100 Nicknames for Dad

By on September 24, 2018

There is nothing quite like dear old dad. We got to love them, don’t we? But why settle for the same old boring name ‘dad’. Spice up his life and make him smile with one of these cool, funny, or unique nicknames for dad.

1. Daddy : the classic nickname we all call our dad at one point in our lives.
2. Dada : for the little ones out there!
3. Dad : keep it simple.
4. Pa : and even more simple.
5. Papa : a cute, classic nickname for dad.
6. Papi : a more creative, Spanishy twist for papa.
7. Pop : who doesn’t love to call their dad pop?
8. Admiral : because he is the MAN in charge. Yes sir!
9. Bald Man : a silly name for the dads out there lacking in the hair department.
10. Big Papa : because he loves it when you call him Big Papa. But more seriously, perfect for the beefier big guys out there!
11. Brave Heart : your dad is a brave soldier in the line of parenting and careers. Show some respect!
12. Bud : something super casual for when your dad is your best bud.
13. CEO : the big leader of the whole family company, yes.
14. Superman : your dad truly is a superhero, so this name is suiting, isn’t it?
15. Wallet : a really funny one, because we know we always go to dad when we’re in a pinch and need some cash.
16. Plumber : he’s the guy that always fixes the toilet after all, right!?
17. Daddy Doolittle : a cute fun one your dad is sure to enjoy coming out of your mouth.
18. Popeye : he’s strong like Popeye, so this name is of course very suiting for your powerful and fun dad!
19. Chief : because you’re dad is obviously the chief of the family.
20. Coach : a funny, but rather true nickname. I mean, dad DOES coach you on a lot of life lessons, right?
21. Daddyo : easy and fun!
22. Daddy Dearest : an adorable nickname for dad, especially for the young girls out there who love their dad!
23. Daddy Cakes : another cute one for the daughters out there.
24. The Dadonator : too cool.
25. Dude : what? Your dad can be a cool dude, too!

26. Fixer : because we all know dad fixes everything.
27. Godfather : no words. Just yes.
28. Goof : so your dad’s a bit of a goofball? This nickname is for him.
29. Grandpa : for those dads that act old or have a little more gray hairs than they should.
30. Grizzly Bear : because he is big, strong, and cuddly!
31. Handyman : another great choice for the man who fixes everything.
32. Homer : a great one for the dads out there who really do act like Mr Simpson!
33. Mate : for your dad who is also your pal!
34. Old Guy : another great choice for the older dads out there.
35. The P Man : the one and only papa, The P Man. Love this one.
36. Commander : after all, he is the one giving off most of the commands, right?
37. Shark : big, strong, and a little scary, this one is perfect for all the dads out there.
38. Professor : because dads teach us a lot, even though sometimes kids just think dad is a know-it-all.
39. Papa G : obviously because your dad is the coolest dad in the world. He’s so fresh and cool he’s Papa G all the way!
40. Pop Pop : why settle for a single pop? Double it up and go with POP POP!
41. Prince Charming : perfect for little ladies out there who look up to their dad like he is prince charming.
42. Sarge : the commander in chief, yes.
43. Sensei : our teacher and ruler, this is the best name for dad.
44. Snoozer : when your dad snores louder than the train passing nearby, this is the perfect nickname for dad.
45. Warden : for the dads that keep everything in line, day to night!
46. Zeus : strong and full of courage, this is the perfect nickname.
47. Booboo : something ultra cute for dad and daughter to share.
48. Popsicle : he isn’t just ‘pop’; he is the popSICLE. So funny and creative!
49. The Boss : simply because, well, he IS the boss.
50. Papa John : we love their pizza, and we love our dad. Combine the two!
51. Papa Bear : what a lovely little nickname for dad!
52. Padre : a real classic
53. Parental : he is, in fact, THEE parental.
54. Papa Smurf : another silly one he will greatly enjoy
55. Daddy Long-Legs : we can’t get enough of this one. It’s too adorable!

In Other Languages..

1. Afrikaans: pa

2. Albanian: baba

3. Amharic: ābati

4. Arabic: abbi

5. Armenian: hayrik

6. Bosnian: tata

7. Bulgarian: татко

8. Chinese: Bà

9. Czech: Táto

10. Danish: far

11. Dutch: pa

12. English: father

13. Estonian: isa

14. Filipino: ama

15. Finnish: isä

16. French: père

17. German: vater

18. Greek: patéra

19. Hawaiian: makua

20. Hebrew: av

21. Hindu: pita

22. Hungarian: apa

23. Irish: athair

24. Italian: padre

25. Japanese: Chichi

26. Korean: abeoji

27. Latin: patrem

28. Latvian: tēvs

29. Mongolian: aav

30. Persian: pedar

31. Polish: ojciec

32. Portuguese: pai

33. Romanian: tată

34. Russian: otets

35. Samoan: tama

36. Serbian: otac

37. Somali: aabbe

38. Spanish: padre

39. Sundanese: bapa

40. Thai: Ph̀x

41. Ukrainian: batʹko

42. Uzbek: otasi

43. Vietnamese: cha

44. Yiddish: fater

45. Zulu: ubaba


With so many fun names to choose from, it’s almost too hard to pick! What do you nickname YOUR dad? Share your awesome nicknames for dad below!


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