Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi Diet and Workout

By on April 10, 2015

Most of us will remember Snooki fondly from that stint she had in the hit TV show Jersey Shore, in which she was one of a group of 20-somethings that live in a beach-front house on the Jersey Shore for the summer, working in the “Shore Store” selling personalised tee’s, and other cute touristy gifts.

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Now she’s 27 years old, Nicole Polizzi is a completely different person to that slightly chubby ‘meatball’ that we first fell in love with back in 2009; the one that got arrested for being drunk and disorderly on the beach in the middle of the afternoon.

Born on November 23rd, 1987 in New Jersey, US, she later had her spin-off TV show with J-Woww, and it was during this period that we saw her romance with Giovanni (who she met on Jersey Shore), her marriage to him, and her two kids – one boy and more recently, a beautiful baby girl.

As well as being a happily married, settled-down woman these days, Snooki is something else – she is considerably slimmer than she was just a few years ago, and she’s had two kids to boot!

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Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi Diet

Everyone knows that there were a lot of rumours surrounding her weight loss, and at one point there were various pap-snaps of her with diet pills in her hand or bag. She’s a teeny-tiny girl at just 4ft 8in tall, and to lose fifty pounds in just under a year was something pretty astounding.

The diet pills aside, which even she admits never worked, she has turned to much healthier ways to shed those pounds and get a body that most women could only ever dream of having. Except something has changed now – that dream has become a reality, and we know it has because Snooki made it happen.

We all know and love Snooki for being a party girl but that’s one of the first things she gave up in a battle to be a much healthier mom. It was easier for her to start with the simpler things, mostly because of her long-term battle with food and her weight. During her childhood, Snooki developed anorexia, and it was after that period of her life that she started to pile on the pounds. When you’ve already got such an unhealthy balance and relationship with food, you need to make small steps and when you consider that most women these days would say that their relationship with food is a bad one, every small step certainly helps!

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Not just kicking the booze, Snooki also decided to cut out all fizzy pop and ‘unhealthy’ drinks from her life. That soda that you could drink could just be 50 calories, and in some cases more, of just emptiness – there is no nutritional value. It rots your insides and your teeth with all the fizziness, and it’s just not good for you. That amount of high sugar is not good for you.

When she gave up the sugary drinks, Snooki was often quoted for saying that she had more energy, and because of that, she started hitting the gym more. She actually found herself wanting to working out, rather than just needing to work out because she wanted to lose weight.

Snooki took another approach when you decided to cut the baby weight, once she had kicked all the bad drinks from her diet. She did choose to heavily restrict her calorie intake, which isn’t always advisable, and went down to 1,250 calories per day. The average recommended for a woman is around 2,000. It’s recommended that you discuss your plan with a Doctor before taking massive steps such as cutting your calories. You want to make sure you’re thinner AND healthy, remember?

In order to make sure she was never starving hungry, which is likely to lead you to binge, she chose to eat five small meals at regular intervals throughout the day. When you do this, you’ll find that your blood sugar levels stabilise, and your energy levels will continue to stay high. There’s no mid-afternoon slump… No mid afternoon chocolate bar…

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi Workout

What’s the point in having all that extra energy if you’re not going to use it, and Snooki show’s us how to do it right in her Instagram videos in which she’s regularly posting squats and other exercises in the gym or at home!

She works out five to seven days a week, if only for a short period at a time, (she has two young children remember) and her mix of cardio and these intense muscle and strength work-outs have given her a body that is not only trim, but strong too, with pretty impressive muscles for a such a cute little girlie!

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In order to get the same kind of physique as Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, you could look at things like kick-boxing, or even spinning, aerobic stepping, or even by following the work-outs that she shows you on social media. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials you could follow – why not have a look and see what you could be doing from the comfort of your own bedroom while your young kids are asleep in the next room…

If she can do it, so can you! 

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