101+ Funny and Cool Nicknames for Redheads

By on July 19, 2018

Do you want to hear some really fun facts about redheads, also known as those with ginger hair? Well, ginger, red, auburn, whatever it is that you want to call it, actually only naturally happens in around two percent of the entire world’s population of humans. There are many more people who will attempt to achieve that fiery redheaded look, of course, with the assistance of salons and box dyes used at home, but we are talking about natural red-headed people — they only account for 2% of hair colour across the world.

Funny and Cool Nicknames for Redheads 3

Redhead is a word that has been used to describe those with red hair since around the early part of the 1500’s, and it is believed that the majority of redheaded people actually come from Europe more than anywhere else. Western and Northern areas are where more gingers are found, and Germanic, Celtic, and British-born people are most known for the red trait.

Here’s another fun fact about redheads for you, too, before we start looking into the best (and worst) funny and cool nicknames for redheads: they might have a fiery temper, but it has apparently nothing to do with personality traits at all. It is considered that natural redheads actually feel the extremes of temperature much more than those with other hair shades, such as blondes and brunettes, and are therefore just feeling much hotter or colder than the rest of us are. In theory, they suffer more. (We’ll allow them to have that fiery temper then!)

Funny and Cool Nicknames for Redheads 2

Carrying on with the theme of pretty amazing hair, redheads have shown in studies to have much thicker hair than other hair shades, meaning that they need less of it. A blonde person can have somewhere in the region of 90,000-120,000 strands of hair on their heads, with brunettes having just a few more tens of thousands more than that, but redheads have the fewest of all — only around 90,000.

Combine that with the fact that red hair doesn’t actually go grey, but instead to a pretty pastel pink shade, and then to a beautiful white-grey, you can understand why it is one of the most lusted after hair colours of our generation. Sadly, those redhead benefits don’t come flooding in when you have red hair out of a box. Just because your hair is dyed doesn’t mean that you won’t go grey.

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But we will move on now and get to the heart of the matter — the nicknames that you’re here for. Just remember, before you decide to appoint a friend with a nickname, make sure the nickname isn’t offensive — to them or anyone else that you might use it around. What you find funny won’t always be the same things that other people find funny, and the last thing you would want to do is lose a friend over a name that wasn’t that important in the first place.

Keep it cool, kids, and remember — don’t be mean to redheads.

  1. Agent Orange
  2. Alani – this would make for a beautiful baby girl name, as well as a “ginger” nickname, and literally means “orange tree” in the Hawaiian language.
  3. Alroy – perhaps a good name for a male redhead, this nickname is also derived from Hawaiian origin.
  4. Amber 
  5. Ang mo – this actually means “red hair” in the Chinese language. 
  6. Autumn 
  7. Belisha Beacon
  8. Big Red
  9. Blood Boris – Boris Becker is a famous redheaded tennis player.
  10. Bloodnut 
  11. Bushfire
  12. Candle
  13. Candle Top
  14. Carrot Head
  15. Carrot Top
  16. Cherry
  17. Cherry Head
  18. Cinnamon
  19. Clancy – not an insult at all, but instead a name for a warrior with red hair, originated from Irish descent.
  20. Coch – not quite as offensive as it sounds, this actually means red in the Welsh language.
  21. Copper Head
  22. Copper Kettle
  23. Copper Nob
  24. Copper Top
  25. Coral 
  26. Corly
  27. Crimson Chris
  28. Ed – named after Ed Sheeran, the ginger singer/songwriter/musician adored by woman and men all around the world. 
  29. El Gingero
  30. Fanta – because it’s one of the most famous orangey drinks!
  31. Fiery Red Head 
  32. Firecrackers 
  33. Fire Crotch
  34. Fire Face 
  35. Fire Head
  36. Fire Top
  37. Flame
  38. Flame Cranium
  39. Flamer
  40. Flushed Red
  41. Freckles
  42. Fred The Red
  43. Garfield – possibly the most famous ginger cat in the world. 
  44. Garnet 
  45. Ginga 
  46. Ginger
  47. Ginger Cat (Kat/Kitty/Kitten)
  48. Ginger Ninga
  49. Ginger Nut
  50. Gingersnap
  51. Ginger Top
  52. Ginger Head 
  53. Harry Head – Prince Harry is probably one of the most-loved gingers of our generation.
  54. Highlander 
  55. Hot Head
  56. Hourher – this means “flaming hair”.
  57. Junior Ginger – cute name for a mini redhead!
  58. King Henry the Eight – a famous redheaded King.
  59. Lil Red
  60. Lobster
  61. Mary, Queen of Scots – one of the most famous redheads in history!
  62. Matchstick – because they’re usually red.
  63. Oranga
  64. Orang-utan
  65. Padauk – a flower with orange and red tones, it’s another cool nickname for redheads.
  66. Poppy 
  67. Ranger/Rangers – Australians used this word to describe something that is orange in colour, but that’s because it actually comes from another word: Oranga.
  68. Rood – means red in Dutch.
  69. Roodgirl/boy
  70. Rowan 
  71. Scarlet
  72. Scarlet Fever
  73. Scarlet Woman/Man
  74. Sienna 
  75. Simply Red – Mick Hucknall was the frontman of Simply Red, and what a red mane of hair he had!
  76. Spitfire – redheads are linked to a fiery temper!
  77. Strawberry Blonde
  78. Strawberry Head
  79. Strawberry Mop
  80. Strawberry Top
  81. Sunlit Sally – or any other name beginning with ‘S’.
  82. Sunny
  83. Sunny Head
  84. Sunny Top
  85. Tampon Top – this one can be taken the wrong one, so use with caution!
  86. Tango – another famous orange-based drinks. 
  87. Trusty Rusty
  88. Raggedy Anne
  89. Ranga – this is a shortened version of Orang-utan.
  90. Red
  91. Redhead
  92. Red Riding Hood
  93. Redwood
  94. Redzee
  95. Rory
  96. Rory Red
  97. Rosey
  98. Rose
  99. Rose Top
  100. Roslin 
  101. Roxy 
  102. Roxy Red
  103. Ruby 
  104. Rudolph
  105. Rufus Red
  106. Rusty
  107. Rusty Red
  108. Zingiber officinale – or a combination/shorted version of it, obviously, but this is the scientific and proper name for the ginger plant. It seems only normal to associate it with redheads.


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