Olivia Palermo Diet and Workout

By on April 6, 2015

This American socialite is well known for her svelte figure and clear skin, and one of the biggest ways to get both of those things (if you aren’t blessed with them already) is to follow a healthy and balanced diet plan, and to involve yourself with regular exercise. It was the TV  show “The City” that first shot this beautiful girlie into the limelight, but since then, people have been obsessed with learning what she eats and how she works out to keep that buff body in shape.

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Born on February 28th, 1986, Olivia Palermo is only 29 years old, and she needs to keep her self in check for her modelling and acting careers, but it seems the New York-born starlet doesn’t have any problems in that department. Although regularly seen with a barista iced coffee in her hands, she also is snapped heading to the gym a lot, and more often than not there is a big bottle of water in her hands.

Olivia Palermo Diet

While we are on the subject of water, you’ll be surprised to learn that it is your biggest tool when it comes to achieving perfect skin, great hair, and even a killer body, and that is definitely shown by the likes of Olivia and other famous starlets that again, are often seen with a bottle of Evian in their hands.

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A health-conscious mother helped Olivia learn all she needed to know about keeping fit and healthy, and because of this, she has grown up with a healthy attitude towards food and choses to eat healthy, fresh and organic food where possible. Although this isn’t always affordable for the likes of the ‘normal’ people – people just like you and me, it shouldn’t stop you eating healthy even if you can’t quite stretch to organic.

There’s a lot of barely-cooked foods in her diet, and in fact, she’s not the only one to follow this trend. Sushi, for example, is a firm favourite of many famous celeb females trying to keep their weight down, and even the likes of Victoria Beckham has put their hands up to enjoying this delicacy. On top of that, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables helps to keep her energy levels up, and plenty of fish and seafood gives her the healthy boost of Omega-3 that, let’s face it, we could all probably use.

Of course, as much as eating healthy is a necessity if you want to look and feel good, there’s nothing wrong with letting yourself have a treat from time to time, and just occasionally, you may be lucky enough to snap Olivia with something carborific in her hands… Not that there’s anything wrong with that from time to time, of course. It’s about having everything in moderation, and that’s the part that many of us just can’t get to grips with.

Olivia Palermo Workout

Olivia has found herself with the dilemma that many of us have found ourselves with – too many things to do in the day, and not a spare drop of time to actually exercise. However, there is nothing to say that you can’t fit in half an hour of yoga or pilates before you go to bed at night, and that’s just what this chick does.

The sweating that you experience when you try Bikram Yoga not only helps to burn excess calories even quicker than regular yoga, but it also helps to detox your body, skin and even your mind. Plus, your core strength will be boosted dramatically when you do strengthening exercises such as yoga, and there is nothing to stop you from doing it on your bedroom floor before you go to bed at night using an online video to guide you, or even first thing in the morning to help wake everything up, before you have your shower and get ready for your busy day. Everyone needs a bit of clarity first thing in the morning – some time spent relaxing and clearing your mind.

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Not just relying on workouts such as yoga to keep her trim and in shape, Olivia Palermo diet and workout also involves light cardio such as tennis and other court-based sports. There is nothing t stop you from purchasing a couple of tennis rackets this summer, and what better place to practice than in the local park with the kids, or even with your friends. Throw on some denim shorts and sneakers and head out into the great outdoors. You could even get to work on your summer tan while you’re there!

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