15 Makeup Ideas With Red Lipstick

By on November 14, 2015

Diamonds are a girls best friend? Yeah, right! When it comes to looking beautiful, sexy, and alluring, RED lipstick is a girls besty. Red lipstick just has that intensity to take your look to the next level, and also just so happens to be one of the hottest makeup trends for 2015. But when you’re rocking red hot lipstick, what should you do with the rest of your face?

1. All Natural
Didn’t think you could rock red lips to the office? Think again! Pair your red pout with an all natural style (very minimal makeup that looks completely natural). This pairing will ensure you remain tame and classy enough for the office meeting while still giving your look some spice.

2. With Smokey Eyes
Ah, it’s a classic look that never gets old: red lips with smokey eyes. Perfect for literally any occasion, but especially great for date night when you want to look absolutely enticing. Pair this style up with curls and a body con dress for an incredibly sexy style.
3. Dash of Shimmer
Heading out for a night with your gal pals? Then we highly recommend adding a pit of shimmer to your eyelids. The shimmer works hand-in-hand with red lips to create a stunning, look-at-me appearance that will quickly take the show. It’s all eyes on you with this exotic look!
4. With Bold Black Eyeliner
Feel like showing off that bold, daring style? Feeling like you’re not afraid to take on the world around you? Red lipstick with bold black eyeliner is a bold, racy choice that should be saved for nights when you really want to look HOT. With this particular makeup style, keep the hair tame (straight or a high ponytail) and try to keep your outfit to a minimal.
5. Tone Down With Gloss
If you need to dim the intense effect of red lipstick, simply add a bit of lip gloss. And don’t worry about looking like a 90’s blast-from-the-past; lip gloss is another one of the hottest makeup trends for the year 2015, which means you can ensure you’re staying on-trend while toning down your red pout.
6. With a Cat-Eye
One of the all-time greatest looks for makeup is undoubtedly red lips with a cat-eye. It’s a rather captivating look that oozes modern fashion and pairs wonderfully with your favorite jeans, boots, and tight top.
7. With Falsies
Why should your lips be the only thing on your face making a statement? Let your eyes do the talking with a pair of false lashes. False lashes are extremely popular this year, with anything from natural looking long black lashes to exotic lashes sporting glitter and gold. It’s up to you what falsies you’ll use for the occasion, but any style will work wonderfully!
8. Crazy Glitter
Definitely not something you want to wear to school or the office, but if you’re heading out to an event where you want to be the center of attention in the dim lights, then we recommend this rockin’ style. Simply add tons of fun glitter to your eyelids, and even amp up your look with glitter lashes and a bit of glitter on the cheeks.
9. Random Color Combos
A lot of people think red lips are forced to pair with browns or blacks; but think again! Red lips look beautiful matched with blue or green eyeliner, so if you’re in the mood to mix and match, try out a few different color combinations. (Pink is probably the only color that won’t work!)
10. Amp Up With Lip Liner
If you feel like your dashing red lips are still lacking in the boldness department, you can quickly add dimension and depth to your lips by adding some lip liner.
11. Match With Red Eyes
Red, red, everywhere. Ever thought about pairing up your dreamy red pout with some red hot eyes? It’s definitely a daring style that isn’t for everyone, but it’s undoubtedly a posh look that looks great with your fave designer outfits. Switch it up and try out this awesome look!
12. With Browny Blush
So we’ve talked a lot about what to do with our eyes, but what about our cheeks? While the majority of the time you’ll want to leave your cheeks bare as to not look too overloaded with makeup, it’s okay to add some subtle coloring sometimes. One of our favorite matches is red lip with brown blush. Browns and beiges aren’t overpowering and will add a bit of dimension and life to your cheek bones while remaining classy and sophisticated.


13. With Red Blush
If you’re leaving your eyes alone, you may want to consider perking up those cheeks with some red blush. The double red duo on the lower half of the face really brings the face to life, giving it a burst of energy and attractiveness.


14. With Light Eye Shadows
That light baby blue eyeshadow you’ve been keeping in separate corners from your red lipstick is okay to come out and play. You’ll probably be surprised at how well super dark red lips pair up with lighter eyeshadows, so don’t be afraid to mix and match to your hearts content.


15. Just With Mascara
Chic, elegant, and stylish: that’s what mascara and red lips are all about. You don’t need to go crazy with your makeup ALL the time, and this quick and simple look proves it. Mascara and red lips is a great match for literally any occasion, whether you want to look superior for the office with your pencil skirt, posh enough for school with your skinny blue jeans, or seductive enough in your little black dress for date night. It’s the look that never goes out of style and keeps you looking on-point all year long- no matter where you’re headed!

Have you ever tried any of these makeup styles with your red lips? What’s your favorite makeup idea to pair with red lipstick?

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