Owl Tattoo Meaning 

By on November 29, 2016

Tattoos are wonderful ways to express your views and interests. Owl tattoos, with their multiple meanings, are worn by both women and men. For one person, the owl tattoo meaning may be a symbol of magic and wisdom. For another, it could be a symbol of death and mortality. It is important for someone interested in getting an owl tattoo to understand its meaning.


Owl Tattoo Meaning

The owl has been meaningful to a variety of cultures throughout history. Cultures and religions have attached various representations to the owl including Greeks, Celts, Hindus and other groups of people. Some of these symbolic representations continue across boundaries of time, space and spirituality as well.

1. Wisdom and Intelligence

Athena, the patron goddess of the Greek city of Athens and the goddess of wisdom, was often portrayed with a an owl by her side. Oftentimes, the owl was viewed as a symbol of Athena herself. Some Native American cultures viewed the owl as a protector of wisdom and the incarnation of intelligence. Its great searching eyes can be viewed as symbols of inquiry and investigation.


2. Wealth and Protection

The Hindu goddess of wealth, Laxmith, was carried by a great owl. A silent guardian, the owl was known for being an ever faithful steed and protector to Laxmith. This image was then associated with wealth and the proper protection of it.

3. Mystery and Secrets

The owl is a nocturnal creature and therefore steeped in mystery. Except for their occasional calls, owls are known for being silent at all times. Whether they are observing or hunting, owls operate completely without sound or hints of their actions. For this reason, the owl is associated with mystery, secrets and the extraordinary.

4. Death and Dreams

Both a protector of the dead and a silent assassin, the owl has great renown in the world of death. The owl was often used by druids and shamans as messengers of the dead. This may have been useful for people to speak with their lost loved ones and ancestors. Within the dream world, the owl is often viewed as a symbol for death or mortality.

5. Freedom and Independence

Like most birds, the owl is known for its ability to fly and soar on its own accords. This gives it the nature of freedom from the land-based restrictions that humans are bound by. A solitary hunter, the owl is independent in its actions and can move without hindrances.

6. Vision and Sight

Both spiritual vision and mundane sight are aspects of the owl. Many cultures, especially those which use spirit guides, revere the owl for its ability to see into the truth of the moment and into the future as well. Especially known for its ability to predict the weather, the visionary creature of the sky and clouds had extraordinary capabilities. The seasons were also able to be discerned by the temporal eye of the owl.


Tattoo Variations

The tattoos themselves can vary from person to person and by artist to artist. Designs, colors, and substance may be as important as the symbolic meaning itself. It is important to determine what kind of symbolization you prefer with your owl tattoo.

1. Religious and Cultural Symbols

Religious and cultural backgrounds may influence and signify the meaning of your tattoos. For example, an owl influenced by Greek artistic styling may give a nod to Athena’s wisdom. A tribal tattoo in the form of an owl may bestow a sense of spiritual vision and insight. Celtic designs may offer an air of death and dreams.


2. Species of Owls

There are may kinds of different owls that each have their own field of control. A snowy owl may inhabit the otherwise barrenness of the northern expanses which are commonly associated with death and independence. Barn owls, with their intoxicating and unusual features, may symbolize dreams or a sense of mystery. Feel free to research to your heart’s content about which owl would fit your needs.

3. Personal Adaptations

It is clear that the owl can represent a variety of meanings, some of which may be hard to clearly signify through species or cultural descriptions. By adding money or valuable objects, the owl is turned into a protector of money and wealth. Skulls often adorn owl tattoos, and this is a clear association with death. A dream catcher will give an image of dreams, and a book will bring about intelligence.

Whatever you determine, you can rest assured that people will become enthralled by your tattoo. The owl is meaningful, mysterious and influential to many people around the world and throughout time. To friends and family, the owl can serve to provide a variety of inside meanings and stories. Experiment with your thoughts and determine what would make your tattoo specific to you and your ideas. Your tattoo artist will have years of experience and ideas to help you, so be sure not to waste such a valuable resource!

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