Pisces Man in Love

By on May 5, 2014

Last of the zodiac signs, the Pisces man is a whirlwind of traits and preferences from other zodiac signs. And while this might sound like an emotional and psychological disaster just waiting to happen, you’d be surprised to find out the Pisces man is rather calm and collective- most of the time, that is. He is certainly a sweet man who always wants to be helpful with family and friends around him. Yet he almost always seems to be living in another world, thanks to his constant daydreaming and exploring of the deeper things in life. Some believe Piscean people are practically telepathic with their consistent knowing of how others feel and think around them.

Type of Woman Pisces Needs
A Piscean man is simply a good-natured individual who loves to get lost in his own world. This sweet, gentle, yet completely charming man really only needs one thing from his woman: genuine sweetness that will accept, and not use, his romantic gestures and kind words. He needs a good-hearted person who will enjoy spending time with him while also being able to keep up with his interesting imagination.
Pisces in a Relationship
Even though the Piscean man might only keep his mind focused on this world for a short amount of time, he is still seeking the love of his life. However, a Pisces will never (and we mean ever) fall in love at first sight- or multiple sights after that. It takes the Pisces man an incredibly long time to fall in love, even though in his imaginative mind he may have found the perfect woman.
That doesn’t mean that the Piscean man isn’t an exceptional lover. In fact, if you’re lucky enough to find yourself a Piscean man who is interested in dating you, you could certainly consider yourself one of the luckiest girls in the world. The Pisces man is an extremely passionate and romantic lover who will come up with out-of-this-world ideas to make you happy. This could mean spontaneous trips to the mountain cabin or proposing marriage to you while skydiving. This could also mean a bouquet of 200 roses sitting on your doorstep and the loveliest poem you’ve ever read wrapped around the vase. The best part of this romantic behavior? It’s all for you. Pisceans are not selfish in the slightest and a simple kiss or thank you is enough to keep them happy.
If you aren’t already sold on the romantic Piscean lover, here is another thing to love about this man. He is incredibly helpful and always puts others before himself, in all situations. His immense imagination and longing for knowledge means he will come up with exciting situations for the two of you to get into and will always be willing to sit down and help you with your problems. He’s simply an easy-going lover who wants his woman to be happy. And when he’s in a deep relationship, he is 100 percent committed. A cheating Piscean? Practically unheard of.
Pisces in Bed
Although the Piscean man is almost always sweet and kind with those around him, that doesn’t mean he is a bore in the bedroom. In fact, he is quite the opposite- but not every woman gets to see this side of the Piscean. He tends to leave his deep emotions and passion tucked away until he is ready and completely comfortable with someone. That’s why most Piscean men won’t head to the bed until he is sure he is comfortable and in love with his partner.
Once you enter the bedroom, don’t be surprised if you witness the passion and lust of the Piscean man unravels before your eyes in an explosive way. He is certainly an intense lover who loves to please his lady. He is always up for new tricks and positions and will use his imagination to create exciting antics in the bedroom that you have probably never seen before. Keep up with a Piscean man in between the sheets and you will surely have a remarkable evening unlike anything you expected- especially from such a kind and ‘shy’ man.
Negative Side of a Pisces Man
The Pisces man has a bad habit of blaming all of their misfortunes on other people. They never seem to take responsibility for anything wrong that goes on around them and will always find an outlet to blame. This type of behavior is bad within all situations, whether it is work related or friend related, but especially horrible when it comes to relationships- nobody likes to be blamed for someone else’s cheating, lying, etc.
We’re very aware that the Pisces man is a bit on the shy side and tries to be helpful and kind to everyone he crosses paths with- which are exactly why he can get hurt very easily. He is an overemotional, sensitive fellow who will take things the wrong way almost always. He doesn’t like to be talked negatively about and likes to do the right thing at all times- so when sometime scolds him or dislikes his work, he takes it very seriously.
Last but not least, Piscean men have a tendency to be on the lazy side about things they are not passionate about. They would much rather spend time researching or exploring deep aspects of life, and if the subject at hand isn’t something that interests them, they won’t put their all into it. This can be especially damaging in work-related situations!
Pisces and Cancer: The two of you are both extremely passionate and emotional individuals. You can use this emotion to help others and also to put plenty of passion and romance into the relationship. If the two of you can deal with each other’s sensitivities, it will be a flourishing relationship that lasts incredibly long.
Pisces and Scorpio: Both being extremely emotional and sensitive, the two of you will share an emotional bond you won’t find elsewhere. This deep passion and love will make for a long-lasting relationship with plenty of depth.
Pisces and Pisces: You both have imaginations that run wild and a sensitive nature. These traits, combined, will create a very deep bond in which the two of you understand each other on a level that others can’t even see.
Pisces Man in a Nutshell
A Piscean man spends most of his time daydreaming, living in his own imaginative world. And when he’s not doing that, he is exploring the deepest things in life, whether it’s space, religion, or something of the likes. He is an extremely passionate lover who takes relationships very seriously. You won’t find a Pisces man cheating anytime soon- he would much rather come up with some amazing way to prove his love to his woman. He isn’t selfish in the slightest and loves to help everyone around him any way he can. A simple thank you is enough to keep a Piscean happy, but try to keep negativity away from him- he’s a kindhearted and sensitive man who gets hurt very easily.


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    June 13, 2016 at 9:35 pm

    Hi. I’m Capricorn and my man is Pisces. I’m born year of the dog and he’s year of the tiger so that’s a perfect match. Been dating for Month when he asked me to move in. At first I didn’t want to respond as he’s either intoxicated when ask me that question or just thru text. I wanted him to tell me that sober. Long story short after roughly a month of asking I finally said yes. The weird thing is he never spoke about me moving in again. He probably changed his mind or didn’t mean what he said in the first place or probably think we are moving too fast. I respect all that but I just didn’t want him to tell me things that’s he’s not gonna be responsible in the end. I’ve also thought he was just afraid I invade his personal space. He’s Pisces and I also understand that. My issue is it hurts me a little and he kept my hopes high asking me to move in and now not anymore just after I said yes. We have a good relationship and good communication though we fight sometimes and address the problem accordingly yes he is very touchy and I understand that. He’s making me confuse now. One minute he loves me and gives affection next minute he’s cold. Help me. I’m a straight forward and serious woman. Am I just wasting my time on him? I didn’t want to ask him that as I don’t want to push him away coming off as clingy or something. Thank you admin

    • web admin

      web admin

      June 14, 2016 at 9:56 am

      If he asked you to move in and you agreed, then he stopped asking you, perhaps he is looking for you to make another step. Ask him if he was serious about moving in with him. That said, be sure that you two are in a place in your relationship where that would be a good choice. If he is already changing his mind, maybe nurture the relationship further before you move in with him. Talk to him directly and see if he has changed his mind.

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        June 14, 2016 at 11:34 am

        Thanks for the quick response. Yes I’ve confronted about but in a way that’s not asking him directly if he still wants me to move in. Cos he was talking about getting a full time maid incase something happens to him he won’t be alone in the house. Then I reminded him that I am moving in. He told me that he mean it and he that he was just looking at options. I’ve got this feeling that he really meant it but shy to ask me when to do it. If I don’t make a move to do it do u think he would make the move Being the shy and indecisive Pisces that he is?

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    June 3, 2016 at 7:23 pm

    Hi there! I’m a virgo female dating a pisces male. We met online and from our very first conversation we knew we would just click. We had our first date after talking for only 4 days. The chemistry between us is like nothing ive felt before. We have practically everything in common. Hes incredible in bed and so sweet to me. We saw each other almost every day for 3 weeks straight. Our talks became more serious. We were planning our future together basically. I know we moved really fast and we mentioned that often but it just felt right!! Then all of the sudden he broke up with me and with no real reason. I was heartbroken. After a week I texted him asking him to please give me an answer as to why he left me. We met up and he said we moved too fast and he got spooked. We are now seeing each other again but “taking it slow”. We still spend a lot of time together and I let him know that he can have his space whenever he needs it. I guess I’m confused also because even though neither of us wants to date anyone else he doesn’t want us to have a “label” and we are not exclusive. I’m head over heels for this man and I’m afraid of losing him again. How do I get him to see that we just work well together and not to get spooked again? also I should mention his last ex really broke his heart after 7 years so maybe that’s why hes sooo hesitant?

    • web admin

      web admin

      June 4, 2016 at 1:39 pm

      Relax and give it a few months before you worry about what to do. If he wants to take things slow, it will be a few months longer before he will want to make things officially exclusive or talk about any type of future. Just relax, date him for a few months and enjoy the relationship. He had his heart broken badly before, and three weeks is short enough for anyone to become spooked. Relax, enjoy the relationship and let what happens happen!

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    May 24, 2016 at 2:01 pm

    Hi, I just met a Pisces Tuesday and he is absolutely amazing. I’m a Gemini female. He is extremely intelligent, rational, and articulate. Huge turn on. He’s also very caring, observant, and understanding of how people think. I love that. I’m extremely compassionate myself and I see it in him. He talks to me like a professor and stares at me with those droopy eyes and it honestly makes me want to jump into bed with him haha. We met thru an online ad he posted and his immediately got my attention with his sarcasm and choice words. He responded to me immediately and after texting, we met the same day. He specifically wanted somewhere outdoors and cool, so we went to a restaurant I like on the patio and it just happened to be empty so that was great. He greeted me with a polite hug, talked to me patiently and told a bit about himself. He was very relaxed, laid back, and penetrating with his aura. Decent eye contact, but he looked off a lot. He sat not across from me, but not to my side.. Somewhere in between and I think he was being masculine because sometimes he would open his legs or sit in a very male-like/aggressive position, but he was extremely respectful. He’s 29, I’m almost 27. Before we met, he told me he had to leave at a certain time, but he stayed and chatted with me almost 15 minutes later. I feel like he likes me because I made him laugh, he smiled at me when it was time to go, and more so embraced me at goodbye. He touched the small of my back when he didn’t the first hug. It was an almost awkward goodbye because I’m so shy and he was just looking at me and smiling. We met a second time this past Sunday. We went to a public part and stumbled upon a meadow! It was so perfect. There were wildflowers and thick, plush grass that we talked in for 3 hours. Cool, shaded, and quiet. A hawk flew near us a few times and we talked about things of content, not small talk. I hate small talk. He’s made it clear that he’s not rushing anything, but we do seem quite perfect for each other. I figured by him running an advertisement, whoever he’s talking to currently is not stimulating him. Like, I am the girl for the job. He asked me about how I wanted to raise my children and how I would handle life’s problems. It was like talking to Professor X LOL I didn’t mind it because he stimulates me mentally and that’s why feel like I’m ready for whatever with him. He appear to be satisfied with all of my answers to his questions. He made references like “we wouldn’t have to worry about that being a problem, then” and “we could this/that” & so forth. He did that 2-3 times. I was shocked since he seems so cool. He hugged me again, one armed, which was not like the first two hugs, but it still felt affectionate and genuine. And then the next day which was yesterday, Monday, I texted him from my real cell phone number and told him it was me… I had to trust him a tiny bit to give him my real number. After all, I did meet him online. He said hm, OK, and I said “don’t side eye me, shorty, (the only affectionate term I’m comfortable with right now… And he’s extremely tall), but you can never be too cautious. I trust you 15 percent so I gave you my number.” It was a joke and he always responds appropriately to my humor and I like that he understands mine, but by getting no response, I’m afraid I irritated him even though I feel my handling it like that was a perfectly understandable precaution. I’ve read that he may have felt betrayed. Today, I haven’t communicated with him at all and I was going to do so tomorrow evening after giving some space. He inspires me to find creative ways to be expressive and gives me the desire to inspire him, but I’m afraid it’s too soon. I’m afraid to move too fast and I like him so much that I’m perfectly willing to take things slowly. But he’s asked me if I’m aggressive, and I’m not, but I’m definitely strong-minded and fearless… I’ve read that maybe I should pursue him in a way, but i don’t want to be pushy. I believe in being a lady at first, anyway. We’ve texted everyday since we met but one, and the day we hadn’t, he texted in the middle of the night: “random, but I thought about you.” He makes me blush just with his intelligent conversation. At the park, we shared a Cuban and I warned him that I had chapstick on. He said it that’s all he has to worry about on my lips, then he’s good. I was surprised he joked that way. Does it seem that he likes me? How can I find the balance between pursuing him and giving enough space? I’ve never chased a man, but I’m certain that I want him and wouldn’t be surprised at all if I ended up in a serious relationship with him despite the majority of pessimistic opinions for our signs. He seems absolutely perfect for me. I want to do what’s best to at least reel him in even though I might make mistakes later. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    • web admin

      web admin

      May 26, 2016 at 9:13 am

      Just be yourself and relax. If he does not like you for who you are, then the relationship would not end up working out anyway. Go on dates with him, enjoy your time together and relax. There is no reason to chase him or to give him space. Just play everything by ear, go out on a few dates and see if you guys continue to be super compatible. So far, it seems like you guys match well together, so this could end up becoming a good relationship if that is what he is interested in as well. Good luck!

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        May 26, 2016 at 12:30 pm

        Did you see the part about the phone number issue and him ignoring me since then? I would love some feedback about that. Without hearing from him I’m not expecting to go on any dates at this point…

        • web admin

          web admin

          June 3, 2016 at 9:56 am

          Go ahead and text him! If he is not interested, texting him won’t matter because he has already moved on. And it seems entirely possible that he does like you–or, at least, he certainly was interested. Texting him might get him interested again. I’d try one more time and if nothing comes of it, move on. If it is just a phone issue, then he will have to figure out his own work around.

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    May 19, 2016 at 12:09 pm

    Okay so I liked this Pisces guy for 8 months already and I am a Gemini, with a Pisces uprising sign.. I don’t know if he likes me or not, because it was really hard to tell. His birthday is on the day which he has both Aquarius and Pisces traits. He is super anti social as he had been hurt for the past two unsuccessful relationship. He was so anti social that in school he only talks to less than 10 girls. My friend told me that he is super clueless when it comes to love. He had been flirting with me and last month I got the information that his ex asked him if he still likes her and he say he still does, but now not anymore as he does not want to invest in a relationship that would hurt him more. The closest girl friends he has was me and my best friend and he would always talk to us. He always look at me, sometimes we share our glances for seconds until he leaves the room. He was super caring towards me and I shared a lot of secrets with him and he would always tease me. Sometimes I know he is scared when I’m alone with him in a room because he dare not look me into the eye, but when we are with his friends he was normal. He is a nerd by the way. After I told the group that I started playing a game, he told my friend that he was going to download the same game I played. He rarely uses Snapchat, but he always check my stories everyday. He sometimes stood around me without me knowing and when I look at him, I caught him staring and he turn away. I don’t know if he likes me or not please help!

    • web admin

      web admin

      May 20, 2016 at 9:04 am

      It sounds like he likes you. Trying to play the same games as you, listening to your secrets, going out of his way to talk to you and looking at you all of the time are all signs that he most likely is interested in you. As for the ex-girlfriend, I would not worry too much. It is normal to have some feelings for your ex, and he probably told her that anyway just to let her down easy. He does not want to be with her anymore and it has been long enough for him to move on, so I would not worry about the ex-girlfriend. He is shy though, so you may have to make the first move if you want to be with him–ask him to hang out or ask him on a date and see what happens. Good luck!

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    April 29, 2016 at 10:39 pm

    I’m a Gemini and I’m head over heels with a Pisces. Its been a year since I had know him but we never tried to talk to each other. I was the person who had a crush on him when I set out to stalk him on Facebook. Then all of a sudden, he figured it out and started to stalk my Fb too. I have always wanted to talk him but I’m very shy and do have a fear of rejection. Both of us are 17 years old this year. And right now I have an intuition that he hates me for some reasons but I’m not ver sure whether if its the truth. He still stares at me quite a lot like as if it is our 1st love. Does he still like me? He talks to other girls too by staring intently at them. And when he walks away of tries to ignore me, does it mean he hates me? I’m totally confused since we dont talk or in other words, never talked.

    • web admin

      web admin

      April 30, 2016 at 11:36 am

      He may just be afraid of talking to you, which could be the reason why he walks away or does not talk to you. Plus, you guys have never talked before, so he may not realize that you actually like him back. Go ahead and try to talk to him a few times. If he seems like he enjoys talking, keep it up. If he continues to ignore you, then you may be right in your assuming that he does not like you. Talk to him though because you will never know if he likes you for sure unless you get to know him better and find out how he feels. Good luck, Jane!

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    April 27, 2016 at 8:23 pm

    Hello,im a libra gal,27 yrs old and i have a dilemma with a pisces that I desperately need help on. Ive neen reading everyone’s story and its crazy how similar people’s stories are to mine. Ive read blogs after blogs and i guess i would like feedback from someone to shed some light on my situation. I cant get enough advice to make me decide what to do :/ It all started when i moved to a new neighborhood with my now ex. It was September when we moved to a new place I remember not wanting to move to the house my ex and i moved into i denied it several times till finally i gave in and we moved in but anyhow i wanted to mention that cause the irony of things! So again it was September starting fresh in a new neighborhood, i go to the gym, im serious with my workouts so i found a fitness center 5min from our home and like normal I started to go there frequently. One day i went to the gym with my now ex and I remember seeing him shake hands with someone and having a conversation with this person. I didn’t think anything of it,i took a quick glance at the guy and proceeded to my ab workout and afterwards left like normal i didnt even ask my ex who that was. The next day we go again to the gym and im working out arms and my ex comes up to me and says “hey,thats our neighbor” i remember pausing for a sec a little confused and caught off guard but i turn around to look at our new neighbor and when i did I remembered that everything almost went into like a slow motion kinda thing like u see in the movies lol I slowly turn around and looked at this man sitting behind me I stared at him,kinda seized him up starting from his shoes to his face. That day was the first day i layed eyes on this pisces man however i didnt get a clear view of him the only thing i seemed to remember were his eyes, very intense piercing through my soul kinda eyes. Everything happened so slow yet fast that i just looked at him over my shoulder and smiled then turned right back around and continued my workout like nothing and that was that. About 2days after that my ex was texting him,i had no clue they had exchanged numbers but they did, now my ex isnt very social he’s anti social i too am, to an extent but he is like chronicly anti social so it was weird to me that my ex was talking to a stranger,i asked him how did they exchange numbers what led to that and my ex told me the neighbor (pisces man) gave it to him incase we needed anything,he can assist us he gave my ex info on the neighborhood and near by restaurants and movies, u no local action places so i was like oh cool ok, again didn’t think anything of it. That day my ex went over to his house they both had something in common which was buying and saling cars so he went over to talk business and what not, i stayed home being the anti social that i am lol so i never really met him and befriended the neighbor i was still clueless to him and barely knew what he looked like really. So, my ex comes back from his house says he’s a really cool guy has a really nice house bla bla im like cool,moving on. The next day i go to the gym and this is the day that i like to consider where everything started. I was minding my business working out when i started to feel as i was working out, that someone was looking at me. I felt this heavy energy over me, electrifying energy like all of a sudden i felt the need to study my surroundings and who was around because the energy became intense. I was usuing the hamstring machine which requires u to lay on your tummy and lift a bar with ur legs,so im lifting and I decided to take a quick glance, looked up and mr pisces was sitting across from me i caught him starring at me he quickly looked down when i caught him and I continue working out but already aware that he was starring and transmitting an energy to me i havent felt in a while. Now i want to make something clear before I proceed, i never felt the feelings a woman gets when she likes a man with my ex. I actually denied him didn’t really like him when he tried to date me it was one of those,k ima give in,ur cute ima see where this goes kinda things i never had a crush on him we just dated and ended up moving in with eachother and so on and so forth. One of those relationships where u get used to a person and want to call it love when it never was that,our relationship was actually HORRIBLE from day one nothing but misunderstandings and arguements he is a VIRGO and those ppl are self centered jerks! So anyway in conclusion i never had feelings for my ex,that cute bubbly u no u have a crush feeling, yea never there. So going back to mr pisces he was transmitting that energy to me,I started to feel all these weird feelings at first I wasn’t sure it was the neighbor I thought it was some random guy looking at me I found out it was the neighbor after seeing my ex greet him again and i asked” thats the neighbor?” He said yeah i was like hhmmm interesting in my mind. So ok i knew now it was our neighbor giving me these funny vibes and I want to add that for some reason I couldn’t look at mr pisces in the eyes,till this day i cannot look at him in his eyes, i would identify him by a tatoo he has on his left calve..i can only look at him when he’s not looking at me and the reason for that is because somewhere along the line of playing a mouse and cat game ive fallen head over heals for this guy. For 8months now… Me and mr pisces have been playing ring around the rosey..he follows me around,likes to stare at me and he isnt shy in letting me no he is looking at me but there has been times where i would get near him and he will walk away to the other side of the gym and continue to stare from afar sometimes looking at me through mirrors. Ive tested him by hiding from him sometimes to see if he looks for me and he does..sometimes he’ll do the same he’ll hide and re appear outta nowhere startling me lol he has seem to study my schedule. He knows when im at the gym and when im about to leave, he knows that when i go to the locker room is because im gathering my things to go and he will run to the protien bar cause sometimes before i go ill get a protien shake so i think he is trying to set up a casual scene for me and him to possibly talk to eachother. He knows my fav color is blk cause im always wearing all blk for the gym and to get my attention he will wear all blk too lol my car tag is an army tag and one day he was driving behind me and I guess he noticed the army tag and the next day he showed up to the gym in shorts that had the army pattern on them lol little things like that for me to notice him. the way he makes me feel is so strong, i get nervous,excited at the same time, my heart beats faster my mind starts to race i sometimes dont even no how to act when he is around. I start to smile like an idiot from ear to ear when i see him walk im the gym, my soul sets on fire when he is around,it feels like that old school first love kinda thing and I strongly believe he might feel the same? I mean 8months in and he is still doing all these little things to get my attention. He is 35yrs old btw!! 9yrs older then me..so why is he acting like a child lol He likes to park his car around mines too. One time he was texting my ex they were talking about cars and outta no where he texts “where have u been all my life” i know for a fact that that msg was intended for me. It was a subliminal msg for me, we speak to eacother in telepathic ways and with our energies and body language. Im an intuitive person and i hear so are pisces. What we have going on is so beautiful that i cannot continue to deny this any longer or play the game any longer so 4days ago i built up the courage to leave him a note on his car window, it said “your adorable” with a smiley face. If thats cheesy i dont care its how he makes me feel lol he is adorable to me because he wakes up determined every morning to go see me..by the way i dumped my ex because i came to the realization that there was no love there and if i was feeling feelings for someone else then obviously i was over what we had which was nothing but drama. Mr pisces knows we’re no longer toghther which I thought at first was the reason why he didn’t approach me or talk to me because he knew i was in a relationship but now that I left that note and he knows im single and ready for him my little pisces hasnt made a move. Now i feel like booboo the fool cause i finally made a move and i nnoooo he knows the note i left on his car was from me so why isnt he making a move? He went to the gym today, starring as usual but nothing so now im confused but im being patient with him cause i no they can be chronicly shy but i also know they like to play and deceive ppl for there own amusement..and i will be devastated if i found out all this time that he’s just playing a game with me…i no they like the chase game but jesus christ im not getting any younger here..what do i do!!??! Again 8months long of these shenanigans and nothing.. Do i let go or do i build the courage to say hi to him??

    • web admin

      web admin

      April 29, 2016 at 8:13 am

      Maybe he is in a relationship, or maybe he is afraid of asking you out and being turned down. If you want to get over the uncertainty of not knowing how he feels, just ask him out. He may have also been waiting for you to make a move so that he knows that you are over your last relationship–or he could be hesitant because he is now technically friends with your ex and does not want to betray him by dating you. Whatever the reason, just ask him out. If you wait too long, he may start seeing someone else and then you will lose your chance. Just ask him out, see what he says and hopefully you will finally get to be with him. Good luck!

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    April 15, 2016 at 11:12 am

    I’m in a relationship with a pisces and he’s the most beautiful caring soul i know, i honestly never thought i’d find someone like him, I’m a leo but i don’t have all the arrogance and selfishness of a typical Leo, in fact he often tells me to be more selfish and to open up to him more- most of the time our relationship is amazing (when we’re together) but i’m in my 5th year at uni and he’s a little distance from me meaning we can only meet every 2-3 weeks or so, the distance can be frustrating at times, and when we’re not together i end up feeling like i hear more from everyone else than him when i’m at university, and yet he seems to have a mistrust in me whilst i’m away, he knows i’m pretty independent and have no fear of being single and tells me he worries ‘its too good to be true’ just recently its cause disagreements, what i took for him needing space and time to unwind, or just going with the flow with him, he takes as my disinterest or indifference, this often turns into us mis-communicating, missing each other terribly and having low periods. he often says he worries if i stay with him out of guilt of hurting him should i decide i don’t love him anymore. i’m aware as a leo i have a hot temper but not once have i snapped at him, as i know he’s sensitive and that leo’s anger is often irrational and short-lived, the thing is i feel as though he puts up a barrier between us to protect himself and ends up pushing me away unintentionally which leads to further angst in both parties. we try to talk things out rationally but i wonder if i’m not giving him the appreciation he needs in fear of being too needy. when we started out things were very carefree, it’s only since we both admitted we loved each other that the issues have begun. i love my pisces despite both his and my flaws and we both own up to our faults when things get rough, how can i understand my pisces better? i’m worried i make him stress to much and hate to see him so upset or self-conscious, its like i feel it myself physically. a lot of people say Pisces and leo’s are hard work, our main flaw is we’re both too scared of hurting or failing the other person-help! ( also my moon sign is scorpio and his is Leo)

    • web admin

      web admin

      April 16, 2016 at 3:29 pm

      Just talk to him and ask what he wants. Tell him that you want to show how much you appreciate him, but are worried about coming off as needy. Once he knows your fears, he will probably just tell you that he wants to know how much you care and appreciate him. Long distance relationships need excellent communication to work, so just tell him what you are thinking and feeling so that he knows what is going on in your mind. Once you guys know the problems and what you want to do, you can work as a team to address them. As for the problem with other people telling you more about his life than him, that is unfortunately quite normal. There are a number of people who are bad about sharing information about themselves, and he may think that his day is just not that interesting. Relax, talk to him and work through it together. Long distance relationships are just as likely as in person relationships to work out, but it does take better communication and a more easygoing nature. Good luck!

  8. Avatar


    March 9, 2016 at 11:18 am

    Im a scorpio women, before i started dating my capricorn man i was really attracted to this pisces guy i walked up to him and i asked him if he wanted to be friends and winked at him an walked away. From that day on we will stare at each other and just smile and not say anything i feel like he understands me and know what i feeling its just a feeling i can describe, and think about him all the time, hes so sweet and caring i just dont know what to do because the guy that im with before we got back togthere he cheated on me with another girl but im willing to give him another chance i dont know wish i could just have both.

    • web admin

      web admin

      March 9, 2016 at 6:30 pm

      You cannot have both, so now you have to decide what you want the most. The saying “the grass is always greener on the other side” may apply here. The relationship could end up being better, but other people always seem like better options when you are having problems in a relationship. If you have decided to give your boyfriend another chance, then stay with him and put the other guy out of your mind. If things do not work out or you decide that you just cannot trust your current boyfriend, then you can try asking the other guy out. Best of luck, Lydiya!

  9. Avatar


    March 6, 2016 at 10:45 am

    Hi I’m a Capricorn, and I really like this Pisces guy. I can always feel him from a mile away. In 9th grade he stared at me all The time, which made me feel a little uncomfortable. Sometimes I accidentally brushed up against him and he would look up at me, but when someone else did, he would just ignore it. This one time, I didn’t have an English group to go in, and he looked at me like he felt bad for me
    At the end of the class period, he accidentally moved a desk back, which blocked my way of getting out. I quickly turned around, but was caught off guard. By him stating at me. When I moved closer to him, he would move further to The door, and look at me like he either felt bad for me, or just didn’t like me. I am super, super shy and I’m afraid t ask him if he likes me. What do I do?

    • web admin

      web admin

      March 6, 2016 at 12:06 pm

      You seem to have commented twice on this one. I have to answer each comment and approve it individually, so it can sometimes take a little bit to get an answer. If you do not see a response immediately, do not worry because you will. Read through my first response and let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for commenting!

  10. Avatar


    March 5, 2016 at 11:48 pm

    Hi I’m a Capricorn, and I really like this guy who is a Pisces. I always finding myself drawn to him from a mile away. Sometimes I accidentally bump into him, and he looks up at me, but when other people do, he doesn’t even seem to notice. One time, I didn’t have a group for English, and he looked up at me, like he felt bad. In 9th grade, all he did was stare at me and it made me feel a little uncomfortable. Lol. One day, as the final bell rang, he moved a desk back, which accidentally blocked my way to get out. So, I quickly turned back around, but was dragged in by him staring at me. As I moved towards the door, he moved closer to the door as I tried to move closer to him. He then, looked at me, like he was worried he was being rude. I am so so shy, and don’t even talk him. He is so quiet too, bit I really like him. What should I do?

    • web admin

      web admin

      March 6, 2016 at 11:49 am

      If you are both shy, it is going to be rather difficult to move the relationship forward. It sounds like he could like you, but he may just be too afraid to do anything about it. At the moment, your best bet is to strike up a conversation with him. Talking to him will give him a chance to flirt or ask you out, and you can also gauge his responses and mannerisms to see if he likes you. Good luck, Sarah!

  11. Avatar


    March 3, 2016 at 1:13 pm

    hello please i really need help l have fallen in love at first sight with a pisces man and l don’t even know him or talk to him he looks at me always and he talks with my friends when he see me with them l don’t know what to door how to act please help me and teell me how to deal with him and make him in love with me

    • web admin

      web admin

      March 4, 2016 at 9:34 am

      If he keeps looking at you whenever you are around, then it sounds entirely possible that he does like you. If you want to move this relationship forward, you will have to talk to him. Hopefully, this will give him the courage he needs to make a move. At the very least, talking to him will give you a better idea about how he feels.

  12. Avatar


    February 29, 2016 at 6:46 pm

    Hello! I am a scorpio who is confused about this one pisces guy. I don’t whether he straight up hates me or likes me. I used to like him a few year ago. I noticed that he stares or glares at me quite often. Sometimes it would make me feel a little awkward and uncomfortable. I also noticed that whenever I talk to another guy he would be glaring at me or the other guy. Or whenever I stood somewhere I would always find him being near me. If I stood on one side, I would see that he would come from the other side and stand pretty close to me. The other day my friend said that he kept looking over at me or glaring at me. However, whenever I tried to talk to him, he would answer in a very rude and abrupt tone as if he doesn’t want to talk to me. And he’s known for being really nice. I tried to be his friend but I feel like he’s holding back in some ways. I feel this way because he had a friend who used to like me and things didn’t work out and I ended up getting my first heartbreak. He’s still friends with him so I don’t know whether he hates me because of what happened between me and his friend. Or if he’s interested in me? I hope you reply. Thank You

    • web admin

      web admin

      March 1, 2016 at 10:13 am

      Weird. It seems like he either hates you completely or is in complete love with you. If he is a very loyal friend, then it is possible that he is siding with the friend or trying to hide his feelings so that he does not go after a girl his friend liked. It is also possible that none of that matters and he is just trying to hide his feelings for you. Considering his behavior though, I would not make a move. If he does not like you, then it may become even more uncomfortable if you make a move. If he does like you, he will hopefully make his feelings known without having to be pushed. Good luck, Tinker!

  13. Avatar


    February 28, 2016 at 10:25 pm

    Hello,I’m a Scorpio and I have trouble understanding this Pisces guy who I used to like. I think he hates me. However I have noticed that he stares at me quite often. Or if I’m standing somewhere he would stand near me. If I’m on one side, I see him move to my side and stand either beside or behind me. I also noticed that if I’m talking to other guys he would glare at the other guy. A few days ago my friend told me that he kept staring at me and looking over at me. Yet whenever I try to talk to him, he would reply in a very abrupt and rude way. I just can’t understand him.

    • web admin

      web admin

      March 1, 2016 at 9:29 am

      It sounds like he could like you. Staring at you all the time, avoiding you and trying to stand next to you are all signs that he could be interested. Being rude seems to contradict this though. Give him some space and see what happens. He could be shy, he could be afraid to show his feelings or he might not be interested after all. I would wait things out and see what happens. Good luck, Tiffany!

  14. Avatar


    February 2, 2016 at 2:51 pm

    I am an Aquarian (1/31) dating a Pisces (2/20). We have known each other more than a year. We became instant friends, there is a lot of steam between us, a lot of unspoken understanding and a deep mental/emotional connection, as well as electric sexual tension. He is very nurturing in the bedroom and I need that to feel safe and protected with him. This is where he shows me his affection and sincerity. I feel very bonded to him. We giggle outwardly at nothing (like we are having our own private telepathic conversation). We work well together and tend to feed off of each others needs. He is very calming, as I am very hyper. When we are together, just hanging out, we have no need to talk 24/7, we just like to sit and enjoy each others company and nothing is ever awkward.
    The problem I am having is that he is very shy, never shows emotion, does not open up and discuss how he feels unless I prompt him to. I find this extremely frustrating. I like to “lay it out on the line” – I need to know what going on and ask a lot of questions. He gives me sugar-coated answers or never directly answers me. He lives in la-la land a lot, and I try to be positive and encourage him to make his dreams become reality. It seems I am putting tons of effort into something I can’t say is going to last. I’m the hare, he is the tortoise. I honesty don’t know if he is with me because he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings and let me down. I don’t know if he loves me. He just seems to be moving with the tide! Help me! Do I let him go out with the tide or do I keep him on the fishing line?!?!

    • web admin

      web admin

      February 6, 2016 at 11:54 am

      Some people are just not good at talking about their feelings or what they need. You are a more talkative, energetic person, so it makes sense that you are naturally able to talk about your feelings. His personality is a good one to balance out your personality, but it means that he is probably not the type of person to talk about his feelings. It sounds like he genuinely loves you, but it probably just takes him longer to open up. Everything else about your relationship makes it sound like he is the perfect guy for you. Would you really be willing to throw all of that away just because it takes him a bit longer to decide what he wants and express himself?

      • Avatar


        February 6, 2016 at 9:54 pm

        NOPE! Not ready to throw in the towel yet! I don’t give up that easily and I am willing to (lovingly) fight for what is good in our relationship.
        Thank you for your response as it came in perfect timing. It’s just what I needed to hear today.

        • web admin

          web admin

          February 6, 2016 at 10:22 pm

          That sounds like a good plan–I am glad that I could help you out. If you ever need some more advice or just someone to listen, just leave a comment. Good luck, Lucy!

    • Avatar


      February 24, 2016 at 6:48 pm

      I have the same type of relationship with my boyfriend I’m a Leo and he a Pisces. I find that when he withdraws and up in his head is best to give him space. Try not to push him because this only leads to arguments over nothing. I learn to to just sit back and observe the more you give him space and time to think the more he will open up to you. That’s what I had to do. Good Luck

      • web admin

        web admin

        February 26, 2016 at 11:07 pm

        That sounds like excellent advice, YLB. I am sure that Lucy will appreciate getting some personal insight into the situation. Thanks for commenting, YLB!

  15. Avatar


    January 8, 2016 at 12:35 am

    I was dating a pisces guy (turning 19 next month) and I’m a 21yo leo female. He broke up with me. We were together for 3 months. I met his family and his in laws. We were so in love but one day something just made him switch. It was a messy break up. He called me selfish for crying and saying he’d been good to me. But it broke my heart. I’m devastated. I left and I looked back. He stood outside his apartment and I just ran to my parents (God bless they picked me up at 2am..) I collapsed when he told me. I hadn’t been with anyone for almost 2 years prior and he hadn’t been with anyone for a while either. Is it over forever or will he come back when he has settled? Or should I just forget him?

    • web admin

      web admin

      January 8, 2016 at 9:48 am

      There is no way to know if he will want to get back together or not. Three months is about the time when the chemicals produced by the infatuation stage of love end, so it is a common time for break ups. It is at this point when you either enter the affection and love stage, or you end up realizing that the partner was not the right one for you. With this in mind, I would probably start moving on. If he does change his mind in the future, then you can always consider dating him. For your own mental and emotional health, it would be better not to dwell on the past and keep yourself busy as you move past this.

  16. Avatar

    Lillian Brown

    January 4, 2016 at 6:24 am

    Now one thing i can say is my pisces man is hellava in bed he knows every inch of love making. Now the blame game is real he never takes fault for anything he starts and thats a big big big issue in our relationship, also the drinking oh my god the drinking makes it worse. I love the ground he walks on cause he’s a very generous, caring, loving and sweet gentlemen I couldn’t ask for more in a man, but pisces men are very confusing one minute the sweetest man in the world the next thing coo coo for cocoa puffs and make you coo coo to if you don’t pay attention. So i say to any woman who hasn’t dated a pisces man think very hard before you do cause it’s going to be a lot of turbulence mix with a rollercoaster, just move on seriously.

    • web admin

      web admin

      January 5, 2016 at 6:01 pm

      That sounds like good advice for dating a Pisces man. Hopefully, he will mature a bit and grow out of his drinking habit–it would probably help with the blame game and mood changes a lot. Thanks for commenting, Lillian!

  17. Avatar


    January 2, 2016 at 3:46 pm

    So i’ve been seeing someone on and off since march and he like really only cared about the physical side and since i was so in love i was sorta blinded to that fact after a few months apart he has come back and says he wants us to try again but start off as friends but all he does is flirt without any intention of seeing me in person and says i need to be patient i just want to know why he would bother if he has zero intentions of taking it any further than just messaging back n forth without really talking about more than hooking up ,like he says i mean more but doesnt show it at all i try to keep it casual and platonic as im unsure on his motives i need help figuring out whether i bother or not

    • web admin

      web admin

      January 4, 2016 at 7:40 pm

      I think that your intuition is right. If his intention is for this to go beyond just a sexual fling, he should show it by taking you on a date or talking to you about something other than just sex. The fact that he has not done so is telling. Ask him to go on a real date with you sometime and if he won’t do it–or only talks about sex while you are on the date–then you will have your answer. I hope that we are both wrong though–good luck, Janelle!

  18. Avatar


    December 22, 2015 at 9:25 am

    Hi. Me and my pisces man is having this slight problem. Hope that you could give me some advice on how to handle the situation. It all started when he had to go away for almost a month. The few hours before he boarded the plane we texted and talked on the phone. It was also one of the few times he mentioned that he will miss me. He promised me that when he reached the other side he will text me if there is wifi connection. Apparently he didn’t text back but i knew he had a wifi connection because of his last seen. And for that whole month i didn’t text him. After a while i texted him and his replies was not as prompt as usual. I got mad and sent him a long angry text messages. He replied that he wanted to be on a low profile. And since then it has been 6 months that i didn’t reply his text. Then as i was scrolling my messages i went and accidentally pressed the dial button for his number. After a week he texted and replied and told me he no longer uses the app as he was too busy and overloaded with work. But i didnt reply his messages. After a few days i decided to call him. But he didn’t answer his call and texted me again telling that he was busy when i called and said ‘notice that i have been keeping a low profile but pretty busy with work…….far and away…….’ Is he still mad at me for sending a long angry text message and replied in that manner so that i will be even more angrier at him? What should i do to make things go back to normal? I just keep calling his phone and do not want to reply any of his text messages. So is it also making him feel frustrated since i’m just calling and not writing any text messages to him? Hope you could help me…. ??

    • web admin

      web admin

      December 27, 2015 at 5:39 pm

      If calling him and texting him is not working, then you may have to just give up. Either he is seriously focused on work right now, or he is using it as an excuse to gradually end things with you. The fact that it has been months since he has texted or called you means that the relationship is probably over. Even with the busiest work schedule, he could have found time to call if he wanted to. Now, you will just have to begin the difficult task of moving on with your life. Hopefully, your next boyfriend won’t flake out and will be there when you need him. 🙁 Good luck, Elaine!

  19. Avatar

    Mohammed shahan shaikh

    November 5, 2015 at 3:38 pm

    I’m a pisces man. i was in a relationship with a leo girl for about a year, she had a crush on me for 2 years straight, and wanted to know me, on the other hand i didn’t know anything about her.i was about 18, having fun roaming around with my friends, and i was single.she got my number through one of friend and she called me one evening, she said she likes me a lot and she wanted to date me. i swear up on my mom, i told her everything about my life on the first call. i never lied to her about anything, (i did that because i wanted to test her since i broke with my first girlfriend a year back due to family issues, and wanted to test her in a way).After telling her most of my flaws i asked her only one question, would u still like to date me?? And she said yes!! that actually moved me. we used talk to each other everyday for hours. after about 3 months we got a chance to meet each other at her place. she was really happy.
    i was also happy, but aware of whats coming and was in limits since i cared for her a lot. i still care for. she kissed me on the first day we met each other. And proposed me after that.I could see the the kind of love she had for me in her eyes. In fact we used to me meet like 4 to 5 times in a week for about 30 – 45 mins at her place. There was lot of romance between us. But i never did anything which i was not supposed to do. To be frank i loved her to the core. all i had in mind was she cares for me so much no matter what i should not cheat on her or hurt her in any way. i had a lot of attitude back then i was just 18. i would get busy with my friends, when she calls me i would tell her i am busy with my friends or i’m doing something, she would calmly understand and say ill call u later. n then we would talk normally. she would ask me to quit smoking and change for her every single day, n i would say sometime soon ill quit and change. Note:(During this one year of dating i never forced to have sex or tried to manipulate her or take advantage of her, quite frankly, i loved her so much that i wanted to protect her even from my self) trust me i used to even keep my self away from her at times. because she was madly in love with me.almost at the end of the year i decided that she is the one for me. and me as a guy, what am i supposed to do? i am supposed to work, earn, get some experience, so that i settle down in life and i can face her parents one day, and ask her out.so that we can have a good future together. i hated studying.. so i decided to go to another state in the same country in search of a job. it was really hard for me n for her. we cried over the phone. i got a job i started working, i had to take care of my family also. i had a friend who lives in Kuwait n i was in India. she used to like me too. but i didn’t like her. i saw her as a friend always. one day she sent I LOVE YOU!! 20 times on my FB wall and the only thing i did in response to that, was i liked it!. and my Leo girl saw it. she called me and she said she’ll never call me. and i cheated on her. come on i just liked that most, i haven’t even met her or spoken to her. at the time of she calling me and talking to me about the the post i liked, i didn’t really try to give an explanation because i didn’t have one. i cant make one to convince her. in my mind i felt like she doesn’t trust me. i told her that there is nothing between us. she doubted me.i got irritated, because i was going through lot of pressure at work. n also i was just 18. she hung up. i didn’t bother for almost for a month, because i was waiting her call or message but i didn’t get any. so even i didn’t. after about a month i realized that i love her. and everything i started was for her. i was working really hard. i messaged her on Fb i didn’t get any response. i got depressed, lonely, because all that was going on in my mind was, has she moved on without knowing the truth because of a misunderstanding? why isn’t she replying to my msgs or calling me? who must have fooled her? what if someone tries to take advantage of her. while I’m away working hard at night.i lost weight, my appetite. n after almost 1 year 6 months i go back to my hometown. i said hi, n she said i Don’t care!! because i looked a bit messed up because i missed her so much. n i didn’t cheat on her. i was caught up with work and daily responsibilities of living on my own and family. its been 5 years we broke up. i never dated any one till date. she has already gone around with 3 to 4 guys.n whenever i tried to help her by telling her what your doing because of your immaturity is not right since she is 4 years younger to me and i know the way guys think in my town. she would say i don’t need you help. and show attitude to me. she had even sat in a car in front of me and gone with some kid who doesn’t even care about her. basically she was being really rude. i could feel that she wants me to suffer, she wants revenge. so i just let go. it hurts even now. that the women i loved the most, doesn’t understand me.. she always misunderstood my approach. she had even made fun of me in front of her friends, during my hard times and sufferings that to it was just because of her. today I’m working for one the worlds best airlines in the middle east. doing good and finally settled after 5 years. and she’s not with me. i started off 5 years ago for her, so that we can see a future together, and thought straight and good.the most hurting and sad part about my love story is that i suffered for no reason,the truth was never known, i waited for her, never even thought of moving on even when i had an opportunity, because i thought about what she would feel and think if she got to know. never thought about lust with her. just wanted to be there. and to be frank i do not need her in my life anymore. i mean 5 years is a long time. i only pray for her to be good and do the right thing and have a good future. I didn’t want to do bad with her back then, n i don’t wish to do that even now. Please reply on what u have to say about this Leo girl

    • web admin

      web admin

      November 5, 2015 at 5:37 pm

      It may have worked better if you had explained to her exactly why you were leaving to another country (to build a life for her) and that you were always faithful to her. Likewise, it would have been better to delete the “I love you” messages from your wall and not like them. When people are in a long distance relationship, it is very, very easy to become jealous. There is not much that you can do to prevent jealousy from happening, but you can do your best to avoid it by not hanging out with the opposite gender or discouraging things like the “I love you” comments.

      I don’t know if she is still trying to get revenge. She may have moved on and stopped caring, so this might not be the reason why you see her with other guys. If you ever get a chance to talk to her again, you should let her know that you never cheated on her and that moving to another country/being busy was entirely done so that you could make a life for her. Enough time has passed now that she might be calm enough to talk to you, although there is no way to know for sure yet. I hope that everything ends up working out for you guys–good luck!

  20. Avatar


    November 4, 2015 at 12:56 am

    I’ve been dating a Pisces guy for 4 years and he started out with a bad attitude and making fun of me before he got to know me. Now I’m debating if I should stay with him, because he loves to play the blame game for a situation he starts. But I recently met another Pisces and I compared him with the first one. The new Pisces gives me advice and tells me how pretty I am. Plus he always daydreams about stuff. But when I ask what he is thinking, he tells me “freaky thoughts”. Pisces are top freaks but they are harmless and goofy people. Should I stay with Pisces #1 or #2 ?

    • web admin

      web admin

      November 5, 2015 at 4:30 pm

      Do you still love your first Pisces? It seems crazy to throw an entire relationship away for just one flaw. Perhaps you could sit him down and calmly talk to him about how you feel. Sometimes, fixing a problem in your relationship is as easy as just talking to the other person and telling them what you need. I would be extremely hesitant about moving on to the new Pisces. He obviously likes you because he compliments you, but it is not particularly ethical for him to hit on you while you are taken. Be very careful before you do anything, Nikki. It is normal for relationships to feel less exciting or infatuating over the years. If you switch to the new guy, you will just end up feeling the same way in four years time, if the new relationship even lasts that long.

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