings. If they aren’t comfortable with you going to your friend’s party, listen, understand, and don’t go. If they’re scared about starting a new job, listen and comfort them. If they don’t think you should get a second job, discuss it with them and consider their point of you. Seriously the list goes on and on, and it all goes back to communication!
Don’t Go to Bed Mad
It’s an old rule that people USED to live by, but tend to forget rather quickly nowadays. Never go to bed angry at each other. This will only make the anger worse and pull the two of you further apart. Even if you’re seething in anger with your partner all day long, discuss the situation before the lights go off. It’s okay to still be mad, but a small hug and kiss shows them that you still care and love them, you just need time to cool down.

Keep the Flame Alive
A lot of relationships die off simply because the spark has fizzled out. And yeah, it can sometimes be a challenge to keep the flame alive after years and years of being together. But NEVER let it fizzle. This can only lead to two bad things: cheating or separation. Always remember to do the small things with your partner, try new things in and out of the bedroom, and surprise them with dates and other romantic gestures.

Be There For Each Other
When you’re partner is extremely upset, it’s not the time to run off to the bar with your guy pals. When you’re partner needs you to pick him up from work because his car broke down, you need to be there. The two of you should always be there for one another, whether it’s emotional or physical. You are supposed to be their other half; act like it!

Compliment Your Partner
You have no idea what a simple compliment can do. I mean really, do compliments ever get old? A compliment not only lets your partner feel really good about themselves, but also shows them how much you care. Remember to keep the compliments rolling, from “Wow, you look beautiful today honey!” to a “Thank you for picking up the garage babe, I appreciate it!”. Both make him or her feel special and cared for, and you’ll most likely get a smile and a peck for it.

Respect Your Partner
Right up there with communication is respect. If you don’t respect your partner, I don’t blame them AT ALL for leaving you in the end. Disrespect at ANY level in a partnership is never okay, no matter how severe or rude it is. That being said, make sure you’re always respecting the other person in your relationship; they deserve it just as much as you do, and if you’re going to love and respect someone, who better than your lover.

Trust Your Partner
Aside from communication and respect, the third most important aspect of any relationship is trust. Where there is no trust, there is no relationship. It’s as simple as that. You should be able to use each others phones without worrying who might text or call. Your partner shouldn’t fear cheating every time you go out to hang with your friends. You and your boyfriend or girlfriend should trust each other fully, and know that neither of you would cheat- whether it’s a flirty text message or a full blown affair. And if you’re having trust issues with your partner, let them know so you can discuss it and find a way to get rid of any bad thoughts!

Really, it’s simple: Trust your partner, communicate with them about everything and anything, respect them and listen to their thoughts and feelings, and don’t let the flame die off. If you can do these things, your relationship should have plenty of success. What do you think should be a relationship rule?

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