39 Opening Prayers for Church Service

By on June 28, 2018

Waking up each morning is a joy and a blessing from God. When it is time for church service, your opening prayers are a way to show your thankfulness for all that God has given you in life. These opening prayers for church service can be used as they are written or you can use them to inspire your own unique opening prayers.

1. Oh Holy Lord, you are worthy of all of our praises. You reign in majesty above us and are our Lord forever. We thank you for allowing us to be graced by your presence today, hallowed be your name. Accept our love and adoration in Jesus’ name. We are here to pray, almighty God that you will always light our way with your presence. We resist evil and pray that your light will always shine on us. May all people see your glory through us and come to worship you as the living God.

2. Heavenly father, our provider, our maker and our protector. Through your goodness, we are alive and healthy enough to gather and worship you. We praise you for all that you have given us and thank you in Jesus’ name. Holy Lord, we commit all of our good deeds to you and ask that everything we do be done for your glory forever and ever.

3. Our Father and our God, we bless your name forever. There is none like you on earth or in heaven. Your children have gathered to worship in your presence and sing your praises. Let us come unto you, sweetest savior. Our provider and our light, we put all of our trust in you. We commit our plans to you, and ask that you bring them to pass. Do not allow us to fall to evil or become vain. Bless us so that we can show the world your goodness and light. Let us be filled with your presence.

4. Father in heaven, king of glory, we adore your name and work to glorify you forever. It is through your will that we are alive and healthy today. Your Grace has allowed us to converge together. You have promised that whenever we call on your name, you will hear and answer us. Come into our midst, God, and have fellowship with us. Make your blessings abundant and grace us with your presence. From the start of this meeting to the end, glorify yourself and accept our prayers.

5. Heavenly Lord, your name is glorious and wonderful. Everyone on earth and heaven sing about your wondrous works. You are the king of all, and we worship you, our Lord. We gather in your presence in the unity of our faith to ask that you bless us. Without your power and grace, we can do nothing. We pray that your glory continues to fill and radiate within our lives so that we can be your ambassadors to the world. Let none of us leave here today empty-handed. Go with us into the world as we serve you.

6. Lord of heaven, we thank you for the blessings of life and health. Thank you for allowing us to have the opportunity to be in your presence again today. We come together with the unity of our faith and ask that everything we bind, be bound in heaven. Allow everything we loose, be loosed in heaven. Together, we will combat the evil that gathers and ask that evildoers be confounded. May their plans always come to naught. Bless us so that we may leave here today with your spiritual blessings. Allow us to glorify your name through Jesus’ name. Amen.

7. Heavenly Father, your will reigns in our lives everlasting. May we be glorified in Jesus’ name. Let your kingdom come and your presence be manifest in our lives. As we gather in unit, visit us with your presence and help us to increase our knowledge of you. May we always grow in maturity and strength through us. Be our alpha and omega. Bless us beyond measure and fill us with your peace.

8. You are our heavenly father and the lord that answers with fire. Our heavenly father, we gather together to worship you and offer thanksgivings in Jesus’ name. Our Lord, may we gather in your presence and ask that you visit us with your presence. You have said, “Who is the mountain in front of Zerubbabel, it shall be made low.” When we encounter mountains and obstacles in our life, may they be made low through your strength. Let all of our desires and needs be met by you today.

9. Holy Lord, the God that hears our prayers, you have said that you will be present whenever two or three gather in your name. We welcome your presence and grace in our lives. We ask that you manifest your glory today and shine your light on us. Through your light, may we illuminate the lives of those around us. As we feel your presence in worship today, may our knowledge of your divine mysteries continue to grow and change our lives forever.

10. Oh, Righteous Father, we appreciate everything that you have given us. Thank you for granting us the gift of life and our health. We appreciate the blessing of being able to gather in your presence. We gather to exalt you again, which is the reason why you created us. We worship and praise you through our existence. Our purpose in life is only to serve you. Holy Spirit, strengthen us to worship the holiness of God and bring blessings for our worship. Keep us alive and in good health to continue to serve you in Jesus’ name.

11. Oh, Lord, you reign everlasting. Your glory is eternal and you are almighty. Holy Lord, we understand that it is only those with pure hearts and cleans hands may remain in your presence. We pray that you cleanse our souls of our iniquities so that we can be worthy o your presence. Help us to enjoy your blessings so that we may come to worship you. Let your people see your glory in our lives forever and ever.

12. We bless you for giving us the grace and good health to gather here in your nae. You have provided us with all of our needs and ensure that we are never lacking. Accept our worship in the holy nae of Jesus. We pray as we continue today’s church service that we will feel your presence among us. We pray for all of those here and those who have yet to see your power that we may always serve you and grow in you. At the end of today, let us go out in the world to glorify your name and live in your presence.

Opening Prayers for Christian Worship

13. Hossanah to the king of Glory. We sing all of your praises and we glorify your name. We gather in your presence and bow before you. We have come to refresh our souls with your presence. You have promised that all who call upon your name will be saved. Your children call upon you to save us from sin, hardship and poverty. Guide us to you in each step we take in our lives’ journeys.

14. Mighty God, you rule majestically from your throne. We bow before you and sing of your righteousness. Glorify us in Jesus’ name. We, your children, gather before you and call upon you this day. Come and manifest your presence. Bring the wonder of your strength and power as you visit us today. May our gathering be blessed through Jesus.

15. Holy Father and maker of heaven and earth you have made all things according to your word. God of flesh, you have made us the head of creation. We are here to worship you and praise your name. May our worship be accepted by you. Let us ride on the wings of our praises and refresh our spirits in you. As we begin today, guide us toward your will.

16. Blessed Lord, you are the king of heaven and earth. All of heaven sings of your glory. You do wonders on earth and in heaven. We see the work of your hands as we gather in worship today. Accept our prayers in Jesus’ name. Do not forsake us as we strive to live our lives in honor of you. We have gathered in fellowship in your presence. Come down and allow us to feel your presence. As we continue today’s church service, we want to feel your great power and light. Let us encounter you in a new way and bless us in our lives. May we find everlasting joy through you.

17. Blessed Lord, we are gathered today before your throne. We are unworthy of your goodness, but through the grace of Jesus, may we be glorified in your name. Oh, Lord, we come to you asking for forgiveness. May we be sanctified and made holy through you. As we continue our church service and conclude opening prayers, may your presence overshadow us as we feel your blessings.

18. Our Father, we bow before you. We have gathered today for fellowship with you. Let your presence be felt in Jesus’ name. We are your people and the sheep in your pasture. We have gathered in your tabernacle to bring our praise and thanksgiving. We are not worthy to receive you, but accept our prayers in your name. Bless us as our service progresses and grant our petitions in Jesus’ name.

19. The lord does such wondrous things. You have revealed yourself to your children, and we have gathered here to refresh ourselves in your presence. May the whole earth be filled with your glory. Fill us with your presence and let us be lost in the euphoria of your presence. Let every soul encounter your greatness. May we be filled with the unspeakable joy that comes from your throne.

20. Our Father, we have gathered again in your presence. You are our God in heaven and made all of earth through your word. We exalt you for your power and goodness. We come to you to show our love for you. We have cast all of our cares before you and on you. Bring us your abundance and remove the lack from our lives. May we be renewed through you. Give us the strength to face the week ahead and allow us to glorify your name. We worship you because you are our God forever.

21. We bless your name. Bless your children as we gather to exalt you. We reject evil plots and sin in your name. We pray for your grace so that we may do good works in your nae. Fill us with your power and glory. Open the floodgates of heaven and give us your rain of blessings. Let us be refreshed through you. We look forward to each fellowship with enthusiasm because it is our chance to know and serve you better. Thank you for always being there for us. In Jesus’ name, amen.

22. King of heaven and righteous Father, your children are gathered here today in your name. We are called to serve in your name. We dedicate our lives to serving, praising and worshiping you. Our purpose on earth is to know you. Fill us with your overwhelming joy and give us strength through you. Go with us, lord, and bless our gathering.

23. Heavenly Father, we gather to serve you and to thank you for all that you have done in our lives. We thank you for counting us worthy to serve you and know you as the only true God. Accept our thanks and praises in Jesus’ name. Today is the day that you have made, and we rejoice and our glad. Oh, righteous father, as we continue this service, fill us with your unlimited joy and refresh our spirits. Let everyone see your glory and power through us. Amen.

Opening and Closing Prayers and Blessings

24. Oh Lord, if not for your grace, we would be dead and forgotten. When our enemies rose against us, your spirit raised us up. You are our fortress and our protector. We thank you in Jesus’ name. You have kept us healthy and alive so that we could gather to worship your holy name. Without you, our gathering would be in vain. Come, Lord, as we worship you. Let everything we do in our church service and on each day be done to glorify your holy name forever and ever. Amen.

25. Dearest Father, we pray that you quiet our minds. Still our hearts so that we can hear your voice and live in you. Strengthen our lives and inspire our spirits so that we can eel your living waters flow. Through your endless grace, may we come to know and serve you better.

26. Lord, today we remember your faithfulness. Thank you for letting us walk with you each day. We know that you are with us in each and every moment. We thank you for fulfilling your promises and inspiring us with your goodness. In this moment, we come before you and lay our lives at your feet. May we continue to adore and worship you with every fiber of our being. May we always praise you and come to know you better. Today as we join together in worship, may we sing with all of the angels of heaven of your greatness and wonder. Lord, we adore you. Lord, we love you. May we be guided by your light and mercy forever. Amen.

27. Oh Lord, the maker of heaven and earth. You are the lord that shines in the darkness and guides us through the valley of evil. We feel no fear because you are always at our side. You reign in holiness and no evil can hurt us while you are there. We call upon your name today as we being our fellowship in your presence. May evil and darkness disappear before you. As we go today to fill our hearts in your joy, refill us with the sweetness of your presence. Grant us the power to live our entire lives for you.

28. Glory be to God the highest. Thank you for the grace that we have found in you. We have gathered here today in the promise that when two or three of us are gathered in your name, you are with us. We have gathered to worship and praise you. May you bless our fellowship, and may we feel your presence within our midst. Bring us the abundance of your blessings until our cup overflows. Thank you, Lord, for hearing our prayers always.

29. Everlasting Lord, thank you for your grace. We thank you for allowing us to come before your presence again. Accept our praises and prayers in Jesus’ name. Through our works, may we always work to magnify your name and thank you for all of your promises. You make us know that whatever we bind on earth, is bound in heaven. We bind the power of the enemy against this gathering and cast away every evil spirit. We pray that on this day, you will meet us and allow us to feel happy in your presence.

30. You are worthy of more prayers and praises than we could ever give. Although our praises can never be enough, please accept them in Jesus’ name. You have said that even if our sins are as red as crimson, you would make them as white as snow again. We are sinners who have gathered at your throne of mercy. Purge us of sin and allow us to emerge spotless again. We have gathered in your presence to enjoy fellowship with you. Bring us closer in unity to your love and grace. Let everything that we do today and every day be done in your name.

31. Almighty God, you have kept us alive to praise and worship your holy name. We have gathered to thank you for your grace and praise you in the house of the lord. Your presence brings us strength, peace and hope in our lives. While we may be sinners, we can be washed clean through your mercy. May your grace aid us in our journey toward you. We have gathered at the tabernacle of the Lord to renew the love within our hearts. Allow us to live and serve you for all of our lives. May all of our works glorify you and make you happy to have us as your servants.

32. Heavenly Father, we praise your name. All before have gathered for you. Heaven and earth sing your praises. May we walk in your light and glorify your name always.

33. Father, thank you for bringing us in safety and health to this place of fellowship. We are thankful that we can surrender our lives to you in our worship. As we gather, let us take a moment to remember all of those who could not be with us today. For those who are sick, we pray for their healing so that they may gather again to praise you. We invite your Holy Spirit to move among us and dwell within our hearts. Challenge us, comfort us and support us as we work to honor you. Inspire us to learn more about your majestic ways and the beauty of your grace. We ask for all of this in your name and in the name of your most holy son, Jesus. Amen.

34. You are the Alpha and the Omega, oh Lord. You are the creator of all and we glorify your name. We invite you to our presence today. We cannot do anything except through your blessings. May we be filled with your spirit and your holy power. May you accept our worship as we sing your praises. Let everything that we do today and every day be divinely guided by your power. May the manifestations of your will be present always in our lives. Open the door to heaven and bring us your abundant blessings. May your joy overflow within us today and for every day of our lives.

35. Hallowed be your name. Father of heaven and earth, we have gathered today as your faithful. You have kept us in your presence through the week. Today, we come to glorify you and thank you for all that you have done. As we begin today’s church service, we strive against the devil and pray that only your will be done on earth. We ask that you bless us and future generations with your presence. Thank you, Lord, for hearing our prayers today.

36. There is none on heaven and earth like you. You are are Father who glorifies all in holiness. We fear your strength and pray for forgiveness. If we have done anything to offend you, we beg for your forgiveness. It is through you that we gather our strength as we sing your praises. We know that our gathering will be futile if we cannot feel your presence. Let this place be filled in your spirit. Let us feel the fullness of your power and allow us to live as a testimony to your greatness. Thank you, Lord, for all of our answered prayers.

37. Blessed Lord, we worship you and thank you for your grace. It is through you that we are able to gather in your presence today. Thank you for manifesting your presence here and accept our thanks in Jesus’ name. According to your word, all good and perfect things come from your throne above. Give us what we need to follow you and walk with you. Give us the power to do all things in your name. Through Christ who strengthens us, we ask that you always abide with us. Accept our praises and worship so that we may return home refreshed to sing your praises.

38. Father of Grace, it is through your power that we are alive and healthy today. You have given us the good health to gather in fellowship to honor you. May our bodies be a living sacrifice to you. May you accept our sacrifice and bless it in Jesus’ name. You have said that “There shall always be a shout of rejoicing and salvation in the tabernacle of the righteous.” May we always have a cause to rejoice in you. Go with us each and every day, oh Lord. Visit each of us in this gathering and bless us through your presence. Through you, may we be blessed and fulfilled.

39. Father in Heaven, maker of heaven and earth, you alone are worthy of our praises. We have gathered together to raise our voices in praise to you. We thank you for the wonders that you have worked in our lives. Accept our prayers of thanksgiving in Jesus’ name. You are the only true, living God. Manifest yourself within our midst today. We know that without you, we can do nothing. Empower us to do great things today and every day in Jesus’ name. As we finish our opening prayers for church service, may we feel your power. May each person present be inspired to love and serve you for every moment until we are gathered together again.


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